Days of our Lives # 76 - July 12, 2002.

MAIL-call  - PRESERVING  FORGOTTEN MEMORIES This message may contain information that is confidential and/or legally privileged.  It is intended only for the use of the individuals named as recipients in the message.  If you are not an intended recipient of this message, please notify the sender immediately and delete the material from any computer.  Do not deliver, distribute or copy this message, and do not disclose its contents or take any action in reliance on the info it contains.  Thank you. Elder RC Green -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1.  The attire for the reunion is informal
2.  If you are flying into Harrisburg, PA - send an e-mail ( or call (717-469-0661) the Holiday Inn with your ETA and they will send a van to pick you up for the 115 mile trip to the Holiday Inn. It might be a good idea to request e-mail confirmation regarding the airport pick-up.  The same is true for your return trip, but you must inform the Holiday Inn in advance
3.  Shortly after registering at or arriving at the Holiday Inn go to the 1st Floor Hospitality Room (Penn Suites) where everyone will sign in and receive a badge and schedule of events for the week-end.
4.  The Friday meal will be from 1730-1830 at the Holiday Inn. 
5.  From 1830-?? there will be an informal  BS session in the Hospitality Room at the Holiday Inn where free beer, soda's and chips will be available.
6..  Please bring photo albums, slides, etc with you.  The Holiday Inn has a projector for our use.

7.  The Saturday group breakfast will be at the Holiday Inn from 0800-0900.
8.  Jimmy Nolan will organize a round of GOLF on Saturday for those who are interested. If interested, please let me know ASAP. 
9.  A caravan tour of the Chocolate Factory will be made available if enough people are interested.
10.   Will you be staying with friends in the area or commuting to the reunion.  If yes, please send me a e-mail so that badges can be made and available.
11.  The Main Attraction of the reunion will be the Saturday meal at the Turf Club at the Penn National Race Course.  Please be at the Penn National Race Course (about 1 mile from the Holiday Inn) NLT 1700 hours.
The meal will be approx from 1730-1830. Maj Gen (Retired) Rod Isler (Det 4-4, 68-69) will then address the group and tell us about his army career and how he went from a SP4, 05H at Karamursel (4-4) to a 2-Star General via the OCS route. 
After Gen Isler's remarks, each Veteran will be alloted up to five minutes to relate his Turkey experience to the group.  If the veteran's wife was in Turkey, then she, too, will be given time to relate what it was like to live in Ankara, Manzarali, Yalova, Karamursel, etc.,  amid the eskegee's, gypsies, suey and other experiences that a normal housewife would NEVER experience in a lifetime. 
12. The horse racing is from 1930-2300 and can be viewed by EVERYONE without crowding from the 5th floor windows over-looking the race track while listening to the talkers in the Turf Club. 
13. There will be a pay as you order bar and a betting window in the Turf Club.
14. There is a elevator to the Turf Club and there is ample parking for everyone.
15. Please send any additional requests or thoughts to make this reunion the BEST possible.

                                   e-mail changes
From:Allan M. Chermak, CPL, MP, Det 27, 27DE61-MR64, (Dorothy), Kasson, MN   Please change my e-mail address from  to From Chuck Bergmann.  Here are the two that did work this week. I think Joe Hey was retiring from his job and probably has some other e-mail and ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                             
Newly found Veteran
Ted Nelson, SP5, 058, Det 27, 63-64, Santa Monica, CA
 I was able to locate Ted Nelson on the 6th of July after calling the 23 Ted Nelson's listed as living in CA. I finally wised up and tried Theodore Nelson.  He was surprised to hear from a TURKEY vet.  Ted is 63 and retired in 1998 from the LA City Fire Dept after 30 years as a fireman.  Ted in his younger days was a premier and versatile runner and was the 20th person to run the metric mile in under 4 minutes. I believe his time was 3:59.4 and that he finished third in that race behind Jim Ryan and Tom Farrell. Ted is a native of MN and graduated from the Univ of MN State at Mankota.  He informs, modestly, that he missed making the Olympic Team (Tokyo) in 1964, but in 1966 in a West Berlin Track and Field Meet he set a WORLD record in the 800 meters.  Someone later beat his world record time, but he held the USA record for 20 years until Johnny Gray, the 4 time Olympian beat his time. Ted told me that he thought that Lanny Couvillon was living nearby, but I find thru mapquest that Novato, CA is almost 7 hours away in the SF area.
In my attempt to locate Ted Nelson I received assistance from Janet Robertz and Tim Zbikowski, but it was my sleuthing that tracked Theodore J. Nelson to Santa Monica, CA.
                                 TED NELSON                      
All-Time American Sub-Four Minute Milers
All American men who have broken the four minutes on an outdoor or indoor track:  Ted Nelson, 3:59.4, Woodland Hills, 10 August 1966

