Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #81
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 08:10:13 -0500

  MAIL-call  - PRESERVING  FORGOTTEN MEMORIES This message may contain information that is confidential and/or legally privileged.  It is intended only for the use of the individuals named as recipients in the message.  If you are not an intended recipient of this message, please notify the sender immediately and delete the material from any computer.  Comments or submissions to the DAYS OF OUR LIVES are most welcome.  I will respond to all e-mails and will assist whenever needed, but reserve the right to edit for content and clarity and welcome any errors that may appear herein. Thank you,  Elder RC Green ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                REUNION INFORMATION                        Note the 15 August cut-off date                                     From: "Cheryl W. Hegglin",                                                Subject: Room Block Pick Up  - Hello Elder: I am the new Convention Service Coordinator here at the Holiday Inn Grantville as Alison has moved into a corporate sales position.  I am looking forward to working with you in making your reunion in September a true success.   In reviewing your room block I see a pick up of 41 out of the original 57 rooms picked up.  That looks great.  Any remaining rooms will drop from the system on August 15, 2002.  I will keep you informed on the pick up as we near the cut off date.  If you have any additional needs at this time please do not hesitate to call me at 717-469-1554 ext. 548.  Enjoy your weekend.  Sincerely, Cheryl Hegglin, Convention Service Manager

[[I have to have a headcount to  Penn National for the banquet dinner NLT 15 August.  Hopefully everybody will get the meal money ($35. per person) to me by the cutoff date.  However, everyone is welcome to join us at  the TURF CLUB without partaking of the meal, but to gain entrance one will need a official Reunion Badge.  Thus, if you're planning on attending the TURF CLUB or the Hospitality Room at the Holiday Inn, please send me your name so that "I" can make a badge for you!  Looking forward to seeing you all.  Elder RC Green- - -gH


                         NEWLY FOUND VETERAN'S

ALPERT, Brian, Det 4, 68-69, from NY,

ANDERSON, Jerry, Crypto repair, Det 27, NO56-MY58, (Sally), 5209 Lindermann Ave., Racine, WI 53406, 262-634-8509, 

Elder - Thank you for the newsletters.  Hope to make it to the reunion one way or the other. I'm using a telephone line. I believe my tour of duty was 18 months which would put me in Ankara 10/56 thru 5/58 as I came home to get married 6/58 and we went out to Two Rock Ranch ASA post in Petaluma Calif. till my discharge. Here's a couple of names that came to mind while going thru some old slides: George Gobel; Tim Connoly and Ray Gazola (sp?) Thank you CLEMONS, Oran Det 27, NO62-AP64, (Linda-div), PO Box 1981 Mesilla Park, NM 88047, 505-522-1569 Lived in Ankara fm OK per Kempf, Joe Elsberry gave me your email.  I was at Site 23 from about Nov 1962 to April 1964.  I don't know what you would like, but I would be happy to participate. ERICKSON, Ron, DOB: 1940, SP4, 059, Det 27, MY61-DE62, (Cathy), 17204 E 37th Ter. S, Independence, MO 64055, 816-373-3349, IVERSON, Randy E2-E5 059 Det 27, JN66-JN68, 7805 S. College Ave., Tulsa, OK 74136, 918-481-5561, JONES, Ira, DOB NO42 E4 Det 4, 62-63, AL.  Ira saw my add in the American Legion Magazine and had his daughter, Pam Sherum, 1-800-633-6282 ext 2172 and 256-839-6787,   She, too, could not send an email because of the error. From: "Sherum, Pam", -  I just spoke with you concerning my father, IRA JOHN JONES, about the reunion.  I just wanted to verify my email address for you. Thank you for your time.
KAHLER, Charles, Det 66-1 (Sinop),  NO60-NO61, 1044 Ext. E. 8th St., Bloomsburg, PA 17815, 570-784-4151, Subject: Army Security Agency Det 66-1 Sinop Turkey Mr. Green, -  I saw your comrade notice in the Legion Magazine.  I am unable to attend any  gathering that the article mentioned about Sept 13-15.  I was stationed at  Det 66-1 from November of 1960 to November 1961.  It would be nice to hear from any of my comrades that were at Det 66-1 at that time.  I also spent a
short time with three other buddies at Det 66 in Ankara.   A family member is sending this e-mail on my behalf.  You can send an e-mail response back to this e-mail address,  My mailing address  is below in case you should talk to or know of anyone that would recognize my  name.
