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Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #86
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 22:51:05 -0500


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.In This Issue: September 6, 2002

We're off to Richmond, VA for the NASCAR races there this week-end



New Members.......

John Green, Det 4

Vern Kallenborn, Det 4

Warren Marik, Det 4

Larry Maroney, Det 4

Dean Otto, Det 27

Don Paul, Det 4-4

Jim Peron, Det 4

Chike Powell, Det 4

John S. Samuels, III, Det 4

Don Tamminen, Det 4

Jim Van Brocklin, Det 4

Hank Verwayen, Det 4


Howard W. Demarest, Det 4

Staple D. Isom, Det 4

Dr. Delno C.West, Det 4

Featured BIO'S........

Robert G. Oberbroeckling (OB) - Det 4-2 and 4

Mike Fisher - Det 27 and 4-4

Dave Swenson - Det 4-2

Keith Brown - Det 4-2

Hershey reunion tidbits......

Changes to the Master Roster.....

New Granddaughter....

Veterans Day Tribute by Norm Frickey

Taking orders for the Det 27 and 4-4 patches....

Did you know that....

BEER DRINKER VS WINE FANCIER.....which one are you?

Internet Fact....

2002 REUNION LIST AS OF 5 September 2002

1. Dave Althouse, SP5, Supply, Det 27, 66-68, Reading, PA

2. Jerry Anderson, SP4, 341.10, Det 27, 57-59, Racine, WI.

3. Tony & Val Antonello, SFC, 05K, Det 27, 65-68, Det 4, 69-70, Burke, VA

4. Eric & Ramona Balderson, 1LT, Fin O, Det 27, 62-63, Mendham, NJ

5. Dick & Jean Bartholf, SP5, 058, Det 27, 60-62, Mayfield, NY no meal

6. Tom & Linda Beall, SP5, 98C, Det 27, 65-66, Mentor, OH

7. Bill & Dawn Bender, SP4, 05K, Det 4-4, 70-71, Chalfont, PA

8. Chuck & Helen Bergmann, SP5, 05H, Det 27, 66-67, Bay Village, OH

9. Bill & Carole Binney, SP5, 98C,Det 27, 66-67, Severn, MD

10. Sam & Linda Brungard, SP5, 98J, Det 4-2, 65-67, Mill Hall, PA, no e-mail

11. Larry & Diane Camp, SP5, 05H, Det 27, 67-67 & 4-4, 67-68, Coldwater, MI

12. Kevin & Sylvia Camson, SP4, 982, Det 27, 62-63, Bay Shore, NY

13. Mike & Jane Comroe, SP4, 059, Det 27, 61-62, Audubon, PA

14. Lanny & Jackie Couvillon, SP4, 058, Det 27, 62-64, Novato, CA

15. Gene & Phyllis Cram, CW2, T/A, Det 27, 66-67, Dunnellon FL

16. Roy & Josie DesRuisseaux, PFC, MP, Det 27, 61-62, Upper Darby, PA

17. Walt & Bev Dubicki, SGT, 058/059, Det 27, 61-63, Louisville, KY

18. Ike and Helen Eisenhart, SP4, 733.10, Det 27, 63-64, Dover, PA

19. Tom Fittante, SP5, 98G, Det 27, 61-63, New Waterford, OH

20. Rudy & Ruth Gordon, SP6, 98GRU, Det 27, 65-67, Canton, GA

21. Elder & Patricia Green, SFC, 98C, Det 27 & 4-4, 66-68, Indiana, PA

22. John W. Grimes III, SP4, 98C, Det 27, 64-65, Sun City West, AZ

23. Jim & Becky Harber, SP5, 058, Det 27, 62-63, Acworth, GA

24. Larry & Jean Heese, 058, Det 27, 60-62, Cedar Rapids, IA

25. Mark & Susan Henning, SP5, 32G, Det 4, FE72-FE73, Hamburg, NY

26. Jim & Susan Herring, SP5, 05H, Det 27, 66-67, Evansville, IN

27. Bob and Annie Holder, CSM, 98Z, Det 27, 66-67, Port Charlotte, FL

28. unk Holder, son of CSM Holder

29. Terry & Sharon Jennette, SP4, C/C, Det 27, JN62-DE63, Louisville, KY (no email)

30. Gary & Virgie Jorgensen, SP5, 058, Det 27&4-4, 66-68, Duluth, MN

31. Ed and Florence Jones, SP5, 059, Det 27, 62-65, Bismarck, IL

32. Gilbert Kelbaugh, SP5, 059, Det 4, 62-62, Frederick, MD

33. Phil and Donnie Kelly, SP4, S2, Det 27, DE62-MY64, Ridgecrest, CA

34. John Kerns, Det 4, JL60-JL61, Oelwein, IA

35. Jon and Pat Kettenring, 1LT, Det 27, 63-64, Summit, NJ

36. Ken & Donna Lady, SP5, 058,Det 27, 61-62, Santa Monica, CA

37. Harry & Frances Lance, SP4, 058, Det 4, 59-60, Nazareth, PA

38. Steve MacCartan, SP5, 059, Det 27, 63-64, Savanna, IL

39. Norman Mau, SP4, Det 27, JA65-JN66, Potomac, MD

40. Charles McClevish, PFC, 711, Det 27, 63-64, Dundalk, MD (Fri only)

41. George & Donna Meisner, SP4, Det 4, 56-57, Shalimar, FL

42. Bob & Peg Murphy, SP5, 058, Det 4 & 27, 61-62, Glen Burnie, MD

43. Don Creig Myers, SP4, 05K, Det 4-4, JA70-JN71, Houston, TX

44. Rob & Lorraine Nearpass, SGT, MP, Det 27, 64-66, Belvidere, NJ

45. Hank Neill, SP5-2LT, Finance, Det 27, 62-64, Springfield, VA