            Hall of Fame

USATF Minnesota established the Minnesota Track & Field Hall of Fame in 1996 to recognize and honor outstanding performances and/or contributions by individuals to the sports of track & field, long distance running, cross country, and racewalking in Minnesota. Each year, nominations are accepted by the three member Hall of Fame Committee, who then prepare a ballot and submit it to an established panel of voting members. The annual Hall of Fame Banquet is held in October, honoring the year's inductees.

Minnesota Track and Field Hall of Fame Members

1996    1997    1998
Colin Anderson     Karl Anderson    Mark Nenow
Ron Backes    Al Halley    Ted Nelson
Garry Bjorklund     Jim Kelly     Mike Slack
Ron Daws     Bob Kempainen     Bill Andberg
Buddy Edelen     Mark Lutz     Tom Lieb
Roy Griak     Jane Oas Benson     Orv Bies
Fortune Gordien     Cathie Twomey Bellamy
Janice Klecker
Van Nelson
Steve Plasencia
1999    2000
Jan Ettle     Jody Eder-Zdechlik
Bruce Mortenson     Tim Heikkila
Leslie Seymour     Steve Hoag
Bob Fitch     Alex Ratelle
Jim Deane     Byrl Thompson
Bob Hoisington     Dave Griffith
Rick Kleyman     Jack Moran

