Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #97
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 06:26:03 -0600


It is difficult to believe that another year has almost passed us by. This year was filled with events for me, including another grandson, Tyler Austin Green --- It's at this time of year that we start thinking about New Year's Resolutions full of good intentions and promises to ourselves! For those of you looking for some resolutions for the coming year, let me offer a suggestion to you. Consider attending the 2003 ASA Turkey reunion. There is no finer opportunity to take a vacation, while at the same time meeting and socializing with other ASA Turkey vet’s. The 2003 reunion will be held at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania on Labor Day weekend, 29-30 August 2003. Seven Springs is located 8 miles from the Donegal exit on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I am in the process of finalizing the contract and will make the details known very soon. Make a sincere commitment to attend. If you've been procrastinating about writing your BIO or sending queries and photo's to me for inclusion in the DOOL’s about yourself and individuals you remember, 2003 is a great time to start. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading the DAYS OF OUR LIVES this past year, for being so kind and supportive. Preparing this column and sharing information with you is a task realized for me. I can think of no better group of people to work with than all of you. Let me wish you all a warm, healthy, prosperous, and truly Happy New Year. We have much for which to be thankful, and a great deal to look forward to in 2003. As usual, I welcome articles, BIO's, stories, etc and certainly hope that all ASA Turkey Vet's will contribute and make the newsletter worthwhile. You can write whatever message you would like, and it will show up right here for you to share with the ASA Turkey group! I will respond to all e-mails and will assist whenever needed, but reserve the right to edit for content and clarity and welcome any errors that may appear herein. You're all unique and one of a kind. Within you are so many answers. Don't waste time and energy worrying that your BIO isn't impressive - The longer you wait, the heavier it gets. Thank you, Elder RC Green aka gH, and


DEASEY, James E Jr (Jim), RA13690976, BPED 30SE60, ETS 29SE63, DEROS 29JN63, E3-E4, 058, Tk4, Det 27, 62-JN63. Jim born: 14 October 1939, died: 6 May 1999. I contacted Carol Deasey on 22 December 2003 and she gave me the news that Jim was killed in a motorcycle accident when the other person ran a red light and broadsided Jim Deasey. Carol told me that Jim often talked about his Tour of Duty at Manzarali and kept in touch with Brian Hennessey over the years. Jim sang with 3 others in a quartet at Det 27. She thinks that 2 of them were from the Pittsburgh, PA area and that Jim kept telling her that he was going to look them up, but never did. On the day that he was killed he was on his way to a rehersal for his barbershop quartet. She said that he often talked about the DONKEY at Manzarali that enjoyed beer better than most of the GI's. They often visited my hometown of Indiana, PA. Mike Comroe had earlier mentioned Deasey's name, but it wasn't until Art Ellis sent me the 64 names from orders that he had kept, that I was able to locate Carol Deasey.

LAYCOCK, Robert L., (born: 2 August 1939, died: 10 March 2001 at Pensacola, Florida), E4-E5 982.10 Det 27, 60-62, (See below)


BRUNNER, Louis J., DOB: 12 October 1941, E3-E5, 982, Det 27, DE60-DE62, (Joyce), 3254 SE 179th Ave., Portland, OR 97236, 503-761-6103, (cable) Contacted on 22 December 2002. Brigiett Laycock gave me his address and number. Lou was a trick T/A man at Det 27 and sorta remembers my TDY visit in May 1961 to explain the new MATSUM reporting system that came into being in early 1961. His barracks was the one in which I stayed during that TDY and he remembers the incident where someone (he can't remember the name) slit his wrist and was taken away in an ambulance to the hospital in Ankara. He remembers Jerry Hargrove, 982, Pavlik, Lewis, Charley Parker, Tom Adams (the weight lifter from GA), 058 Williamson, Don Charlton (aka Crown Dome), Roger Browder and the numerous roustabouts of the one and only Harold Probert in Ankara and his encounter at the BOQ with the Captain (who was aka Bus Driver as he always wore his hat on the back of his head). At Manzarali - Lou was a roommate of Bob Laycock and remembers translating Brigiett's love letters from Stuttgart to her future husband - Bob Laycock. Lou retired in 1987 as a MSG E-8 and promised to send me his BIO and photo's soon.

