Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #56
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 10:53:53 -0600


Newly found VET's BEAN, John R., 05K, Det 27 & 4-4, 67-68, (Beverly), 1930 Pine Dr., Prescott, AZ 86301, 928-778-7225, . Called John on 3/4/02. Very surprised. Remembered my name, but that's about all. Very good friends with Jesse Watson. IANNELLI, Dom, Det 17, 64-66, (Elaine-divorced), 13807 Magnolia Glen Cir., Orlando, FL 32828, 321-230-0652, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ATTACHMENTS - check 'em out! Tony and Val Antonello sent me the Quiet night Det 27 NCO Club BELLY DANCER. The photo was taken probably in 1966. If U were there then, check to see if U recognize anyone else in the photo. E-mail changes Bircher, John E., and Carol to We are in the process of moving again. After 1 August we will be in Lady Lake Florida and I will establish a new email provider at that time. However, for the next 6 months will be using: as our interim email address. I will send the new one once we get settled in Florida. Thanks! John Bircher/1LT, Det 27, NO65-NO66 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Did y'all know that: 1. We need friends to remember us once we have passed sharing memories that will always last.....
2. Ted Midtaune has some photo's that he said he was going to share with us...
3. One who expects less from others gets less and one who expects more gets more?
4. I waste too much of my time from day to day......
5. There are things in life that every decent person with common sense knows are wrong.....wonder if COX ever gave it a thought?
6. 'Most' people have been raised and are imbued with a sense of right and wrong....
7. Parents should be held responsible for raising their kids. Why do we need armed police in our schools
8. I was once kicked out of high school and I'm not too proud of it either. I got caught up in a homeroom prank that was not of my doing, but I was there and just as guilty as the others.
9. People have sticky fingers and the most honest guy will find a way to beat the system, especially with the IRS....
10. Check this website out for hoaxes:,aid,75204,00.asp 11. Maybe I should have placed a fee on the Memory Book...That way only those truly interested would have ordered and gotten a copy and not let it sit idle waiting to be sent to the next person on the routing instructions..... My good friend, Jim Harber, prepared a grand CD-R on his TURKEY Tour of Duty and very few ordered a copy. His e-mail is:

FM: Ray Newman Guess who showed up on my for Turkey? Kenneth Baldwin. But he is using the name Gulcin Erez. I'm not a gold member so I can't e-mail him. But if it really is him then the question of what happened to him has been answered. He must have made it back to Turkey, and is living like a Turk. Do you think? [Very interesting. I've included below one of the e-mail that I sent to Kusadasi so that the newcomers can get themselves caught up in my attempt to locate KEN BALDWIN and find out the REST OF THE STORY in his own words. Is anyone a GOLD MEMBER of CLASSMATES.COM? If so Roster with over 300 names and publish a weekly e-mail newsletter titled "DAYS OF OUR LIVES" and I'm sure thatboth would interest him. There is a special place in my heart for Turkey and its people. I spentthree years in Turkey at Det 27 (Manzarali), Det 4-4 (Karamursel) and Det 120 (Ankara) on three separate occasions. Again, I say thanks. Elder RC Green, Indiana, PA. I am 65, and retired. Ken Baldwin is probably the same age.

Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 10:57 PM
Subject: Re: Gulcin Erez (Ken Baldwin)
Elder, Glad this information was interesting for you. I would sure like to know what he has been doing for the last 40 years. I'll bet it would make a good story. I never actually met Ken, but his legend was big at Det 66. I also am retired with 39 years active and reserve. And my memories of Turkey are bittersweet. Good friends, but destroyed my marriage. Oh well, present wife is much better. Been married 30 years this month. And I'm sure that is more than you want to know. :-D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Gulcin has created an expressive, fun-loving nature, it has not produced the qualities necessary for a full and complete life. You have always been a happy person, and, desiring to see others happy as well, you strive to inspire others, which you do most effectively through an engaging sense of humour. You are fond of surprises and are quick to respond to spontaneous invitations which promise a good time, particularly when they relieve you of a boring task. Your dislike for monotony and routine, often means that you do not finish the things you start. A natural rhythm, a sense of colour harmony, and creative ability contribute to a flair for composition and artistic and musical expression. Expression comes easily to you; in fact, you should learn to control it and discipline your expression. You are not practical where money matters are concerned, your theory being that money is there to be spent. You are kind and generous, and will fill a need when you see it; at times, others take advantage of your generosity. The most serious drawback of the influence of this name is in the strong emotional feelings that it produces, which are difficult to control and create lack of stability in your thinking or in your affairs. A craving for sweet foods could cause skin conditions or liver problems. You would find it difficult to control your desires -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