From: Ed Register, E7, Spook, Det 27, 62-64, (Inez), Lexington, SC,
Hi Elder Nasiliniz!  First, I want to thank you for all the time and effort that you have put into making this reunion possible.  It was interesting to see what Bill Schulz had been doing.  I haven't heard but I'm sure Stan Winarski's "afterlife" would also be interesting.  Both are good men and I'm sure they have accomplish much.  I see where Bill was looking for something he could do for his country.  Aside from all the good things he has already done, he might consider teaching West Palm Beach natives how to count.  He could have saved the tax payers a lot of money.  Maybe we could persuade him to get into politics.  He has my vote.  Concerning "Stalag 27".  Yes, I remember my exodus from Turkey the second time from Ankara.  After Turkish customs shook me down for a few Turkish lire and a meerschaum pipe, I was off to my new duty station, the meerachaum MI Detachment, Fort Carson, CO.  What a contrast of duties.  It was a fatigue-wearing STRAC unit working for G-2.  I was assigned to the IG's team and conducted security inspections of units of the 5th Inf. Div., and did other CI duties.
From beautiful Colorado to humid Okinawa.  I was assigned to the US Army Pacific Intelligence School (USAPAC INTEL).  All MI courses were taught, very similarly as the "Bird".  I was assigned to the CI Section and taught those courses.  Many, if not most courses were taught through interpreters, to officers from seven different Southeast Asian countries.  School emphasis were placed on "our" collections.  From sunny Okie and a great assignment to hot Atlanta and no doubt the worst assignment, the 111th MI group.  The same outfit that had sent me to Det 27 in '62.
I was assigned to the Tech Shop and having had no tech training, I protested as loud as I respectfully could, all to no avail.  Col. McBride, group commander would have no part of it and promised me that I would be well qualified when I left his unit.  What a prophet he was.  Fortunately for me, I had an excellent Chief Warrant Officer.  He took me by the hand and led me all over the Southeast (3rd Army at the time).  We used a Dodge van loaded with all imaginable tech equipment.  We did both announced and unannounced tech inspections on military units from North Carolina to Alabama and Florida.  Most were done on missile sites in Florida.  Everything from surreptitiously, inspection security vaults, photographing, picking locks, and frequency monitoring of classified meetings of war rooms.  If someone requested it, we did it, often without request. We made a lot of people angry.
Just when we thought we had things under control and running smooth, our bubble burst ... big time.  April 1968 Lorraine Motel, Memphis, Tenn., Martin Luther King was assassinated.  Activity picked up very quickly.  Plans were formulated.  Three agents, a motor home loaded with electronic and photo equipment, we were off to Memphis in preparation for the Poor Peoples Campaign (Mule Train), from Memphis to Washington.  This motor home literally became a mobile photo lab.  We photographed during the day and developed, printed and shipped at night.  We were also talked with establishing and maintaining communication for all military units from Mississippi to North Carolina.  After weeks on the road, we were finally relieved by the 109th MI Group in VA.
Back to Atlanta and our routine Tech inspections.  Then we were off to Miami Beach and the Republican National Convention.  Hosea William, now the leader of the SCLC was there to make known his organization's position and there I was with my 35 mm Sony video, making sure his views were documented and preserved. This usually took 12 to 15 hours per day.  Nonetheless, when "Tricky Dick" won the nomination, Hosea and his followers in Liberty City (suburb of Miami) were not too pleased.  Liberty City went up in fire bombs and smoke.  This lasted for another two weeks.  During this time we maintained liaison with the G-2 Section of the Florida National Guard. 
After the smoke cleared in Liberty City, we returned to Atlanta and picked up where we had left off.  Most of our inspections were far behind schedule, therefore our work was intensified from North Carolina to Alabama and up and down the Florida peninsula, all the time in fear that we may be sent to Chicago, to cover the Democratic National Convention.  What a mess that was ... remember?  We did relax a bit when we learned that the 115th MI Group would be used.
