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Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #65



The ASA TURKEY REUNION this year will be 13-15 September at the Holiday Inn in Hershey, PA as the main lodging and hospitality site.

NOTICE: - - -Det 4 (Sinop), brats and friends are welcome to attend and enjoy the festivities.

This Holiday Inn is a convention type hotel and fills up quickly. I have made arrangements with the Holiday Inn for 52 rooms at $79 per nite, a hospitality room and am in the process of making reservations for the Saturday breakfast at a nearby restaurant.. I have already signed a contract for the Saturday meal at the Penn National Race Course and that info will be forthcoming.


If you are attending the reunion and wish to stay at the Holiday Inn make your reservations as early as possible, preferably by 1 July. Please bear with an old geezer like me........ I'm trying my darnest, at a distance of three hours driving time to Hershey, to insure the success of this get-together....... Therefore it is desired that make your room reservations ASAP so that, if needed, some additional rooms can be reserved for us.... If you wait........ then U might have to stay at another hotel in the area and commute to the Holiday Inn where all the action will be centered in the 1st floor PENN SUITE hospitality room. You can make the reservations by calling 1-717-469-0661 and ask for Cheryl Hegglin. When making reservations identify yourself as member of the "TUSLOG Det 27 and 4-4 Veteran’s Reunion" and specify what type of room you desire (single King size bed or double Queen beds) also whether you prefer smoking or non-smoking. When reserving a room you will be required to give your credit card #. If reserving by e-mail give them your phone number and they will call you to get the credit card # if U so desire. The reservations can be canceled later should that be necessary. This will insure that additional rooms can be made available to us should they be necessary.


The cost for the Saturday meal is $35. per person and has to be paid in advance. Please send your check to me at:

Elder RC Green, 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA

For those who desire to reserve via the internet, send the following:



Subject: Det 27 and 4-4 reunion, 13-15 Sept 2002

I will be attending the TUSLOG Det 27 and 4-4 Reunion and request that a NONsmoking room (King or Double) be reserved for me for (13-14) Sept 2002 @ $79 per day, per contract agreement between Elder RC Green and Donna Centofanti and Alison English. Please call me at (your area code and phone number) for my credit card info. Please advise of any other requirements.


Newly found VET'S

HOTCHKISS, Donald L. E8, 71L, Det 27, JA63-JL65, (Gwendolyn), 233 N. Lenzner, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635, 520-458-5004, no e-mail. I called Don and Gwen on 14 April 2002. Don is 73 and still working in the Interior Decorating business with Gwen. Both enjoyed their 2 1/2 year Tour of Duty at Manzarali. He retired as an E8 in January 1971. He remembers the Cox and Brisiden troubles. He said that the Turkish female was stabbed 50 times with a fork somewhere in Ankara. Said that the trial lasted 5 years and that he visited them in the Turk jail that was on a hill between Site 23 and Ankara. Cox got 8 years and 4 months while Brisiden got 16 years and 8 months plus each was banished somewhere in Turkey and that both were granted a presidential pardon at an unknown time. No e-mail!

POFF, Harvey Edward, 56, PFC-SP5, 058/H, Det 27, MY64-NO65, (Doris), 4808 Wicklow Dr., Middletown, OH 45042, 513-420-9300, (cable Modem).

THORNTON, Lonnie, SFC, Det 27, ?66-67?, P.O. Box 423 Faison, NC 28341, 910-267-6691, . I talked to Lonnie on the 15th. He was surprised and talked and talked about his

Tour of Duty at Manzarali and did lament about certain things, etc., but did say that he enjoyed the three years that he spent there with his 1st wife, Beverly. He told me that, at times, he was in charge of the NCO Club, Training NCO, the overseer of the Manzarali Mauler for which he received an Honorable Mention Award (for what I don't know and he couldn't remember) and that he COL Lundy was an exceptional commander, and had some un-kind words about others who disliked him. Lonnie is 68, retired as an E7 with 29 years, 7 months and 7 days of active duty.


E-mail changes

PAGE, Dan, 53, SP4, 05H, Det 4-4, JA70--AU70, 32 Masonic St., Rockland, ME 04841, 207-594-0588, (cable modem)

STACHOWICZ , Ron, 55, SP5, 32G, Det 27, NO65-AP67, (Diane), 24211 Trombley, Clinton Township, MI 48035, 586-792-9542,

TREUHAFT, Art. "I received your request. Please list the following in order to contact me:

(Jeep & Merlene), 30850 Summit Lane, Cleveland, OH 44124, email and

email, TEL: 216-831-1455 (W) TEL: 216-831-8193 (H). It was great hearing from you. We enjoyed reading Det 27 stories. Regards"


ATTACHMENTS - check 'em out!