46. Jimmy & Rita Nolan, CW4, Det 27, JA64-JN66, Hopewell, VA

47. Roy & Mary Norman, SP5, 058, Det 27, 61-62, Caldwell, TX

48. John & Kathleen O'brien, SP5, 98G, Det 4, 64-65, Beaver Creek, OH

49. Ozzie & Norene Osswald, SP5, 989, Det 4, 64-65, Hudson, NY

50. John & Janette Owen, SP5, 93J, Det 4, 64-66, Elkhart, IA

51. Jim & Jean Peron, SP2, 058, Det 4, 56-57, Kirkwood, PA

52. Elliot & Candy Porter, SP5, 058, Det 27, 62-64, Windslow, ME

53. Ralph, Linda and Lee Richter, SP5, 05K, Det 27, 66-67, Columbus, OH

54. Don Salcido, SP5, 05H, Det 27, 66-67, Chula Vista, CA

55. Ted & Barbara Scabarozi, SP5, 33B Det 4, 69-70, Mantua, NJ

56. Dan & Marjorie Schoppe, SP5, 32G, Det 27, AP65-OC67, Leander, TX

57. Bill Simons, SP4, 058, Det 4, 59-60, Southampton, NJ (No meal)

58. Walt Sinor, SP4, F&AO, Det 27, 62-63, Valley Head, AL.,

59. Stuart Smith, SP4, 058, Det 27, 64-66, Cheasapeake, VA

60. Gary Stolp, SP6, 98C, Det 27, 64-67, San Antonio, TX

61. Dave & Sue Tavernetti, 1LT, Watch Off Tk #4, Det 27, 62-63, King City, CA

62. Chuck & Penny Teschker, Det 27, 059, 60-62, Hartland, MI

63. Glenn & Nancy Trumpower, WO1, S4, Det 4, 66-67, Falling Waters, WV (no e-mail)

64. Jim & Marcia Van Brocklin, SP5, Det 4 (Samsun), 1956, Hamburg, NY

65. Bob & Fran Van Erem, Det 4, 59-60, Olney, MD., (no meal)

66. Preston & Louise White, E5, MP, Det 27, 65-67, Cheshire, CT

67. Ted & Sue Willingham, SP5, 33C, Det 27, 66-68, Easthampton, MA

68. Gary & Marian Winch, SP5, Det 27, 62-64, Severna Park, MD


The weather in Hershey should be around 60-70 and no rain is expected. The evenings do tend to get chilly, thus a windbreaker type jacket is recommended. The attire is CASUAL for all events during the reunion. Most Vet's will be wearing the embroidered golf shirts with the Det thereon.

Please bring a chain (your OLD dog tags and chain will do perfectly) so that the Reunion badge can be worn around the neck. However, any type ribbon or clip will work just fine. Those with the 2001 badges should bring them along too.

TKS- - -


This is a new addition to the weekly DAYS OF OUR LIVES and to make it WORTHWHILE, I need INPUT from every VET who served in the ASA in TURKEY.


From McCLEVISH, Chas Jr E1-E3 RA13772572 711 S2 Det 27, 62-64, 1908 Harrison Rd., Dundalk, MD 21222, 410-285-1416,

[edited] Hey Elder: Got some memories for you. I hope that each one of them might inspire others to remember and send you their experiences for entry onto the DOOL.

ED GALLANT: Just read your story of the Ankara taxi accident. Too bad you hadn't gotten the security briefing Phil Kelly or I used to give all newks during our time in S2 with our boss, Major Joe Lindgren. Phil & I were there in 62-64. You were lucky you weren't charged by the police. We used to tell all newks that if your taxi driver had an accident, even if he wasn't at fault, throw down the taxi fare or more on the seat, don't wait around for change, and run like hell. If you became involved, and if the Turkish court found your driver/you guilty, you were the cause of the accident because you hired him and he wouldn't have been there if you

hadn't hired him. If there were any injuries, you would also be responsible for the injured's medical bills. You would also have to support the injured persons family until he recovered, and forget it if any injury was fatal. On the subject of taxi's, another interesting fact. If you hired him at the top of the hill and even though he coasted all the way down to the

bottom of the hill, you were expected to pay for his return trip up the hill, because he had to return to the point at which you hired him.

ED GALLANT WROTE: "I left Ft Devens, MA and headed for TUSLOG Det. 27 in late

January or early February 1967. My MOS at that time was 81E20 (Illustrator). When I arrived at Manzarali Station it was after I and another young PFC from Devens were treated to our taxi cab driver running another taxi off the road in downtown Ankara. The driver of the taxi who ended up in a ditch promptly rammed into the rear of our cab, exited his vehicle and punched out our driver somewhere in the middle of Ankara.

