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Newly found VET's

ARMANN, Gary, E5-E6, 05K, Det 27, 66-68, (Shirley), 138 Saw Palmento Dr., Westlaco, TX 78596, 956-969-4277, Gary retired in 1981 as a CW3.
ARMSTRONG, Frank, 056, Det 27, AU62-64, 11 Seaview Ave., Hampton, NH, 603-929-9960, no e-mail yet, but will be on line shortly. Has been contacted by Mike Comroe
BARBOSA, Steve (Porta Goose), SP4, Det 27, FE64-65, (Susan), 29 Sandpiper Loop, Crossville, TN 38555, 931-484-0994,
BASKERVILL, Bill, SP6, Signal Analyst, Det 4-2, FE66-SE68, 8500 Burroughs Ct., Richmond, VA 23235, 804-272-1617, Bill wrote: "Hi. - Anyone from Tuslog Det 4-2 expected [at the reunion]? It seems we are always left off the invitation lists. My reply: Bill - Our reunion group was organized in February 2001 and was originally for only Det 27 and 4-4 vet's, but soon we expanded it to Det 17, 53, 120 and 66. In April 2002 I sent the below email to the Det 4 vet's that I found on the ASALIVES website, but, to date, have had limited response. We, do, in fact, have a member of Det 4-2 already in the group. His name is Dean Cannon who is the Arkansas ASA rep. His email is: are welcome to join our group. I will need your name, rank in Turkey, MOS, Detachment # and dates there, the name of your spouse, your mailing address and phone # and your email address. The master roster has over 1500 names and is growing. If U are interested in attending the 13-15 Sept 2002 reunion at Hershey, PA - please send me the above info and your intentions to attend. I will do my darndest to get to Hershey in September. I am excited about meeting some fellow ASA vets. Believe or not, I've not met ONE since I got out.
BISCOMB, Wm M., 02-03 PMO Det 27, NO63-65, (Liza), 9629 NE Timberlane Pl., Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, 206-842-6905, Col, AUS(Ret)
CHRISTMAN, Charley, SFC, 71L, NCO Clug Mgr., Det 27, 59-60, (Elizabeth), 1000 W. Mulberry St., Coal Township, PA 17866, 570-648-6944, no e-mail. Charlie is 72, retired as an E8 in 1968, then worked 15 years for the PX system at Ft Meade, Travis AFB, Priscido, Ft Gordon and Ft Dix. Lives not far from Hershey and plans to drop by the Holiday Inn for a visit.
CORDEIRO, Tina, widow of CT1 (USN) Louis, Det 115, 66-68, 403 Lafayette St., Somerset, MA 02726, 508-676-0364, no e-mail. Her daughter, Louise, is married to Preston L. White. Lou was the one who hired the Belly-Dancers, etc., for the shows at the Det 27 NCO Club. He served 23 years in the USN Security Group and retired as a E7. In civilian life he was the MA rep for VA benefits.
ISLER, Rod, SP4, 05H, Det 4-4, 15OC68-69, (Kyuhee), 1703 Mansion Ridge Rd., Annapolis, MD 21401, 410-849-3482, I called retired Major General Isler on 12 Apr. He was very responsive to my call and he mentioned several friends that he still remembered from Karamursel. He retired in early 2002 and is enjoying life as a civilian. He had the 2001 Ft Devens reunion on his schedule, but the events of 9/11 altered those plans. He graciously accepted my invitation to be the guest speaker at the 13-15 Sept Hershey Reunion. Rod is 57 and married to Kyuhee, a native of South Korea. Hope to hear from the General soon ref his BIO.
Preston, SGT, MP, Det 27, 66-68, (Louise), 20 Heritage Dr., Cheshire, CT 06410, 203-271-1479,
ANDRESS, ?, Det 4-4 - Death reported by MG Isler
BRAUD, Weston M., LtCol, Det 27, JL64-66, DOB: 12JL1916, DOD: FE1986. His widow RoseMary lives at 46 Lurline Dr., Covington, LA 70433, 985-892-3296. Someone wrote about Col Braud being famous for mis-using bagel knives. Can anyone add to this?

