Days of our Lives #73 - June 21, 2002.

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Elder RC Green - - -gH ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------                            
Newly found VET's

Maurice, Det 27, 57-59, (Katie), 3024 W. Gallman Rd., Hazelhurst, MS 39083, 601-892-4597,  From: Maurice Cammack To: Jimbo Stephens  Tommy,  Talked with Mr. Green for quite awhile this morning. Will fill you in when I see you. If we can swing it, think it would be a nice time of the year for a little trip to PA, don't you?best wishes, Mack
George W., SP5, 058, Det 27, OC64-66, (Gene), Rr2, Forney, TX 75126, 972-564-3569, -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                            
e-mail changes MENHENNETT,
Daniel R., SSG, S2, Det 27, 66-68, (Carol), Lilburn, GA,  Dan worked in S2 at Manzarali.  His boss was LTC Don Philbrick.  He remembers the tantrems that LTC Comfort took every time the FOCK Rock was re-painted and has the inside scoop on the actions taken to jackhammer the FOCK Rock to bits. Dan will be 60 in Sept.  He retired in 1982 as a E-8.  They lived in the 'old' government quarters on Manzarali.  Carol worked for Tom Paine on post. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                              

That's easier said than done.  Here I sit finally feeling satisfied that the newsletter is getting to everyone through the assistance of 13 vets who will be relay stations for me.  Chuck Bergmann is relaying it to 185 vet's.   Det 4 is now a part of our group and I need relay volunteers for them.   If anyone wants to volunteer to relay to 10 vet's - let me know. Bill Simons, the webmaster for the Sinop vet's has been most receptive to my queries, etc.  I am always looking for ASA Turkey BIO's, for the weekly DAYS OF OUR LIVES and then into the Memory Book.   I'm slowly looking into the possibility of setting up a webpage that everyone can access, but since I'm a novice at the PC - it will take time and a lot of patience on my part and patience is what i lack!   The 2002 Memory Book is now at 285 pages and growing.   I've set 1 August 2002 as the cut-off date for entries into the Memory Book as that will give me time to edit the entries and get it ready for the addition of the Hershey REUNION PHOTO's and then forward the finished product to Chuck Bergmann (JC-his 058 op sine at Manzarali) who has volunteered to mass produce the 2002 Memory Book and then MAIL the mini-disks to those who want a copy.                                       

Chuck Bergmann, 058, Det 27, MY66-DE67, (Helen), Bay Village, OH
Gene Cram, 982, Det 27, 66-67, (Phyllis), Dunnellon, FL
Walt Dubicki, 058/9, Det 27, DE61-JN63, (Beverly), Louisville, KY
Roger Glubka, 72B, Det 27, FE64-JL65, (Michelle), Korea
Bill Hartranft, 058, Det 27, 18OC62-27JL64, (Sheila), Philadelphia, PA
Gary Jorgensen, 058, Det 27 & 4-4, MY66-SE68, (Vergie), Duluth, MN
Greg Kearney, 058, Det 4-4, SE68-OC71, (Lonnie), Hesperia, CA
Phil Kelly, 71L, S2, Det 27, DE62-MY64, (Donnie), Ridgecrest, CA
Ted Midtaune, 058, Det 27, 24OC62-64, (Merry), Livermore, CA
Ralph Richter, 059, Det 27, 66-67, Columbus, OH
Howard Stephens, Det 27, DE60-SE62, (Judy), Rochester Hills, MI
Stan Winarski, Spook-S2, Det 27, JL62-JA65, (Carol), Hampton, VA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                         
                      WHERE IS DICK FRANK?