Charles Kahler, 1044 Ext. East 8th Street., Bloomsburg, PA  17815, 570-784-4151
MATTECHECK, Joe, E4-E6, 98J, Det 4, 66-67, (Lois), 3500 E Ironwood Cir., Sioux Falls, SD 57103, 605-332-2272, Subject: Reunion asa - Just looking for a little more information.  Thanks for your time [Joe saw my ASA Turkey reunion notice in the American Legion Magazine and called me on the 30th. Joe informs that he served 3y11m29d12h13m&26s in the ASA & then worked 35 years in the telecommunications field
MEISNER, George, DOB: 1932, E3-E4, Det 4, 56-57, (Donna), 26 County Club Rd., Shalimar, FL 32579, 850-609-5725, George saw my reunion add in the American Legion magazine and called about the reunion.  He married Donna, a native of Carlisle, PA., while he was TDY to the ASA Training facility at Carlisle Barracks in 1951. George, a native of Oregon,  had a rocky 15 years of active duty which ended in 1965 when he was given a medical discharge of 10%, then increased to 30% and now is at 100%.  They have 5 children, the oldest is a retired USAF Full Bull.  It's almost unbelieveable, but George departed SINOP for Ankara in a DOLMUS (cab) when he rotated to the states.  A newly assigned Lt had rode from Ankara to Sinop in the DOLMUS and George asked the CO if he could take the DOLMUS back to Ankara as he was scheduled to rotate in a few days. Per George the CO was glad to get rid of him and away he rode to Ankara RODRIGUES, Charlie, Supply, Det 4, 59-60, 210 Benham Ave., Syracuse, NY 13219, 315-487-1195, Subject: Turkey reunion.  - Dear Mr. Green, You spoke with my father, Charlie Rodrigues,  the other day regarding the reunion. Could you please send me any information you have regarding it.Thank you, Barb Bocyck, SAUKAS, Joe E4-E5 981 Det 4, 60-61, (Diane), 2886 Pebble Beach Dr., Elliott City, MD 21042, 410-418-9399, (cable).  First off can anyone guess the DOB of Joe? Joe was a Crypie in the ASA and included that data in his email.  He is 62 with DOB being 29Oct1939. Joe saw my ad in the American Legion Magazine and called as my email was listed wrong in the Legion magazine.  Joe said that he should have deciphered it once it got kicked back to him, but decided to call instead.  He retired from NSA in November 1997 as a GS-14.  He remembers the incident at SINOP when a Turk was shot at the front gate by a NEW GUY who was detailed for MP duty.  He can't remember the name, but might once he gets his memory to a working.  He told me that all newks were detailed for MP duty at Det 4, but that he NEVER had to work the front gate! His wife, Diane, also works for NSA.  They do a lot of travelling in their RV and might drive it to Hershey and camp out in the Holiday Inn parking lot. Joe reports that he copied the 85 page 2001 Memory Book onto his ZIP disk and read it that way. He had no knowledge of Bill Simons excellent SINOP webpage until I gave him instructions to log onto it and reports that he found the SINOP home page and one for Shemya the other place he served.  Since I have field assignment's with the NSA in Harrograte and Misawa I will be looking for them later also.  I have a history of Sinop and one of Shemya (WW2 to ASA) but I will read the other files before I send Sinop to you.  tks for the info.  [[To find the SINOP or Manzarali websites, use one of the many search engines (altavista, yahoo, etc), then type in Det 4 Sinop Turkey and Det 27 Manzarali Turkey respectively- - -gH]]  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Julian Hargus  on July 19, 2002 wondered if John Kerns who was also at Det 4 in 60/61 remembers the name of the MP that was involved in the shooting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHAFER, Don Det 27, 66-68, VP & Gen Mgr., TORSTAR Media Grp Television, One Yonge St., 9th Flr., Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1E6, 416-969-4969, Just received an email from Don Salcido who advised me of a ASA reunion. As I was there some-where around 66 - 67/68 (its a blur) this could be fun. I have seen the list of attendees and don't recognize many names but then again, its a long time ago. Hope to hear from you and please feel free to add me to any list or email string you are building. Don Shafer, VP & Gen Mgr., Torstar Media Group Television, One Yonge Street, 9th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1E6, Phone: (416) 869-4969
Fax:     (416) 869-4566  Cell:     (416) 432-6408  E-Mail: STUMBAUGH, Doug, Det 27, 69-62, Hi -  Received a call last night from Chuck Tescker who I served with for two years at the test site in 60',61'62'.  Sounds like you are the man for information on everything.  Sure would like to contact some of the guys but haven't had much luck over the years. Stayed in touch with a couple but thats it. Put me on your e-mail list for your newsletter.  Sounds great.  If I can ever help with anything, let me know. THIEDEK, Vic, SP5, 059, Det 27, 60-2JN62, Elder Green - Mirhaba... My name is Vic Thiedek. RA16635174. SP5. USASA Site 23. TUSLOG DET 27.. I was there from I believe early 1960 until June 2 1962....2 years+ in oblivion.   I had a call from Chuck Teschker last nite (great suprise) and he told me about you.   