Subject: DAYS OF OUT LIVES #71
Date: ue, 4 Jun 2002 21:45:40 -0500



Subject: Bury Me With Soldiers



I've played a lot of roles in life;

I've met a lot of men,

I've done a lot of things I'd like to think

I wouldn't do again.

And though I'm young, I'm old enough

To know some day I'll die.

And to think about what lies beyond,

Beside whom I would lie.

Perhaps it doesn't matter much;

Still if I had my choice,

I'd want a grave 'mongst soldiers when

At last death quells my voice.

I'm sick of the hypocrisy

Of lectures of the wise.

I'll take the man, with all the flaws,

Who goes, though scared, and dies.

The troops I knew were commonplace

They didn't want the war;

They fought because their fathers and

Their fathers had before.

They cursed and killed and wept..

God knows

They're easy to deride...

But bury me with men like these;

They faced the guns and died.

It's funny when you think of it,

The way we got along.

We'd come from different worlds

To live where no one belongs,

I didn't even like them all;

I'm sure they'd all agree.

Yet I would give my life for them;

I know some did for me.

So bury me with soldiers, please,

Though much maligned they be.

Yes, bury me with soldiers, for

I miss their company.

We'll not soon see their likes again;

We've had our fill of war.

But bury me with men like them

Till someone else does more.


BRITTINGHAM, Bill, 058, Det 27, 61-62, (Lynne), 208 Sunset Dr., Glen Burnie, MD 21060, 410-760-1714, no e-mail. I talked with Bill's wife on the 25th. She said that all he does is SLEEP!


DeGROFT, George W., E4, 058, Det 27, DE61-JN63, (Susan), 19 Burley St., Berlin, MD 21811, 410-641-3555,

MERENS, Roger, E5-E6, 98G Russian linguist, Det 27, 65-OC66, (Janet), 951 Hilly Haven Ct., Green Bay, WI 54311, 920-469-5655. Contacted Roger on the 25th. He is a 63 year old and retired CPA who is interesting in receiving the newsletters and infor about the reunion.


Fm: -

Dear Elder RC Green: We found your Military reunion posted on the web and would like permission to post the information on the soon to be released REUNION section on <>. Please let us know by simply hitting reply to this message with your response. Thank you.
TUSLOG Det 27, 4, 4-4 and 66 - Posted by: Elder RC Green - Service: Army - Date: Sep 13, 2002 - Sep 15, 2002 - Place: Holiday Inn - City: Harrisburg/Hershey - State: PA - Country: USA
Person to Contact: Elder RC Green - Email: </ym/Compose?> - Phone: 724-349-7395
Address: 3094 Warren Rd - City: Indiana - State: PA - Zip: 15701 Country: USA
Description: With the exception of Det 66, this is a Army Security Agency (ASA) vets reunion who served at Manzarali, Sinop and Karamursel Turkey. The first reunion was held 14-16 Sept 2001 at Ft Devens, MA. A newsletter for this group is published on-line to all who have internet service. Any and all inquiries will be answered ASAP.

Julian Hargus , E4, 059/711, Det 27, DE60-SE62, (Linda), Jefferson City, MO.,

Sorry, I'm having computer problems. I wrote a long, detailed answer to your Plymouth query that Steve Stephens ID'd as a Plymouth. It was a DODGE , hit send and got the message "sent", so when I got this message, I didn't understand what happened. Anyway, I retyped a shortened version and was ready to send it when it disappeared. My oldest son is a Computer Specialist for the state and is coming over tonight because he said it can't happen the way I described. - So here I go again - 3rd try.

