From: "ercgreen"
Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #83
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 07:43:54 -0500
Time is the most valuable coin in your life. U and you alone will determine how that coin will be spent. Be careful that you do not let other people spend it for you.~ Carl Sandberg - - - - - - - - Hope to see ya at Hershey!

1. Dave Althouse, SP5, Supply, Det 27, 66-68, Reading, PA

2. Jerry Anderson, SP4, 341.10, Det 27, 57-59, Racine, WI.

3. Tony & Val Antonello, SFC, 05K, Det 27, 65-68, Det 4, 69-70, Burke, VA

4. Eric & Ramona Balderson, 1LT, Fin O, Det 27, 62-63, Mendham, NJ

5. Dick & Jean Bartholf, SP5, 058, Det 27, 60-62, Mayfield, NY jbarthol@nycap.rr.comm

6. Tom & Linda Beall, SP5, 98C, Det 27, 65-66, Mentor, OH

7. Bill & Dawn Bender, SP4, 05K, Det 4-4, 70-71, Chalfont, PA

8. Chuck & Helen Bergmann, SP5, 05H, Det 27, 66-67, Bay Village, OH

9. Bill & Carole Binney, SP5, 98C,Det 27, 66-67, Severn, MD

10. Sam & Linda Brungard, SP5, 98J, Det 4-2, 65-67, Mill Hall, PA, no e-mail

11. Larry & Diane Camp, SP5, 05H, Det 27, 67-67 & 4-4, 67-68, Coldwater, MI

12. Kevin & Sylvia Camson, SP4, 982, Det 27, 62-63, Bay Shore, NY

13. Mike & Linda Carroll, SP5, 98GRU, Det 4, 67-68, Front Royal, VA

14. Mike & Jane Comroe, SP4, 059, Det 27, 61-62, Audubon, PA

15. Lanny & Jackie Couvillon, SP4, 058, Det 27, 62-64, Novato, CA

16. Gene & Phyllis Cram, CW2, T/A, Det 27, 66-67, Dunnellon FL

17. Roy & Josie DesRuisseaux, PFC, MP, Det 27, 61-62, Upper Darby, PA

18. Walt & Bev Dubicki, SGT, 058/059, Det 27, 61-63, Louisville, KY

19. Ike and Helen Eisenhart, SP4, 733.10, Det 27, 63-64, Dover, PA

20. Elder & Patricia M. Green, SFC, 98C, Det 27 & 4-4, 66-67, Indiana, PA

21. John W. Grimes III, SP4, 98C, Det 27, 64-65, Sun City West, AZ

22. Jim & Becky Harber, SP5, 058, Det 27, 62-63, Acworth, GA

23. Larry & Jean Heese, SP5, 058, Det 27, 60-62, Cedar Rapids, IA

24. Mark & Susan Henning, SP5, 32G, Det 4, FE72-FE73, Hamburg, NY

25. Jim & Susan Herring, SP5, 05H, Det 27, 66-67, Evansville, IN

26. Bob and Annie Holder, CSM, 98Z, Det 27, 66-67, Port Charlotte, FL

27. unk Holder, son of CSM Holder

28. MG Rod & Kyuhee Isler, SP4, 05H, Det 4-4, 15OC68-69, Annapolis, MD

29. Terry & Sharon Jennette, SP4, C/C, Det 27, 62-63, Louisville, KY (no email)

30. Gary & Virgie Jorgensen, SP5, 058, Det 27 & 4-4, 66-68, Duluth, MN

31. Ed and Florence Jones, SP5, 059, Det 27, 62-65, Bismarck, IL

32. Gilbert Kelbaugh, SP5, 059, Det 4, 62-62, Frederick, MD

33. Phil and Donnie Kelly, SP4, S2, Det 27, 62-64, Ridgecrest, CA

34. John Kerns, Det 4, 60-61, Oelwein, IA

35. Jon and Pat Kettenring, 1LT, Det 27, 63-64, Summit, NJ

36. Ken & Donna Lady, SP5, 058,Det 27, 61-62, Santa Monica, CA

37. Harry & Frances Lance, SP4, 058, Det 4, 59-60, Nazareth, PA

38. Steve MacCartan, SP5, 059, Det 27, 63-64, Savanna, IL

39. Norman Mau, SP4, Det 27, 65-66, Potomac, MD

40. Charles McClevish, PFC, 711, Det 27, 63-64, Dundalk, MD (Fri only)

41. George & Donna Meisner, SP4, Det 4, 56-57, Shalimar, FL

42. Bob & Peg Murphy, SP5, 058, Det 4 & 27, 61-62, Glen Burnie, MD

43. Don Creig Myers, SP4, 05K, Det 4-4, 70-71, Houston, TX

44. Rob & Lorraine Nearpass, SGT, MP, Det 27, 64-66, Belvidere, NJ

45. Hank Neill, SP5-2LT, Finance, Det 27, 62-64, Springfield, VA

46. Jimmy & Rita Nolan, CW4, Det 27, 64-66, Hopewell, VA

47. Roy & Mary Norman, SP5, 058, Det 27, 61-62, Caldwell, TX

48. Ozzie & Norene Osswald, SP5, 989, Det 4, 64-65, Hudson, NY

49. John & Janette Owen, SP5, 93J, Det 4, 64-66, Elkhart, IA

50. Elliot & Candy Porter, SP5, 058, Det 27, 62-64, Windslow, ME

51. Ralph, Linda and Lee Richter, SP5, 05K, Det 27, 66-67, Columbus, OH

52. Don Salcido, SP5, 05H, Det 27, 66-67, Chula Vista, CA

53. Dan & Marjorie Schoppe, SP5, 32G, Det 27, 65-67, Leander, TX

54. Bill Simons, SP4, 058, Det 4, 59-60, Southampton, NJ (No meal)

55. Walt Sinor, SP4, F&AO, Det 27, 62-63, Valley Head, AL.,

56. Stuart Smith, SP4, 058, Det 27, 64-66, Cheasapeake, VA

57. Gary Stolp, SP6, 98C, Det 27, 64-67, San Antonio, TX

58. Dave & Sue Tavernetti, 1LT, Watch Off Tk #4, Det 27, 62-63, King City, CA

59. Chuck & Penny Teschker, SP5, 059, Det 27, 60-62, Hartland, MI

60. Glenn & Nancy Trumpower, WO1, S4, Det 4, 66-67, Falling Waters, WV (no e-mail)

61. Bob & Fran Van Erem, Det 4, 59-60, Olney, MD., (no meal)

62. Preston & Louise White, E5, MP, Det 27, 65-67, Cheshire, CT

63. Ted & Sue Willingham, SP5, 33C, Det 27, 66-68, Easthampton, MA