I can remember quite a few names of  people who were there during my time.  Chuck says you publish a newsletter. If so, Please put me on your mailing list and also any questions, please e-mail me at Gule Gule...vic TRUMPOWER, Glenn WO1 Det 4, 66-67, (Jeanie-dec, 2/W Nancy), 18 N. Michigan Dr., Falling Waters, WV 25149. Glenn saw my Legion ad regarding the Hershey reunion and called me.  Glenn is 67, an ex-supply officer and  native of Hagerstown, MD.,  retired as a CW4 at Ft Meade, MD in 1974.   Jeanie, his 1st wife passed away in 1991and later he married Nancy who will accompany him to the reunion. Glenn says that he enjoyed his Tour of Duty at Sinop and that there is a lot of proud military tradition and service within his and connected family. Lots of West Pointers. He remembers the time that they had to literally SHIP a Det 4 GI out of Det 4 in a COURIER BAG to Samsun, then on to Det 27 and rotation to the USA.  The incident as Glenn reported it to me was over a dog. The GI (name unknown) was either a MP or was detailed as a guard when a TURK with a mean dog approached - The "kid" instructed the Turk to control the dog, but he did not -  and the 'kid' pulled out his 45 to protect himself - the incident ended - BUT the TURK reported that the GI had threatened to shoot him and not the DOG. Why you ask "IN A COURIER BAG?"  - because the courier vehicle was always driven by a TURK with an MP or detailed GI guard riding shotgun!  This plus many more interesting events that happened during Glenn's year tour at Sinop will be told by Glenn at the reunion . Glenn wants to know it any subscriber to the DOOL knows the whereabouts of a RICHARD ADAMS who was a ex-supply sgt who married an Italian gal while he was stationed in Asmara. They had 5 or 6 kids and Glenn Trumpower told me that Dick Adams was one of the finest NCO that he ever met. Glenn informs that he is in the process of updating his computer system and will be back on line very soon and that he will, in the meantime, be drafting a BIO  
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                             THE ATTACHMENTS The Hershey#10 photo is that of my wife, Patty, and was taken outside the TURF CLUB entrance at the Penn National Race Course which is one mile from the Holiday Inn. The TURF CLUB is on the 5th floor overlook- ing the one mile horse race track.   The Det 27 Patch1 is the official Det 27 logo patch.  The other ASA Det's will have their # in place of 27 and, of course, the location, etc will be changed.  It all depends on Roger Glubka whose wife (Michelle) is a  active duty CW3 stationed in Korea.  Roger sent the following on the 29th: Going down to the part of town [Seoul] that do those patches this weekend.  Now with the World Cup over , maybe they need the work?  Like I said before it's not the material that cost but the program that runs the design.  I should have taken the picture to Vietnam and had it done there dirt cheap........hindsight. Later!  Roger -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                      VERY INTERESTING EXCHANGE From: Phil Kelly,  To: Cc: Elder RC Green Hi Bill Baskervill,   - Where the heck do you live that you haven't run across one single ASA guy in nearly 40 years?  Let me tell you something that may astound you. One of my closest neighbors (I live in a rural part of the Mojave desert North of Los Angeles) is a guy I went to Turkey with on the same Pan Am flight back in Dec '62. We left Manzarali together and were reassigned to the same duty station, Fort Devens, where we both spent our last year. Now he always worked in OPS and I in HQ as administrative types, but we were pals and spent time doing stuff in Ankara and went to Greece a couple times on leave, dated girls in Massachusetts who were also friends of one another, and  when we mustered out after our 3 year enlistment, I mentioned to him that if he wanted to leave his old city neighborhood in Long Beach, there were jobs where I lived and we could room together until we could afford other arrangements. Well, shortly after I got home in July of 1965, he showed up at my folks house and we pitched our funds together and bought an old camp trailer (early 50's vintage) and rented space in a cheap park in town. Well, not much time went by before he met a gal and not too much more until I did too and we both got married to local girls. He's still married to the same one and lives just 500 feet from my house. I'm on my second wife but that's another story. Both of us moved around the country a bit, but ended up right back here in Ridgecrest, CA. I don't know what time frame you were in Turkey, so you probably may not know me or my army buddy, Andy Cook, or "AJ" as he was called when he was a clerk at OPS in all of '63 and half of '64. It's not a great story, but it still amazes me that you never ran across any of us in all these years. Heck, I was flying one year maybe around 1967 and ran into John Hasbrouck (another guy who worked in HQ, Det 27 in the terminal at San Francisco. I just know he was working for the government in secrecy and was abit