ALSO, DAVID TAVERNETTI wrote about a Major Lynch. Although I was in Hqs Company, I remembered Major Lynch when I saw him at NSA many years ago. I spoke to him briefly. I think he had retired and was working as a civilian, as I was, after I got discharged at Vint Hill Farms in Oct 65. I also remember seeing a guy from Det 27, who we used to call Charlie Brown. If I recall, he was a good ball player and used to play on a trick team. I remember I tried out for the Hqs team once and didn't make it because I stunk. If I recall, the Dental Tech, Hqs Co, Bob Fonner was an exceptional ball player.

NOTE TO ALL ASAers: Please continue to send in your memories. I'm sure most of us have memories that are triggered by them. I know it happens to me, and that is when I forward them to Elder.

Like the story about Emory Kindig. He was Det 66 I think, but lived in Hqs barracks, bunked with Phil Rivaldo and they were swing or mid shift telephone operators. One evening Kindig and Rivaldo were returning from Ankara by bus. Those VARAN buses were wonderful. Mercedes touring, I think, a/c, reclining comfortable seats and windows that went halfway

into the roof. Anyway, after Kindig and Rivaldo had a good time in ULUS, they fell asleep during the ride to Site 23. By the time they got to the main gate, Kindig was on the floor. When the MP woke them up, Rivaldo remarked about how bad Kindig smelled. The MP may have been Wayne "Legs" Morris. Rivaldo realized what had happened and hollered "Kindig, you shit your pants". Kindig replied, "No I didn't. I shit in yours". You see, while in town Kindig had spilled some drinks on his pants, didn't have a spare pair, and somehow had borrowed a pair from Rivaldo. I also remember Kindig getting into a fight at the Service Club, something to do with a pool game. He and this other guy, who I think was an amateur

boxer at one time, fought so hard for about 15 minutes that they couldn't lift their arms any more. Also remember Rivaldo and Russ Sciandra diving into the 2-3 foot deep fountain at the Manzarali NCO Club after a going away party for someone. Do you think that is why they put in a swimming pool after 1964, after we left?

Enough for today. Keep those stories coming.

ps: Elder. Did I send you the picture of Phil Rivaldo, Phil Silvia and me on a hill in the old part of Ankara? I'm still trying to find the other guys. Kindig, who Rivaldo says he heard that Kindig was blind and living in a trailer in the desert out west; Wayne L. "Legs" Morris, Phil Silvia and Bob Fonner. I've spoken to Phil Rivaldo from Rochester, Norman Dove

from Virginia and Phil Kelly from California. Hey Allan Chermak, do you remember

Morris? Norman Dove remembers him as "baby face".



GREEN, John E5 Det 4, 1960, (Susan), 147 Foster Point Rd., West Bath, ME 04530, 207-442-0171,

KALLENBORN, Vernon E3 981 RA 15538678 Det 4, 2MY56-57, 10979 Paddock Dr., Walton, KY 41094, 859-485-1612, Found per orders fm Van Brocklin

MARIK, Warren E5 982Turk Det 4, 66-67, (Mary), 2129 Florida Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20008, 202-328-7323,

From: "Michael Fisher",, Subject: Eski Arkadas.... Warren, I was able to track you down with the help of my former NCOIC, Elder RC Green, at Ankara and Karamursel. He has been instrumental in arranging a reunion of Det 27 and 4-4 personnel the last two years. The last time you and I saw each other, as you may fondly recall, was at Ankara airport in January 1967. I have thought about you and the fact that you were originally scheduled to go to Ankara and I was to go to Sinop. Sorry about that. In 1969, after I got out of the Army, I was in Chicago to attend a wedding. I tried to look you up, and I even went as far as calling the Bears ticket office. I recall you mentioning that you or someone in your family had season tickets. But, no joy. Not long ago, I noted an article in the NY Times, I believe, about a former CIA-er, who talked about being in Iran. I even think they mentioned your name. I wasn't sure if that was your or not. Now, I know the rest of the story. I took a job with NSA in 1975, and I took an early retirement in 1995. My last assignment was with a counterdrug outfit in Alameda, CA. I stayed out here, and I currently live in San Francisco. We had some fun at Fort Devens, I remember, with our two man football team. Our flag football team wasn't too shabby, but I remember most of all the band. When they did their halftime show, I about died laughing. By the way, I was told later that we were jobbed in the championship game. It seems like ages ago we were learning Turkish and singing, "Setan bunu neresinde?" Hope all is well and drop me a note. Mike Fisher

MARONEY, Lawrence V DOB 30 Oct 1934, 058, E3-SP3 (E4), RA18464882, Det 4, 1MY56-57, (unm), 14911 Wunderlich Dr., Houston, TX 77069, 281-537-9733, no email. Larry is a native of Cabin Creek, WV. He remembers his main target as being the Kaputsin Yar Missile Test Range. After his ASA Tour of Duty he graduated from the Univ of St. Thomas in Houston, TX and taught mathematics in the HS around Houston for 30+ years.