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E-mail changes
CARRIGER, Gary, 05K, Det 27, NO64-JN66, (Gloria), 11535 Sagewood Ln., Parker, CO 80138, 303-840-2445,
GALLANT, Ed, SP5, Illustrator, Det 27, JA67-MY68, (Gayle), 22 Lobster Cove Rd., P.O. Box 13, Spruce Head, ME 04859, 207-596-7427, <>
GIANNATTASIO, Joe, Paymaster, Det 27, 65-66, (Chris), 231 Beach Rd., Wolcott, CT 06716, 203-879-2869,
MONROIG-GALARZA, Augustin (Gus), SSG, Personnel NCOIC, Det 4-4, OC67-JN70, (Frances), 7003 Marquis Pl., Fayetteville, NC 28303, 910-868-5711,
MORRISSETTE, Ed, SP4, 05H, Det 4-4, (Sandra), 173 Bent St., Franklin, MA 02038, 508-533-2773,
POTTER, Ellie, 05H, Det 27, 62-64, (Candy), RD2, Box 5790, Garland Rd., Windslow, ME 04901, 207-873-5391,
1. The GI that got into trouble at Sinop and was secretly moved to Det 27 and later secretly moved to the CONUS. His nickname was MOOSE. Somehow the TURKS at Sinop thought that he was involved at a Det 4 gate incident involving drunk GI's who beat up a Turk. Apparently MOOSE was only a by- stander, but the Turks thought otherwise. Remember, we Americans were NEW to Turkey at that time and YANKEE GO HOME was a common remark amongst the radicals.
3. What was the name of the BIG black GI who was a good football player?
4. Joe Chesser was a roommate of William Eugene Cox in 60-61 and Joe does not remember Cox getting into any trouble while he knew him, other than getting drunk once in a while. He does not remember Cox wearing a white jacket and black gloves as reported by Roy DesRuisseaux and Gene Hamrick FM: Bill Hartranft I seem to think I recall Cox from being a trick one guy. Jim Harber, Walt Dubicki, can you help here? THERE WAS A RON COX AT DET 27 ABOUT THE SAME TIME. COX, William Eugene, MOS: ?, Det 27 circa 61-62, DOD: 1981 (Hung himself in Lake Co., California jail) Brian Hennessey was a SP5 05H at Manzarali from 19 May 1962 until Oct 1963. Brian has been a faithful follower of my missives from the beginning. Brian and his wife, June, live in Lakeport, CA. and he's been a court reporter in Lake County, CA since 1967. On the 20th I received the following [edited] email from Brian regarding the very interesting accounts of one GI from Det 27 who apparently slipped thru the cracks and became 10 percenter, or so lotsa ex-ASA'ers think. I'm referring to WILLIAM EUGENE COX who my good friend Roy DesRuisseaux made us all aware of on his website and emails to me. According to Roy, both got 7.5 years in a Turkish prison and would have been released around 1971. Now, thanks to Brian Hennessey, we now know the rest of the despicable story of what happened to COX after he was booted out of the army. gH: Thought the Manzarali vets would be interested in this timely followup to the Cox/Brisenden episode mentioned in DAYS OF OUR LIVES #54. This appeared in our local paper (Lake County, CA) on January 24, 2002. Feel free to edit it as you see fit. I’ve worked as a court reporter for the past 35 years and reported the preliminary hearing in this case. Always felt it an eerie coincidence that Cox and I were at Manzarali at the same time in ’62 (didn’t know him, but vividly remember the incident) and in the same courtroom in a very small town halfway around the world in ’81. The D.A. who prosecuted the case got Cox’s records from the army, and it’s the same Cox that Col Cornelius released from the Det 27 holding cell when he became the base commander in 1962.
PAROLE DENIED FOR DEPUTY’s MURDERER. (Corona) A Swedish woman serving a possible double-life sentence for the murder of a Lake County sheriff’s deputy was denied parole Tuesday by the California Board of Prison Terms. Annika Maria Deasy, 47, was returned to the California Institution for Women in Corona, according to Lake County Chief Deputy District Attorney Jon Hopkins, who attended the parole hearing to speak against Deasy’s possible release. Deasy, a one-time San Francisco flower child, will next be eligible for parole in 2005. Facing execution, she pleaded guilty in 1983 to two first-degree murder charges in connection with the shooting deaths of a retired Stockton restaurateur, Joe Torre, and Lake County sheriff’s deputy Sgt. Richard Hellbush – the last local law enforcement official to be killed in the line of duty. Deasy and her boyfriend William Eugene Cox met Hellbush shortly after midnight on May 2, 1981, when the car they were in – purchased days earlier with a bad check – broke down on the side of Highway 29 near Manning Flat. Parking in front of them, Hellbush asked the couple for identification. Deasy did not have a driver’s license, but she nonetheless followed her boyfriend’s instructions to look for one in the purse she’d left on the passenger seat. "As Sgt. Hellbush’s attention was focused on her, COX shot him once in the back of the head and three times in the back," said Hopkins. "Then she (Deasy) told COX to drag the body into the ditch so it wouldn’t be visible (from the road), and after he did that and was starting to come back to the car, she told him to get his wallet, too." Deasy and Cox also took Hellbush’s service revolver. They then fled toward Middletown in his patrol car. COX lost control of the vehicle on Highway 175 after being chased at high speeds by a sheriff’s deputy who had come to investigate Hellbush’s radio silence.