taken back that someone recognized him and called out to him. "No time to talk", he said as he rushed on to wherever it was he was headed. I lost track of a neighbor lad that enlisted with me in June of 1962. His name was Marshall Turner and he lived just up the street from me. He asked me that Summer what my plans were as he walked down our street one day and I told him that I had been accepted in the USASA, where only the "top 10%" were accepted. This impressed him and he asked about my recruiter and where he could go to test for this opportunity. I told him, he went and he tested high in language skills, we went to basic together and he not only excelled as a soldier (very gung-ho, as we used to say), but he went to the Army Language school there in Monterey and studied Russian. He was sent to Chitose, Japan on his first assignment overseas and I have never heard about or from anyone who has ever seen him. One thing more, Marshall's last name was changed to Coover by the Army. Apparently, that was his legal last name. Any one out there ever run across him? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                        Did y'all know that: 1.  That ex-ASA'ers are unique and one of a kind 2.  Some people don't seem too worse for wear.
3.  Your life can be what you want it to be 4.  Walking, seeing, hearing and comprehending are things that we take, too often, for granted. 
                        TWO ex-MINER's GABBING
Merhaba Phil and Donnie Kelly [edited] Since you and I were UNDERGROUND MINERS - we can share, theory, our memories and experiences with those of the 9 trapped, but now rescued coal miner's here in Western PA. One can only imagine the ordeal they went through waiting and wondering if they would be rescued.  What bothers me is that when they were that close, the face sound should have aroused the miner operator's attention as the sound when approaching a cut-through is unique in that the pressure causes the coal to buckle and squeeze for the lack of a better explanation in my limited vocabulary.  I'm basing this on personal experience - when I recall the miner operator cutting through into a cross-cut or parallel heading, the sound is very tintee or unique in sound and on the other side it gets your attention very quick and caused many a newk to RUN. They say that the cut into mine was an OLD mine.  It probably was mined in the 20's or 30's and the roof support system was in shambles and more or less non existent, meaning that most of it was caved in. I remember once cutting into a BIG drill hole and the amount of water spewing out of it was unbelievable and it took several days to get it plugged with the end of a tapered creosote pole. We just set pumps and pumped the spewing water into dams in the #6 and #7 return air passageways and then other pumps pumped the water outside.  The intake and or return entries had to be walked once a month by the crew for familiarization, etc. Sometimes it was 4 or 5 miles in height's ranging from 3ft to 5ft and the faithful pick hammer was used as a walking cane especially in the low coal.  EVERYONE dreaded the walk, but it was a MSHA law. The terrain in the coal mines where I worked for 20+ years had hills and valleys just like on the surface. The normal transportation from the portal to the feeder (dumping point onto a conveyor belt) is via a 10 man DC powered mantrip.  Not one time did I hear the term BLACK DAMP used.  Normally old and abandoned mines have no or very little oxygen and on several occasions I had the opportunity to work in a COAL mine that was nearing an old mine and we kept our self sustaining rescue equipment on our belts or inby the feeder in case of an emergency, BUT that gear was primarily for use when smoke was present in the mine. In my experience, nothing is more scarier than cave in's and especially where the miner operator is trapped in the operator compartment and is covered up with really BIG slabs that had to be removed with dynamite blasts.  Sometimes it took 2 days to get the miner operator out of the continuous miner machine.  You name - I've been involved  in most happenings which includes a run away mantrip, caves, ignition of the methane gas, and I was always able to walk away more or less unscathed.  I never brought my work experiences home to the family as I didn't want them to worry everyday about my safety. But like all miner operators, the name of the game is COAL and production regardless whether one is a laborer or supervisor.  A face crew normally consists of 9 men. (A miner operator, his helper, a roof bolter and his helper, 2 shuttle car operators, a mechanic, a laborer and, of course, the boss). I truly do miss the COAL MINES, especially the crews and the men that I was friends with.  The language of a COAL MINER when underground is truly unique in that the vocabulary can be sumed up in about 10 cuss words, and nearly everyone chewed Copenhagen or Skoll SNUFF, which included me.  I've attached three photo's that we took on Tuesday when we drove to the area where the 9 coal miners were rescued.  The Miner2 photo is the hole where the 9 were lifted to safety.  