64. Gary & Marian Winch, SP5, Det 27, 62-64, Severna Park, MD


Türkiye Cumhuriyeti


KEARNEY, Greg P E5 05H Det 4-4 SE68-OC71, (Lonnie), 11426 Brawley Rd., Hesperia, CA 92345, 760-949-5731,

Elder, - I recieved this notice regarding, Chris Andress, from his wife Paula. If any one would be interested in attending the services or need any more info they can contact Chris's son, Murray, at I will be going to the internment for Chris. Still trying to see if I can fit in the reunion. It might be a last minute thing. Really want to do both, but my priority right now is to Paula and the family. The Andress family and my family were very close in Karamursel and after we got out of the service. I had lost contact with Chris and Paula up until a couple years ago, and really regret not being able to see Chris before his untimely death.

Arrangements have been made to remember Chris Andress as he is laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery on Tuesday, September 3, 2002. A memorial service will be held at the Old Chapel on the grounds of Fort Myer at 1:00 p.m. Internment will immediately follow in the "Columbarium" at Arlington National Cemetery. Following the ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery, we invite friends and family to join us for a reception to be held at "The Pavilions" of Turkey Run adjacent to Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean, VA beginning at 2:30 p.m. (NOTE: This is NOT Turkey Run Park). If you are planning to attend the reception following the ceremonies to visit with the family, please RSVP to Dennis Burnett, WASO Ranger Activities, by email ( or by phone at (202) 208-7675.

The Chris Andress Family has added this thought: "Throughout Chris' career and our time together living and working in beautiful and interesting places, the NPS family has always been the most important resource. Our family extends its deepest gratitude for the support and love which has helped to sustain us through the past months. We look forward to spending time with family and friends in Washington D.C. when we honor Chris and celebrate his life."

General information concerning Arlington can be accessed at



BOTTA, Joe 058 Tk#3 Det 27, 62-63, (Cass), 462 Northcroft Rd., Springfield, PA 19064, 610-328-6479,
CARSTON, Peter Y 981/982 Det 4, 63-64, 3137 Burbank Ln., The Villages, FL 32162,

CHAMNESS, Ike E7 Det 4, 64-65, Det 27 & 4-2, 67-68, (Dora), 22248 Haas Ct., NE., Ten Strike, MN 56683, 208-586-2735, Dear Elder: Dora Chamness here. Ike doesn't do the screen thing since his eye surgery--I probably deleted any address I did not recognize--being so afraid of viruses. We have received many e-mails since returning home to MN, thanks to you most probably, reacquainted with many misplaced friends.
A California friend sent us the picture you took of us at Blob's Park during the ASA picnic there. I also looked up ASA Reunions, passing on the info. Thanks again for your patients with me. Al Murdock has been helping me to understand this computer stuff. Very nice meeting you, we --especially good for Ike, enjoyed being there with so many that have served the nation. We have a son visiting from Ft. Stewart, GA for bow hunting in September (starts the 14th), he hasn't been home in several years. Things keep getting more complicated for him--if they get worse he may cancel, then we would be available. Ike would really like to go though! Keep in touch. Blessings To All, Dora for Ike and Dora in MN. With Greatest Respect To All, Dora Chamness for Ike
COKER, Jerry W 711 E4 Det 27, 57-59, 6031 Nw 54th Ter., Gainesville, FL 32653, 352-378-4871, no e-mail. It was thru info from Maurice Cammack that I was able to contact Jerry Coker on 10 August 2002. Jerry is 64 years young and was curious if I had the names of the others who were at Det 27 circa 57-59. We talked and talked for at least an hour as he really enjoyed his TOUR of DUTY in Ankara. He was a SP4, 711, clerk typist, and worked for CPT Wm Loving (deceased 1975). He mentioned LTC Wm R. Ewing and Maj Wilbur Ackert as the two senior ASA officers there at that time, but was not sure of their titles, etc. He mentioned a Henry Miller from SC; ? Haslip and Joseph Downey, and promised to get to me with other names, etc.

From: Maurice Cammack

Subject: Re: Jerry W. Coker - Elder, thanks again for your work in linking us old guys up. I will be glad to talk with Jerry, but I don't remember his name. Maybe we can talk about others and link up that way.