A shootout between COX and three law enforcement officials – the sheriff’s deputy, a reserve, and a highway patrolman – followed, during which time Deasy helped Cox reload his weapons, according to Hopkins. When Cox came out of Hellbush’s patrol car shooting, "the reserve deputy dropped him with one shot to the shoulder," Hopkins said. Deasy then disobeyed orders and went to her boyfriend, who’d fallen in a field of grass, and began feeling around for his gun. "She said they’d made a suicide pact and that they weren’t going to be taken alive," said Hopkins. "We were going for broke, we weren’t going back to jail," she said in an interview with detectives. Because Cox had dropped his weapon near the patrol car, the couple was taken into custody without further incident. COX hanged himself in the Lake County jail while awaiting trial. Deasy, who had been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in San Francisco in 1974, said she was a heroin addict at the time of the murders and that she had been supporting her habit by prostituting herself and passing bad checks.(The story continues about Deasy, no more about COX.)
From: ............ I will tell you later of my trip to the Turkish prison to pay Pvts COX and BRISEDEN [sp?]who were awaiting trial for stabbing a Turkish prostitute. All bad guys should visit a Turkish prison. The warden told me that if your family doesn't feel like feeding you, you simply fade away. So I am very much enjoying the Days of Our Lives and glad I got in touch.........
THE UGLE AMERICANS by Roy DesRuisseaux relates to Gene Hamrick's remembrance: "Not every incident I remember is a pleasant one. In the summer of 1962 we got a new post commander. As an attempt to start off with a clean slate he released a prisoner we had been holding for a month or so. The prisoner's name was "COX," and he fancied himself as a professional criminal, a regular John Dillinger or Baby-Face Nelson. He was fond of wearing a white jacket with the collar turned up and black gloves. "COX" was picked up one evening trying to break into the post office wearing his jacket and gloves. He was pretty easy to spot. I believe he was court-martialed and ended up in our jail. He used to tell some of the MPs that he wished they had sent him to the Air Force prison in western Turkey so he could learn from the mistakes of other prisoners. Such was the mentality of this punk. So the new post commander released this guy and he hooked up with a newly arrived GI named Brizentine or Brisideen or Briseden. It is my understanding that "BRISEDEN" was married and his wife in the States was having a difficult pregnancy, so BRISEDEN had a request in for hardship leave. One evening while I was at the main gate a taxi pulled up and the driver got out holding his head and carrying a loaf of "Wonderbread" or some other American-made bread. He was speaking to me in Turkish and I really needed to get an interpreter down to the gate. Our new interpreter, Ali, came down and talked with the driver, who explained that he was bringing two GIs back to the post when one of them said he was feeling ill. The driver pulled over and helped the sick GI lie down on the ground and was giving him some smelling salts when the other GI hit him over the head with a billy club. He said he dropped to his knees but was able to see the two guys running off. When Ali asked him if he could describe either of them, the driver said one of them was wearing a white jacket and black gloves. "Cox," I told Ali, and we got the information to O'Leary. Shortly thereafter word came down to the main gate that there had been an incident in Ankara where a Turkish lady of the night had been cut up by some GIs. I was told to start sending all buses and cars to the PMO as the brass wanted to question everyone about this incident. I don't know at what point I started thinking that the two incidents might be related, but it was pretty soon after I got the info. I know at midnight chow most of the MPs who were working the swing shift thought this was probably true. We were all pretty wide awake at this time, as this was the biggest thing that had happened at Det. 27 during our time there, so we all headed over to the newly installed bowling alley. At about 2 or 2:30 a.m. we went back to the PMO to see if anything new had happened. It was during this time that one of the officers wanted to look at the log from the swing shift. After going over the log he wondered if maybe the two incidents might be related. It seemed he had finally reached the same conclusion most of the MPs had several hours earlier. It was decided that in the morning our squad would split up into several teams along with several MPs from the day shift. We would go out and search several of the nearby villages to see if we could locate COX