There is a small USA flag atop the oblong rock covering the hole. Miner4 photo is Patty standing opposite the rescue hole and U can see the cattle keeping cool in the small farm pond. Miner 6 photo is gH and Raje standing near the rescue bore hole.  Just below my right elbow is a white square pad that is covering the 6" AIR HOLE that was the 1st hole drilledand was used to pump air into the mine.  The whole area is being scooped up and hauled away.  The air is very offensive as it is from the soapy mixture that they used when drilling the BIG holes.   We had been to the Shanksville area (about 10 miles away) three times to where Flight 93 plowed into the edge of a stripped and barren area, but the rescue area and site is VERY picturesque and is designated as a agriculture security area .  The rescue site is no more that 75 yards off Rte 985 From: Phil Kelly, SP4, S2, Det 27, DE62-MY64, (Donnie), Ridgecrest, CA.,  Subject: Nine men out!  Hello Elder and Patty, You got part of it right, pard. I was a drill and blast miner nearly 20 years ago, but it wasn't coal. I worked here in the West really not too far away, about 140 miles from my place on the East side of the Death Valley monument in an underground Colemanite mine. That operation is quite different than coal mines (my grandfather worked in them near Shamokin, PA). In coal mines it appears that the excavation follows the seam of coal and rarely is there much height  for  walking upright. In the mine where I worked we used 5 yard diesel front loaders to muck out the drifts and stopes. In some haulages it was possible to pass by another loader or low profile dump truck. The main haulage was 14' high and 16' wide in most of it and occasionally even larger where the rock was unstable and steel sets had to be erected. We stoped out drifts to a height of 70' and used double drum slushers to pull the loose muck under a lip for safe loading. I have never been in a coal mine, only had it described to me and my granpap showed me how he walked with his lunch bucket clasped behind his back. The Billie Mine (where I worked) was in very unstable tertiary ground (ancient sea bed) and the rock tended to flake from the back in tombstone sized to Cadillac sized pieces. It was in one such rockfall that I missed going to an early grave simply by being observant and electing to work in another area of the mine. One man lost his life and another was maimed so badly he never worked underground again. I tell my story often to people who don't believe in a Higher Power, particularly in AA meetings when I get the opportunity. Maybe I can share it with you or some other vets sometime when there is time. I enjoyed the pictures very much. Hard to believe that the site of the rescue is so quiet now. Boy, you live in a busy little corner of the world there in PA, with the Sep 11th thing and this 9 guys stuck underground. To tell you the truth, without the knowledge that the people there had, I had given up much hope of finding those guys alive. I didn't know what they were up against, but being flooded out like that conjured up a pretty rough picture. I thought if the water didn't get them, bad air, or no air would have done it. You are right about the language of the miner. Not just the bad, but also the terms used were something else indeed. We called the ventilation experts, "wind fairies", I was on the graveyard shift for a lot of my time in the mine, doing heavy maintenance work on the workings so that the production (days, swings) could get out more ore. I learned rockbolting, timbering, the use and handling of several kinds of explosives (we used ANFO in the down holes in stoping) and how to operate quite a number of specialty vehicles used in that operation. Most of our mine had to have the back (roof) completely rockbolted and wire meshed. Even then, great rockfalls occured and a number of fellows were killed or hurt in the four years I worked there. The mine was shaped like a wheel, the main haulage spiraled from the lowest level (1240' down) up to the 760' level with spokes driven out in the richest lode and stoped between levels. It was exciting work, I thought. I was 37 when I started and in great shape. I'll send along a few photos. Your dog, Raje reminds me of the poodle that my wife had until last Winter. I used to take him for walks in the surrounding desert here and unfortunately he ate some coyote bait that someone left out. He died during the night unbeknownst to us. He had a little pooch playmate that also ate the poison but lived. I had to give her away to my grandson who had a dog that needed a playmate because Tootsie was too lonely without Pepi the poodle. That's me in the 3rd and 4th picture otherwise I took the pictures myself. I have lots more if you want to see. Best wishes and looking forward to seeing you and all the guys at Hershey.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                          THE STORY OF BUGNUTS  From: "Daryl Waite, SP4, Det 66, DE63-JA65, (Hope), Carthage, IL., Elder: - The Story of "Bugnuts"
Young Lady:  "Aw, what a cute puppy.  What's his name?"