Jerry, Do you remember an SFC Ron Crocheron? He was the NCOIC of the CommCenter when I got to Det 27, and I worked for him. We had a very long conversation a short time ago, which I enjoyed very much. Tom Stephens stopped by last week, before he left for California, and I had my wife take our picture beside the RX7 he is restoring. I plan to scan in the now, along with a 1958 "THEN" and send it along, just as soon as the pictures get back from the developer. Best wishes to all, and may this upcoming reunion be the best ever....regards, Maurice Cammack

From: Elder RC Green To: Maurice Cammack ; Jimbo Stephens Subject: Jerry W. Coker - Merhaba, I made contact today with Jerry Coker who was a SP4, 711 (clerk typist) at Det 27 about the time that U were there. His ADR is 6031 Nw 54th Ter., Gainesville, TX 32653, 352-378-4871. He remembers CPT Loving and his son, but Cammack and Stephens he didn't remember. He said that a LTC Wm R. Ewing was the senior officer there and a Maj Wilbur Ackert was the XO or whatever they called it way back then. He did not remember Maj Cambell. He mentioned a Henry Miller, ? Haslip and a Joseph Downey. Maurice - I gave him your phone # and he might be calling U.- - -gH

COOK, William J., Sr., (Bill), Det 27, 63-64,

As a former ASA veteran who served at TUSLOG DET 27 in 1963-4 I would appreciate more information about your planned get together in Harrisburg - Hershey, PA. Thank you, William J. (Bill) Cook

CUMMINGS, Ed DOB: 1939 E4 058 Det 27, OC62-64, (Irene), 6112 E. Calle Del Media, Scottsdale, AZ 85225, 480-941-0547, Lanny Couvillon gave me the info to locate Ed. Lanny and Joe Botta were roommates on Trick 3 at Manzarali. I called Ed on the 15th and had enjoyable chat with him and he promised to get back to me via the e-mail route with his BIO

DURBAN, Dick E4 26K Det 4, JA67-DE67, (Maryann), 100 Rush Ln., Madisonville, KY 42431, 270-825-2014,

EISENHART, Ike E3-E4 733.10 F&AO Det 27, JN63-DE64, (Helen), 94 N. Main St., Dover, PA 17315, 717-292-4088, Ike called me on the 15th and ask if it was too late to attend the TURF CLUB festivities on 14 September. He said that he would have the $70. check in the mail on the 16th. and would drive the 30 miles to Hershey from his home in Dover. PA.

GREENIP, Randy, Det 27, JN63-OC64,
Subject: Reunion Info - Hi. I served at Manzarali Station from June '63 through Oct. '64. Would you send me more info on the reunion? Thanks,

MODISETTE, Dwayne G., (Willie), SP5, 05H, Det 27, PO Box 146, Happy, TX 79042, 806-764-3472,
Gary Jorgensen said to email you about getting on "Days of Our Lives". Also about my biography from Turkey. Let me know what to send to you. Tnx.... DGM (Tuslog Det 27)
OBRIEN, John E4-E5 98GRU Det 4, 64-65, (Kathleen), 3801 Lujon Dr., Beaver Creek, OH 45431, 937-426-4433, - - John called me on the 13 August 2002 and ask about the ASA Turkey reunion in Hershey, Pa. He got the reunion information from the American Legion Magazine and had his son, Kevin, send an email to me, but as others found out the email address listed therein was wrong and I gave him the correct one. John told me that he has fond memories of SINOP and I informed him of Bill Simons SINOP website and instructed him how to have Kevin show it to him and that it just might make him run out and buy a computer. I sent the reunion info to Kevin.

From: "Kevin O'Brien",
Subject: reunion for Sinop veterans. - My dad recently called about the reunion scheduled for September 13-15 in Hershey, PA. Could you send me the additional info? Feel free to send it all; bandwidth is not an issue. Thanks, Kevin O'Brien

OSSWALD, Buzz (Ozzie) DOB 14AU43 E5 989/991/93J Det 4, FE64-JN65, (Norene), 28 Greendale Rd., Hudson, NY 12534, 518-828-6492, - Elder..... I've been in phone contact with John Owen. Norene, my wife, and I will be to the Hershey reunion. As I mentioned before, I was in Sinop with John Owen. Please make us badges. I've been going to call you but John says your hard to get on the phone. I'm still going to try. Norene and I are going to stay in Carlisle with friends, but will be in Hershey Friday noon or a little after. Our intent as of now is to be there Friday noon or a little after, hang out for Friday pm meal and BS session. Saturday is up in the air, but we won't be going to choc. factory.... been there, done that. Probably won't be going to race track. I see enough of that all day, every day! I run a horses and numbers parlor. (I manage a branch of Capital Off-track betting). We might be there for some kind of Saturday am breakfast and also Sunday am breakfast. I hate to type....that's it for now. . Thanks. Buzz (Ozzie) Osswald
From: Dalton Harper

Subject: Reunion Mr. Green. I noticed that you will be having a reunion in the Hershey area in September. I was in the ASA in Korea in the early 50s. Andy Kavalecs & myself have ran three reunions in this area. If you would need any help with your reunion, we would be glad to help. Also would like to know if you are having a Saturday night banquet & would allow other ASA personnel to attend. I believe you are from Indiana, PA. That is the city I joined the ASA from, But have been in Hershey since 1968. Any information you can give me will be appreciated. Our reunion is in Frankenmuth, MI the 26th of September. We can always use new ideas. Dalton Harper