OTTO, Dean E5 059 Det 27, 64-66, (Martha-Lived in Ankara), 431 Diehl Rd., Mechanicsburg, PA 17055, 717-766-4910, Please send info on Hershey reunion. Thanks

PAUL, Don SP5 05H Tk#2 Det 4-4, JL68-MY71, (Leslie), fm MA per Morrissette

Good evening, My name is Don Paul and I served in Det 4-4 at Karamursel, Turkey from July, 1968 to May, 1971. I was on Trick Two as an 058 (ditty-bopper). My wife Leslie joined me for 15 mos. We had a good time. Would appreciate any former 058's e.mail. Thanks for listening. Don Paul

PERON, Jas E DOB: 18OC1932 E3-SP3 058 RA 13496045 Det 4, 2MY56-DE57, (Jean), 48 Long Ln., Kirkwood, PA 17536, 717-529-2561, Found on orders fm Van Brocklin.

From: Hi Elder: Thanks a million for your call and for sending the information regarding the ASA Turkey Reunion. It was quite a surprise and delight to receive your call. Especially interesting to learn that you live in Indiana, PA, my home town. And live on Warren Road. I shall look over this information and talk it over with my wife. I personally would very much like to attend the reunion, however my wife has a committment to play Organ at our Church Sunday 15th September. She is subsituting for our regular organist that Sunday. Most likely I would simply commute to Hershey or come in on Friday stay Friday night and have to leave late Saturday to be back early Sunday morning. I'll let you know. Have been looking at some of the web-pages of Bill Simons. Interesting. I believe our group was the very first group at Sinop. May through December 1956 was my tour as Tuslog Det. 4. I have a few very early pictures of the base at that time. Rather primitive!! We thought we had arrived in Heaven when we finally got the Jamesway Shelters. I vividly remember helping to set them up . I have winter photos of them nearly buried in seven to eight feet of snow!! Regards Jim Peron

POWELL, Chike DOB 1935 E3-E5 058 RA18466933 Det 4, 1MY56-JN57, (Thejoal), 234 Tampa Ave., Indialantic, FL 32903, 321-984-1085, Chike received his name from his two

grandfathers, Charles and Ike, thus the name Chike. His wife's name is from three sisters combined.
Chike extended his Turkey Tour so that he could get an early out. Elder: I received your three E-mails and have printed them out. I will reply more later after I have digested them over a "bottle" of scotch. I was in Sinop (Det 4) from May 56 thru first part of June 57. There was nothing there except the hill and the Brits when we arrived. All facilities had to be assembled starting with "squad tents" at the beginning and ending with "Quonset huts" when I left. There was not even a "mess hall". We ate from mess kits out of "Field Kitchens". I wonder how many of the guys you have on your list remember that far back. Will send more reminisces as they occur to this "old" brain. Have to remember; that was almost 50 years ago. BOL Chike Powell

SAMUELS, John S III PFC-SP2, 988 Russian Linguist, Det 4 in 1955, 2MY56-57, (Ellen-div), 810 Broadway NY., NY 10003, 212-420-0040,

TAMMINEN, Donald F DOB 1935 RA16486396 E3 Det 4, 1MY56-?, (Fran), 3012 N. Meade St., Appleton, WI 54911, 920-739-6444, no e-mail

VERWAYEN, Henry J (Hank) E2-SP3 (E4) 204 Det 4, 1MY56-57, 3021 S. Fairway Dr., Tempe, AZ 85282, 480-491-4479, Hank went to Temple Univ & received a DDS Degree. Served in the Army as a Major and later resigned his commission. He had a private dental practice in Sacremento, CA for 18 years. Hank promised to scan some photo's and send me his BIO.



DEMAREST, Howard W., SFC E-6 RA13282169, Det 4, 23AP56-57. b- d-Adele his widow lives in a Personal Care Home at 300 W. Ring Factory Rd., Bel Air, MD 21014, 410-638-5336

ISOM, Staple D., RA 24588020, CPL, Det 4, 1MY56-57, died 25 May 2002 of a massive heart attack. His widow, Earline, lives at 1708 Terrell Dr., Richmond, VA 23229, 804-285-2905, attn: David Isom. His oldest son, David, informs that his father was very proud of his TOUR of DUTY on the Hill overlooking the Black Sea and that Staple was a country boy from Alabama. After high school he went to DC and worked for the FBI, then enlisted in the ASA, served his time and returned to work 32 years as a Senior Electroinic Technician with the FBI in the Richmond, VA area. Three children: David, Kevin and Lisa.

WEST, Delno C. Jr E3 RA 17423464 Det 4, 1MY56-?,3368 N. Estates St., Flagstaff, AZ 86001, 928-774-1609 who was born 8 April 1936 and died 17 June 1998 of Colon cancer. To find out more on Del West, use any search engine, then type in Delno C. West. I talked to his widow, Jean, on 3 September 2002 and she told me that Del had received his PhD of Medieval History from UCLA and later was a professor at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. Their books were published by Simon and Shuster.


