Subject : DAYS OF OUR LIVES #74
Date : Fri, 28 Jun 2002 08:28:55 -0500

MAIL-call - PRESERVING FORGOTTEN MEMORIES This newsletter may contain information that is confidential and/or legally privileged. It is intended only for the use of the individuals named as recipients in the message. If you are not an intended recipient of this message, please notify the sender immediately and delete the material from any computer. Thank you. Elder RC Green - - -gH ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

THE HERSHEY REUNION NEWS The ASA TURKEY REUNION this year will be 13-15 September at the Holiday Inn in Hershey, PA as the main lodging and hospitality site.
NOTICE: - - -Det 4 (Sinop), brats and friends are now part of our clan and are invited to attend and enjoy the festivities.

This Holiday Inn is a convention type hotel and fills up quickly.
I have made arrangements with the Holiday Inn for 52 rooms at $79 per nite, and a hospitality room that will be available to us 13-15 Sept. Bring your slides, photo albums and photo's for others to review therein. The Saturday breakfast will be at the Holiday Inn at 8 a.m. Everyone is encouraged to attend this breakfast. If you are attending the reunion and wish to stay at the Holiday Inn make your reservations as early as possible, preferably by 1 July.

Please bear with an old geezer like me........ I'm trying my darnest, at a distance of three hours driving time to Hershey, to insure the success of this get-together....... Therefore it is desired that those attending make their room reservations ASAP so that, if needed, some additional rooms can be reserved for us.... If you wait........ then you might have to stay at another hotel in the area and commute to the Holiday Inn where all the action will be centered in the 1st floor PENN SUITE hospitality room. You can make the reservations by calling 1-717-469-0661 and ask for Donna or Alison.

When making reservations identify yourself as a member of the "TUSLOG Det 27 and 4-4 Veteran’s Reunion" and specify what type of room you desire (single King size bed or double Queen beds) also whether you prefer smoking or non-smoking. When reserving a room you will be required to give your credit card #. If reserving by e-mail give them your phone number and they will call you to get the credit card # if U so desire. The reservations can be canceled later should that be necessary. This will insure that additional rooms can be made available to us should they be necessary. PETS ARE ALLOWED AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