Howard (Steve) Stephens, Jim Grobe and I went to Athens for a little R&R, wining and dining, sampling the local ladies, snorkling, doing the tourist bit and enjoying life. When we were ready to return to Manzarali, I looked around for a car and found a 1950 Dodge, 4 door for $100. But before we closed the deal, the owner found out we were from Turkey and doubled the price since he had heard of the money being made on cars by GI's in Turkey. We didn't have license plates so Steve got some crayons and cardboard and made a "US Forces in Turkey" plate. (Didn't work). We got arrested in Salonika for false plates and thrown in a prison straight out of a B grade movie. The American Embassy refused to help us and I was resigned to die in prison, never heard from again. We heard someone speaking English outside of our cell and got his attention. He was from the British Embassy and got us released (with the help of 2 cartons of cigs) with the stipulation that we would be out of the country within 24 hours. We hauled ass. BUT, 50 Kilometers out of town, we lost the radiator hose. Steve and Jim hitched a ride on a goat cart (or something) and walked hours while I waited with the car. When they got back with a roll of black friction tape (no hoses available) we limped on until we found a station and repaired the car. Again, we cranked it up and didn't slow down until we came to a sign that said Salonika 20 kilometers. We had circled around the mountain. So we get good directions and set off again. We got the car on the ferry for Istanbul and relaxed, but not for long. A storm hit with full fury, almost tipping the boat. The captain let us into the enclosed cabin and we watched from there. Coming into Istanbul the winds picked up and we rammed several small boats tied up close to shore. Finally docked, kissed the ground and started to continue the trip. One problem - still no license plates.. This time Jim picked up an Eskimo Pie wrapper printed in Greek and cut out the ingriedient panel...taped it on the windshield and drove off. This time it worked. As a matter of fact, I drove on it for 3 or 4 months until the MPs on site nailed me. (got stopped a few times by Turkish police but got away with the wrapper license each time). I held the title for 1 year and 1 day and sold it to Col Epperson's driver for 18000 lira (9 to 1 at the time). 1,000 percent markup. I'm looking for a box of pictures from Site 23 that show the car and some of the building but haven't found them yet. Hopefully I'll find them soon. Steve, if some of the details are off, please correct. My memory is getting rusty.


Zip, - Got both your message about the 1950 Dodge. Sure brought back a lot of memories. Your memory, as usual, is extremely sharp. I had forgotten a couple of details you included, like the storm on the ferry. I also remember:

1. Getting a case of the Turkey Trots in Salonika and wiring home for some money.

2. Grobe had some special company to keep him busy in Salonika.

3. Didn't Jim also have an interest in sneaking "someone" past the border on the way back to Turkey - or am I confusing that distant memory with a movie I may have seen? Seems to me the risky idea included discharging a passenger before the border, and picking Jim's pal back up on the other side. Sure sounds dumb in 40 years of hindsight.

4. I remember arriving at the Istanbul Hilton, grubby and not feeling well. We had to do some fast talking to get a room for a couple of days. I believe that I sent you a copy of that photo taking in the main dining room of the Hilton.

Hope all goes well for you and your family. Take care pal - and thanks again for staying in touch.



FM: Bill Bender

Dear Elder: - We're about to depart for a mini vacation to celebrate our 33 years together. It's hard to beleive it's been that long but we were youngsters when we tied the knot and I soon brought Dawn to Karamursel for a GI honeymoon! - Anyway, I'll be back in Europe next week with a quick trip to the Netherlands and then onto Paris for three days of sales presentations. I'll be back in the 'World' on June 10th. - I'm glad to see that we've got a few more folks coming to the reunion. I hope that we fill the banquet room at the Penn National Race Course! Whether our freinds bet on the ponies or just watch we'll all have a lot of fun. - I hope to get over to that Turkish shop I told you about in around two weeks. I got the ring sizes in my wallet. I may still travel back to Istanbul in July and perhaps you'll get the real thing! - I'll close for now as it's time to leave for the airport for a few days of fun and frolic! - Best Regards,


FM: Roy DesRuisseaux, E3, MP, Det 27, JN61-AU62, (Josie), Upper Darby, PA

Elder: - I have been in touch with Bob Murphy one of your recent" finds". Bob sent me this e mail a few day ago and I thought it might be worth including in one of your upcoming Days of Our Lives newsletters.

From: Murphy, Robert A.