OB and Bev Oberbroeckling

14341 W. Patrick Henry Rd., Doswell, VA 23047


Elder Green - Thanks to your hardwork in preparing the weekly DAYS of our LIVES newsletter, and planning the Hershey Reunion, we are making contact with many old frinds from Turkey. With deep regrets Beverly and I are going to have to pass on the reunion this time. Thinking back over the 20 years with ASA we do have many fond memories. I enlisted out of college with ASA in 1956..058 school then INF OCS 1957..14th ASA FLD STA, Kyushu Japan, ..1962 Viet Nam, ..1965 OIC Det 4-2 and moved to Germany...1969 State Dept, DC...1973 YES..back to Turkey ..CO - Sinop (it pays to have friends in high places)...1975 NSA...1976 Retired

We settled in VA where we have been ever since. We are the "OB" team realtors with Century 21 and are still at it. We have 4 children, 9 grand children, 2 great grand children!! Again thanks for putting us in touch with old friends we have thought about so much. Hope to hear from all of you often and wish you God's Speed.

Mike Fisher

SP5, 98C-Turkish Linguist, Det 27 and 4-4, 66-69 NSA (Retired)

San Francisco, CA

Spouse: Alisa Quint

As with my Army career when I graduated from DLI, the Army had no place for me. ASA sent me to T/A school. There was another Army chap that followed the same program. His name is Warren Marik. We were Turkish linguists and highly skilled/trained T/A's. When our preliminary assignments were posted at Fort Devens, I was scheduled to go to Sinop; Warren, Det 27. Warren suggested we ask the 1SG if we could change assignments as I was married and Det 27 was an accompanied tour. When we presented the idea to 1SG Wilbur Rodkey, he said something to the effect, "the Army doesn't work that way men." However, when our actual orders came through, I was assigned to Manzarali Station and Warren, Sinop. Warren and I flew together from Logan airport to the infamous Yesilkoy in Ankara. There was a jeep waiting for Warren and off he went. I never saw him again. A few years later a couple of guys from Sinop were TDY to Karamursel, and I asked them if they knew Warren Marik. "Oh him, Yea, he keeps muttering something about the fact that he wasn't supposed to be here." Anyway, if there are any Det 4'ers, who knew of Warren Marik, from the 1967-69 era, I would like to get in touch with him....and oh yes, before I forget - Wilbur Rodkey was my 1SG at Manzarali and Karamursel. It's amazing how a little history can jog one's constipated memory. You guys have yet to mention another of the Det 27 and 4-4 traditons. But, first let me digress. I have a confession to make, after 34 years. Guys, I never worked a day of shift work at either location nor did I ever poke a Matsum. For some reason, only known to the Green Hornet, when I showed up for work in January 1967, one of the day ladies was rotating from Site 23, and SFC Green assigned me to work with Andy Pate and Dennis Fransted. I worked that problem at Site 23 and Det 4-4. I think the Green Hornet knew I could play some softball--I was able to throw the ball from shortstop without it bouncing four times--all while holding a beer in one hand. However, I did participate in the "grate rub" and "red belly" traditons that only a few of us would understand or even appreciate. Give us a "A" for effort in finding uses for stamp pad ink. Gary Dunnam's picture brought up a memory I had of Termal, the thermal springs west of Yalova. It seems that a bunch of us wanted to go to Termal for dinner on New Year's eve-- I guess it was 1968. Mike McCrite and his wife, me and my wife, Jan, and I think another couple called for a taxi to take us. My landlord was a chap named Isa, and he was the unofficial mayor of Yalova. Well, the taxi shows up, and in grand Turkish tradition, we began negotiating the price of the ride. The driver started his bid at 30 lira. However, before I could make a counter offer, Isa Bey stepped out on the balcony. In my most earnest Turkish, I said, "Isa Bey, your brother wants to charge us 30 lira to take us to Termal." Well, once the driver heard my Turkish and saw who I was talking to, he changed his price to 3 lira. Needless to say, the driver not only took us, he waited for us, and even recommended a good restaurant. It did not, however, stop him from driving down the darkest road in Turkey with his lights off. How did we survive those rides in the 55 Chevys. On 26JA69 both LBJ and I left gov’t service. Mine was swift and occurred at Ft Hamilton in Brooklyn. I returned to my hometown of Barberton, OH and got a job at a local factory, Babcock and Wilcox, which manufactured both fossil fuel and nuclear reactors in the power generation industry. I resumed my college studies at the Univ of Akron, while working the nite shift at B&W. In 1992 I graduated with a BA degree in the School of Education. Although I intended to pursue a career in education, I could not take the cut in pay from my job in industry. At the time B&W hired a number of vet’s who were returning from their military obligations—many from Vietnam. We had some interesting discussions relating our experiences. I found that those who saw a lot of action rarely talked about it. But, those who were deployed in rear support positions could not stop talking about the action they saw. I continued to work at the B&W and live in Akron until 1975, when I saw that a NSA recruiter was conducting interviews at the Univ of Akron. They were looking for Middle East linguists. As a DLI-trained Turkish linguist, I scheduled an interview. About a week after the interview, I received a call, and later traveled to Ft Meade for the interview and testing. I was offered a position shortly thereafter, and in September 1975 I began my NSA career. However, my career did not begin as planned. Although I was hired to fill a future linguist billet, by the time I actually started (8 months later), the billet had been filled by a former employee.

