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Newly found VET'S

BOLDWAY, Francis W., 4302 Hollow Hill Dr., San Antonio, TX 78217, 210-653-2542, Francis was a Major and the Adjutant at Det 27, 67-68 and retired as a Colonel.

NELLIS, Kathryn M., 652 Lakeview Cir., SE., Rio Rancho, NM 87124, 505-892-9127, no email. Kathryn is 85 years young, in relative good health, was a RN and a Major at Det 27, 65-66. She is a native of Crestline, OH., but moved to NM several years ago. She received the Legion of Merit at Walter Reed Hospital and retired as a LTC. She was at Walter Reed for 5 years. Kathryn would like to hear from any who knew her. She mentioned that the wife of Dr Jim Jacobitz had a mental breakdown after they left Turkey and had committed suicide. She couldn't remember the name of the other RN at Det 27, only that her first name was Ivy, and that she died about two years ago. She took 6 weeks of leave while at Manzarali and visited many interesting places and countries. She sailed home, 1st class on the Constitution and last but not least she said that of all the things she remembers, she remembers a good natured Turk who worked in the Motor Pool telling her: "SOME DAY WE MUSLIMS WILL GET YOU ALL!"

The attachments

1. The Wedding Drew & Janet attachment is that of Drew Robinson, SP5, Medic, Det 27, AP64-NO65 and his wife Janet on their wedding day. You can read about it below in Drew's own words. The Army Photo is of Drew relaxing on the hood of a 3/4 ton ambulance parked next to the flag football field at

Manzarali in anticipation of an injury.

2. The Turkey-Tk [Softball] Team is from Gary Richard. The foto was taken in his back yard at Manzaralli in Oct 67. Standing: Stewart, Tom Miller [Is this the 05H that Mike Findley says is the best 05H that he ever met?], Rick Valentine; unk. Seated in the chairs: Jerry Smothers, Bob Douglass, and Kell[e]y. On the ground: Myers[Is this Joseph P. Myers?], Dave Ward, Tom Rebholz, Carolyn and Gary Richard, and John Cunningham

Did y'all know that:

1. Tom Harris, SSG, 05D, Det 27, JN65-AP67, has a website,, which is devoted to Radio Direction Finding. Tom would it be asking too much if you'd tell us about your website and the 05D vet's that were at Manzarali.

2. Subtle hints don't work for me!

3. The turnover rate at Manzarali was 18 months.....

4. If U think you're fat, U probably are!

5. I've got several pet peeve's. Can U think of one?

6. Turkey provided a growing up sense for all the GI teenyboppers.....(18-19)

7. Until the late 60's negros regarded the term "black" as racist!

8. I can either ask U to do something or tell U how I want it done - not both!

9. Pin-ups occupied space in wall-lockers until inspection's!

10. I've forgotten some of the Turkish gestures, obscene or otherwise.....

11. A weasel word is used to evade or retreat......

12. Few events in our lives compare in scope or significance with Turkey.....

13. Some vet's sneer and mumble at my gobbledygook news-letters....then, so be it!

14. I'm basically a stubborn person; I just keep trying different methods to reach out to y'all until I find something that works.

15. That Robt Dooman, 05H, Det 27, 61-62, fm Glenview, IL, requested deletion fm my newsletters (

16. I shud have started the FOCK Rock series much sooner as it really brought a lot of people out of their hibernation nests .

17. It is only normal to represent oneself in the best possible light?



Subject: (no subject)

Elder: I'm one of the few people to serve at Site 23 to have ever pulled K.P. On May 21,1963 there was a coup d'etat in Ankara . Turkish kitchen help couldn't get to the post, so I was one of the lucky ones to have served in the mess hall. That's what being a P.F.C. gets you .

The following is from a newspaper clipping , dated Septemper 6,1963.

Turk Coup Leader Ordered Executed

Ankara (AP) --A military tribune Thursday sentenced former Col .Talat Aydemir,46, and six others to be executed for leading an abortive coup d'etat which attempted he overthrow of prime minister,Ismet Inonu's, government last May 21. Another 29 were given life terms Aydemir, acknowledged leader of the 12-hour attempt which killed eight persons and wounded 23 others was the former commander of Turkey's West Point. Being tried separately were 1,459 cadets who followed, Aydemir, into battle. Their sentence will be announced next week.