For those who desire to reserve via the internet, send the following: TO:
Subject: Det 27 and 4-4 reunion, 13-15 Sept 2002 I will be attending the TUSLOG Det 27 and 4-4 Reunion and request that a NONsmoking room (King or Double) be reserved for me for (13-14) Sept 2002 @ $79 per day, per contract agreement between Elder RC Green and Donna Centofanti and Alison English. Please call me at (your area code and phone number) for my credit card info. Please advise of any other requirements. I have signed a contract for the Saturday meal at the Turf Club (5th floor-overlooking the mile horse track) of the Penn National Race Course. The cost for this meal is $35. per person and payment must be sent to me at 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701 ASAP, but NLT 15 August 2002. EVERYONE WILL ENJOY THE PENN NATIONAL RACE COURSE FACILITIES! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
TAPS EISENHART, Marv, Det 27, circa 1966 From: "Dave Althouse" DAlthouse@TRSINC.ORG
ON SICK CALL I called Ed Register to find out why he had not responded as he was very enthused about the DAYS OF OUR LIVES missives and attending the Hershey reunion for a get together with some old "spook friends" - Stan Winarski and Bill Schulz and to just reminiscence with others about his TOUR OF DUTY at Manzarali. He informs that he was born in 1929 and is 72 years young and is having a hard time getting around and hopes to get well and attend the Hershey reunion. He dictated his BIO for his daughter to type and send to me for the Memory Book. Ed and Inez Register address and email is: 3509 Mineral Springs Rd., Lexington, SC 29073, 803-356-3480, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I now have a 15mb webpage, but it will take time for me to get it operational. When I've ironed the kinks - I will let everyone know where to find it. Until then, keep the traffic headed my way. I sure enjoyed the input from the Finance vet's and Captain Loudermilk- - -gH ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
EISENHART, Laverne (Ike), DOB: 1945, SP4, 733.10, F&AO, Det 27, JN63-DE64, (Helen), 94 N. Main St., Dover, PA 17315, 717-292-4088, no e-mail. I sent Ike the Hershey reunion info via USPS and hope that he sends back his BIO and to see if he was related to Marv Eisenhart. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Don SP4, 05H, Det 27 and 4-4, @67-69, 2911 Midway Rd., Plant City, FL 33565, 813-754-4773, I've had Don Gee on the Master roster for a long time, but our emails never were able to get through for some reason. - From Ronnie Deese to Don Gee: - So very sorry I am just getting back to you. We have been remodeling our house and the computer has been covered with plastic. SGT Green stopped through town about two months ago to find out why I stopped reading all the mail. We were sked to fly out of Tampa on September 12, 2001and you know how that went. I think several who were driving made it but most did not. [34 VET's showed up at Ft Devens- - -gH]. A second one is planned for this fall but I have tonight just turned this thing back on. Get involved and you will find many old friends. Have you heard from Brunger? I am sending a copy of this to Elder so he can get you on one of the mailing list. Best of luck. You know we only live a few miles apart. ------ Elder, Don was a 05H at 27 and 4-4. Married and his best friend was David Brunger (the eternal weed)--- wrote: Just a note to say Hi and to ask if the [2001] reunion took place as planned. I know it was scheduled for Sept 15 and I wandered if you went, and if so, who attended. I hope everything is OK with you. Take care Don Gee [I re-sent Deese and Gee the 2002 reunion info] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
LOUDERMILK, Roy L., Jr., Cpt Det 66, FE61-JN63,(1/W Joan-died-1986, 2/W Sharlene), 30335 Lettingwell Cir., Wesley Chapel, FL 33543, 813-994-8234, Roy spent 30 years in the US Army and retired in 1987 as a Colonel. He has many interesting stories about his Tour of Duty at Manzarali with Det 66. How many remember the Turk who got shot dead on the perimeter fence at Site 23 by a Turk guard in 1961? He remembers a lot about Ken Baldwin and a CPT Anthony Cataldi who was the Adjutant at Det 66. He reports that Cataldi was in cohoots with Baldwin and that they had brought a boat load of Dodge and Chrysler automobiles into Istanbul and that Baldwin was the only one to be prosecuted in Turkey by the Turks. Upon Cataldi’s return to the states (Ft. Dix) he was given an Article 15 for his involvement with Ken Baldwin. Roy promises to write up these events for the DAYS OF OUR LIVES newsletter. Ken Shumate roomed with Baldwin and also has many tales to relate about Ken Baldwin and Ken relates that he used to babysit the Loudermilk kids. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Darrel, SP5, F&AO, Det 66, 63-64, 496 SE 20th Ave., Hillsboro, OR 503-648-4893, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
PATTERSON, Ken, DOB: 1943 in Evergreen, MS, (Don't look - you'll never find it on a map), SP4, F&AO, Det 27, FE63-JN64, (Bertha), 300 Rutland Dr., Tupelo, MS 38804, 662-844-3925, Ken and Bertha have the distinction of living very near the birthplace of Elvis Presley in Tupelo, MS. After ASA - Ken got a Masters Degree in History and worked 27 years with the VA Administration in various capacities, but mostly with compensation, and retired therefrom as a GS-13. He presently has 5 years of tenure as a 7th grade History teacher at the Tupelo Middle School. Thirty days after Ken and 17 year old Bertha were married (what kids are made of) - he was off to Turkey as a 19 year old ASA'er after accounting AIT at Ft. Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis, IN. Ken has many interesting stories about his TOUR of DUTY at Manzarali and recounted to me the rotten AF scoundrel(s) in Ankara who handled the Tom Paine contracts, especially the AF certifying officer (Major) who he described as looking like Hollywood had designed him for the underhanded dealings that he handed out. Also, Ken was well known among his Hqs Co peers as being a so-called jailhouse lawyer for the GI's who worked in the Manzarali Motor Pool when they were told to do things that Tom Paine's Turks were under contract to perform. I'm sure that Ken will unscramble my meager attempt to put into words what he briefly told me over the phone and he promised to put the events into words and share with us Turkey trotters in the near future. He has a Master's in History and has an amazing memory of his younger days. My early transmittals didn't get through and Ken said that it must of been a temporary aberration and that here must have been a problem with his local provider because his first logon went through 12 unsuccessful attempts to connect. He wtote: "Perhaps, the Russians have tapped all former ASAers". Ken still hold the secrets of thousands of IBM punch cards that he handled at Manzarali and that he will never tell what happened to them. Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you I became an amateur racer at age 47. I have the distinction of having raced (autocross racing) in the NSA parking lot at Ft. Meade, on the airport runways of Salinas, KS and through the streets of downtown Cheyenne, WY. Competive street racing against the clock is one hairy experience. I finished second by the way. First place was later disallowed because the guy's car was illegal. It was so funny when we raced at NSA. NSA in a move to soften its spook image allowed us to use their big parking lot, but we weren't allowed to take any photographs. I wonder why. Verrrry interesting. Will search my "junk closet" for relevant photos and scan them to you. I'll work up a BIO shortly. Do you have contact with John DeSarbo of NY? He was dating one of the exotic dancers downtown for a while. He was a stud. We had 2 female nurses when I was there. Names escape me. Is Sgt. Clarence Shoop still around? He worked off-duty as the "bouncer" at the NCO club. He was known to clean the plow of those who couldn't handle their liquor and got too loud and rowdy. Perhaps the #1 played song on the jukebox when I was there was "Detroit City" by Bobby Bare. Of course, with a few beers we could really sound lonely when we sang along the line that went: "I wanna go home, I wanna go home. Oh, how I wanna go home." I can't remember the company commander's name but he was a Texas A&M grad who always had the departees over for his famous frozen strawberry daiquiris the evening before departure. We rode to the airport in the ambulance. I was there when Kennedy was assasinated. We had to wait for the Turks to march up to raise their flag so we could raise ours and lower it to half mast. I was a member of the detail that lowered the flag that day. I would like to take some of the workload off your shoulders. Send me a list of what needs to be done and I'll see if there is something I can do. What's involved in making the name badges? Maybe I could do that. I've gotten my leave approved for the reunion time. Looking forward to receiving your newsletter and other things.Stay in touch.--KEN We had a post photographer who specialized in photographing the female genitalia down at the compound and then enlarging and cropping the image so that if you were not in on the secret you would not know what you were looking at. He also made a few figure studies of one of the officer's teenage daughters. Quite a man ahead of his time. Maybe one of the others will remember his name. Stay in touch. LATER--KEN. I [gH] asked Roy DesRuisseaux and Col. Winarski who were good frinds with, Jon Wood, the Manzarali photographer at that time about this and they didn't have any first hand knowledge of this. Roy was not 100% per cent sure but thought one of the pictures Jon had hanging in his apartment in Georgetown was a nude. Tastefully done not vulgar at all. Stan says that he would not have guessed that was Jon - but the time frame looks right. Jon came across as more professional than that but ... perhaps we might want to leave Jon rest in peace since he can't defend himself. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
PULASKI, John B., PFC-SP4, F&AO, Det 27, 63-64, 5423 Kennedy Blvd., W. New York, NJ 07093, 201-867-6427, No response.