Roy, - Thanks for the picture and the info. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them.I arrived in Turkey in April, 1960, a few months before Det. 27 was ready for operation. Menderez had just been deposed and all the taxis were riding around with their trunk lids open, to show that he wasn't hiding in there. There were tanks at Kislye Square and at night you would hear occasional bursts of machine gun fire. After a time, they sent me to Sinop for two weeks, and I was there when Francis Gary Powers was shot down. When I came back to Det 27, we did some clean up work in the operations building and eventually the mission got underway. I can remember being sent into the com center to help with the clean-up. Contractors and ASAer's were still doing the installation of the equipment. Some gung-ho GI threatened to shoot me if I didn't get out. You know the rule--only com center guys allowed in the com center. Believe me, we weren't missing anything. Anyway, I faced him down and he didn't shoot me. Of course, he didn't have a gun, so I wasn't too worried. I guess he could have threatened to tell my mother on me...that I would have listened to (principally because it would have brought his sanity into question).

From: To: Murphy, Robert A.

Robert: - I'm no longer in Baltimore. Been living in Upper Darby Pa., the first suburb west of Phila. since March of 1979. Lived in Washington D.C. or Northern Virginia from about 1963 until 1977 then Baltimore for a year and a half or so then up here. I know where you are of course. As for the pictures yes I have them on my computer and will send you one every once and a while. I just bought a very good Epson photo quality printer so maybe I'll print some up as 8x10s for the reunion. Some of the slides look good and some look pretty bad but Photoshop can make most of them look better than they are. If you left in April 1962 you must have been there when they opened. I don't remember when they started working on the DP housing all I know is the majority of the MPs I hung around with were always saying I'm glad I won't be around when they arrive. I kick myself in the butt for not seeing more of Turkey and shooting a lot more pictures then I did. My camera was ok, it was an East German Single Lens reflex camera with interchangeable lenses but the winding knob was loose and would come off and I would have to screw it back on. They had a camera at the Afex in town that took the same lens size as mine but I didn't by it. They also had a Leica M3 and lens for about $250. I wrote my father to send me some money from a saving account I had with about $400.00. He didn't think it was a good idea so I didn't get it. Those cameras with lenses are going for about $1500 used on e-bay. Oh well. I actually owned a Leica M3 & M2 when I was a struggling photographer in the 1970s. Work as a mailman now. Ok this has gone on far too long. The picture I am sending are of some askers outside the maingate.


From: J.W. Heffner, SP4, 98C, Det 27, 63-64, (Linda), Silicon Valley, CA.,
Subject: RE: Musings

To all you PFCs (proud blanking civilians):
A lifetime ago I remember sitting in a hooch that the 265thRRC called it's Club (the only round the clock 24 hour club on Camp Eagle, I Corps, RVN) sippin on a Bud and waiting for the sun to rise. The main topics of discussion by the members of this all volunteer outfit had been exhausted - Is there a God?, Is my girlfriend being true to me?, Is the land of the Big PX (the US of A - conus) still there?, Are the bargirls in Bangkok the sweetest in Southeast Asia?, Will my DEROS (date of expected rotation
overseas) ever come?, If there was no draft would anybody enlist? The next subject turned out to be: Why can't we have a War we can believe in like our Dads? This drifted into:Are we (non career soldiers) here to keep the Army honest? Are Draftees automatically cynics? If we do away with the draft will it be easier to throw pros into battle than draftees and one hitchers? The sun came up, the minesweepers cleared the road down to QL1 and none of the questions stayed resolved. Well the draft is not needed to supply the hi-tech soldiers that make a lot more than we did back in the dark ages (I think my first pay was $72 a month- [[in 1954 it was $78 a month]]) and every casualty is treated like a major event. It makes me consider this generation that is for the most part experiencing it's War through the media and watching the pros do the job. When it comes their turn to supply the leadership of our country how many of them will be able to make a military decision from the perspective of experience and empathy? Is it time for us to consider universal service for 1 or 2 years? (check out the Swiss and the Israelis) I believe that after you put your life on the line for your country it gives you a different perspective on the value of your vote, democracy is a participatory process. But what do I know, I'm just a Dumb Dutchman lost in Silicon Valley,