I don't remember for [how] long, but we were kept from gong to Ankara for a while. The seven executed were later buried at, Atturturk's memorial to show, as an example. Thanks for all your doing: Tom Cavallo ,12-62-----5-64 Det 27 [[Thanks Tom. I've already posted it to the MB]]


From: Drew Robinson

Subject: Fw: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #50

Elder..........It was great talking to you this morning; thanks for all the work you have put into reuniting old Manzarali buddies. Attached is a photo from when I was in Turkey and a wedding photo from Oct2000. Jan and I both lost our long time spouses in 1997; hers' to a car wreck and mine to breast cancer. Fortunately, we found each other and were married Oct 7, 2000. Peace, Drew Robinson [[Both foto's posted to 2nd Edition of MB and both attached. Thanks- - -gH]]


From: James M. Findley

To: Elder RC Green ; Clark Bryan

Cc: Ron Anderson

Subject: Charlie & The Pigskin

Guys,......IF I recollect correctly, the Charlie Flight quarterback was named Spurrier and was the cousin to Steve Spurrier, the former NFL quarterback and now coach of the Washington Redskins. His cousin was a supurb quarterback in his own right.

The story that I've been telling for years is that Billy Pennington walked across the field before the game and told Spurrier, "I'm gonna' break your f.....g leg!" and then walked casually back across the field. Spurrier got hurt and came into the NCO club after the game on crutches. The Army table gave him a standing ovation; we were having a celebration party even though we lost the game. This action prompted some "serious negotiations" across the dancefloor between the Zoomie table and ours. I'm not sure if the Apes were invited to the negotiations or not. Mike


From: Douglas R. Potts

Subject: Memory Book and my BIO

I have copied the Memory Book. Where should I send the cd? Still working on my bio. I will get it to you this coming week. I promise. Doug Potts, San Diego, CA., Det 27, 62-64. [Doug - Send the CD-R to: Chuck Teschker, 2752 N. Tipsico Lake Rd., Hartland, MI 48353. For the Teschker's: Went U get the Memory Book, please email me and I'll relay mailing instructions to U- - -gH]

From: Bill Hartranft

Cc: NEGUS, Vern


Some of this may be rehashing. If it's old news, sorry....memory is not what it was.Anybody able to find James A Mabray(Moms)? How about Nelson B. Miller(Bear)? Moms was from Oklahoma City, OK (couldn't find any listing for him in the phone books, sent email to any J or James Mabray I could find. Nelson was, as I recall, a Mennonite who owned and kept a Jaguar(car) in town. I thought I remembered him being from Pennsylvania, around the Lancaster area. He was stocky, big mustache kind of guy. Had a keen sense of humor and was well liked. I think I remember him as the culprit who got a bit wasted one night and tore off a urinal. We were on Trick 1.

How about Dennis D Brooks? His sign was DD and we called him Delbert Dumbf**k. He wasn't dumb, we just called him that for some reason...... I've inserted the fol into the 2nd Edition of the Memory Book: "Remember the terms; Hum job and NEWK? Spelling is probably off but remember the term, "Yeni Askari" trooper? Remember rubbing carbon paper on the earpieces of the headsets? The winners had carbon smears on their shirts, the NEWKS had carbon rings on their temples. Maybe this is about "grate rubs". How about the guy who cleaned the coffee pot in the OPS lunchroom with the toilet brush? No wonder the coffee kept us awake and gave us the trots.....and......Who remembers the young shoeshine guy's name? He shined shoes for $.25 and boots for $.50. He used Kiwi polish and asked us to buy it for him. I think he was about our age way back then. As PFC's and Spec 4's, I'll bet he made 2X as much money as we did."

Enuf for now....exercising the memory......

Elder, I think Vern Negus dropped his email address. I remember Jim Harber sending me a note a few months ago.