From: "Lanny Couvillon, SP4, 058, Det 27, OC62-AP64, (Jackie), Novato, CA.,
[pedited] Subject: 1963 photos --- Elder--I've attached two photos of the 1963 "Manzarali Maulers" MSC Champion Flag Football Team -- I think the team was undefeated and averaged 41 points a game. [[I couldn't attach the photo's to this newsletter as the KB was too large, and have requested that Lanny re-scan the photo's as JPEG's]] The names from right to left: Back row-- Jim (Calvin) Pope - Bill Partin - Rink Carter - Moon Mullins-Tk#4 - John Loughlin - Al Smith - Doug Lisherness - Tank Turcott --- Front row--right to left: Dick Lawerence -J eff Wadley - Jay Hunter - Tom Broumel - Lanny Couvillon - Bobby Deines - Joe Botta - Larry Mead - Also atttached is the 1963 "Trick 3 Wolfcocks" - beaten for the post championship by Trick 4--- I am listing these names too--but do not have all of them--? Back row--right to left: Lanny Couvillon - Joe Botta - Ted Nelson - XXX -XXX - XXX - Doug Potts - Ken Austin - XXX - CK Philips -T ed Midtaune - John Hall - Middle row--right to left: Dick Littler - Ken Ryder - Al Smith - Jan Londahl - XXX - XXX - Gary Stuart - Jim Bomar - Ed Cummings - Tom Carvahlo - Dale Beagle--- Front row--right to left: Al Smith - Grant Markwell - Steve MacCartan - Jim (Calvin) Pope - Steve Kirby - Gary Garland - XXX-- The names are from memory--so--could be off a bit.... I have other pictures from Trick 3 guys i.e. Potts - Hunter - Botta - Nelson -Cummings--they are smaller and also black and white--should I just bring them to Hershey or scan them and attach to you? Let me know. Elder--here is a quick bio and information on other Manzarali Alumni.

Floyd Hunsaker, 15280 S.E. 232nd Boring, Or. 97009, 503-658-4063, <>
Ted Nelson, 701 Ocean Park Bl., Santa Monica, Ca. 90405, 310-396-0519
Ed Cummings Jr., 8219 E. Beardsley Rd., Scottscale, Az. 85255
John T. O'Brien, in CA
Joe Botta, 462 Northcroft Rd., Springfield, PA 19064, 610-328-6479,


After getting my draft notice I joined the Army in December 1963.. Everyone told me that all enlistees went into the Infantry and then more than likely to Viet Nam. I went to Richmond, Va. A month earlier I had been to the induction station in Richmond to take tests. After taking a test we went back to a waiting room until called for the next test. One of the NCO's. who worked there keep coming into the room to make announcements. At first he told us that Cuba had been attacked and we were at war. We didn't believe him. Next he came in and told us that Russians had landed in Alaska and we were at war. We didn't believe him. Then he came in and told us that Kennedy had been shot. We did not believe him until someone brought in a radio and we heard it for ourselves.

While in Richmond I met ASA recruiting Sgt. Forbes. He told me about this great organization called the Army Security Agency. It was TOP SECRET and he couldn't tell me about it, but that there was a great chance to make rank fast and interesting work and great duty assignments. Needlest to say, I bit. I understand that he was forced to retire early due to the large amount of complaints from congressmen.

I went to Fort Jackson, SC for basic. From there to Ft. Devens for school. At first like everyone else I started out as 058. Did alright until we switched from pencil to typing. No one had bothered to ask if I knew how to type.

Left Devens in PanAm for Turkey. Arrived in Ankara 14 hours later. Over the years I've forgotten a lot. I remember that I liked the fact there was no more KP, PT, or much else extra duty except for barracks detail and "burn detail". I liked the two man rooms instead of the thirty man rooms.

A swimming pool was installed just before I left. Leave was hard to get, due to manpower shortage. Rick Pecht, Bill Black and I went to Chaplain Devaney. He got us ten days leave to attend a religious retreat in Germany. We had a stopover in Frankfort, Germany on a Saturday night. Not knowing where to go, we met two airborne GIs who invited us to go with them. While we were looking for girls, they were looking for a fight. They found what they were looking for first. With bottles and chairs flying in a crowded club, we made a fast exit just before the MPs arrived. When we got ready to return to Turkey we found that all military planes were grounded due to maneuvers. We finally got a "HOP" to France where we were stuck for four days. We got a plane to Turkey, only to breakdown in Athens Greece. We finally got back to base fourteen days later on our ten day leave. On our break days I went to Istanbul, a sking trip and two trips to Goreme where people lived in caves carved into the rocks during the Roman days. I remember in the winter when new recruits arrived, they were sent up on the roof to make sure ice didn't form on the antennas. I remember after our trick won the flag football game, there was a party in the barracks. Everybody got drunk. When we ran out of ice one of the guys volunteered to go to the mess hall to get more. With snow on the ground he went, in his underware. He was chased out by the cook. I met a Turkish girl. Bill Black and I would visit her and her sister. They were in college. Their father was a lawyer. We were limited to where we could go with them. Some of the Turks would call them names and even spit on them for being with us. I left Site 23 in March 1965. I stopped over in Paris for four days. I was then stationed at Vint Hill Farms, VA., outside of Washington DC. I was sent back to Devens for special trainng to go to Viet Nam. But I was never sent.