The DONKEY MASCOT attachment is from Jim Harber. See below for adtnl info pertaining to the




That's easier said than done. Here I sit, frustrated that I'm not getting the reunion news out. Perhaps U are not in a position to actually get involved with helping to set up the 2002 reunion, but there are other areas where U might want to apply some of your talents. Let's face it, it is more than a one man job. I am always looking for your BIO's, and writers to assist me with the newsletter and the Memory Book. Up-dating the Memory Book from BIO's and from items included in the newsletter takes a lot of my time and it feels like it is a never ending task. I have been going through all of my newsletters (FOCK Rock, Hourglass and Days of our Lives) and pasting the interesting items into the Memory Book. Boy does that take time. Chuck Bergmann (JC-his op sine at Manzarali) has volunteered to copy the 2002 Memory Book for those attending the reunionat no cost to anyone.

Anyone want to volunteer to make the reunion BADGES?

The following is Chuck Bergmann's Manzarali story as told in his BIO:

Boy, 35 years ago is a long time to try and think back to those days. I would have to say I do look back on them with fond memories. I remember that ride from the Ankara airport to Det 27 in May 1966. Since I lived in a big city all my life, the ride through Ankara was not what I expected. The ride from Ankara to Det 27 sure seemed like a long way. My first day reporting to the operations center I remember talking to a Sergeant Shaver who decided that my OP SIGN would be JC and it stuck with me ever since as there are people who never knew my real name [of Jules] after that. My wife, Helen, followed me over to Turkey about 3 months after getting there. We lived in Ankara in a duplex apartment, the landlord lived above us. The apartment was not wired for the electric stove we had (it really didn’t work very well) and I had to put new fuses in the fuse panel at least twice a week. When I got tired of that, I put some aluminum foil in the fuse so that it wouldn’t keep blowing. It worked for about a month. Then one day I smelled rubber burning, and the landlord was outside shouting in Turkish. The power line from the street to the house had melted. I didn’t tell him about the aluminum foil! I remember those of us who lived in town had to take big red jugs to work for water, because the city water wasn’t fit to drink. I also still remember the Turkish Trots, though not as fondly as the other experiences. We used to take a bus out to the Site every day for work. On the way to the bus stop, I used to get cookies from the local bakery. A bag of cookies cost about 25 cents and there was enough cookies for everyone on the trick. The only problem was, all the cookies tasted the same. I also remember a loaf of "ekmek" (bread) cost 7 cents. The local baker would hand me the loaf right out of the oven without a bag or anything. Then I would hear him laugh at me as I tried to juggle the hot bread without dropping it. A ride in a "dolmoush" was always interesting. They would always put about 10 people in a car that was meant to hold 4, and every one of them was smoking Turkish cigarettes. As for the grate rubs, I sure got my fair share of them. And I was always there to help give them out. I still remember the carbon pranks when we put carbon paper on the headsets of a weed (new guy). When he got done for the day, he had carbon all over his ears and cheeks. We worked hard and we played hard. I may have been the only guy at Det 27 who ever got court marshaled. At least I don’t know of anyone else. Some how I was accused of black marketing, and since I didn’t do it, I figured it would be better to take the court marshal instead of an Article 15. Well that didn’t help. I was busted and fined so much money that I didn’t get paid for about 4 months. We had those ration cards that were punched when we went to the PX. My card was never used, but the court marshal judge didn’t care. Eventually the court marshal was reversed, I got my back pay and rank, and even a promotion to SP5. The CO at that time was Captain Tenney. We did not get along. I remember SFC Carpenter and a Warrant Officer by the name of Calby Lanoux. Both were great guys, people that you just can’t forget about. There are so many faces that I remember but can’t put a name to. I hope to see a lot of those old friends again at the [Hershey] reunion. After leaving Turkey I went to Vint Hill Farms for about 4 months then to Viet Nam (Phu Bai) for the balance of my 4 years. When I was discharged, Helen and I move back to the Cleveland area, and got a job as a foreman at the company I was working at before going into the Army. I have owned my own company, Quality Measurement Center, for about 25 years, and my wife of 35 years, Helen, works with me. We sell and service quality control equipment to the machine tool industry. I agree with Daniel Schoppe (Muff) when he said spending the first few years of your marriage under the conditions we experienced in Turkey can sure solidify that marriage. I still work every day and am having too much fun to retire yet. I have a married son, 31 years old, who owns his own company, Inspection Engineering. I have a daughter, 26 years old, who is a teacher in the Cleveland School system. I look forward to seeing all of you who made those years and travel over seas a fun time that you just don’t forget about. Your work on planning these reunions has been above and beyond the call of duty. [[JC and Helen were unable to attend the 2001 reunion at Ft Devens because of the 9/11 disaster and believe it or not JC's BIO was not in the 2001 Memory Book because of an oversight on my part- - -gH and this "Jeese, gH! That Chuck Bergmann guy is a man with a plan! We coulda used him in the Prague Summer. – Ralph, the Eternal Weed, Tilney]]