DEASEY, Carol, wife of Jim Deasey. See the above TAPS section. Carol's address: 2045 Brookway Crescent, Ontario, NY 14519, 315-524-8177, no e-mail, but son has and she will visit the website and might attend the 2003 reunion.

DECAPRIO, Joseph A (Joe) SFC E6 Maint Opns Co Det 27, 60-MY62, 107 N Vine St., New Castle, PA 16101, 724-658-6915 per Art Ellis

DEJNO, Everest L DOB: 28SE37, US55616735, E3-E4, 058, Opns Co Det 27, 61-MR62, (never married), 43 Burk Dr., Silver Bay, MN 55614, 218-226-3225 ETS 3AP62 DEROS 14MR62 Cau BPED 4JA60. No e-mail. Contacted on 20 December 2002. Everest never married and worked for the Dept of Agriculture and the Forest Service for 26 years. He was a draftee and spent 2y2m and 2d on active duty. Does not have a computer. He would like to hear from any one who remembers him and that he might attend the 2003 reunion at Seven Springs, PA

EBY, Thomas D., (Tom), DOB 18JL36, US55609466 E4 058 BPED 7JA60 ETS 6AP62 DEROS 16MR62 Det 27, OC60-MR62, (Pam), White Lake, MI 248-887-6063, . Contacted on 21 December 2002. Enjoyed his Tour of Duty at Manzarali. Mentioned Russ Davis from Milwaukee and Bill Junkin from MO. Also Bill Cowie who he considered as a very strack soldier who dated the Colonels daughter. Also mentioned the tough boys, Dan Borders and Harold Probert. Gave him the website for the back issues of the DOOL's. The next day Tom Eby sent me the following:


Tom Eby

Add this card to your address book

Elder, it was quite a suprise and very good to talk with you this evening about my time spent at TUSLOG Det 27 in Turkey. There are a number of names that I do not see in the list (1960 thru 1967) and some of these we had talked about. Below are the names I remember.

1. Everett Dejno [See above- - -gH]

2. Preston Foster

3. Jon Verner

4. George Maloof (he is in the list)

5. Roger Browder [Name already on Master Roster]

6. Kermit Meyer [Name already on Master Roster]

7. Joe Kelly

8. Charles Alcott

9. Donald Darrow [DOROW]

10. Sgt. Shoats (I believe he was trick 4 chief and the fastest typist I had ever seen) Where most of us could type about 7 groups behind what was being transmitted - Sgt. Shoats could easily type twice that. He was a great guy. I also did not see Colonel Van-Oosten's name listed. Is he still alive? I did not see my name listed either. These are the names I remember. As time goes by I will remember more and send them to you. Is there much on your site at this time? I only saw the first page and then the boxes (with dates in them) I could click on. Let me know if I am missing something.The first issue of the Manzarali Mauler was interesting. Was there only one page? I smiled when I read the article about Lake Golbasi and about picnicking, boating, etc. When I was there, there was none of that. A group of us would get together and I had to get authorization to sign out a deuce and a half and I would drive the group there to swim. As I recall that is where we got our drinking water from. The water was opaque and not very palatable and would give you the runs for the first three or four weeks when you were a newk on the base. I also remember seeing the Turks washing their clothes in the lake and also seeing a dead animal or two on occasion in the water, not to mention the (dare I say) turds floating by. All we would do is get as much beer as we could afford and some chow and spend the day on the beach. That was all there was. I believe you mentioned that there would be a place for me to enter some information about myself but I did not see anything like that. Let me know if I missed it. If there isn't, just tell me what you would like to know and I will send it. Have a happy holiday and keep in touch. Tom Eby, US 55689466 ( I still remember it)