I spent the remainder of my time in Virginia. I went to DC several time when the war protests were going on. It really made me sick and mad. A few years later when there was a pro war parade in DC I made it a point to go. I was discharged in December l967. With no job and no usuable army skills I had no idea what to do. I met a high school classmate on the local police Dept. He said that they were hiring. I took the test and passed. They gave me a used gun, 6 bullets, a used uniform and told me to report for duty at midnight. And I thought I was through with shift work.. I retired after thirty years. One of the men on the force, now the Deputy Chief was in the ASA stationed in the Philippines.

Jim Lauderman who I just recently heard from was stationed with me at Det 27, we first met at Devens where we were in the same company together. We were on the same trick in Turkey. I have a video , made from a old 8mm film, of us riding camels outside of the main gate. That's all I can think of for now. Looking forward to seeing ya'll in PA in September.

PS: you see that my typing has not improved much since 058 school.
From: "Michael Comroe"
H: I forgot to ask you for a patch when I mailed my check. Please save one for me when I pick up my shirts and hat. Thanks, Mike P.S. You did an excellent job on setting up the BIOS's!

BIO of Lanny Couvillon

I arrived Manzarali in the middle of the night via a "deuce and a half" in October 1962. Along with Ed Cummings, Joe Botta, Jay Hunter, Doug Potts and a few other 058's and at the Turkey orientation we were dubbed "the rat pack". Born in 1942 and married to Jackie on 8 September 1967. --three adult

boys Scott--Dan--Randy and a grandson Elijah. I did basic training at Fort Ord, CA. Made Spec 4 while in Turkey and later Spec 5 after transferring to Bad Aibling. While in Turkey I played several sports and was the "designated" partner to train with Ted Nelson, he about killed me. And speaking of Ted--nickname the " PostJock" At the 1964 post track meet, he won EVERY running event! And I think in 1964 Steve MacCartan and I set a post record for 41 days TDY playing Badminton in Europe. I retired in January 2000 after 32 years as a YMCA professional. Now my wife and I are spending time with the grandson as well as travel throughout Europe-Mexico and the US. See you all at Hershey



In March of 1965, I was a sophomore, tired of college, who was anxious to "see the world". From a young age, I wanted to be an Airborne Ranger so I decided to enlist airborne unassigned. While still in the reception center, after testing, a plain clothes gentleman approached and asked to speak with me in private. Sound familiar?

I graduated #2 in my basic training battalion, was promoted to the exalted rank of PFC and offered a spot in the next OCS class at Benning. I was given three choices, Infantry, Infantry and Infantry. Since I was already sold on MI -I found this an offer I could refuse.

I attended 98J (ELINT) school at USASATC&S when Col "Chargin Charlie" Millett was the school commandant. Found myself at the Puzzle Palace (Ft Meade) for SA430 (TELINT) for several months then shipped to TUSLOG Det 4-2 via TUSLOG Det 27 in March of 1966 and was subsequently sent to Physiological Flight Training in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Bill Baskervill and I were the two signal analysts attached to the unit. I spent my spare time "crusader castle" hopping, hunting, fishing and taking University of Maryland extension courses (urged on and supported by Bill and Col OB our CO). In fact, as I recall, Bill took my place on some deployments so that I could continue my classes. I am forever grateful to both of these gentlemen.

My fond memories of those days are punctuated with two tragic events. The first was when my good friend and crew evaluator, LtJg Vic Vogel was killed on a "training" flight in an A3. He and his entire crew of 6 were never found. Vic and I were fishing buddies and were fond of hanging out in the Adana kasbahs. It may sound strange but I still miss him.

The second event occurred when our EA3B, #11, crashed off the end of the runway at Rota NAS. It just so happened that the Navy was manning the back end that day and no ASA'ers were on board. Bill Baskervill and several others had to collect what was left of the equipment because of its classified nature. There is a picture of what is left of this equipment as well as other SAD 2 pics at Gil Bouffard's web site:

FYI, our unit became the Second Support Activities Detachment-2nd SAD-not Special Activities Detachment, as some have observed, when we moved to Ramstein AFB, Germany in late 1967/early 1968. 2nd Support Activities Detachment is clearly indicated on my DD214.

In addition to deployment to Libya, Ascension Island in the South Atlantic and Rota, I spent time TDY at the "Hill" Sinop and in Northern Germany on the East German Border.

I ETS'd in March 1969, finished college with a degree in Economics from the University of Md, met a wonderful women and are going on 33 years of marriage. We have two children, Matt, age 27, manages a Hobby Store and Beth, age 25, works as a graphic designer in Portland, ME. As for me, I went on to get a Masters in Business, made a career in the insurance industry as a commercial underwriter, regional manager and am currently Managing Consultant performing operations analysis at Liberty Mutual, which explains my travel schedule.

I don't know about the rest of you ASAer's, but some days it seems "like only yesterday" that we were firing up our equipment. For me, it's still like the old days, lots of travel but with one big difference - now I can tell people where I'm going and what I'm doing. Thank God for little things.

Health and happiness to ASA'ers and their loved ones wherever you may be. God Bless you all.


Elder, - I enjoyed talking with you the other nite. I regret that I will be on the road during the reunion dates and not able to attend the Hershey reunion. Feel free to edit my BIO as needed- I can tend to run on a bit.