and BRISEDEN or find someone who may have seen them. Ed Larkin, Pat Baker and I went together and went to a couple of villages without any success. At about noon we went back to post to eat and to map out where we would go in the afternoon. We decided to check out a quarry where they made pottery or bricks, I've forgotten which. It was located near the road that came from Det. 27 into the main road to Ankara. After looking around we decided we better get back as we would need to get ready to work the swing shift. As we were about to leave the quarry entrance we saw a couple of Jeeps and an Army staff car coming from Det. 27 heading out onto the highway to Ankara. "They must have caught them," we all said. "Let's head back. "When we got back to post O'Leary told us that COX and BRISIDEN were picked up a mile or so behind the ops building. They had on backpacks and were planning on walking to Lebanon. [Apparently they GOT back on post un-noticed and were able to get the backpacks before heading off to Lebanon] They were turned over to the Turkish authorities. I believe they were sentenced to 7 1/2 years. I wonder if they survived? I heard that BRISIDEN's hardship leave was approved a few days later."......... You may want to look up Dr. Derby who was the Post Dr when I was there. He interned at Walter Reed an became one of the best Orthopods on the East Coast working out of Groton, Conn. Chaplain Devany (deceased) was one of the finest men I have ever known and the one man everyone looked up to. He was an enlisted man who made the parachute jump into Holland on D-Day and went to Brown and Yale after being dicharged for wounds and came back as a Chaplain. My best to all who served in Turkey. It wasn't a soft assignment. Nathan G. Hamrick, Deltona, FL., Maj, SigC Ret.
Bill Baskervill wrote: "Hi. - Anyone from Tuslog Det 4-2 expected? It seems we are always left off the invitation lists. LOL. Bill Baskervill." Bill - Our reunion group was organized in February 2001 and was originally for only Det 27 and4-4 vet's, but soon we expanded it to Det 17, 53, 120 and 66. In April 2002 I sent the below emailto the Det 4 vet's that I found on the ASALIVES website, but, to date, have had limited response. We, do, in fact, have a member of Det 4-2 already in the group. His name is Dean Cannon who is the Arkansas ASA rep. His email is: are welcome to join our group. I will need your name, rank in Turkey, MOS, Detachment # and dates there, the name of your spouse, your mailing address and phone # and your email address. The master roster has over 1500 names and is growing. If U are interested in attending the 13-15 Sept 2002 reunion at Hershey, PA - please send me the above info and your intentions to attend. Elder RC GreenSent: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 11:50 AM
From: Gary (The Kid) Jorgensen, SP5, 05H, Det 27 and 4-4, MY66-SE68, 211 W House St., Duluth, MN 55808, 218-626-3676, color=#000000>gh, I haven't been able to connect again with [John] Randall, it keeps kicking back mailbox full. I'm just going to call him again. Have you heard from Rich Pietrowiak (Baltimore, Md) or Dick Jones(Virginia Beach, Va)? Tro's email acc is gone and Jones acct at work, I don't get an answer. I mailed them copies of your memory book along with the Hershey dates but nil hrd anything. I hate to be pushy in case they just don't want any contact but it's not too far from where they live to Hershey. "THIS AIN'T NO DRESS REHEARSAL" and it's too late if you say I wish I woulda Ideas ; 1. did you guys have some sort of display at Devens with pictures and names taken during Turkey days to help recall? 2. I don't think there is much need for many organized things because I think most guys will want to just B.S. about the "good old days", however it might be ok for the wives to have things to go off and see or shop or whatever 3. I have a few boxes of slides I will bring, That's about all I have, for some reason my uniforms don't fit anymore. 4. I will try and think of some more ideas and fire them your way, -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Steve DeLeo, SP4, 98C, Det 27, JA64-AU65, (Agnes), 203 Cheney Pl., Castle Rock, CO 80104, 303-688-1520,, Retired Col, USAR Thanks for the update, I remember the Calvin Pope stories and knew of him. The rumor was he was the king of blackmarket toliet paper. Interested in hearing from anyone who served from Jan 64 to late 65 [at Manzarali]. I was on trick and later in the T/A day shop. When I left I was sent to Taiwan and later Nam with the DSU supporting the 101st Abn Div. Thanks alot and Gulay.....Gulay.....
From: Art Landskov, SP5, 05H, Det 27, MR-61-DE62, (Julie), 4607 36th Ave., NE., Tacoma, WA 98422, 253-952-9420, Hi - Sorry it has been so long since I talked to you and promised some names of the guys that were over there with me. I was over there from March '61 to Dec '62.
1961- Lt Col. Dimpster E. Epperson was commanding officer.
Capt Lyman C. Fansler was the head of food services.
1962- Lt. Col. Vernon Y. Cornelius was the commanding officer.