ENDERES, Larry L., DOB 23FE41, RA17564829, E3-E5, 059, BPED 1AP60, ETS 31MR63, DEROS 28JA63, Det 27, 23FE61-26DE62, (Wanda), 2102 360th St., Tama, IA 52339, 641-484-5038, no e-mail. Contacted on 21 December 2002

ERBE, Richard E5 98C Det 27, 65-SE67, 524 Broadway Hanover, PA 17331, 717-637-4753, . Contacted 21 December 2002. Was a bowler. Didn't remember too many names except Paul Kuehl and Bill Binney

ERERHARD, Chas L., (Charlie), DOB: 27AU42, RA16671146, E3-E5, 059.10, Det 4, MY61-JN61, Det 27, JN61-MY63, ETS 28JN63 DEROS 1AP63 BPED 29JN60, (never married), 6906 Elzey Lot#10, Ft Wayne, IN 46809, 260-747-6379, Contacted on 20 December 2002 from Det 27 Special Orders that Art Ellis sent to me and then I found on Earlier Ira Jones had mentioned Charley Eberhard in one of his emails. I must have talked to Charlie for an enjoyable hour. He remembered names and events like it was yesterday and FINALLY was able to fill in the missing puzzle parts regarding the RIOT incident at the Det 4 front gate where a Turk soldier was killed by another Turk soldier. Charlie will be sending me his first hand version of the incident and the name of the GI accused was Bruce Mondale from Minnesota. Hopefully I will have the report ready for DOOL #98

GARITTY, Lyle J., Jr 03-04, MPC, Adj, Det 27, MY62-AU63, (Carol), 304 Haverhill Rd., Joppa, MD 21084, 410-679-8248. Has email and will send it later. (Ret LtCol - Manzarali was his only ASA tour of duty)

LAYCOCK, Brigiett, spouse of Robert L. Laycock, (b- d-11MR2001),E4-E5 982.10 Det 27, 60-62, 4240 LaBorde Ln., Pensacola, FL 32514, 850-477-2673, . Contacted on 22 December 2002. Brigiett informed me that her husband had passed away in March 2001 from acute lieukemia, but wanted to find out more about the ASA Turkey newsletters, etc. She is a native of Stuttgard, Germany where she met Bob Laycock while he was stationed in that area. Shortly after their meeting he was transferred to Det 27 and she wrote him letters in German. Of course, Bob could not read German, but his roommate, Lou Brunner could and he acted as the transcriber. I hope that Brigiett will expand on their long range romance.

LEATHERBURY, Chester B., (Chet), DOB 6FE41, RA16648484, E5, 286.10, Det 27, JN60-JL62, (Carolyn), 14471 S. Jonesville Rd., Columbus, IN 47201, 812-522-8740, . Contacted on 21 December 2002. Has fond memories of Manzarali. He was a chess player and beat the Alabama State Chess champion. Promised to write about his Tour of Duty at Det 27. Also said that he was baptized by Chaplain John Roth who was a Lutheran chaplain.

McGAUGH, Lendon G., DOB: 5DE23, E5, 934.20, Det 27, 60-62, (Wilma), 9401 Harmony Dr., OKC, OK 73130, 405-732-8629, no e-mail. Contacted 22 December 2002. Lendon is 79 years young. He was a 22 year LIFER retiring in 1967 as a E6. He described his Tour of Duty at Manzarali was a no brainer as there was no work for a meat inspector. They resided in a 3rd floor apartment in Ankara and one day his 13 year old son was strangled by the kopigee (janitor) for the building. Lendon told me that he weighed 285 pounds in 1961 and he found that kopigee and choked him until he was turning blue and he then threw him into a corner, thinking that he might have killed him. But no, he survived and was no trouble thereafter.