REA, Leonard H., (Lenny), SP4, F&AO, Det 27, JA63-JN64, (Cathy), 106 Highgrove Ln., Chesterfield, MO 63005, 636-227-3230. My e-mail address is I'm still looking up stuff to send to you -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
REITER, George, DOB: 1945, SP4, F&AO, Det 27, JN63-DE64, (Bobbi), 7191 Campbell St., Taylor, MI 48180, 313-291-9779, Hi El - Thanks for the phone call update. I enjoyed talking with you. I'll send a Bio shortly. And, here is Pat Winderlins email address: and Bambridge Perterson's: [This is not valid - gets sent back]. Thanks for all of your work and leadership for putting the pieces together for a beautiful memory of Det 27 for all of us who served there! I'll get back with you... Thanks, -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SHUMATE, Ken, DOB: 1941, Supply, Det 66, OC62-MY64, Sandra, 3225 SW Springtown Rd., Plattsburg, MO 64477, 516-930-3329, Contacted on 25 June 2002. Ken informs that he was a roommate of Ken Baldwin for a short period of time and that Baldwin told him about some of his car dealings and that Chaplain Devaney kept him informed about Baldwins life in a prison. He remembers Cpt Roy L. Loudermilk as his OIC and that he babysat for their children. He called him a good dude. Some of the other names he remembers are Cpt Jamison, Melvin Ballsman, SFC Baker, Ray Richter all from Det 66 and Jack (Skip) Boone, John Lampe and Ted Nelson. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
WINDERLIN, Patrick, PFC-SP4, Finance clerk, Det 27, (Katharine), 77 Church Ave., Bellston Spa, NY 12020, 518-885-6952,
E-MAIL CHANGES BRANTAL, Don, PFC-SP4, F&AO, Det 27, MY63-SE64, (Carol), Duluth, MN. I called Don on 6-22-02 regarding his e-mail status. His new ADR is: (cable modem). Don is 60 and took early retirement from a Duluth area power company. He gave me seven new names.