Here are some of the guys on our trick, some I can only remember last names:
XX- Denotes new names to the Master Roster

Frank Keenan- New Jersey
Jon Hansmann-Washington
XXTom McWade
XXSonny Savoy- Louisana
?Ron? Erickson-Iowa
XX-Robert(Bob) Speegle-California
XX-Bill Roney- Penn.
Larry Van Vekoven-[E5, 05H, Det 27, JA61-OC62, (Diana-div), 918 S. Lee Ave., Lodi, CA 95240, 209-368-4520,]
XX-Bernie Courtemanche-N.H.
XX-Robert O'Hara
XX-? Egan-Penn
[Bill) Brittenham
Joe Kelly-Boston, Mass
XX-W.C. McClelland-Calif

These are guys I had some pictures of with names. I guess it has just been too long ago to jog my memory. If and when I get together with Roy Springmeyer maybe we will be able to help each other recall some names. XX-DENOTES New names
From: Roger Glubka, E1-E3-E1, 72B, Det 27, FE64-JL65, (CW3 Michele), PSC 303, Box 25, APO AP 96204-0025 (Korea),> Subj: touching base [fm Korea] Elder, - I see #57 and #60 so what happen to 58 and 59??????? I sent Ray Bernstein out that eel skin wallet this week. I hope it's what he wanted. I don't know if the Koreans were making them the same way 50 years ago. Still working on the patches. Take Care! [ROGER - See if the Det 4-4 patch can be made and what the cost will be for 25-50. I've had no response on the proposed 4-4 and 66 patches. Thanks and Ray Bernstein has not responded ref the wallet]
From: <>Ted Midtaune, SP4, 05H, Det 27, 24OC62-64, (Merry), 3859 Santa Clara Way, Livermore, CA 94550, 925-443-325., The last Days of Our Lives that I saved was number 55, but that does not mean that it was the last one, because this is a work computer and I can not save them all - although I do read them all, more than once. So, maybe I have received up to 60, but cannot swear to it. Sorry about the system not working properly, although it must be "tired" by now with all the work you have tasked it with!! The reunion is not entirely out of the question - times and circumstances change. But with the wife and I retiring Jan of next year (both 64), the vacation time is extra money in the pocket, and the vacation time itself is a little short this year. But who knows? As I said several friends are going and I know that I would enjoy myself, and meeting all the contributors to these "Days". See you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Gene Cram <> Great job --I'm now current thru d o o l [DAYS OF OUR LIVES] #63 tnx GENE
From: <>Ralph Tilney, SP5, 98C, Det 27 and 4-4, 67-69, (Shirley), 1304 Doonesbury Dr., Austin, TX 78758, 512-833-5906, Subject: The weed checks in Hey Green Hornet, - color=navy size=3>Great to hear from you this evening. As promised I am enclosing pic of Shirley and I, taken on a cruise a couple of years ago. After we hung up, I looked through some really old slides – probably haven’t seen the light of day since LBJ left the White House. Several of you and your family. I had forgotten how beautiful Patty is – she was a reminder to us single guys that great things awaited us back in the world! One of Deese that we could probably use to blackmail him. One of War Puppy and his bride, one of Walrus Carter.
I tried to scan them, but my el cheapo scanner is not up the task. I’ll snail mail them to you. If you can scan them, please distribute to your Turkey list, as you see fit. Warm regards, Ralph Tilney - The Eternal Weed [I will include the foto of U and Shirley in #65- Tks- - -gH]
From: Jim Herring <> Hi Elder, I Appreciate the great job you are doing with "Days of our Lives". I look forward to reading them . Recd # 60. Thanks, .