MIKELS, Paul F., DOB: 21DE35, RA15529792, E5 VPMOS:286, Det 27, 61-62, (Nancy), 8224 Rainy Pl., Anchorage, AK 99518, 907-344-5025, . Contacted on 20 December 2002. Paul was a LIFER and retired as a E6 in 1975. Has maintained contact with Art Ellis

VERNER, Jon E Det 27, 14 Armstrong Ln., Pueble, CO 81001, 719-545-9745



ARCISZEWSKI, John C., (Arch), E2-E5, Det 27 & 4-4, 66-69, (Jean), N8778 State Rd 58., New Lisbon, WI 53950, 608-565-6648, . Received a nice Christmas card from Arch who was an RMP specialist at Manzarali and Karamursel. He thanked me for putting Hank Tolbert and Joe Schafer in contact with him. There are a lot on the roster who remember Arch.

ELLIS, Arthur L., (Art) DOB: 29JL36, E5-E6, P2, 286.2 Det 27, 60-62, (Sally),759B Cedar Crest Dr., Warrenton, VA 20186, 540-347-0540, [edited] Buddy, attached is copies of 8 Special Orders that I discussed with you on the phone. Greatly appreciate the call and sincerely hope this info will help. You may see some names you remember. Thanks and Keep The Faith. Art

FUNKHOUSER, Richard L., E6, 98C, Det 4, 64-65, (Catherine), PO Box 33, Broadway, VA 22815, 540-896-2584, no e-mail. Received annual Christmas card from Dick and Cathy. He asked about the ASA picnic at Blob's Park and the ASA Turkey reunion and said that they visited Lancaster County, PA six times in 2003! Also mentioned getting a letter from Gene Cram and that they are planning on attending the 2003 reunion.

KUEHL, Paul J., RA16801658, 05D, E3-E5, Det 27, NO65-OC67, (divorced - 1 daughter), 630 Brule Rd., DePere, WI. 54115, - In your list of the Units I believe Det 66 was a group from the Signal Corps. Continue to appreciate your work and wish you and yours only the best for the Holidays. Paul J. Kuehl, Human Resources/Recruitment Computech Resources, Inc. P. O. Box 28320 Green Bay, WI 54324, 920-336-1387/FAX 920-336-7728, Toll Free: 877-500-3330

REILLY, James T., 02-03, CO Co A., Det 27, JL64-JA66, Apt 102B 14800 4th St., Laurel, MD 20707, 301-776-8322, james.reilly@hqda-aoc, - gH, Wish my memory was better. As I recall, ARCOMS were right hard to come by in 1965. Sp5 Lee Thompson was an analyst who originally worked for MAJ Lynch and subsequently for MAJ Vannoy. Can't remember what he did to get the award. Think the award was issued for achievement and something more than an end of tour thing. As I recall, Lee Thompson was a right good soldier. Hope you can run him down so we can both find out why the award was issued. Please keep up the good work. Enjoy, Jim R

RICHTER, Ralph, E5, 05K, Det 27, 66-67, (Linda), 1413 Halfhill Way, Columbus, OH 43207, 614-552-2746, To All Of Our Friends and Associates-- All of us at The United States Cargo and Courier Service (US Cargo) wish you and your loved ones a very blessed Holiday and a Merry Christmas. We also wish you all the best during the New Year. And, we thank you for your business, helping us move the freight, supplying us with products or services, or just being our friend.

In the spirit of this season we say God Bless You... Sincerely, Ralph Richter, President, The United States Cargo and Courier Service

SCHAFER, Joe, DOB: 1945, E5, 98C, Det 27, MY65-SE66, (Margaret Mary), 9354 Drummond Dr., Tinley Park, IL 60477, or The attachment 021217112132 is from the Illinois VFW newspaper. Sounds like a solid idea to me. Joe