From Ken Bingham, O2-O3, Transportation Officer/HQs Co CO, Det 27, JN64-DE66, (Linda), Garland, TX.,

I arrived in Turkey in July 1964 with my wife, Linda, and daughter Debbie. We lived in Ankara. I served as Transportation Officer and HQ's Co Commander for a brief time before going to serve with the 1st Inf Division in Vietnam. - Worked for a Defense contractor in Dallas for one year, then became a stock broker in 1968. Some years back while attending a company meeting in Atlanta, I heard a familiar voice asking a question. At the break I went to meet the questioner. After a few minutes we discovered that we had served at Det 27 together. His name is Gil Tenney. A few years later we visited with Gil and his wife Brooke in Maine. Have stayed in contact with each other since then. We have also stayed in contact with Ken and Ellen Giffhorn. Someone referred to the homosexual ring at Sinop. I was the lucky officer who was appointed to represent the U.S. Military in the Board action at Det 27. I still have in my possession the 8mm films I took at the Officer's Club of Col. Hunts going away party. It is really gross, with the doctor singing "They're coming to take you away..HA.HA..HO.HO.., and Ken Giffhorn pouring ketchup on his fellow officers. I will be retiring in a few years. We enjoy being with our grandkids (4), and taking them to our lakehouse a couple hours away. We also go on a family vacation each year to Lake Powell.


From: Wayne Rupp, 056, Det 4, AU63-JL64

I was stationed at Sinop from 08/63 to 07/64 as an 056 . I would like to attend the reunion in Sept of this year. I live in Lemoyne, PA a few miles from Hershey so a hotel room will not be necessary, but I would like to know what the other costs are so I may send a check.

Thanks, Wayne (Lucky) Rupp [[The only other cost is the Saturday meal which is $35. per person
and you can send a check to me, Elder RC Green, 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701. The meal will be at the Penn National Race Course in the Turf Club (5th floor) overlooking the horse track where we can enjoy ourselves and watch the horse races]]

P.S. additional info: Also served in Viet Nam at 3rd RRU 64-65. Vice president of South East Asia Army Security Agency Veterans organization. Our reunion is June 20th - 23 at the Clarion Hotel in Carlisle, PA a few miles from Hershey. Our web page <> (for reunion info as well as period & current pics)
From: Murphy, Robert A., E3-E5, 058, Det 27 and 4, AP61-AP62, (Peg), Glen Burnie, MD.,

Subject: Det 27 and 4-4 reunion, 13-15 Sept 2002

I will be attending the TUSLOG Det 27 and 4-4 Reunion and request that a smoking room (King or Double) be reserved for me for (13-14) Sept 2002 @ $79 per day, per contract agreement between Elder RC Green and Donna Centofanti and Alison English. Please call me at 410-993-6667 for my credit card info. Please advise of any other requirements.


From: Holiday Inn/Hershey, PA

Hi Elder! I just wanted to give you an update on your rooms for September. Only two more rooms have been reserved. The names are: Bob Murphy and Mary-Roy Norman. Please let me know if there is anything that you need at this point! Thanks - Alison

From: Ron Knief>
, Det 4

My telephone # is (906) 932-2309. I am recently retired and am not be able to attend the reunion in PA this year. I can only afford just so many trips a year and I already have an extended one planned. However thanx for asking.