GI:     "Bugnuts"
YL:     Says nothing, just gives him a strange look!
GI:     Explains that bugnut is common term for split-bolt connector.
But, most of the time, Bugnuts hung out at the transmitter site.  As I recall, several men were TDY to Sinop once after a storm, and one came back with a cute little puppy, who essentially became a Det 66 mascot.  I remember a Lopez became especially attached to Bugnuts, and for several months watched him grow, often
with "leftovers" from the Airmen's Mess Hall.  (Being billeted in downtown Ankara, we usually ate at the Airmen's Mess Hall.)  But, after several months, like many pets, he became curious as to what the bottom of a tire looks like.  His "opportunity" arrived one afternoon with the Varan shift change bus. The event was particularly devastating to Lopez, who asked one of the Turkish guards to put him out of his misery.  Refused on the grounds that all rounds had to be accounted for.  Before and after there were other pups, but I'll bet every Det 66'er (mid-64) remembers Bugnuts. (Attempts to locate Lopez futile - 100+ matching names on switchboard) Daryl
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                 Your Opinion Counts 1.  Keep the bio's and stories coming - this is a terrific exchange and I owe lots of people my thanks for their hard work.  I won't know about coming to the reunion until we get closer to September.- Vic  Pryor, Mesa, AZ, SP4, 05K, Det 27, AU60-JN62  2.  Send me your opinions and then read them here.  Your responses will help me formulate my opinion and make this newsletter a splash rather than a drip! ===================================================================== From: Roy DesRUISSEAUX, PFC, MP, Det 27, JN61-AU62, (Josie), Upper Darby, PA., [edited] Elder :  - Just heard from Ed Larkin's wife . They may just pop into the breakfast .We'll see; they have a lot going on with his mother in Fla. etc.  Any how I think I might see him after 40 years. I may have another MP or two to add to the found list pretty soon,thanks to Allan Chermack. Ok I know you are busy and the wife and I are in the process of house hunting. I'm both excited and dreading this move. Oh well that's what life's about. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From:  Sam Brungard, SP5, 98J, Det 4-2, FE65-FE67, (Linda), Mill Hall, PA., no e-mail Linda called me on the 1st of August and enthusiastically said "We're coming to the reunion and I want to buy Sam an early Christmas gift by ordering a Det 4-2, XL, Navy, Golf Shirt.  [Thus far Sam is the ONLY 4-2'er that has registered for the Hershey reunion- - -gH] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Bob Murphy, SP5, 058, Det 27 & Det 4, AP61-AP62, (Peg), Glen Burnie, MD.,   Please reserve a Table for 8 at the TURF CLUB for us four ex-ditty boppers Elder, - Thanks!  I want to order a golf shirt and a sweat shirt, both in size XL.  I'll be sending you a check for the dinner and the shirts today.As far as the place cards go, the eight seats will be for me, my wife Peggy, then: Ken and Donna Lady; Roy and Mary Norman; Larry and Jean Heese Thanks.  You know, I didn't know about your reuinion at Ft. Devens.  Sorry I missed it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Stuart B. Smith, SP4, 05K, Det 27, OC64-MR66, Chesapeake, VA., Subject: ASA - Haven't heard from you in a while.  How are the plans going for the  reunion?  I heard from Jim Lauderman.  He and I were friends at Devens and were stationed together in Turkey.  I few names I recall are James W. (Bill) Black Covington Ky; Larry Termaat, Sheboygan Falls WI.; George Hensley Texas. I never did get a copy of the group picture taken at Devens last year. How can I get a copy? Stuart Smith
From: Buzz Gamble, SP5, 05K, Det 27, JA66-JN67, (Linda), Bethel, ME., HI Elder:  -  Could you please retransmit the Master List DET. 27 to this address. Thanks, Buzz
Additional names: circa 1966 and early 1967 at Det 27, mostly 059's
James G. Linville from Paris KY area
Thomas N.? Rumbaugh from Wooster Ohio area
Robert T? Badger was in Colorado
Harvey Haddix was from Ohio 058
William Habel NW. Pa area (I gave you this already)
Randy Iverson Tulsa OK
Alvin Terrell was from Pennsylvania (we used to "commute" on weekends" Phila when we were at Vint Hill in 68)
I will try to look them up on the internet when I am on vacation next week.