[edited] Elder, I am married 32 years this November, to LaRue Arnold Kelbaugh. Of necessity, she must remain here, and I will come to the Hershey reunion by myself. - - - - I'll be coming up Route 15, and hope to be up there mid-to-late afternoon.

Here is a short recap of my TOUR of DUTY with the ASA in Turkey. I departed McGuire AFB, NJ., 26 December 1961. Was billeted at the 20th Replacement Battalion in Frankfort, Germany, and arrived in Turkey 29 December, via layovers in Paris, Rome, and Istanbul. Observed my 19th birthday at Manzarali Station 30 December, and departed via convoy for Det 4 a few days later, via Trabzon and Samson, arriving Sinop on 8 January 1962. But for a week in Istanbul that summer, I was there the whole year, until DEROS, 22 or 23 December, and reassignment to TRRS. Am looking forward --- to the journey back. We all were actors in one of the most momentous events in history. I never thought that one day I might see a few of those players again. Regards,



From: Ramona Balderson, wife of ex-ASA F&AO 1LT Eric Balderson who served at Det 27, 62-63.

[edited - Ramona Balderson writes a monthly letter to her family and friends and here is a part of that very informative letter.] Dear Family and Friends, - My weekly letter has turned into an extended monthly one. Ric and I are fine and are busier than ever. We have four children Kristyn, John, David and Heather. Our lives revolve around them and their families. Ric and I will be going to the ASA TUSLOG Det 27 reunion 13-15 September at Hershey, PA. Ric has remained friends with some of the men over the past 39 years. Dave and Sue Tavernetti were here from California in the fall of 1998, I believe. They are coming, John and Pat Kettering from Summit, NJ are coming, and hopefully Jerry and Della Gibbs from Virginia Beach will be there. This should be interesting. We will be staying at the Grantsville Holiday Inn which is the Headquarters locale for the reunion.


From: "Hank Neill, SP5-2LT, Finance, Det 27, 62-64, (Judy),
To: "Elder Green, Cc: James A. Harber; and Greg Kearney

Elder, I just made my reservation at the Holiday Inn in Hershey for the nights of Sept.13 and 14. My wife Judy will not be with me. My late registration was not due to a lack of interest. Rather, it was that I had an unsettled schedule and was tentatively committed to attend another reunion of veterans from Turkey--the Turkophiles! where Judy will go. The Turkophiles are a group of people who were assigned to the U. S. Embassy, the Joint Mission for Military Aid to Turkey (JUSMMAT), or HQ TUSLOG. On the same weekend as the ASA Hershey reunion, they will be holding their 26th annual reunion in Virginia Beach, VA. I look forward to seeing everyone in Hershey. I also want to say "thank you" to you and the others who are putting the reunion together as I know it is a lot of work and worry. By the way, don't take my dropping off the net for a while as a sign of a lack of interest in the group. You may remember, I was signed up to attend the Fort Devens reunion but after 9/11 my flight got cancelled and Washington National Airport, where I was to depart from, closed down! So, I had to cancel out. Then, my email got overloaded to the point where I couldn't get all of my business mail which increased dramatically after 9/11. I run an association of banks located on military installations and we support the Pentagon's war effort. I had to give priority to that traffic and, quite frankly, my email in box was getting so overloaded, my internet service provider sent me messages saying they couldn't hold it all for me. So, I simply had to cut down on the non-business traffic. Again, I appreciate all you are doing. I run a couple of events each year for my association and I know how much work it is . . . especially when guys like me don't respond quickly! See you in Hershey! [[Hank Neill received a direct commission at Manzarali and retired as a Bird Colonel- - -gH]].


The only difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limitations. - Albert Einstein


From: Gilbert Kelbaugh, SP5, 059, Det 4, ?-?, Frederick, MD.,

Dear Elder, - Happy to report I have reserved accommodations and plan to attend the Reunion. Please advise me where to remit the $35 for the evening meal at the Turf Club, and to whom I should make out the check. - Are you still seeking biographical information? [YES]


From: Douglas Ort,

[edited] Elder RC Green: - Just curious: Are you perhaps an LDS Elder or an SDA Elder? [[Neither - ELDER IS MY GIVEN NAME. Was named after my Grandfather Robert Elder Smith, whose mother was JENNY ELDER who was a Great Granddaughter of Rev. Colonel John ELDER, the fighting PARSON from Paxtang, PA during the Revolutionary War]]. As you and a colleague of yours from Atlanta [Jim Harber] already know, I am Douglas Ort. But I am not the Douglas Ort that you've been looking for, who served with ASA in Turkey in 1962 as a morse intercept analyst. I served in the USAFSS at Shu Lin Kou Air Station, Taipei, Taiwan, with the 6987th RSM from 15 November 1961 through 15 February 1963. And, yes, I was a morse intercept analyst, AFSC 20250-1. What are the odds that there are two of us with the same name doing essentially the same thing in different branches of the service at the same time? What are the odds? Your kindness led me to consider for a time attending the Hershey reunion, as you both invited me to do. I cannot do that this year, but I ask that you keep me on your e-mail list. Your phone calls led me to search for signs of survivors of the 6987th, and I've found a few. I was only 18 when I landed at Shu Lin Kou in 1961, and had a lot to learn. My experiences in those years proved invaluable all through my later life, and with pride I remember that part of my past. I sincerely wish you well as you and others gather in Hershey PA. - Douglas Ort -


From: Lanny Couvillon

Subject: Re: 1963 Manzarali foto's - I did find the photo and will scan and forward to you in a day or two--I have just returned home from an extended trip. I do go to S. Cal. 1-2 times a month and will try and reach Ted Nelson. I will also forward a BIO sketch to you this week. My wife and I are going to join Steve MacCartan and come to the reunion--so, I will also get a check to you for the meals.