In mid January '69, in preparation for the presidential inauguration, we were off to "war torn" Washington, DC (it had been pretty much tasked earlier).  Everyone was expecting a total trashing this time.  We worked out of the Pentagon in concert with the Secret Service.  Things went well and we returned to Atlanta.  By now I was saddle sore and worn out, Viet Nam was still raging.  I finally, after 21 plus years, realized that I just could not adjust to military service, so in March 60, I hung it up.  I returned to Columbia, SC and went to work for SC National Bank (SCNB) in June 69.  SCNB had recently obtained a franchise with Bank America to issue BankAmericards (now Visa) for the state of South Carolina.  I organized and ran their security and investigations department for the next 15 years.  Primary duties were to purchase, transport, secure, issue and reissue cards to customers.  We were also tasked with investigate, identify, and prosecute individuals who found, stole, or made cards for the purpose of making illegal purchases of goods and services.
Since most of this work was criminal, I managed to pick up a degree in criminal justice.  This helped greatly, especially during court proceedings.  During this time, my wife, Inez decided to finish her education and graduated from Southeastern Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.  She was ordained a Southern Baptist Minister and now works as a chaplain for the State.
After 15 years with the bank, I retired and became a "house husband".  I also dabbled in art, got involved with pastel portrait painting.  I soon grew tired of that and decided I wanted to see South and Central America.  After several trips, I found a good fishing hole about 50 miles southwest of San Pedro Sul, Honduras. Big Bass, no limit.
In late 1998, disaster struck.  I fell and broke my hip.  Apparently it did not heal properly.  I still have to use a cane.  What a way to get around!  I had both hands operated on for carpal tunnel syndrome.  No hands. No feet.  I recently underwent laproscopic surgery to remove an adrenal gland.  Its tough growing old.  So old that I don't make promises anymore, but I do hope that I will be able to make it to Hershey in September.
I will stay in touch. Elder, tesekkur ederim for all the good news and allaha ismarladik.
From: "Callero, Joseph" Subject: RE: John Obrien Mr. Green, I forwarded the info to Eddie Obrien, He was going to contact his brother John. I hope this all works out. Good Luck Coach Callero [This is in response to my query for info on John Obrien- - -gH]
Sue & David Tavernetti, 1LT, Watch Offcer, Det 27, 62-63,   Subject: The Reunion  -  Elder:  Reservtions confirmed at the Holiday Inn and flight tickets purchased.  We will arrive in Baltimore on Thursday evening and drive up to Hershey that night, staying there until Sunday.  I will send you a check for 2 meals at the Turf Club. ($70.00 as I read it).  If you have a schedule of events or a timetable please let me know.  Looking forward to the visit.  Ric Balderson, who was with me at Manzarali Station (and met me at the airport when I flew in on Pan Am) is coming down from Mendham, NJ.  He arrived in Turkey just before I did and we pretty much had identical tours.  He was the finance officer - whom Hank Neill replaced. dt
From: "Steve MacCartan", SP5, 059, Det 27, 63-64, Savanna, IL., Elder,  -  Appreciate what you are doing with this information service.  It certainly brings back the memories with all the name connections.  My 22 months in Ankara, Jan 1960 to Nov 1962,  and the people I associated with during that time, had a direct influence on my future. I will certainly give you some info about my years after the military asap. Do you have any info on Gary R Stuart?.  I think he retired as a Major and may be living in St Petersberg, Florida.  If so would you please let me know his address or phone #.  Thanks again  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: "Don Creig Myers", SP4, 05K, Det 4-4, JA70-JN71, Houston, TX., Subject: asa reunion. - Great minds are on the same track.  I have been working on my  attendance. Just made reservations at Holiday Inn with confirmation #64701563.  Now for flight arrangements..will let you know. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Walter Sinor, SP4, F&AO, Det 27, (Betty), 3049 County Rd., 239 Valley Head, AL 35989,  256-635-6860, 877-453-5097,> Subject: Det 27 (Manzarali) Reunion, etc Elder RC Green, - When you get a chance please e-mail the roster we spoke about, and I would like to put on the list to receive the DAYS OF OUR LIVES newsletter via e-mail.  In addition, please forward me a copy of the newsletter which details the reunion in Hershey, PA 13-15 September. Thanks!  I have not been contacted by Ken Patterson however he may have been celebrating the holidays with family. Hope you were able to enjoy the celebration of our freedom and independence.