Michael Comroe, SP4, 059, Det 27, 61-62, (Jane), Audubon, PA.,   WOULD like our help help in locating a Richard C Frank, RA19611861.  Dick was a career EM who was from Oregon State and later from Texas. Last known duty station was
Ft Meade Md. (Puzzle Palace). He was a comm ctr NCO who served with me in Turkey in 61-63. Heard a rumor that he received a commission and put some time in Central America. I would love to find him for our Sept Reunion. Thanks

From: I made my reservations at the Holiday Inn in Hershey.  The first time that I called the man who answered did not know what I was talking about.  But, one of the women listed called me back a couple of days later and took care of it.  In reference to the picture, the only state that I remember is that Bill Black was from KY. I believe.   Another name that I remember was Rick Pecht (not in that picture) he was from PA.  Bill, Rick and I took a trip to Germany together.  We were on a ten day leave, by the time we got back to Turkey we had been gone ninteen days.   I may have a video of 8mm movies that I took while there.  I haven't look at it for a long time.  I don't think the quality is real good.  I'll have to look for it.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: Harry Lance, SP4, 058, Det 4, AP59-AP60, Nazareth, PA Subject: News letter and reunion Elder  -  Thank you for inviting me to the reunion.  Yes I definitley want to be included for the newsletter also.  I am looking forward to the reunion since this is the first time in 40 odd years I will be abled to sit down at talk to former ASAer's.  I am sure you will get a good turn out for the reunion.  I am looking forward to it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Ralph Richter, Top.  I'm in Harrisburg and Philly until Friday evening.  Will relay #73 when I get back home. Glad to help you-- and appreciate everything you have and are doing for us old ASA'ers.  PS  Give my love to Patty.
HOWARD C STEPHENS, SR Elder, Haven't gotten a DOOL missive in a few weeks. I was wondering why all was quiet? Always glad to respond to your request.  I have a suggestion if you are using MS Outlook for your e-mail. Select tools on the toolbar and then select "Request Read Receipt". You s-h-o-u-l-d get a notification from the recipient when the message is actually read (I have just turned this option on for the message I am sending you now). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From:  Gary Jorgensen:  I'll be heading to Mpls fri morning to my oldest sons wedding and returning Sunday afternoon so the first relay will be a couple days late.  I got a reply from Dick Jones and he is going to try and make the reunion but it's a busy time for his work finishing up the budget etc. and next week I'm going to call Rich Pietrowiak in Baltimore and try to get him to drive up. His email account is no longer valid. I see Mark Hamiltons website is up and running again. Gary  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Philip W Kelly Elder, I'll take ten. I haven't been receiving many missives lately. Be happy to help . -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Walt Dubicki, I'am ready and able to send DOOL's ...Standing by....Walt ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bill Hartranft  Count me in. Only issue is that we're moving over the next few weeks and I'm not sure about the moving the service from home now to home new... Should have in place by end of the month. It's no trouble to forward, can do to 10 or 20 or 30. The effort is the same for me. Let me know how I can help. Here's a thought: Design the process. Share the process design.....Ask for feedback ... Evaluate the feedback.......propose positive changes based on input receive feedback (won't be much)......put the process in place.....Thanks all for feedback do it.....Some random.... If someone asks a question, how to we get it answered? Where do we maintain the "central address" list what's the best way to communicate changes...Want to work together on this?,......wdh ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Grey Kerney,  ER, I recieved your plea for help and just to let you know that I am not much of a geek on this puter thing. If it is a simple process to relay anything I would be willing to give it a try. Also just to let you know, I have not recieved anything from you for quite awhile. I believe the last missive I got was #68. As far as suggestions, I don't know of anyway to make it easier other than it might be time to just set up a website and then set up some sort of msg communications within the site. I can only refer to the web site of Vern Gruenkes ASA site. He seems to have a pretty good handle on the way things are set up. That way also you could monitor the site and put out the missives on the site. The roster could be integrated within the site for bulk mailings or notifications and people could just use the site for contact with each other also. At any rate, I'm sure someone in our group, with a lot more computer savvy will be able to come up with a better mousetrap......Greg Kearney ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Gene Cram - OK ERC I'LL HELP YOU, JUST SEND WHATEVER YOU WANT FORWARDED AND TO WHOM. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Stanley T. Winarski,  - Elder, I can help with your distribution. Stan ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Charles Mcclevish,,  ELDER:  I haven't heard from you since May the 9th.  A mailing list of 375 is a big tasking. You need volunteers? I'm thinking about it.