And I have information on 2-3 other Det 27 "alumni"--I will send that as well. I may have some photos of the Trick 3 sports teams that were active while I was there. By the way the Trick 3 teams were known in those days as the "Wolfcocks"--does not seem too flattering today....

Here is an updated address and phone number for Ed Cummings--he roomed with Joe Botta and myself in Manzarali. Edward G. Cummings Jr., 6112 E. Calle Del Media, Scottsdale, Az.480-941-0547

I will try and reach Ted Nelson on the 15th. Thanks for the info on Joe Botta. He was a roommate while at Manzarali--I sent him a note encouraging him to be at the reunion.

I have left a message with Ted Nelson--he may be out of town but I will keep trying. I have current information for John O'Brien: 25461 Englewood Dr., Laguna Niguel, Ca. 92677---phone:949-6268--

I hope those photos came thru--I have a few others that I will bring back with me to Hershey.


From: Larry Camp, SP5, 05H, Det 27, JA67-NO67 & Det 4-4, NO67-JL68, (Diane), Coldwater, MI., - gH, Thanks for all the work that you have put into the whole Turkey project. I am envious that you have that kind of energy and time to do all that you do. I Iook forward to meeting you in Hershey next month. I wish I could have been more supportive over time. I cannot come up with an acceptable way to indicate that Diane was with me in both Ankara and Karamursel. I sure didn't want her nametag to read "Turkey Wife". After 36 years of marriage, even I know better than that! See you all in September


From: BARTHOLF, Richard 60 05H Det 27, 60-62, 307 Christie Rd., Mayfield, NY 12117, 518-661-6386,

Subject: Turf Club dinner - There has been a change of plans - we will be attending the Turf Club dinner. Understand that the table Bob Murphy has reserved has been increased to 10 to include us. Will be sending a check out to you tomorrow to cover the cost for two - Dick & Jean Bartholf. Thank you and sorry for any additional work this may cause you. Looking forward to meeting you soon.


From: NORMAN, Roy 60 E5 05H Det 27 @61, (Mary), 820 Copperas Dr., Caldwell, TX 979-567-9406 and Subject: TURF CLUB Dinner - Hi Elder, Just wanted you to know that we mailed our check to you this evening . Jean Bartholf called me today, and she was mailing their check to you. Bob Murphy called Roy last night and Roy told him, that Ken Lady had spoken to you about getting our table for ten instead of eight. I am so glad this has all worked out and we can all be seated together. See You In A Few Weeks,

Mary Norman


From: SINOR, Walter E4 F&AO Det 27, 63-64, (Betty), 3049 County Road 239, Valley Head, AL 35989-4721, (256)635-6860, 877-453-5097 (toll free), Elder, I read the newsletters. If not too late, please put me down for being interested in a round of golf. I enjoy the game, however I don't get to play very often, and consequently my game is inconsistent to say the least.


From: JORGENSEN, Gary C (The Kid & Jorgy) 05H E5 Det 27 & 4-4, MY66-SE68, (Virgie), 211 W House St., Duluth, MN 55808, 218-626-3676 & I don't remember if I ordered a Manzarali patch or not but I would like one. I'm looking forward to the reunion even though my brother and buddy will be Moose hunting north of Fairbanks at the same time. I'm looking forward to seeing the list of guys already signed up. I think it's going to be a great turnout and we can all thank you for your effort. I know how much time this has been for you and it is appreciated by many. If you are planning on sending out the 2002 "Memory Book" before the reunion and need help like last year just let me know. How is the website coming along? I keep checking Mark Hamiltons but don't see much upgrades. Probably still busy from moving. Gary [[Activating my webpage is a SLOW process for me at this time as I am busy making REUNION BADGES, the weekly DAYS OF OUR LIVES newsletter and, of course, trying to get the 2002 Memory Book into shape for distribution after the Hershey get together. The 2002 version is pre-sently at 316 pages, but in reality will be about 300 pages as it now contains a lot of data that I quickly paste and more or less forget as it's a time consuming job]]


From: CAMP, Larry E E5 05H Det 27, JA67-NO67, & 4-4, NO67-JL68, (WB8R), (Diane),71 Oakdale Ln., Coldwater, MI 49063 517-278-0406 (Diane was in Turkey) - Turf Club Check - Hi gH, My wife told me you called the other day. She enjoyed talking about the old days in Turkey with you and trying to remember some of the folks that we used to bum around with. She also told me that you had not received my check for the meal at the Turf Club. I mailed it Monday August 5 so it may not have reached you when you talked with Diane. Send me an email if you do not have it by this Saturday and I can do it again. I look forward to meeting you next month. Regards, Larry Camp --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: RICHTER, Ralph E5 05K Det 27, 66-67, (Linda), 1413 Halfhill Way, Columbus, OH 43207, 614-497-2047, Good Morning Top-- Jackie C. Lifer is from Jackson, Mississippi. He lives in Florence now and is moving to Nashville this month. He and I worked together for over 20 years after our ASA days. Still in contact with him, and send him all the DOOL's.