From Michael Comroe, SP4, 059, Det 27, 61-62, (Jane), Audubon, PA.,
 gH:  Just got back from 2 weeks vacation and am starting to rearrange my life...several things to cover with you: 1. My wife and I are going to the reunion and reservations have been made. 2. We will be attending the Saturday dinner and I will forward a check to you to cover expenses.3. I wish to purchase 2  golf shirts and a cap and will also forward a check to cover. 4. Please save me an ASA patch. 5. My biography is finished and I will email it to you as as as I find out  how to do it. 6.  A large envelope is on its way to you with pictures etc...finally got off my ass and finished them. 7. I found and spoke with another ex Det 27'er who is interested in the reunion if you can email him with info: Ron Erickson, 17204 E 37th Ter. S, Independence, Mo 64055, 816-373-3349, E-4, Det 27, 059, 61-62. email is Watch for the biography. Regards, Mike Comroe. p.s My server has been down since Tues a.m.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Jerry Hurst, 2LT-1LT, Det 17 & Det 27, 65-66, (Sherrie), Hampton, VA., Subject: RE: Hershey reunion Elder - sorry not getting back to you sooner.  My son is stationed in Korea.  My wife and I just received confirmation on our travel plans to Korea.  Dates are the same as the reunion.  We will not be able to attend.  Keep up the good work and keep me on your email.Thanks, Jerry R. Hurst ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Dave Cribbs, Det 4-4, MY70-JL72, (Barbara), Charlotte, NC., [edited].......we have a conflict that can't be avoided...being in two places at the same's our loss, for sure. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Larry Bickett, PFC-SP5, 98C, Det 4-4, NO69-JN70, (Deborah), North Hills, CA.,
To: Chuck Bergmann,
Subject: ASA - DOOL Newsletters
Hi!   I have no clue as to who you are but I have been getting DOOL's from you for several weeks now.  PLEASE keep them coming.  I was at Det 4-4 from Nov, 69 to Jun 70. Most of the traffic in the DOOL seems to be "older folks" but I keep hoping some of my old buddies will pop up.  Thanks alot. Larry Bickett.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                               DITS and DAHS A pessimist is a person who has had to listen to too many optimists. - Don Marquis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face ... we must do that which we think we cannot." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
Did you know that TURKEY is about the size of NEW HAMPSHIRE! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Chuck Bergmann I am finding out a lot about sending these Dools out. When a lot of pictures are attached to the file I find that a lot of people can not get the e-mail. It is because the file is so big in size and the person receiving the e-mail does not have the capability to go get it. That is an e-mail provided problem. I have also found that a lot of people do not look at there e-mail very offten and then there e-mail box is full. I think that the size is the biggest problem though. Not much you can do about that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How many of you TURKEY VETERAN’s still have the small American - Turkish dictionary that you used, to try and communicate with the houseboys, townspeople, etc...  in an attempt to mold the Turkish language into your version? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: ercgreen To: Sent: Friday, June 07, 2002 8:32 AM Subject: Your Sinop Memories Don, I enjoyed your Sinop entries on the Sinop website.  We are having a ASA TURKEY reunion this year at Hershey, PA = 13-15 September 2002.  If interested, please contact me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him. The moral: When you're full of bull, keep your mouth shut.- Will Rogers
Should I waste my time on a vet who isn't willing to share a moment of  their time on us?  - - - It seems that I can't light a fire under some vet's and its not that I have no matches or spark!  - - -  I'm having trouble linking up and getting BIO results!  - - -  Is there a special button to push or should I consider looking for alternative approaches? - - -  For some reason I'm running into a inevitable brick wall and can't jump over it!  - - - A teacher who expects less from students gets less, and one who expects more gets more!  I'm wondering - where in the heck does this place me in respect to the DAYS OF OUR LIVES and the Memory Book? - - - Maybe I don't have the gift of gab to inspire anyone and not enuf oomph to be a wannabe editor!  - - - Those of you who are regular readers know me only from what I write and that I try too hard to convey the BIO message. Is it that my instructions are too wordy and not simple enuf or is it that many think that their BIO is not impressive enuf......We ex-ASA'ers are enormously proud veteran's and our ex-skills are in the hidden past unless y'all reveal them in my missives and the Memory Book.  