From: John Osmundsen,
Subject: A Great Day for the "Spooks in the Park" Picnic
WOW!! What a great day it was for our picnic! Dean Cannon did excellent recon to find a nice park with a shaded pavilion. Even though the temperature may have gotten into the mid to upper 80's, it was refreshingly cool to have a constant breeze coming through the pavilion as we all chatted and discussed our common experiences. Thanks to everyone who participated in the picnic. Even had representatives of the Air Force and the Navy join us today. We are not exclusively ASA/INSCOM. Some time ago, when looking over the roster of ASA-Arkansas, I noticed a name that stared to ring a tiny bell in my mind. Today, after being introduced and speaking briefly to this person, the bell started to ring a little louder. I visited with others and then the visual recognition started to set in. I know both the name and the face. Had to go back and talk more with him. Sure enough we had worked together. We went through our service assignments until we both said the same unit at about the same time. Harold McCoy was S-3 of the 313th RR Bn, Nha Trang, RVN, at the same time I was the S-4. We talked about mutual friends. That's what these get-togethers are all about. Be sure to come and join in at future events.
Unfortunately, after some folks had left, a reporter from the Jacksonville Leader arrived and took a group photo of us and spent about an hour talking to us. It appears the newspaper is going to run a follow-up story on our group. They did a nice piece about us and our upcoming picnic today in last Wednesday's edition. Look for postings in the future about these newspaper articles. Vigilant Always,
John Osmundsen (:-).


Former ‘spooks' will reunite, reminisce, share

Leader staff writer

From: Dean Cannon

It is not Halloween, but there will be "Spooks in the Park" this Saturday at Dupree Park.

Actually, the gathering will be of spooks, retired ones specifically, of a different kind – those who perform a "clandestine job in civilian clothes, pretending to do something that is not their actual job," as Dean Cannon, organizer of the reunion, put it.

In other words, anyone who is retired from intelligence work for any branch of the military or the FBI, CIA, ATF or Drug Enforcement Agency and who served during the Cold War is invited to the reunion, which will be from noon to 6 p.m.

After that, the get-together will reconvene at a banquet room at the Best Western Inn on John Harden Drive.

A year ago, Cannon began trying to locate former military intelligence workers living in Arkansas.

He managed to find 121 and is anticipating a turnout of between 50 and 70 at the reunion, which he hopes will become an annual event.

"It will be a gathering, a get-acquainted thing," Cannon said. "Everyone should bring their own picnic basket, food and drink."

Cannon worked in Army intelligence from 1954 to 1975, serving in Turkey, Korea, the Aleutian Islands and Germany. During those Cold War years, his job was "watching the Communists," he said, and he is proud to think of himself as a member of a "cold-warrior elite."

John Osmundsen, the former commander of the Army's 407th Radio Research Detach-ment during the Vietnam conflict, is looking forward to the reunion, in part because it will promises to be a special time of sharing among wartime veterans.

"I put Vietnam totally out of my mind for 30 years, until I got an email three years ago," he said. "I have friends that are just now starting to deal with their experiences."

Osmundsen said that the horrors of combat, the scorn heaped upon many troops returning from Vietnam and the futility of the war have caused many veterans to suppress those memories and not talk about them with anyone. Anytime they can get together is a healthy thing, said Osmundsen, who monitors two chat rooms for former members of his detachment.


From: Ron Morgan

Elder - Thanks hugely for sending the photos. I forgot about those two signs! Thanks for the memories. I really appreciate seeing them again.

If I knew you were going to save them I would have used a better media than felt tips in making them. Felt tip ink tends to fade over the years, but it looks like you did a good job preserving them. Keeping them out of direct sun light helps. I have a magazine that did an article on our FSB racing team which has photos of our Bug with Snoopy on the doors. I think there were pictures of us in it too. I saw the mag several years ago, but I have not found it again, yet. I'll keep looking, I know I still have it. I'll forward the story and pics when I do. I will probably fly to the FSB convention and rent a car there. I could stay a few days after. I would like to stop by to visit some friends in the Ft Meade area. I forgot where you said you are living now. Where would you be the days after the convention? I have a photo of Cpt Langenfeld swearing me in on re-up, about '74 I think. Thanks for sending his address. I'll write him.