George Petty-- don't remember where George is from. He and Chet Hitchew were two of the NCO's on our trick at Site 23. George, Alvin Terrell, JC Lifer, Mike D'Auteau(?) and I were on our way to England on a 14 day leave and got caught up in a Greek Revolution (military overthrew the monarchy government) at Athens in 1967. We landed in a C130 just when the airport closed. A C141 was allowed to take off and the crew asked us if we wanted to go with them. When they told us they were going to Dover AFB, Delaware we decided to ride out the revolution and got out of Athens a few days later on a ship going to Italy. That's another whole twelve pack story...

Alvin Terrell is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 52nd and Locust Street neighborhood. Have tried to contact him over the years but not successful. Alvin was a Russian linguist.

Some other guys:

David F Goran, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Talked to Dave about 25 years ago, but not since.

David Schoenfelt, Flint, Michigan. Same as David

Tom Rumbaugh, Ashland, Ohio. Tom owned a real estate business there, but not sure where he is now. Last visited with Tom about 15 years ago. Tom and I were in the same 058 class and diverted to 059 school together at Ft Devens. We both passed 15 or 20 GPM with a stick first in our group, I remember that!

Richard L Hopkins, Hennrettia, Texas. Spent the night with Hoppy and his family about 16 years ago. Kinda lost contact with him since then.

Cecil Bradshaw, Enterprise, Alabama. Cecil came to visit JC and me about 20 years ago. Talked with him a few times after that, but not since. He was working civil service at Ft Rucker.

Mike D'Auteau (?) was from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Mike's father was a Navy Captain. Haven't talked with Mike since Site 23.

Richard F Durban is an ex Sinopian. Dick was from Lawty, Florida and now lives in Madisonville, Kentucky. We and our families got together last autumn. Dick and I both went from Turkey to the same ASA mountain top site in Korea (Det K, Co A, Hwaak San). I forward him your DOOL's too.

Joe Grundowski from Reading, Pennsylvania was on that mountain with Dick and I. Joe will probably come over to Hershey to have a beer with us during the reunion.

I remember more faces than names after all these years, Top. If I can think of any more peolpe I will send them to you.


From: MERENS, Roger S E5-E6 98GRU Det 27, 65-OC66, (Janet), 951 Hilly Haven Ct., Green Bay, WI 54311, 920-469-5655, wrote.... Elder: Sorry, I can't make the Det 27 reunion this year. In the middle of a move from large house to small apartment & its hell. I enjoy all the news about Det 27 and will get you my BIO in the near future as well as any recollections. By the way, I have all my orders from Det 27. If you would like copies, I will mail them to you. Hope you enjoy the good times at Hershey. Roger Merens

Roger - Good to hear from you. You're going to miss out on a GREAT get together, but that's your option. Yes, please do send me copies of the Det 27 orders that you have. It's thru them that I've been able to place about 1700 names on the Master Roster. My address is 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701

Thanks- - -gH
From: "Hank Neill" To">>To: "Elder Green, Cc: James A. Harber;
Elder, I just made my reservation at the Holiday Inn in Hershey for the nights of Sept.13 and 14. What else do I need to do to register for the reunion? My late registration was not due to a lack of interest. Rather, it was that I had an unsettled schedule and was tentatively committed to attend another reunion of veterans from Turkey--the Turkophiles! The Turkophiles are a group of people who were assigned to the U. S. Embassy, the Joint Mission for Military Aid to Turkey (JUSMMAT), or HQ TUSLOG. On the same weekend as the Hershey reunion, they will be holding their 26th annual reunion in Virginia Beach, VA. I look forward to seeing everyone in Hershey. I also want to say "thank you" to you and the others who are putting the reunion together as I know it is a lot of work and worry. Best wishes, Hank Neill
From: "Joe Carvalho", SP5, 058, TK#3, the WOLFCOCKS, Det 27, 64-65, (Marcia), Petaluma, CA., I won't be able to attend the Hershey reunion much as I would like to--but the missus already made plans for Hawaii...enjoy and hello to all... my old friends


From: Jim Reilly, 1LT-CPT, CO Co A, Det 27, 64-66, Laurel, MD.,

gH, I won't be able to make the Hershey reunion. Trust that all of the attendees have a good time. Thanks, Jim R


From: Jim Crane, 2LT-1LT, FC, Det 27, 65-66, (Lisa), Kennesaw, GA.,

Thank you so much for the updates on TUSLOG Det 27. It is good to keep up with what is happening to everyone. I had hoped to make the reunion but unfortunately I have a trip scheduled for that time frame. Keep up the good work and thanks for the dedication.


From: joe chesser

1. Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film.

2. He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

3. A day without sunshine is like, well, night.

4. On the other hand, you have different fingers.

5. Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

6. Back up my hard drive? How do I put it in reverse?

7. I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory.

8. When the chips are down, the buffalo is empty.

9. Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it.

10. Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.

11. I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.

13. She's always late. Her ancestors arrived on the June flower.

18. Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how it remains so popular?

19. Nothing is fool proof to a sufficiently talented fool.

20. It is hard to understand how a cemetery raised its burial costs and blamed it on the high cost of living.

22. The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.

23. It is said that if you line up all the cars in the world end to end,someone would be stupid enough to try and pass them.

24. You can't have everything, where would you put it?

26. If the shoe fits, get another one just like it.

27. The things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those who got there first.

31. As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in public schools.

32. A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well.

34. Everybody lies, but it doesn't matter since nobody listens.

35. I wished the buck stopped here, as I could use a few.

36. I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it.