FM: Phil Kelly Thanks to those who furnished the information about Cox and Brisendeen. I vaguely remember two guys who got in trouble for murdering a bar-girl in Ankara. They were caught by the authorities inTurkey and faced very long prison terms. I don't know if it was these guys or some others. Too many years have passed. I do know that their example was a part of new corientation after the fact. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
FM: Mike Comroe Elder: I must be some kind of yeni asker, but I don't know what that "memory yearbook cd" mentioned in your emails is. please enlighten me so that I may get a copy. Also you may count on me for the reunion. I want to see if Walt Dubicki is still as ugly as he was in '62. Am still working on some more names and pictures for the reunion. Need some more help from you in locating another Det 27 buddy. Is there a way to track a retired military EM from his service number and full name. I lost track of him and there are too many Dick Franks around. My sister is even married to one (not him). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
FM: Tony Antonello Elder - Copied the CD-R (Memory book/Thumbnail sketch) last night. Will mail the original to Mike Comroe, 205 Pinetwon Rd., Audubon, PA 19403. BTW and for the record I was assigned to Det-27 from 1965-1968. Data error in the CD-R shows my tour dates as 65-66. For Mike Comroe - I will drop it into the mail today. You should receive the original within the next few days. That's it for now. Take care and good day to you both! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
FM: Rob Nearpass [We are] booked and confirmed for the 2002 reunion in Hershey, PA.See ya there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
FM: Bill Hartranft I seem to think I recall Cox from being a trick one guy. Jim Harber, Walt Dubicki, can you help here? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
FM: Dominic A. Iannelli ( Whoa! This is too much for my memory. I'm going to put Lin Gontero into the file...I can't remember any more than that!I sent a copy to a fellow worker, Wes Jester who also remembers some folks. Lynn Arthur Gontero is at 1558 Prarie Du Chien Rd, Iowa City, IA (319) 337-4776. Spoke to his wife (I think) and wished him a happy birthday....I'll never forget the date....and I don't think he will either. I called it "Farch Mirst" ... just kid stuff..... There was an experienced man...a Sergeant Kalish who may not be with usanymore, he went off to NSA after his tour which ended in 1965....I was there (Det 27-working at Det 17) 4/65-6/66 as a SP5. Details.... I had a phone in my room for emergency calls...and once changed a tire on the medical truck we used for shuttle service bystarlight. One time we all put our Hi Fi's & Stereo speakers outside and ran a Racingrecord at full blast for the guys who missed the "roar" of the engines! My room was always inspection ready. The guys even threw sand on the floorto "rough it up" while I was on leave.... Then there was the very "thin" man, a heavy smoker who lived in the E6 with his very gorgeous blonde wife; Can't find the fellow with the 1st name of "Bernice"...also missing is a guy who loved motorcycles...Drove me up to the old Roman castle on the cobblestone back streets behind the "Kerahani?" standing straight up because of the steep angle..lived in St.Pete Fla whose last name was Sweatavage....Jack?Anyone know the name of the local who cleaned up Det 17...and cooked themost pungent lamb on the face of the earth?... wore baggy pants, and oldjacket and a they all did! Gotta go! Dominic A. Iannelli,LMEIS; Sr. Staff; Lead Pgm. Control & Planning, Orlando, Fl. 32825 Cell: (321) 230-0652, Cell Text Message 3212300652@mobile.att.netOffice: (407) 306-4737Fax: (407) 306-3770 " Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
FM: Tony ANTONELLO ( ) Just received the CD. Haven't looked at it yet but will do later this evening. Will make copy and forward the original to Mike Comroe in the next couple of days. Also, many thanks to Tom Fittante for forwarding it to me. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
FM: Bill Hartranft ( ) I have a gigantic anger with my ISP, COMCAST. They have failed miserably over the last 2 mths. Have spent hours on hold or with their support people, been told there are all kinds of problems(no resolutions), missed appointments, bad advice, no service....etc I think about the "free" advertising a chain letter can provide them.... I also think about our fair City of Phila refusing to allow competition to enter the market. In fact, I think I'll Cc Comcast to let them know how badly their service and support has been... First, I'll give them a heads up and MAYBE, just MAYBE someone will call (215 722 3342) to find out what their failure to provide service really means. Imagine the CEO getting a a heads up...or better yet, imagine Briangetting a copy of this message two months after this initial note. Would certainly show him his organizational lack of customer care, wouldn't it. If I knew our Mayor's email, I'd try that if I thought anyone in Phila Gov't cared. I don't think they do. And that my friend is only one reason I'm pulling the plug on Phila after 58 years of residency.. So, how big is your address book? Mine is 125. If I ask everyone to send to 10 and they do so with the same request.......... hmmmmmmm. Look for details within the next week. I think I'll provide you and ECGreen with a detailed list of reports and failures and request you all for-ward the info to your mailing list and request they send the info to 10 people. Maybe we have more power than we're exercising. What do you think? PS, Jim Larkin, want to furnish an email address for your RCN CEO? I'd be more than happy to send the details to him in case it would help him in his endeavors to compete with the local boys who have bought Phila.I'd be glad to give him bullet points of problems with his service ineffective competition. Then again, maybe he backed off