SIMONSEN, Arne, CTICM, RU lingie, Det 28-4 (Sinop), JA69-JA70, Det 28 (Sinop), DE79-JA80, (Sylvia), 813 Putnam St., Antooch, CA 94509, 925-779-0534, . Merhaba Elder - Saw your list of TUSLOG Dets in "Days of our Lives #96" and just wanted to add one: TUSLOG Det 28-4 (USN) Sinop Det 28-4 closed down with all the others when the embargo was placed. After the embargo was lifted in 1979, the Navy didn't return to Karamursel (Det 28), but opened up in Sinop as Det 28 (instead of 28-4). Just another bit of trivia for ya. I'm going to have to check out that photo of the USN group at Sinop from 1970 you mentioned. That will be a kick in the pants. Have quite of few photos from both tours there. In fact, I worked at the bowling alley and at the Sportsman's club in my spare time. Now, if you were at Ft. Devens running the Cryptanalysis course, then odds are I must have run into you. Will have to rack my grey cells for names, but I was 1st Class Petty Officer (E-6) and had two PO2's and a Marine SGT in the class, then a bunch of Army E-1's and E-2's. I was injured in a baseball game and got my knee stiched back together by an Army medic. He had been to Viet Nam and really knew his stuff. The doctor only came in to see how he was doing. I know the feelings about interviewing students and the strange things they say. During my last tour, I was the NSA Rep to DLIFLC at Monterey (I was an E-9 at the time) and I had this 98G come into my office asking about job opportunities at NSA. I asked her why she was interested and she told me that she was being discharged (prior to graduation) for being a lesbian (long before "don't ask, don't tell"). Needless to say, I advised her that her opportunities were very limited. Right now, my wife and are on vacation in Scotland at the former RAF Edzell which housed the Naval Security Group Activity here. The base closed in 1998 and they rehabilitated all the old RA and Navy housing and put them on the market. Since I met and married my wife here, we bought one of the houses to have as our "home away from home". Heck, it was cheaper than buying a new car. I've got lots on contacts with the former sailors that served at Sinop through the Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association, so I will scout up those names, email address, etc. for you. Have a great Christmas and you do an outstanding job of keeping us all in contact with one another.

STAFFIN, Roger, Det 4, 59-60, (Guldeste),

........ Roger joined the Peace Corps when he was 60 years old and served in Balykche, Kyrgyzstan teaching World Literature and TEFL English at the Balykche Institute of Law and Mgmt on Lake Issyk-Kul. Currently he is teaching Literature and Composition at American University Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek) where he has been since November 2001. After 9-11 all Volunteers in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan were evacuated (311 total) back to the United States and discharged. I stubbornly turned around and came back 3 weeks later. I'm happy to announce that I soon will get married and plan on staying in this part of the world for years to come. And of course I will plan a trip or two to old Sinop.

Greetings to you and to all as the holidays approach, I wish you all a splendid New Year with much prosperity, health, happiness, good will, and a good and bright future, Boktolu Bolulu, Ermalu Bolulu and Daksillla (Kyrgyz and Russian): Snow falling on Cedars and everywhere. For two weeks we have had snow, much. Yesterday the sun came out and began the melt, but last night the freeze and much ice...not safe streets. Our world in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (now the Kyrgyz Republic) looks forward to a prosperous holiday season which will be celebrated in this part of the year long into the new year, through January for the Russians and Kyrgyz New Year in March. So you see, much celebrating to do, many toasts to good health and good all. Who said this part of the world is so dangerous. We just came through the Muslim Ramadan or Ramazan (30 days) of quasi-fasting and Quran readings. Very confusing sometimes for a westerner, but I'm trying to get the hang of it. This New Year I have promised to slow down and learn Russian and Kyrgyz languages, which up til now have escaped me except for a few words and phrases. I am still teaching and just came through a rough semester with too many hours teaching and not enough relaxation. Guldeste, my wife, sends her Muslim best into your world and wishes all prosperity, health and understanding. I miss some aspects of America, but I am enjoying this new world, though not yet too prosperous, and am gaining a better understanding of this small planet, Earth and our too quick passing through the time frame that represents History past and History to be. Love to all and to all a very good night!

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