I have included my TOP TEN Det 27 rememberances:

10. Bill Baker (Trash Can) head first in a garbage can following Thanksgiving Dinner.

9. (Related) The Viking Thanksgiving Dinner 1967--eating without utensils.

8. NCO Club Friday nites with the Turkish group Rhythmi Dort (Rhythm Four)

7. The "Fock Rock", of course.

6. Ralph Neu, Mr. Cub, who later was profiled in SI, as the founder of the Bleacher Bums.

5. The two Det 27 anthems: "We Gotta Get Out of this Place" by the Animals and "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones.

4. Cheap beer & cigarettes

3. Softball games, where no one cared who won.

2. Buying a bottle of Seagram's Crown Royal--for the ribbon.

1. Buddies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, after NSA hired me, they had no billet for me. They did note that I had TA training and suggested that I would be a good candidate for the TA Intern Program. So, for 3 years, I took classes and spent 6 months at a time working in various offices as a TA analyst. One of my assignments was in an office with a former Det 27 TA’er, Bill Binney. Over the next 5 years I worked in various offices, and in 1983 I applied for a job with the Dept of State working at the US Mission to the UN. For 3.5 years I worked in support of the US Mission and its staff. It was probably my most rewarding gov’t service experience. I returned to NSA in 1986 and worked as a Branch Chief in a product-reporting unit. As the DOD counterdrug effort was expanding in the late 1980’s, NSA decided to get involved. In 1989 I accepted an assignment as the NSA Liaison officer to the DOD Pacific counterdrug effort at Alameda, CA. I had the pleasure of working with many of the federal law enforcement agencies, DEA, Customs, and US Coast Guard. I also obtained a Masters of Public Admin degree from the Univ of San Francisco. It was undoubtedly the best job in the gov’t, and it didn’t hurt that my boss was 3000 miles and three time zones away from me. I always said, while I was at DLI in Monterey, I was going to return to California someday. Well, I did, it only took me 25 years. From 1989 (on my 2nd day at work, the Loma Prieta earthquake hit) to 1995 I worked in support of the Pacific counterdrug effort. NSA wanted me to return to Ft Meade after my 6-year tour, but I decided to take advantage of an early retirement option. They accepted. Following retirement, I pursued my interest in golf by attending the San Diego Golf Academy, which is basically a business school—golf being the business. (By the way, San Diego gets my vote for the next reunion site.) The curriculum focuses on managing businesses in the golf industry. After that, I worked at a couple of private country clubs in the Northern California area. Currently, I manage a retail golf store in South San Francisco. I live in San Francisco just a 5 iron away from the new PacBell Park. My ideal job would be to travel to Europe and teach and play golf. I have been to England a half a dozen times over the past two years, and I find it quite appealing. I visit friends who work at Menwith Hill Station in Harrogate. I do recall that there were a few people in Turkey who served at Menwith Hill.

El, I have read with interest the ongoing preparations and personal stories regarding the reunion. I am disappointed that I could not attend the 2001 or 2002 reunions. Hopefully, I will be available to attend in 2003.


Dave Swenson

SP5, 98J.30, Det 4-2, 66-67

Keene, New Hampshire


Hi Col OB and Beverly,

[edited] - Hard to believe that it has been more than 30 years since we left Incirlik, Turkey and the A3B program. Some days it seems like only yesterday. With the exception of Bill Baskervill and Bob Briggs, I had lost touch with everyone from Det 4-2. I did hear briefly from Steve Heintz a year ago but he has disappeared again. More recently I've made contact with Ike Chamness and Al Lundberg who has been living in Hawaii. Guys like John Berryman, Lenward Truluck, Sam Johns, Alan Murawski, Otis Shows, Don Ashworth, Sam Brungard, Dave Johnson, Keith Brown, Scott, Mayhew, Bob Cochand, Ransom Nichols, Alex Craig, etc are still out there somewhere.

I graduated from the Univ of Maryland in 1970, got married to a wonderful women-have two children, Matt(27)-manages a hobby store and Beth(24) is a graphic designer working in Portland, ME. No grand kids yet. My wife is in a partnership with a friend. They call themselves the "Dezyning Women" They make crafts which they sell primarily in the New England states.

Somewhere along the line I managed to get a masters in business and stayed in the reserves for 10 years. My first tour was with the 99th ASA in Ft Meade, then three years in the 11th Special Forces (Airborne) as Group Como Supervisor and finally with the 76th Training Division as Senior Weapons and Tactics Instructor. Finally burned out-couldn't keep up with the young troopers and the increasing travel time required in my civilian job- just short of my promotion to Master Sergeant.

I am still very interested in training and am an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and Director of Handgun at Cheshire County Fish and Game Club here in Keene, NH. I also serve as Range Officer for a Sniper School sponsored by Law Enforcement in the State of NH for SWAT Police Officers from all over the country.

It seems that I can't get away from the travel thing - even in my old age. Most people look forward to retirement to travel - I'll settle for staying home. I am Managing Consultant for Liberty Insurance Group and spend approx 50-75% of my time in business operations analysis at our various subsidiary companies which serves to explain my sometimes long delays in replying to emails.