P. S. Have you seen this site? IAmTheFlag.url ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Charles Mcclevish To: Steve Barbosa, Cc: Elder RC Green Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 8:12 PM Subj: TURKEYSteve: Did your brother tell you that I called you a few months ago? He said that you had just left for work. I left my phone number and email address. I'll repeat it, since Elder was kind enough to give me your email address.

Charles McClevish Jr., 1908 Harrison Road Baltimore, Md 21222, PH: 410-285-1416

It's really great what Elder is doing for us by gathering data and sending it to us. I will probably attend the reunion this year in Hershey (weekend of 14 Sept). It is only about 2 hours from here in Baltimore, so I may not stay there, just visit for a while. Do you think you might attend? Remember Phil Kelly? I worked with him in the S2 shop. I think he is planning to attend. I plan to call Phil Rivaldo and Russ Sciandra in Rochester/Buffalo to see if they are. I've talked to both Phils over the past few months. Calls are fairly inexpensive with a calling card. Here's a little history. After Turkey, I was stationed at Vint Hill Farms Station in Warrenton, Virginia, and got discharged in Oct 65. I had applied for a job with NSA at Ft Meade. I collected unemployment for a couple of months and was hired in Dec 65. I retired from NSA in Oct 99, and worked for a contractor at NSA for a year. I worked in security, management and logistics for the duration. I married in 69, and we had a daughter in 76. She went to Salisbury Univ on the Eastern Shore and is now an electronics engineer working with communications equipment for a private company. Would enjoy visiting with you. Write or call, please. Chuck McClevish

ps: Did Elder send you the picture of yours and Rich Shaffers birthday party? If not, let me know and I'll find it and send it. It has a lot of the guys in it, including me.

pps: I called and left a message with Pat Santo. I have corresponded with Bob Wrona and Norm Dove.
From: <>James Dodd Subj: Re: ASA TUSLOG REUNION INFO

Merihaba abi.. Name: Jim Dodd SN: RA 18546810 Rank: Arrived at Tuslog Det 4 a SP4 and left Sgt E5 Dates: Jul 61 to Jul 62 MOS: 724.6 When I arrived at Sunny Sinop By The Sea we were billeted in the Jamesway huts and wooden barracks, then after about 6 months the "new" concrete barracks were finished and we moved into them. Also the messhall was finished about that time and we started "messing" there. Both the enlisted mens club and NCO clubs were in older wooden building throughout my tour. The Ops building also was an old wooden building and that too was finished and we moved into the new concrete building during my tour. Most of my off duty time was spend on the hill but I did visit Sinop where I had purchased a very nicely built sailboat and enjoyed sailing on the Kara Denis (Black Sea). Once being towed back to town because of lack of wind by the Black Sea steamer. I look back on my tour as a great experience that I would never want to repeat. I have forwarded your email to a buddy, Deane Bavis, who graduated Crypto school with me and also was assigned to Det 4 with me, hopefully he will send you info on himself.. I spent the remainder of my enlistment at Ft. Wolters, Texas and then at 9th USASAFS, Clark AFB, P.I. and ASA HQ Pacific, Helemano, Hawaii. I then went to work for NSA for 3 years and then for NASA for 25 years, retired now and living in Skiatook, Oklahoma..Thanks for the newsletter.... SFC(ex) Jim Dodd
From: Doug Brown, 05K, Det 4, 68-69, href=""> 3 dits, 4 dits, 2 dits, dah...and the rest, as they say, is history. Key 'trigger words' to utter include CON4, splinter village, Escape and Evasion training (in the snow), promises from the enlistment personnel that we would be living in college dorms (instead of World War I era two-story fire traps), Fire Watch @ 2 A.M. in the middle of winter, ditty-city, and meeting the intellectual giants at the parade ground next to CON4 who expected us all to volunteer for duty in Vietnam! God, what a zoo! Your [Det 4] message was very interesting, in that there are a few of us who survived our respective tours of duty in the world of TL, THY, tea in glasses, etc. Well, I for one, was stuck up on the hill at TUSLOG 4, so I don't know that much about the other survivors (or their bases), but we all had a year of fun-and-games (for lack of a better descriptor). I did spend one afternoon at Samsun at the Air Force Base, and was very surprised as to how well-off they were living. Compared to them, we were the poor cousins from the back 40. Of course, I would like to see a reunion of those who still recall listening to Radio Moscow, the BBC, and Voice of America (of the 3, Radio Moscow had the best music, and the BBC had the only news we could trust).