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From: Julian (Zip) Hargus, SP4, 711 & 05K, Det 27, 60-62,

Subject: DOOL #64

The GI smuggled out of Sinop was wanted by the Turkish authorities because he allowed a Turk National to get his weapon and kill another Turk. The authorities wanted to charge him since it was his weapon. They actually had Mr K (our pilot) fly him out as "mail".

The other comment about Cox brought back memories. Howard "Steve" Stephens and I were Cox's roommates when all of this happened. I just found out (on this site) about his "history" last year. I don't know if anyone remembers his attempt to set up a Little Las Vegas in the day room. He was the House" and lost his ass and tried to get out of paying but one of the MP's (sorry, can't remember his name but he was one of the bigger guys 6'4" black hair) took him in the head and beat the crap out of him. He tried to pin the whole thing on others (Bradley, me and a couple of others) but it didn't work. Elder, thx for the updates. I really appreciate them. Zip


From: Roy DesRuisseaux, PFC, MP, Det 27, 61-62,

Subj: MOOSE & COX Elder: I believe the Sinop incident mentioned in Days of Our Lives 64 is the same one I wrote about on my website. I believe"Moose" was the guy's nickname though I could be wrong. It happened in June of 1961 I think. I arrived in early to mid June and it happened within a week or two of my getting there. The main thing I remember was being introduced to Ed Larkin who would become my roommate. He and another MP were scurrying around in the barracks getting ready to fly up to Sinop. I'm not sure how long they were up there perhaps a month or two. Larkin told me when he came back that it was a pretty tense situation when he got there and they slept in trucks in the event there would have to be an evacuation of Sinop. "Moose" was brought back to Det.27 and was housed in the OPs building the MPs would bring up his meals. I don't remember but I guess he was allowed to shower in the barracks with an MP escort (unless they had facilities in OPs?) I'm sure he came out to the guardshack and talked to me and others just to pass the time. This is how I got the information about the shooting and how he got blamed. He was released to the general population of the Post after a month or so. I remember he was fairly big and had a baby face, not a tough guy at all but pretty friendly and his favorite movie at the time was the Magnificent Seven. I will send an e mail to Barb Dean (Ed Larkin's wife) and see if she can get Ed to recall anything of that time, I'm sure he has some memories of that trip. I also appreciate Brian Hennessey's further updates on Cox. Brian sent me quite a bit a couple of years ago and this adds more. As for Cox and Brisideen (I believe that is the correct spelling - Mark Hamilton knew him first hand and can tell a good story about him) I don't think they got back onto to the Post for there backpacks ,they had them with them when they were in town. I can't say this for sure but I was always under the impression that the girl was cut in someone's apt. Maybe Cox had one or was using some one else's but that's how I always thought it came down. Ed always thought they wanted to use the Turkish girl as a hostage or some such in there attempt to flee Turkey and the Army, but who knows. One has to think Cox was the knife wielder. Well I'm sorry this went on so long but I am a bit of a wind bag; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 9:45 PM

Subject: Fw: Sinop

Elder: This is what Ed Larkin remembers of Sinop. As you can see it's different from what I remember so take your pick of what happened. I don't know it Robert Brown remembers any of this it so I hope he will weigh in.

