Sent: Friday, April 05, 2002 9:35 PM
Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #60

Newly found VET's

BATES, Herb, E4-E5, Det 4, 74-75, (Joyce), no address available,

BOYD, Lyle E., E7-E8, NCOIC S3, Det 27, 61-62, (Geraldine), 9005 Wedgewood Ct., SW, Lake-wood, WA 98498, 253-582-5696, Lyle informs that he retired as E8 with 25 years in the ASA

BYNUM, Larry, E4, 05K, Det 27 & 4, 62-63, (Linda), 138 Donna Dr., Hopkinsville, KY 42240, 270-886-8515,
Larry informs that he got out of the ASA in Feb 1964 and re-uped in the USAF in August 1964 and believe it or not was assigned to Det 94 at Karamursel, Turkey. He retired 1 Sept 1981 as a M/Sgt E-7. He will be 60 soon and in Jan 2003 will have worked 20 years for the Post Office.

CARROLL, Ray, E3-E4, 05H/05K, Det 27 & 4, 62-63, (Linda), 1 Bates Rd., Merrimack, NH 03054, 603-424-4590, . Ray is 59. After the ASA tour he graduated from Chattanooga Temple in TN. He is a manager of a Lumber Co. He mentioned that Charles Bierbauer of CNN was stationed at Sinop as a SP5. Bierbauer was a drop out from West Point and got assigned to the ASA and Det 4 in Sinop.

SIMONSEN, Arne, CTICM, RU Linguist, Det 12-4, 69-70, Det 4, 79-80, (Sylvia), 813 Putnam St., Antioch, CA, 94509, 925-779-0543, </ym/Compose?>


ATTACHMENTS - check 'em out!

1. The Green-Deese attachment: L-R: Mary and Ronnie Deese and Elder and Patty Green

2. The Crams #3 attachment: L-R: Phyllis and Gene Cram and Patty and Elder Green
From: Richard Arena </ym/Compose?>

Subject: RE: Larry D. Bynum & Ray CaRROLLMany thanks. I've already heard from Larry and just finished writing Ray. Those are two great guys.

There's another person I'd really like to find. His name is Phillip Mitchell. We were at Devens together, but he left the Agency and went to OCS. I saw him once after he received his commission. As I remember he became a helicopter pilot and later saw duty in Nam. Phil was from Berkley, CA. Extremely brilliant and equally outspoken, he wasn't well liked by many of our classmates, but I found him to be an man of honor and loyal friend. I would dearly love to know what's happened to him.

Hello, I found Larry Bynum and Ray Carroll. Both have cable internet service. Bynum's address is: 138 Donna Dr., Hopkinsville, KY 42240, 270-886-8515. E-mail: </ym/Compose?> I called him and quickly this is what I found about him: He got out of the ASA in Feb 64 and in August 1964 enlisted in the USAF and circa 1970 was assigned to Det 94 at Karamursel, Turkey with his wife Linda. They enjoyed that assignment. He retired froim the AF as an E7 and in Jan 2003 will have 20 years with the Post Office. He soon w/b 60. He remembered U and said that U too were a KY native. I gave him your email & maybe he will send U a message. Carroll's address is: 1 Bates Rd., Merrimack, NH 03054, 603-424-4590. E-mail: </ym/Compose?>. Ray got out of the ASA and went to Chattanooga Temple College. He was a Manager of a Lunmber Co in NH. He too is 59 and was glad that I called. I gave him your email and he might be writing to U.- - -gH
From: JAMES A HARBER < /ym/Compose?>
Subject: Try This Link

Don't know if any of you have seen this site or not
Put your birthday in the window you get and see what happens.
~ <>

This kinda puts your life in perspective on the time line...
Geeze, how time flies....


Merhaba ex-ASA'ers and Turkiye to boot

You all are probably wondering what-the-heck-is-this-email all about! One think it is not - is some far fetched scheme common to the internet. Okay.... it's okay...keep's too important to trash. To me... It is obvious that all of you are proud ex-ASA'ers because you entered your names on the ASALIVES website. My name is Elder RC Green, an ex-ASA lifer who retired from the ASA and the Army in 1975 - then graduated from PENN STATE Mining Engr and worked 20 + years in the Coal Mines of Western Pennsylvania.

The reason is to inform you SINOPER's of our reunion group that represents ex-ASA'ers whose TOUR OF DUTY was at Det 27, 4-4, 17, 53, 66 and 120. The majority in this group is from Det 27 which was AKA "The 15th USASAFS, Site 23 and Manzarali Station" and Det 4-4 at Karamursel Air Station where the operational mission of Det 27 was moved to when Det 27 was phased out and given to the Turkish government in late 1967.

Within our group there are over 1500 names, but, of course, not all have been found. Of these there are 303 who are receiving my ongoing weekly newsletter (DAYS OF OUR LIVES) which includes open-minded and endless items of interest from the Turkey world that ex-ASA'ers recall and send to me for inclusion in the missives.

I've been encouraged by an assortment of friends the daunting task of possibly pairing up all the TUSLOG ASA'ers under one umbrella.....while others feel that the addition of Det 4 might overwhelm our group. This group was formed in February 2001 by Elder RC Green and Ronnie L. Deese and the first reunion was held at Fort Devens, MA., 14-16 September 2001 and, of course, there is no need to mention the tragedy of 9/11, but 34 ex-ASA'ers showed up and it was a success. There is no membership fees or other add ons. The 2002 reunion will be held at Hershey, PA with the headquarters being at the Holiday Inn just off I-81 at Exit 80

Okay....then, you ask, "What the heck am I supposed to do about it......? If interested, here's all you need to do...send me your name, mailing ADR, email ADR, phone number, your rank and dates at Det 4, MOS, your date of birth, the name of your spouse and finally the names of others who served at Det 4 from Unit Orders or otherwise. My hunch is that a few will answer and perhaps someone from you will step forward and coordinate the Det 4 option within our group and everything will fall nicely into place. Anyone want to volunteer. If so, let me know ASAP and we'll get the ball a rolling!


From: Elliott Potter

Subject: reunion

Howdy ERC Green --As you may already know, I've emailed Hershey to book two rooms for two couples. Suspect we'll be driving from Maine that weekend. Gary Winch and wife will come up from Baltimore area. Wonder how far time-wise it is for us Mainers. Do-able in a day u think?

Hope winter in your parts not too tuff.

Pls reserve two nonsmoking rooms for two people each (total four) for Sept. 13 and 14 as part of the "Turkey Reunion" group. Rooms to be in the names of Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Winch and Mr. and Mrs. Elliott E. Potter Regards/Ellie



Well, its a small world. I attended the 98B Cryptanalysis Course in 1971 at Ft. Devens after completing my first tour at Sinop. My wife & I stayed in Acton while we were there. The Course was really good and I somehow came out #1 in the class (I'd been working Cryptanalysis at NSGA Edzell as a CTR (ditty chaser) before I went to language school back in 1967-68).
I took SPECCOMM 1 & 2 at the Agency and also RS-450 in 1972 while assigned to ACNSG. In fact, my last 5 years in the Navy I was the NSA Rep at DLIFLC in Monterey. Worked directly for E-Group.
Don't know what the problem was with the email address I gave you. I've got a few of them. What used to be @Home out here is now and the email address for me on it is