DUNHAM, Gary, SP5, 98C, Det 27 and 4-4, 67-69, (Sharon), Victoria, TX Gary Dunnam and Sharon Steen have a new internet provider. Please note new email address: <> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
James Q., CW4, A/S4, Det 27, JA64-JN66, (Ruth), Hopewell, VA Hi, I'm in trouble as my computer broke down and I lost all memory. Forunately I had written your e-mail address down on paper and was able to find it.. My new e-mail is ( Of course I lost the complete list of all members as well as the additional information and updates that you sent. If nothing else please provide the reunion dates, and the name of the hotel where the reunion will be held. Any help w/b appreciated.Thanks, Jim Nolan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Stanley T. SP5-1LT, Spook, Det 27, JL62-JA65, (Carol), Hampton, VA Elder, - Note that my address is, not Got the relay additions - so far only Dave Wollman has responded saying the DOOL got to him. I'll try to raise the others again. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Maurice Cammack E3-E5, Det 27, 57-59, (Katie), 3024 W. Gallman Rd., Hazelhurst, MS 39083, 601-892-4597, Elder,Just a note to let you know that I received the material you were kind enough to send to me. I am working on a BIO and trying to get Katie to help me pick out a few pictures to attach. I found my promotion orders to SGT in 1958, while at Det 27 and have the names of others on the set of orders. I also found information about 2 commanders we had while I was in the Det, along with the names of our NCOIC, and Maintenance NCOIC. This information will be included in the BIO, or if you prefer, I can forward the names separately. Tom Stephens, the guy I mentioned who was with me in the unit, has been out of town but will be back next week, and maybe if I jog his mind, he can also help me identify others who were in Ankara with us. Again, thank you for the Memory Book and the reunion info. When Tom gets back, we'll get together and try our darnest to get up your way this fall Best wishes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Jim Harber, SP5-058 Manzarali, 19MY62-27OC63, (Becky), Acworth, GA., One of my best friends while in Turkey was Terry W Jennette (Sp4, June 62 -Dec63, Comm Center, Valley Station, KY). Terry and I were at Devens together, but he got out of 058 and eventually ended up at Manzarali a month or so after I arrived. Terry currently does not have email, but already has a new PC and will be getting into email shortly his retirement at the end of July. He and I have stayed in touch and visited over the last 38 years since Turkey. We have kept in communications about the Hershey Reunion the past few months. He called me yesterday and said that he had just made reservations at the Holiday Inn and he and wife Sharon will be attending... late arrival Friday nite... I have also just located another Manzarali roommate I had.... Joseph Patrick Greenwell, (Sp4, Nov62-Apr64, 058) who was from Louisville, but has been residing in Hawaii for some time. He regrets that he will not be able to attend, but I will quote a line from him..."You may want to share with all of your constituents the meaning of the name "O'a hu". It means, " the gathering place". So it may be appropriate if it were to be a gathering of the 'good old boys from Turkey'. " I am attaching an image of Pat Greenwell. I believe the GI on right is Douglas Ort, an 059 section supervisor and Corporal at that time. Later, Jim Harber, SP5-058 Manzarali, 19May62/27Oct63. I received your last email on 6/17, ref DOOL email status. The last DOOL I received was #71.