I have many fond memories, not to mention slides, of our days in Turkey and other parts of the world. I particularly recall and have always very much appreciated your support and encouragement in furthering my education in the Univ of Md worldwide campus program.

Thanks for getting in touch- "ASA ALL THE WAY" God Bless,

From: Dave Swenson, to Keith Brown. Hi Brownie- Long time-1966 if my memory serves me.

I understand that you got to visit some very exotic places. I'm still doing "hardship" tours in places like Des Moines, IA; Ruston, LA., Pewaukee, WI., etc. The only difference is that now I can tell people where I'm at. I have a photo of you sitting on the dayroom bar stool with a Budweiser? I think that Brungard is also there. As I recall that was the day we had a birthday party for OB and we were all in a prep mode. I was in Sandy Spring, MD last week-just down the road from Ft. Meade. I spent one afternoon at Vigilance Park and the NSA Cryptological Museum. I was particularly interested in the Air Force Security C-130 replica of the plane which was shot down over Soviet Armenia. Now all they need is an EA3B. I was also very interested in "Taskforce Russia" at the end of the Cold War and kept in constant contact with our Senator Bob Smith who chaired the POW/MIA committee in congress. I had the good fortune to discuss this event with several of the surviving relatives. Looking back-I think some of my interest stemmed from the loss of Vic Vogel and his crew. I'm sure you remember Vic. Al Murawski, Andy Moore, Vic and I had some great times in the Adana Kasbahs, fishing trips and crusader castle hopping. We became good friends with Vic in a relatively short time. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that the NSA would declassify so much stuff or that there would be an NSA "gift shop". Everything from KY voice encryption gear to "Farm Team" EA3B's etc. Had some great discussions with ex ASAers and NSAers. It was like coming home and I got to load up on NSA memorabilia. It doesn't get any better than that!

Good to hear from you Brownie and glad to know that life has blessed you with health, a good career and more importantly good family and friends. "ASA ALL THE WAY" God Bless,



RA13826138 SSG E6 98J Det 4-2, 64-68

Spouse: DeDe

102 Caragana Ct., Sterling, VA 20164


[edited] - Well you OLD TURKEY FRIENDS FROM ANOTHER LIFE just found "Brown" (aka Brownie). I, too, have lost track with many and especially my good friend Wiley Craig which I am desperate to catch up with. If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please let me know. I've never got tired of traveling and did that for the next 26 years before from the Government. I retired from the Government in 1994 after about 30 years total federal service counting my my ASA time. Now I am working in an IT company called CACI supporting Intelligence Community requirements. I figure a couple more years then I'll ease out if that's possible for me. Married in 1972 (God! 31 years this January). Two kids Troy and Kimmy 34 and 25 respectively. My step-son Troy enlisted in the Army at the ripe age of 33 in May 2001 prior to 9/11. He is in the 82nd Airborne stationed at Ft Bragg, FO (forward observer) calls in the artillery from any source either on top of him or at targets (life expectance in battle only 2nd to snipers). But he is taking to it well. He has a degree (AA) in illustration and I hope he gets back into it sometime. He has a wife and 3 year old in Deerfield Beach, FL. Just saw him this past weekend at Bragg. We had a grand tour of the whole base and all the WWII museums. My daughter has a degree in German and History with a minor in business. She is currently working at Dyncorp as a financial assistant (you figure it with a degree in German). She liked working with numbers. She is currently getting a high level clearance and will be working in the I.C. just like her dad. She has a beautiful baby boy of almost 9 months which my wife babysits for. Talk about having it made. We've lived in Sterling, VA since 1973 and will probably stay here for some time. Have no idea where I want to go when I really retire. Life has been good for me and although I never got a degree, the ASA prepared me for my civilian career and I carried forward as a civilian in the Government what I learned in the ASA. I have absolutely no regrets about my career. Made GS-15 in the Gov't and currently I am a Director at CACI company. Don't know how I keep doing this, I guess it's called hard work and dedication. I'm 59 and in very good shape if I do say so. Work out and run. Bought a small motorcycle a year or two ago and took the motor-cycle safety training but really haven't used it much but it looks pretty in the garage. I still have the 1967 VW I bought in Rota, Spain. It is currently being refurbished and I hope to be able to leave it to my kids. That's about it in a nutshell. Most beautiful grandson in the world :-)

(See attached file: Ethan and Denver Aug 02.jpg)

[[From: "Keith Blackey" - Keith Brown, I ran into Wiley at the San Francisco Airport 20 years ago where he was working for United in their Air Freight Division. His contact info at the time was: 2212 Howard, San Carlos, CA., 650-591-5150. Let us know if you connect.]]



GORDON, Rudy E4-E6 98GRU Det 27, OC65-DE67, (Ruth), 416 Eagle Ridge Trl., Canton, GA 30114, 770-926-7326,

[edited] Ruth and I will be to the reunion. We have reservations at the Hampton Inn. We will be to the breakfast at the Holiday Inn on Saturday.