I was not aware there had been a reunion of the Det 4 types at Devens, but it must have been a hoot, as that place should have been closed 30 years before they got around to actually doing it. The guys across the road from the PX (not in the new barracks of Company C up the hill) as I recall had to heat their area with coal stoves, which must have been a real treat in the middle of a MA winter.

Well, I've said enough for now. Keep your patch cords handy and let's hope the mid's have a good movie to see after their 8 hours (or was it 12?) of shift work. The following is the email that I sent to the Det 4 vet's that listed their names on the ASALives website:
Subj: TURKEY REUNION Merhaba ex-ASA'ers and Turkiye to boot Y'all are probably wondering what-the-heck-is-this-email all about! One think it is not - - is some far fetched scheme common to the internet.'s okay...keep's too important to trash. To me... It is obvious that all of you are proud ex-ASA'ers because you entered your names on the ASALIVES website. My name is Elder RC Green, an ex-ASA lifer who retired from the ASA and the Army in 1975 - then graduated from PENN STATE Mining Engrng and worked 20 plus years in the Coal Mines of Western Pennsylvania. The reason is to inform you SINOPER's of our reunion group that represents ex-ASA'ers whose TOUR OF DUTY was at Det 27, 4-4, 17, 53, 66 and 120. The majority in this group is from Det 27 which was AKA "The 15th USASAFS, Site 23 and Manzarali Station" and Det 4-4 at Karamursel Air Station where the operational mission of Det 27 was moved to when Det 27 was phased out and given to the Turkish government in late 1967. Within our group there are over 1500 names, but, of course, not all have been found. Of these there are 303 who are receiving my ongoing weekly newsletter (DAYS OF OUR LIVES) which includes open-minded and endless items of interest from the Turkey world that ex-ASA'ers recall and send to me for inclusion in the missives. I've been encouraged by an assortment of friends the daunting task of possibly pairing up all the TUSLOG ASA'ers under one umbrella.....while others feel that the addition of Det 4 might overwhelm our group. This group was formed in February 2001 by Elder RC Green and Ronnie L. Deese and the first reunion (getaway) was held at Fort Devens, MA., 14-16 September 2001 and,of course, there is no need to mention the tragedy of 9/11, but 34 ex-ASA'ers showed up and it was a success. There is no membership fees or other add ons. The 2002 reunion will be held at Hershey, PA with the headquarters being at the Holiday Inn just off I-81.Okay....then, you ask, "What the heck am I supposed to do about it......? If interested, here's all you need to do...send me your name, mailing ADR, email ADR, phone number, your rank and dates at Det 4, MOS, your date of birth, the name of your spouse and finally the names of others who served at Det 4 from Unit Orders or otherwise.My hunch is that a few will answer and perhaps someone from you will step forward and coordinate the Det 4 option within our group and everything will fall nicely into place. Anyone want to volunteer. If so, let me know ASAP and we'll get the ball a rolling! In 2001 I made a 85 page CD-R Memory Book with photo's that members sent me and I printed and the 5 disk's are presently within the postal system to those who requested a free copy. The 2002 Memory Book is presently over 250 pages and increasing daily. Perhaps one for the Det 4 ASA'ers can be made in time for the September reunion if those interested would send me a short auto-biography along with photo's etc to get it started.Thanks for reading it all. I recognize some on the list from other duty stations and would like to hear from you - Elder RC Green