because he realizes Phila is for sale to the highest bidder. And it's been sold. Fondly, wdh -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- & Retirees Records: Do you know how to obtain your military personnel or service records? Most personnel or service records (201 files) of Veterans are stored at National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), in St Louis, MO.Veterans or the next of kin of a deceased veteran can get access to these records in three ways 1. Write directly to the NPRC requesting copies of a particular document or documents; 2. Personally visit the NPRC and review the entire file; 3. Get a third party to review/copy the records at NPRC. Use Request Pertaining to Military Records Standard Form 180 (Rev-4/96) which can be downloaded at or . Never request records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) under which only limited information can be provided. The entire record can be acquired or reviewed if the Veteranor next of kin of deceased Veteran requests it. Under the Privacy Act A written request is the least expensive choice as there is usually no fee. The mailing address is: NATIONAL PERSONNEL RECORD CENTER, ATTN: (insert branch of service) 9700 Page Boulevard St Louis, MO 63132-5100. Should you decide to write, you must ask for specific information or documentation but it is unlikely that you will get a copy of the entire file because of the enormous workload and limited number of clerks at the NPRC. The center receives more than 200,000 requests each month, therefore, do not expect a quick reply. If copies of separation or discharge papers are needed quickly, a visit to NPRC can be faster, providing those requesting data arrives before 1:00 PM on normal work days. There is no fee for this service, but family members will need a signed authorization from the Veteran, or proof that the Veteran is deceased.Photo ID is also required, such as a driver's license. To view the entire file, it is necessary that the Veteran or next of kin make an appointment. For appointments call: AIR FORCE (314) 538-4218; NAVY/ MARINE CORPS/COAST GUARD (314) 538-4200; ARMY RETIRED (314) 538-4010 The last option is to get a third party to obtain the file and copyall of part of it. The U.S. Locator Service in St Louis is a private firm that specializes in military records searches. The NPRC has approved this firm to act as an agent for Veterans or their next of kin. With signed authorization, the firm will obtain the complete file and make copies of either discharges or an entire personnel and medical file. These copies will be sent directly to the client. The fee for discharge copies is $60; and for copies of an entire file is $110. Price is subject to change. The turnaround time is 10-21 days. For more formation and/or an authorization form, send your request to: U.S LOCATOR SERVICE, Attn: DICK BIELEN, P0. Box 2577, St Louis, MO 63114-2577, or call (314) 423-0860. [Source: Atomic Vet News 19 FEB 02] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Dave Waldmann
Subject: AZ ASA Assn Reunion
The Arizona ASA Assn will hold it’s annual reunion at the Hon-Dah Resort Casino in the beautiful Arizona White Mountains 23-25 August 2002. “Hon-dah” in the Apache language means, “welcome to my home”. The resort, owned and operated by the White Mountain Apache Tribe, is about 9-miles south of the town of Pinetop-Lakeside at the junction of Arizona routes 260 and 73. Rooms will run as low as $59.00 per night, if we can get enough signed up in advance. All the rooms include a refrigerator, 25” remote control TV, coffee maker, wet bar, alarm clock, voice messaging phone system, iron and ironing board and hairdryer. The resort has an all-season swimming pool, whirlpool and sauna. Restaurants, lounges and free entertainment are available. The Hon-Dah RV Park across the highway offers full facilities and has been rated the best in the White Mountains by Good Sam. The resort website is at
FM: Bill Binney ( )
Subject: Help End the Clinton Anti-Gun Lawsuits - FYI Dear Citizen, Here is today's ACTION ITEM: According to "The Weekly" (Peachtree Corners, GA) U.S. Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) has brought the issue of a frivolous government lawsuit against the Daisy ManufacturingCompany to the attention of President Bush in a letter sent to the White House. Barr called on the Administration "to stop the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) from this irresponsible, politically-motivated attack on BB guns." "I believed then, as I believe now, this is an abuse of the CPSC regulatory jurisdiction, pushing an anti-gun political agenda," Barr wrote. One day before she was due to leave office last year, Ann Brown, a Clinton-appointed head of the CPSC, filed a sweeping federal lawsuit to force the recall of more than seven million BB guns, manufactured by Daisy Manufacturing Company. "To date, the Commission has not established that such airguns are defective," Barr wrote the President. "The only conclusion one can draw from the filing of this lawsuit is that it was not filed because of any consumer safety reason, but rather, a political one..." "Insofar as such air guns are frequently utilized as training models for later safe and responsible firearm usage, it is a clear attempt to attack, malign and disrupt the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens." ACTION ITEM: Join your voice with Rep. Barr's, and send amessage to President Bush asking him to put an end to the Clinton-era attacks on every aspect of our Second Amendment rights:

AOL: CLICK HERE NOTE: Please forward this email to everyone you know thatwants to protect our constitutional right to keep and beararms, and end the politicization of this issue left overfrom the Clinton years. Thank you!