Remember.....It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Richard Arena, SP4, 059, Det 27, JA62-MR63, (Maxine), Roswell, GA,  [edited] Thanks Roy Springmeyer for your tales of Det 27.  I had forgotten about the tree incident.  As I recall they were all snapped over at about the same height and in the same direction -- indicating that probably it was the work of one person.  Thinking about those trees and the Hq staff's valiant efforts to grow grass around the billeting area, I'm reminded of seeing the Turkish grounds keeper watering the grass with a fire hose during the torrential spring rains.  I can still see him wearing his slickers and hauling that damn hose around.  It made about as much sense as everything else, so I doubt that many people even took notice. We won't make the Hershey reunion.  It's great fun thinking back on those bygone days.  I never have heard a word about Joseph Parker Sullivan or Ron Luther.  I did catch up with Larry and Linda Bynum -- stopped by to see them in Hopkinsville, KY.  I've also messaged with Ray Carroll.  The three of us were transferred from Det 27 to Det 4 when they needed an emergency injection of 059's on the rock in '62. My wife's name is Maxine.  We have four children and five granddaughters.  To my knowledge, Kelly Arena of CNN is not kin, nor is Bruce Arena, the coach of the USA World Cup Football team.  I am related to Dominick Arena, the former police chief in Martha's Vineyard that arrested our boy Teddy Kennedy. If you ever get down this way, Maxine and I would enjoy seeing you.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance.They awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same. ~Author Unknown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sooner or later we must realize there is no station, no one place to arrive at once and for all - The true joy of life is the trip. by Robt J. Hastings, 1924-97, "The Station." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Dumbo and others

A friend of mine forwarded this to me ..... thought you might like to see it as well - __________________________________________________________            SOMEONE FINALLY SAID IT!      Hip Hip Hooray!! Finally, someone has said what I think has been on every American's mind!!!!! This is an editorial written by an American citizen, published in a local newspaper. "IMMIGRANTS, NOT AMERICANS, MUST ADAPT!!" I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture, here in the USA. Since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Americans. However, the dust from the attacks had barely settled when the "politically correct" crowd began complaining about the possibility that our patriotism was offending others. I am not against immigration, nor do I hold a grudge against anyone who is seeking a better life by coming to America. Our population is almost entirely comprised of descendants of immigrants. However, there are a few things that those who have recently come to our country, and apparently some born here, need to understand.

This idea of America, being a multi -cultural community, has served only to dilute our sovereignty and our national identity. As Americans, we have our own culture, our own society, our own language and our own lifestyle. This culture has been developed over centuries of struggles, trials, and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom.

We speak ENGLISH, not Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, learn the language! ENGLISH. "In God We Trust" is our national motto. This is not some Christian, right wing, political slogan. We adopted this motto because Christian men and women, of Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is and always will be part of our culture. If the Stars and Stripes offend you, or you don't like Uncle Sam, then you should seriously consider a move to another part of this planet. We are happy with our culture and have no desire to change, and we really don't care how you did things where you came from. Remember, "Delta is ready when you are and they can have you there by nightfall".

This is OUR COUNTRY, our land, and our lifestyle. Our First Amendment gives every citizen the right to express his opinion and we will allow you every opportunity to do so. But, once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about our flag, our pledge, our national motto, or our way of life, I highly encourage you to take advantage of one other great American freedom, THE RIGHT TO LEAVE.

If you agree with this message, pass it on . If you don't agree, pass it on anyway. What the heck! This is AMERICA, after all!   __________________________________________________________