----- Original Message ----- From: Barbara Dean <>

Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 9:16 PM

Subject: Re: Sinop

Roy, - Ed said he went to Sinop twice. Once was nothing but a convoy escort. The second time was scary because one of our MP's had killed a Turkish guard that was on the gate with him and they sent Ed up to work on the gate. He was flown up on a small plane because it was an emergency. He says that he was there between thirty and sixty days. He doesn't remember anyone else going with him but there may have been another person. The guy that did the shooting was sent out of the country in a mail bag. He says that he really doesn't remember how long or if he had to sleep in a truck. He says he does remember being in the barracks. I don't know if this is what you are referring to but he claims that he only went there on two occasions.
Keep us posted on the reunion. I did get him to say that he would like to go... And I would love to meet you.... Before I forget, it is not a bother to send emails to work. I am on that all of the time and at least there I check my mail. I would never do it if I had to get on this thing every night at home....
you wrote: Hi Barb: - Sorry to send this to work. In the Newsletter that one of the Army guys sends out someone was asking about an incident that took place in 1961 at Sinop in northern Turkey. Since your husband was sent there at the time perhaps you could yank a little info out of him. Any information he remembers will be fine. I know he went with another MP does he remember who? How long was he there ? Did they sleep in trucks in the first few days? (I thought he told me that but it's been 40 years ago.) Does he remember the name of the guy they brought back. (I don't and I knew him pretty well, some one said "Moose" which could have been his nickname.) Remember if you guys can make it Sept 13,14 & 15th in Hershey Pa. I haven't booked my room yet but it's my understanding the Holiday Inn is the "official" place. So there may be some kind of Friday night get together at the hotel, very informal so maybe you could pop into that if you are there on Fri. On Sat I think they are trying to do something at Penn National the horse racing track. They really haven't given out much info yet so this is all pretty vague. I'll let you know as I get the info. Roy


From: Roy DesRuisseaux; Elder: I got this e mail this morning from Robert Brown who was an MP at Det 27. Robert was there before me and was one of the guys who showed me the ropes,and also took me around Ankara. Roy
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From: <>
I remember the incident hiding the guy from Sinop in the Op's building so the Turks could not get him, until he could get out of Turkey. But that is as much as I can say about the incident. I never took him away from the Op's building so he could shower or anything. To the best of my knowledge he sleep and ate in the building.

From: Dave Cribbs, Det 4-4, MY70-JL72, (Barbara), 3214 Mountain Brook Rd., Charlotte, NC 28210, 704-552-7174,
Subject: CHRIS ANDRESS - Re "DAYS OF OUR LIVES #64" I sure hated to see the notice about the passing of Chris Andress! If anyone knows how to get in touch with his family I'd sure appreciate an address. Very nice guy with a wonderful family. Dave Cribbs

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------From: JAMES A HARBER, E3-E5, 058/H-Trick 1, Det 27, 19MY62-27OC63, (Becky), 1326 Oakmont Dr., Acworth, GA 30102, 404-771-3074,
- Elder, Nice to have you back on-line... I assumed that you were on a long trip. I did not receive any mail from you between 3/12/02 and 4/11/02. But, I am only missing DooL#s 58, 59 & 61. You referenced the Donkey (Ashak)sp - Mascot. I am attaching a scan of a black & white I made during a Post Flag Football game, probably made in season of 62. The quality of picture is not that good, but the Donkey is drinking from a beer on the ground. The GI in background is Sgt Harry Judge. I am also attaching an image that I received from Duane Arola (Site 23 May 62 to Nov 63) Looking forward to Hershey...


From: Eric Balderson, 1LT, Fin O., Det 27, 62-63 (Ramona),36 Florie Farm Rd., Mendham, NJ 07945, 973-543-2093,

Subject: Haley Noelle Balderson

Haley Nolle Balderson was born April 12 at 7:20 AM. She weighed 6 lbs. and 14 ozs. and was 21 inches long. The proud parents are David and Jill.
[and the proud grandparents are Eric and Ramona]


Elder, Good to hear from you. I did get # 60 but hadn't received anything from you in a while. Thought maybe you were on a well deserved sabatical. Glad to be back in the fold and receiving your correspondence. I am trying to get my stuff together so I can make it to Hershey, Take care.

From: Mark Mankopf <>

Subject: Re: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #62

Hey Buddy, I just started getting your emails. Thanks a lot. Hopefully I will see a few friends from Det 27.Thanks again. Mark Mankopf, SP4 Signal Supply, Operations, May 67, Istanbul Det 4-3 Dec 67 Oct 68


From: Tony Antonello, SFC, 05K, Det 27, 65-68 & Det 4, 69-70, <>

Subject: Re: Master Roster

Hi Elder, Reference the listing of names etc., Val and I were at Det. 27 from
Aug.65- March 68. Please correct entry as follows:
ANTONELLO, Louis F., (Tony), SSG-SFC, NM, Co A, Det 27, Aug 65 - Mar 68,
(Val), 12257 Wye Oak Commons Cir., Burke, VA 22015, 703-239-1739,