From: William Schulz Re: The 1954 Congress-modified Pledge of Allegence The anarchists who oppose recitation of the Pledge in schools seem to feel that the Constitution bestowes the right to not be "offended." They are apparently too dense to comprehend that the Constitution defines this country as a democratic republic in which the will of the majority-- within reasonable limits-- rules. Not everyone gets his/her way… their "say," yes. But their "way?" No way! GOD BLESS AMERICA! Period. End of sermon. Bill
--------------------------------------------------------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
From: Richard Arena E4 05K Det 27 and Det 4, JA62-MR63, Roswell, GA., After mustering out in '63 I've returned to the Boston area numerous times, but it was not until after 9/11 that I felt motivated to go out to Devens. Realizing that the war on terrorism is far from over, I suppose I was subconsciously beginning a search for some way I could put my old cold warrior instincts could to good use. Arriving in Ayer on a bright clear day, I found the years have been very kind to the old place. It looks prosperous and the town center is a restored historic area now. There were lots of visitors and the merchants are very hospitable. Devens is quite another matter. It has been decommissioned -- if that's the term -- and it's a mere shadow of the way it was when last I saw it in December '63. Driving up the old main gate road it was hard to reconcile my memories with what I was seeing. I swung into the ASA school quadrangle. It was like discovering the dying body of an old friend. USASATC&S is abandoned and in a sad state of disrepair. Allen Hall, where I spent many hours as a student and later as an 059 instructor, gave no hint of the secrets it once held. Closing my eyes I could almost hear echoes from the boots and cadence calls of all the students who ever marched to school "Forty miles from Boston Bay". Scanning the pealing paint and rusting gutters, I recalled the faces of old buddies and imagined the ditty dah's and clickity clack from the classrooms where I waited for my TS back in '61. Returning to town, I found an Army surplus store where I searched in vain for ASA patches and pins from the early 60's era. At the time I didn't know that ASA no longer exists. It was there and then that I decided find my old outfit. All who served with ASA know there was something special about the organization and its people. Isn't that why we visit this site? We were front line troops in the cold war. We made a difference. I don't know why the Agency was dismantled. Maybe it was because of technology advancements, or maybe it's because of service politics. It really doesn't matter now. What matters is finding this site and you. Yes, we are old soldiers, but I'll bet you are like me -- your antenna is up and you're on alert. There is a very dangerous and clever enemy among us planning to kill our families and friends. I can't help but wonder if there isn't a way people like us, trained "observers", can make a difference in this war. Richard Arena SP/5 RA15638677 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: gh - Sorry to intrude on your busy schedule, but we have a flondering ex-Manzarali Mauler , who has just returned from atrip to Germany and is in need of enlightenment of our REUNION PLANS..........a.k.a. Jon Kettenring, Lt. I know that I have the info. here somewhere, but my son is getting married this weekend and things are just a little out of sorts !!! Send to: THANKS - WALT Also, found out from Jon that the 1st Lt. that I've been trying to find is not Charles, but Ralph Stevens - left Manzarali for HELO school and probably ended up in Nam.. Sort of figure he was a career man !!Great guy, great family .... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Jon Kettenring, thanks much for the reunion info. Jon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: "Dave Althouse" <
From: Merhaba, My relay seemed to work ok. I think you should include in the next DOOL all the info about the reunion again. Two guys responded to me for info and all mine is at work and I'm on vac til tues but I'm sure there are others wanting it again. It's a small world. I stopped into the beer store with my Det 4-4 hat and the owner started talking to me about one of her employees from Turkey. The next time I stopped in Kemal was working and he is from Bursa. We talked for a while but it was so busy we didn't get too much of a chance. He was a teacher there and made $400.00 per month and wants to become an American citizen. One of my memories from Bursa was getting a haircut, and a shave with a straight razor. Maybe that's why I have an aversion to shaving. I remember sitting very still and when I was done I told myself, been there done that and never again.

From: "Drew Robinson, SP5, Medic, Det 27, AP64-NO65, (Janet), Hamilton, MI., gH, Let me know how I can help with forwarding the DAYS OF OUR LIVES. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
John Grimes III I made reservations today at the Holiday Inn, Hershey, PA for the reunion on 13-15 Sept 2002. See you'll in Sept. If you need/want more info from me on my service/live let me know.