From: "Roger Glubka", PVT, 72B, Det 27, 64-65, (Michelle), Korea,> Subject: touching base.   Just got back Monday from a few day in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam. Went on a package tour that included air, rooms, meals and tours.  Flew over on Asian Air (5 hours) couldn't eat the food on the plane, an omelet with fish and shrimp is not appetizing.  Stayed at the same hotel Clinton and his family stayed at called the New World!  Took a boat up the Mekong river to My Tho and had a tour of the Ben Dinh tunnel in that area and showed us the bamboo traps, trip wires and all that jungle warfare.  What a lot of people don't know is that they (Cu Chi Province) started building those sophisticated tunnels  in 1955.  I see what our media meant when they said that we were in control during the day but at night the Cong were.  The tour guide knew English very well but was a little brain washed as to why we were there in the first place.  I asked her if she took any political science courses abroad?  They refer the war as "The American War".  I asked her what happen to the political dissidents, educators, professional people, and she said they were sent to "re-education camps", and I said bull shit they were executed and only the lower class were sent to reeducation camps.  Since the country opened there doors in 1986 to tourist and free trade you would think they would be more advanced but they are so far behind the rest of Asia it's pathetic.  I won't go into details but if anyone has any particular question I'll respond to that.  The upside is that DVD's of current movies i.e.: Back in Black, Spiderman, Minority Report and etc. can be purchased for $1.25 and music CD's for a dollar.  We bought 20, now the question is how is the quality.  We haven't watched any yet.  Bought 5 wooden Harley motorcycle models.  The other thing I picked up was diarrhea from a Tiger beer that I thought was over but it
hit me again today.  Next trip Beijing in Sept. I hope!  I'll keep you posted unless I hear other wise.  Roger "G"
From: Eric Balderson, 1LT, Fin O, Det 27, 62-63, Mendham, NJ., Elder,  We have our reservations at the Holiday Inn for the 13 -15.  My check  for the Turf Club is in the mail.  Looking forward to meeting you. Eric and Ramona Balderson
From: Claude Vannoy, Maj, Opns O., Det 27, 65-68, (Ginny), N. Wilksboro, NC.,   Hey Elder,  - Thank you for thinking about us; but, we will not be able to attend the reunion. I'm sure you will do it up right.  I received the rosters and next week I will see what I can do to contribute. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Ted Willingham, SP5, 33C, Det 27, 66-68, (Susan), Easthampton, MA   Thanks for the reunion heads-up. We had called in late June for a room and got a smoking room because they said non-smoking were all full.  Per your E-Mail we got changed to a non-smokiing room . Looking forward to see you and everyboby again. I will be sending you a check for the Turf Club on Aug 1 for Sue and I and again Thanks for all the work you've done.Take Care ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From:, To:,Cc: Elder RC Green Subject: Ronald Ostroski Roy,  I was in Det 27 and was friends with Ronald Ostroski who was in Signal Corp (Det 66) from 1-62 through 6-63 and we were both married, and lived off base on Bachalavia Street in Ankara.  He had this amazing ability to use his voice to make sounds of a cat fight, and we used to sit on our balconies (drinking a few beers), and laugh at all of the Turkish citizens who would come out of their houses to check out the disturbances. They held the "Cat" to be sacred. So far as I can remember they never discovered the source of the cat fights. Do you know his current whereabouts? After 40 years I may have the spelling of his last name slightly off. He was a native of New Jersey. Do you remember this individual and any particulars? Thanks!
From:> Betty and I will be attending the TUSLOG Det 27 and 4-4 reunion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
From: "Clark L Bryan", SP5, Bulgarian linguist, Det 27 & 4-4, 67-69, (Althea), Webster, NY., I'll work on [re-scanning the family photo] it.  By the way, funny thing happened last month.  I've been
searching for an old Turkish friend who I met on an Ankara street in 1966, and who, believe it or not, attended the same university as I did in Colorado (CSU).  We lost track after his marriage and our departure from Turkey.  I've been trying for years to relocate the family and once, while stationed in NY, NY I went all the way to the Turkish delegation at the UN in an attempt to find him.  Well, last month, a former Navy doctor who is now in private practice and who also promotes pharmaceuti-cal products for major supplier, went to Turkey on a pleasure/business trip, and provided his tour guide information that I sent him about my Turkish friend.  It's a small world after all - the tour guide located my friends in Izmir and via e-mail, we're now in touch again!  They were as delighted as I was at finding friends via the electronic highway.  It certainly beats an international direct dial phone call - HA!  I made one of those too and I'm still awaiting my telephone bill from last month.  How much does it cost to call direct dial from Rochester, NY to Izmir, Turkey and yak away for over an hour during daylight hours ??  Althea said that if it's too much, she'll dock my monthly beer allotment:-).  Curses.
From: Don Philbrick, Maj, S2, Det 27, 67-68, (Lois), Humble, TX.,
Thanks for the heads-up on the Hershey reunion, but Lois and I will not be able to attend  this year.. Thanks thou for all the great messages. 