Ted Midtaune I would be happy to send the "Days" out for the next 6 months, and after that I will be retiring and have to change my address. I hope to get on line at home at that time, but when that happens, don't want to commit to forwarding then. I will be forwarding from a Mac, so instructions are n.g., but will figure it out with the help of our computer guru. See ya.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
From: Roger Glubka,  
Elder. Michelle and I went to a Turkish restaurant they just built here outside the side gate of Hannam Village (Yongsan, Korea) called the "Merhaba" and it's one of those 5 course meals place.  So 64 dollars later I told my wife we could have bought the same meals in Turkey for about a third of the price. Get this - the owner is Korean and the cooks are Turkish. I told the cook:  "offendi cok guzel", that's the extent of my Turkish. But it was delicious the only thing that was missing was some "raki" and that might have been on the menu. Regarding my relays - In Outlook Express you can add these names as a "New Group".  If you use Microsoft Outlook, which I do I click on the address book symbol and then click on New Distribution List. You will be prompted to  name this group (Maulers [or Turkey Gobblers]) then "select" which people from your regular address book you want in the group contact.  That's what I will do with these 22 and the ones I don't already have I'll just add and then go back and select.  If you don't have them all originally in your address book I guess copy and paste is best for you but my way you only do it once.  That is except doing the regular maintenance which is adding or removing. A lot of people use free email (hotmail) and you can only send them so much (2.5kg)i.e. large attachments, video's, and sound are out of the question.  In case your wondering why you get so many failed, like I do.  I don't have all the Maulers on my email list like you do because a lot don't acknowledge that I'm alive or appreciate what I send. You know what I mean.  You can use my work email anytime you like
Michael Comroe, SP4, 059, Det 27, 61-62, (Jane), Audubon, PA.   Subj: Re: The 1962 Football Photo gH: they say that the road to HELL is paved with good intentions! After saying that I will dig in my memories box and find the picures. Will copy and forward next week or I will turn in my Kari-hani pass. [[LOOKS like you're going to have to send me the KARI-HANI pass too!- - -gH]]  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Jim Lauderman, tedee baer6697, Subject: Manzarali ski trip info George Hensley, Forney, TX., Doug Bartosh, Minneapolis, MN., Bill Black, Covington, KY., Thanks,   PS: The only other contacts I had  were members of the 330th in Pleiku, Vietnam -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------       
                     by Major Norm Frickey:       Thank You.... Something I probably never thanks loud enough or often enough.  As I re-read the Disney blivet I wrote, I felt a need to clarify the thank you comment.  What I was trying to say in my somewhat bumbling manner is that too often I got caught up in the day to day stuff -- that sort of the "grown men don't" cry and real "army officers don't get mushy and say thanks" syndrome.  While I was rambling, it dawned on me that I probably never said thank you to all those who served with me at Det 4-4.  It's sort of like when you're flying and the pilot comes on intercom and says "We'd like to thank you for flying with us today" -- you notice he doesn't thank you, he just says he'd like to.  Well, to the case in point THANK YOU TO THE MEN OF DET 4-4.  No one can do it alone and only the team can succeed.  We witness it time and again in business and sports -- regardless of who the CEO or coach is, it's the players on the field who determine success and/or failure.  Anyone who knows what we did, knows operations is where our success or failure was determined and at Det 4-4 operations made us what we were.      In my own convoluted way I got to thinking of Arthur Anderson, the shredding and Romania a few moments ago which took me back to KAS.  Anyone who knows me knows I was not ops trained -- but in it's wisdom HQASA decided, in it's SOPs, that the commander had to be involved in certain critical decisions -- big mistake when it comes to ops issues and me.  I figured that's why we had Watch Officers, NCO's and superior enlisted technicians.  I knew my limitations and tried to avoid real operational issues. However, and this brings me to shredders and Romania, one dark and dreary night I was awakened from my sleep and summoned to ops -- it seemed there was something that demanded my immediate attention.  