VAN BROCKLIN, Jim Det 4, 1956, (Marcia), 39 Therin Dr., Hamburg, NY 14705, 716-649-9232, ERC. Log Jim and Marcia Van Brocklin into your Hershey reunion book. Will mail my check today - priority mail - Booked at ECONO Lodge /Grantville. All others booked up for weekend - Summers last fling! Yes - Bill Simons Sinop website is very good . Brings back a lot of memories.

DUBICKI, Walter L E5 Det 27 DE61-JN63 05H/K Trick Chief #1, (Beverly), 6701 Tamarind Ct., Louisville, KY 40219, 502-969-1534,

To: HOSTETTLER, Nicholas R SP5 05H Det 27, 61-62, 30472 23 Mile Rd., New Baltimore, MI 48047-1844, 810-598-4280, Nick - Sorry to hear that you won't be at the Hershey reunion.. I do understand, however, we all have one kind of health issue or another at this young age!! Please take care of yourself... Good Luck on the up and coming procedure.. You know, now that you mentioned it, I do recall that Lt. Ralph Stevens did end up with a broken collar bone.. You may be right about me having something to do with it - after 40 years anything is possible!! Catch you later-be easy with the nurses-Later Walt

OSSWALD, Buzz (Ozzie) DOB 1943, E5, 989/991/93J, Det 4, FE64-JN65, (Norene), 28 Greendale Rd., Hudson, NY 12534, 518-828-6492,

Elder... I was on the phone with John Owen earlier this eve. discussing the reunion next week. Norene and I will be in about 2PM on the 13th. ( Fri. the 13th... WOW!!!) John and Jeanette expect to be there by then also. He mentioned that he received the latest DOOL last Fri. I didn't get it. Could you please get it to me somehow? Thanks in advance and we'll see u on the 13th!!!! Best regards,

SCABAROZI, Ted DOB: 24MY47 E5 33B Det 4, AP69-AP70, (Barbara), 9 Lavenham Ct., Mantua, NJ 08051, 856-464-0413,





CHESSER, Joe E4 Postal Clk Det 27, 60-61, (Helen), 24 Out of Bounds Rd., Lake Monticello, VA 22963, 434-598-2133,

Hi Folks - Joe and Helen Chesser are changing their USPS and email address effective now. Please take note. The new address is: Joe and Helen Chesser, 24 Out of Bounds Rd., Lake Monticello, Va. 22963, 434-598-2133,

From: "Murphy, Robert A." <>

Subject: Lt. John Leopold

Elder - Thanks for trying to find out more about Lt. John Leopold. I had occasion to talk to a John Leopold last night. He said he was never in the Army, or any other armed service, because of his bad back. Still, it is astounding how much he looks like the photograph of the 'other' John Leopold. Thanks again.






I am happy to announce that we are the proud Grandparents of a 7lb.3oz., 19 inch , baby girl, born to my daughter at 5:28 this morning, 9/3/02.. The proud parents live in Austin, Texas and have our 3yr old grandson getting ready to take up babysitting for his sister..... The parents haven't picked a name, as yet, but I'm sure that after mother gets rested up from the at home, natural birth, as she did with the first one, a name will be forth coming !!!!!!!!


Later - Bev & Walt Dubicki



COL, USAR(Ret) Norman Frickey

Elder.... Just some thoughts from an old veteran.......... Like many Vietnam Veterans I sort of put my feelings and my uniform away and got on with my life after the war. The uniform was not something I felt comfortable wearing in public. But then my daughter gave me a nudge and changed all that. She wanted my help with a project -- it entailed wearing my uniform to the school where she taught and helping with a school-wide Veteran's Day Program. Often things happen -- we take up projects intending to help others and in the end we benefit more ourselves. I reluctantly agreed and as we continued, things started to happen. Last year, on the heals of Sept 11, we had a somber and powerful program at the high school where she teaches. As a part of the program the choir sang an especially moving song -- Don't Forget My Name. The choir went on to record the song in collaboration with the writer, composer and musicians from the UK. Don't Forget My Name, carries a powerful message appropriate to all today ... as we once again look with uncertainty at the world around us ... at a time when warriors are still fighting and dying.... they too hope we won't forget their names. I suggest you watch and listen to all three versions ...

Best Regards, Norman Frickey, Maj, CO - Det 4-4, 70-71



Roger Glubka informs that he has put an order in for 100 of the Det.27 patch and 100 of the Det 4-4 patch he received from Mixie Bryan. The patches will be 4" vs 6" and will be sent from Korea via Priority mail on the 8th of September. Hopefully I'll get them before I depart for the Hershey reunion on the 13th..

We've considered the price and feel that $5. per patch is a reasonable fee to charge, knowing full well that all will never be sold? To order one of the patches, send check or money order to Elder RC Green, 3094 Warren

Rd., Indiana, PA and enclose a self addressed stamped envelop or mailer for me to insert the patch and return it to the originator. Those attending the Hershey reunion can pick up theirs at the reunion.

DID YOU KNOW THAT....... I've earned the appreciation of honest critics and endured the betrayal of false friends.



Beer drinkers tend to be a straightforward, decent, friendly, down-to-earth people, whereas your serious wine fancier tends to be an insufferable snot. - Dave Barry


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