Don't know if I told you, but I'm planning to go to Ukraine and Russia next year with Clay. He'll be coming out here to the Left Coast this summer. I'm looking forward to his visit. I like reading "Days of Our Lives". It is quite entertaining. I can surely relate to many of the stories I see there. I wish I could have been there. It looks like it was a real experience. Best regards, Ron


From: Richard Arena
Subject: more names

I'm not real sure of the spelling on the last names.
George DeGroft, Det 27 62-63. He was from the North -- PA if memory serves [[SEE ABOVE]]

Gary Satmeyer, Det 27 62-63, WV [[NIL]]

Leo Loader, Det 27, 62-63, Delaware [[NIL]]

The United States Logistics Group (TUSLOG), a cover designation prescribed by US European Command, was headquartered in Ankara, Turkey. As of 1 April 1969, 16th AF assumed responsibility for all USAFE’s units and bases in Spain, Libya, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Until this reorganization The United States Logistics Group (TUSLOG) had supervised USAFE and other US units in Turkey. TUSLOG continued to exist, but as a subordinate unit of Sixteenth Air Force from 1970 onward, with its bases and units in Greece assigned directly to HQ Sixteenth. By 1994 TUSLOG was inactivated.

TUSLOG Det 1 (USAF) Karamursel AB, Izmit

TUSLOG Det 3 (USAF 6933rd Radio Group Mobile, USAFSS) Karamursel AB, Izmit

TUSLOG Det 3-1 (USAF) Trabzon

TUSLOG Det 3-2 (USAF) Samsun

TUSLOG Det 4 (ASA) Sinop

TUSLOG Det 4-1 (ASA) Ankara

TUSLOG Det 4-2 (ASA) Incirlik AB, Adana

TUSLOG Det 4-3 (ASA) Istanbul

TUSLOG Det 4-4 (ASA) Karamursel AB

TUSLOG Det 5 (USAF) Ankara

TUSLOG Det 6 (USAF) Ankara

TUSLOG Det 8 (USAF) Incirlik AB, Adana

TUSLOG Det 8 (USAF USAFI TCO) Diyarbakir

TUSLOG Det 10 (USAF host unit) Incirlik AB, Adana

TUSLOG Det 10-1 (USAF 39th Tactical Wing) Incirlik AB, Adana

TUSLOG Det 10-10 [U-2 Det 10-10] Incirlik AB, Adana

TUSLOG Det 12 (USN) Istanbul [1952-1965] <>

TUSLOG Det 13 (US Army) Izmir

TUSLOG Det 15 Izmir

TUSLOG Det 16 (USAF) Incirlik AB, Adana

TUSLOG Det 17 (ASA) Ankara

TUSLOG Det 20 (USAF) Izmir

TUSLOG Det 27 (ASA) Manzarali

TUSLOG Det 28 (USN/NSA) Karamursel AB, Izmit

TUSLOG Det 29 (USN) Istanbul

TUSLOG Det 30 (USAF ?) Ankara

TUSLOG Det 34 (USAF) Izmir

TUSLOG Det 36 (USAF) Cigli AB, Izmir

TUSLOG Det 37 Ankara

TUSLOG Det 46 (USAF Dispensary) Karamursel AB, Izmit

TUSLOG Det 47 (USAF Hospital) Incirlik AB, Adana

TUSLOG Det 48-2 (USAF) Izmir

TUSLOG Det 55 Ankara

TUSLOG Det 57 (US Army) Istanbul

TUSLOG Det 58 (US Army) Incirlik AB, Adana

TUSLOG Det 63 (USAF) Karamursel AB, Izmit

TUSLOG Det 66 (STRATCOM) Manzarali

TUSLOG Det 85 (??) Istanbul

TUSLOG Det 94 (USAF) Karamursel AB, Izmit

TUSLOG Det 94-1 (USAF Ops) Karamursel AB, Izmit

TUSLOG Det 94-2 (USAF Suppt) Karamursel AB, Izmit

TUSLOG Det 95 (USAF) Karamursel AB, Izmit

TUSLOG Det 114 (USAF) Cigli AB, Izmir

TUSLOG Det 115 Manzarali

TUSLOG Det 117 Cigli AB, Izmir

TUSLOG Det 120 (NSA) Ankara

TUSLOG Det 155 (US Army) Istanbul

TUSLOG Det 165 (USAF) Incirlik AB, Adana

TUSKIG Det 187 (?) Karatas