I was sleepy, however, to wake me up I jumped on my trusty ten-speed and rode to ops.   The bike ride was invigerating and when I got there I was wide awake and I was told it was a "Romanian Issue" and that the ops officer from Sinop was on the TT and needed to chat with me.   I knew the Major on the other end (he was an ops type) and I did not see why he couldn't handle the situation.  Maybe it was the time of day or the general confusion that sometimes seemed to rule, but the TT converstion was not going well.   I felt the need for sleep more that a dialogue with him .. well, we discussed an intercept that indicated Romanians were attacking the Russians.   He did not seem to understand what I was trying to say and I certainly didn't understand what his problem was.  So in desperation, I swore.....and banged out one last message.....something like NO YOU STUPID S.... IT'S THE ROMANIANS ATTACKING THE RUSSIANS (that's what someone had determined).  Well, the system took over from there.   some well meaning sole looking over my shoulder, saw my last message and took the initiative (we were often applauded for taking the initiative).  I guess he thought -- my gosh if the CO says it, it must be true and dropped a CRITIC on the network and things started to happen.  Before I could leave the area, the AF next door was receiving and reacting to a CRITIC --- when questioned, the origin seemed to be us.  OOOOPS ... well, all hell broke loose.  But you know what?  When the investigation was concluded -- nothing could be confirmed nor denied nor validated -- we were however criticized for not having a proper "paper trail."  How about that, in a world of paper, we didn't have enough.  There were allegations of everything from incompetence to cover-up but we pre-vailed.  Again, a belated thanks from me. Norm Frickey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Tom Harris, SSG, 054, Det 27, JN65-AP67, Atlanta, GA., ------- Start of forwarded message -------
From: Ken LeBrun,
Subject:TUSLOG 30
My brother was assigned to TUSLOG 30 in or near Ankara, Turkey in 1960/61.  He supposedly died of natural causes while being evacuated to a German base during the military coup. He informed us that TUSLOG 30 was a military intelligence unit.  He received the Air Force Commendation award posthumously.  Trying to get to the truth of Don's death.  Any insights that you might have or referral sources would be helplful. Thank you.
-------- End of forwarded message -------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Sinopetours Sinop-Turkey <> Subject: ..reunion in Sinop Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,
This is a general message to all civilians and officers stationed here, in  Sinop.  My name is Adem TAHTACI.  I'm electrical engineer (studied in Germany, title Dipl. Ing.) and translator in German. I also have a travel agency. I live  and work independently in my hometown, Sinop. I love here as you do it:))  From 1965 on, as I was 12 years old, I had many American friends from the  base. Because I was attending junior and senior high school (an English  spoken school with the must subjects in English) in Samsun at that time, so I was speaking perfect English. And I loved speaking English and enjoyed friendship with them. I had also many American teachers at the school. I was grown up with reading the books of Mark Twain, Ernst Hemingway, George  Orwell etc, (Tom Sawyer, Hucklebery Fin, Farewell to arms, The old man and the sea etc.) I have very clear and beautiful memories with you, wonderfull, unforgetable Christmas celebrations at the base and more. You were transporting all children of Sinop from downtown with shuttle busses up to base... I was also traveling with some of you through Turkey, as little guide:)) I remember Bob aus Chicago, my best friend for example, who had intended to open a cafe in Sinop... I want to say you that I am willingly ready to support this site with pictures an photos from new Sinop, surroundings and from you at the base.  Because I have an old  book (Welcome to the United States Army Field Station, Sinop, Turkey, Hož Geldiniz) concerning in 49 pages many photos of
you and your social and sport activities here.:)) We could also arrange a  meeting in Sinop for example with the participation of civilians and officers sationed here at that time, I mean a reunion trip. How is the idea? I think I brought you back to that beautiful old days again:)) I also give  you my web site, which is being prepared in Turkish, English and German..  You can look in it now.. : Our Governor also wants to welcome you here. I am in some commissions (tourism, environment protecting etc)at the governorship in Sinop. Our governor is also ready to welcome you here again.. With best regards and respects from Sinop