From: Chuck Bergmann Hi Elder 6/12/2002 The e-mail service that you and I and most people have is a limited e-mail service. There are e-mail service providers out there that handle what is called bulk mailing. That service cost more and is only used by large companies doing advertising by e-mail. The providers that you and I have can only really handle about 25 e-mail address in a group. I have found that it is more like about 10. This is also governed by the size of the e-mail you are sending. E-mail with lots of attachments will have a problem with 25 address were as if there is no attachment you can safely do 25. We have an e-mail list here of about 125 and at times found the same problem you are having. The only way we have been able to fix that is to use smaller numbers on the groups. We now use about 20 names on a group with no attachments and have not had a problem since then. We have been told that the anti-virus you use may be causing a problem also. I have found that not to be true from my experience. Also if you are using outlook express and the software to send your e-mail and you are not using outlook express version 6.0 I would recommend you upgrade to that. You can do that over the internet for free. I have seen this problem more frequently in outlook express with versions lower than 6.0. The newer Version of outlook express seems to handle the larger mailings better. Not perfect though. At this point I know you don't want to hear about it but you might have to look at hosting a web site and post the stuff on the web site. I know you probably don't want to do that and it will cost some money to do. So the only other answer I have for you is to break it down into small groups. I can forward about 10 groups of about 20 names for you if you would like. That would be easy to do. Just give me all the names and you want and I'll break them down into small groups. You can give them to me as a word document or in the body of the e-mail. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Julian Hargus Tell Others About GIsearch - Elder, I really like this search link. I have never been spammed from here and have found a couple of vets. If anyone is looking for vets, I recommend it. thx We are firmly committed to making the most used and useful military network on the Internet, and we need your help. Ours is a grassroots effort. If you like, tell others about it and encourage them to register. Please forward this email to everyone you know who might be interested in using is completely free and it's a great way to keep in touch or reconnect with lost friends. Go to: Elder, I've sent 3 messages to ASA Turkey vets that I found on different search engines. I checked on the latest list and didn't see their names so they may be good hits. Jerry Eby (Det4); Mike Cover (Det 27); and David Vandiver (Det 27). I told them to contact me if they wanted to "jump in" and I will turn them over to you when/if they email me. Just a heads up -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
called Stan Atherholt on 6-22-02. He no longer has email service. He lives in Genesee, PA., about 4 hours from Hershey. He hopes to attend the reunion. Asked about Jim Herring, Gary Anderson and Howie Ramey- - -gH -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: HOWARD C STEPHENS, SR Good Afternoon, Fellow "ASA'ers": In order to help out with the distribution effort, Elder Green has asked that we help him out by agreeing to fwd the Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) missives, to ten (10) of our former comrades. He provided each of us with a pick list of 10 names. That's how I put together the (re)distribution list for this e-mail. Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I do. It's kind of nice to put aside the daily cares and think back to a time when were all so very young and the world was so grand and glorious. My memory is no doubt rose tinted, but I felt we could do about anything back in those days. Hope the 40 year flashback is enjoyable for you, as we all reach back in time to rekindle something that seemed beyond retrieving from the vaults of time, from so very long ago. Hope all goes well with each of you at present! SP/4 Howard "Steve" Stephens, Det 27 12/60 through 09/62 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\
Dave Waldmann Subject: AZ ASA Reunion Reminder We are about 2 months out from our 4th AZ ASA reunion. If you haven't made your reservations, please do so ASAP. The Hon-Dah is expected to be really busy about that time and we need to get in early to be sure we save our block of set-aside rooms and you get the room of your choice. The toll free number of the Hon-Dah is 800 929-8744. Ask for extension 7620 if calling Mon-Fri between 8AM and 4PM or extension 7592 if calling Sat-Sun between 8AM and 1PM and identify yourself as a member of the "ASA Group". You can cancel at no cost up to 24 hours prior to arrival date. Be sure to send your banquet registration forms to John Satterfield 7570 E Speedway Blvd #469, Tucson, AZ 85710 phone (520) 885-9636 so that everybody gets plenty to eat. Don't believe the rumors that Arizona is going to burn up before then...the rain is going to start any day now. The Hon-Dah is a super resort and that part of Arizona is truly beautiful...that's why some of them up there call it "God's Country". Looking forward to seeing you., Dave Waldmann CW3 Ret., 5129 Dead Bear Draw, Hereford, AZ 85615, ph 520 378-0159 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------