From: Don Gee, E4, 058, Det 4-4, 68-69, Plant City, FL., To: Received your e-mail and information----thanks.  Hope your remodeling turns out to your satisfaction as I'm sure it will.  Have not talked to Dave Brunger in a long time but my wife stays in contact with Nancy (his ex).  I  did received an e-mail from Sgt Green about the upcoming reunion.  I did  forward the information to Jim and Lana Ayers.  I have not made any decisions  about myself going.
Richard Nilsson, SP5, Det 27, OC59-JA61, (Bonita), Muskego, WI.,   Thank you for the info on the reunion in Hershey.  Unfortunatley we cannot make it this year. Please don't forget us for the future.  I went to Ankara before most of you all.  Arrived in October, '59; before the post was built outside of town.  Thanks again.  Dick & Bonnie Nilsson, Muskego, WI -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rick Corriveau, SP5, 98C, Det 27, MY65-AP67, (Leslie), Glen Burnie, MD.,   Subject: Computer is back in Operation Elder  - My virus has been removed after much anguish on my part. I had to bring it in to the shop to get it done since none of my efforts were successful. Sorry you got zapped. I am receiving the DOOLs from Chuck Bergmann without problem. [I didn't get zapped!  My ISP scans all my incoming mail for viruses by "Declude Virus" and I keep my Norton anti-virus up-to-date.  I've noticed that a lot of the virus warnings that are being sent have the sender's e-mail correct except for the .com (dot com) or .net (dot net).   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Gene Hamrick, Maj, S4, Det 27, 62-63, (Linda), Deltona, FL Thanks for the Master Roster. Dr Derby (CPT, 62/63) took his Residencey at Walter Reed and last I heard he was a very sucessful Orthopedic Surgeon in Conn.  He was a good Dr and nice guy.  I talked him into the Army Residency.  I was supply officer when the family quarters were being built. Due to thievery by the Turks we had to order 3 times the amount of furniture required.  It was stolen during off loading in Istanbul.  We can't attend the Hershey reunion.  We are babysitting an 8 year old granddaugher who is a handful.  Her mother is a single parent (manages a TGIF Restaurant at the DFW Airport.  She is a handful.  The only one of 5 daughters who didn't want  to attend college.  Try Col Jerry Gibbs for Derbys first name.  Trust the reunion will be a sucessful one.  I read everything you send me and thankful for it.   Again  Thanks, Gene 
From: Ralph Richter, E5, 05K, Det 27, 66-67, Columbus, OH Subject: Re: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #75 Sent it DOOL @75 on, Top.  Thanks and hope you and Patty are having a great  Independence Day weekend.
Maurice Cammack To: Ron Crocheron Cc: Jimbo Stephens ; ercgreen Subject: Like an Old, Bad Penny - Ron,  You may not even remember me, but I was one of the 6 ops shipped in from Frankfurt in Dec 57.  Tom Stephens, also one of the 6, lives near me and we get together as often as we can.  Until your name appeared, I was beginning to think Tom and I were the only PRE-Site 23 guys left. Most of the bios I read start in the 60 time frame after the site was going in.  Do you have any information on CWO Diehl? If my memory is accurate, I think he was close to retirement in the 50's, but not sure. He may be gone. Best wishes and glad to finally see a name I remember. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: gh, would you please correct the spelling of my wifes name-Virgie. Thank you. It looks like you are busier than ever contacting people. I'll bet the "original" bear hunt would have been easier. I'll get a check for two dinners in the mail to you next week. We are going to drive to Hershey so we will play the "tourista" on the way out and back. I haven't been reading many stories lately so either all the rest of the guys were good(ha) or they are so old they can't remember.Gary  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: "J.W. Heffner", SP4, 98C, Det 27, 63-64, (Linda), San Jose, CA., Subject: flight 93-meanderings.  I just saw a TV show [on ESPN] that had 3 wives and a mother of the 4 that probably rushed the flight 93 cockpit.   ESPN [ESPY] gave them an award because all 4 were jocks.  This brought to mind an old Readers Digest article (re: Korean War) about high school jocks (with football in particular) having a much higher survival rate as POWs and combatants.  Flight 93 gives me hope and reassures me of the survival of our American culture.  My feelings about this give me some insight to the elevation of men and women to the status of Heroes, Demigods, and Gods in the past.  My biggest fear while serving in combat zones was that when the "pucker factor" got high I would not perform well which probably explains the high esteem I hold all the occupants of Flight  93.......THEY DONE GOOD.
From: "Paul Kuehl", SP5, 05D, Det 27, 65-67, DePere, WI., Am unable to attend the Hershey reunion......... but I know some how you'll all have a great time without me.  Enjoy!!
From: Joe Elsberry, SP5, 058/059, Det 27, FE63-OC64, (Darby Ann), Columbus, MS., DDS., We will not be able to attend the Hershey reunion. Family wedding. Maybe next time.  Thanks for keeping us informed.
From: Jack Wilson, CW2, C/C, Det 27, OC65-AP68, (Chris), Amissville, VA., Elder: You're doing a great job and I hope I can make the reunion after this  one.  I'll be over in Japan, Korea and Hawaii working with our soldiers again this year. Man, they are so much smarter and better than we were it kinds of hurts at times.  Now that's in the mental area - the old folks still have a little more AMERICAN heart.   ALOHA

Robert Dandridge, SP4, 72B, C/C, Det 27, FE64-AU65, (Jo), Wagener, SC.,   Elder,  Sorry but I will be working.  Also, I still owe you some pics..will try to scan to you before reunion. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: George Maloof, SP5, Det 27, 60-62, Plymouth, NH., hi, hope you guys have a great can take me off the mailing list since I don't know anyone anymore...thanks 

From: Vollmering, Lance, SP4, 05K, Det 27, 66-68, Ft Worth, TX

Would love to come to the Hershey reunion and jaw with all but can't make it.

Did U know that:
In the United States, more Frisbee discs are sold each year than baseballs, basketballs, and footballs combined.