Vern, you out there?wdh



Subject: Bio

Elder....I hope this is not too much detail.....[Its perfect and I've already pasted it to the 2nd Edition of the Memory Book. Now I need a foto of U and Carolyn to make it complete] I returned to the Army (ASA) in Jul 61 after spending 2 yrs in the Engineers as a construction draftsman and 6 yrs in the reserves. In Mar of 62, I completed the 058 course at Ft Devens and was sent to Sinop, Turkey (05H20). I spent my year and returned to Devens. I completed Instructor Training Course as an E4 in Jun 63 (05H2H). Then in Jan 64, while still at Devens, I completed the 059 course (05K2H). In May 64, I was promoted to E5 as an instructor. I was promoted to E6 in Feb 66, working as an instructor in the 05K course. Being fed up with all the snow, I requested school in Pensacola, Florida. I completed the Advanced Non-morse Course and graduated in Oct 66 (05K4HJ4). I went from there to Det 27 in Nov 66. I remember well the night we arrived. Bob Ware was our sponsor and having worked with him at Devens, knew him and his family very well. That's one night the Turks decided to demonstrate against the Americans. My wife, Carolyn, was scared to death. Mark, our son, thought it was neat. For the first 6 mos in Turkey, we lived in Ankara at the Star Apartments. Two other of my companions and their families lived there also.... Al Warren and Larry Gilmore. While there, I was on the Board of Directors at the NCO club in town. If you remember, Bud Stoker was the manager. I was an 05K Trick Chief on Trick 3 or 4, if I remember correctly. We moved into Quarters at Manzarali and stayed until closing. In Nov 67 we went to Det 4-4. We were not allowed into Ops yet, so Maj Cima had us doing close order drills in our spare time....I remember when Larry Gilmore made warrant. After receiving his bars, I gave him his first salute. I still have the silver dollar he gave me. One picture I've attached (Pix 2) shows Maj Cima, myself, and two fellows that I thought were your people. Forgive me if that is incorrect.... I don't even remember what the occasion was. I was promoted to E7 in Nov 68. I do remember that occasion because I've attached a pix (Pix 2). Maj Cima had called my wife to his office without my knowledge and had me come in on some pretence. Well to my surprise, Carolyn was there wearing a big smile.... When we left Det 4-4 in Nov 69, I took my family home and went to the 7th RRFS, in Thailand. Spent a year there and returned to Ft Devens....again. There I attended Instructor Supervisor Course.... grad-uated in Nov 71. I worked as a Team Chief in the 05K division. While there, I spent a couple weeks at NSA in the Special Signal Analysis Course. In 1972 my family and I went to the field station in Sobe, Okinawa. I was promoted to E8 in Sep 75 (98Z5H EW/Crypto Opn Chief). Several different jobs in opns and occasionally standing in for the 1SG when he went on leave and the Opns SGM when he went on leave. I extended there twice so my son could finish high school. I didn't want him to change schools again. We left Okinawa in Jun 76 with an assignment to the Army/Air Force Field Station in San Antonio. We spent about 3 years in that assignment and I retired Oct 79. We've lived here in San Antonio ever since.. My son is married and has two wonderful children (Girl 15/Boy 13) and is on the staff at a local church. I got involved in a Television Production Company for awhile. Then I got caught up in a health and fitness company. Carolyn and I own a motor home and we do travel some what. We volunteer at National Parks and Texas State Parks. We just spent 4.5 mos at Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Colorado. We're just enjoying

life...... Elder, please discard any or all of this you see fit...Happy new 2002 to you and your family and all the ASA Vets.....Gary Richard



Subj: [Where's the Det 27 hats I ordered?]

Hello Elder, several months ago I ordered a couple of Det 27 tee shirts and two baseball caps. If any are still available please send them to me at Norman Opela, 3516 Union St., Eureka, Ca. 95501. Thanks, Norman Opela [[Oops, the two hats w/b on their way tmr. No T's left. Sorry]]


Fm Bill Walters

Elder..........I do know Jerry Hurst, from his days as a civilian working at TRADOC, but didn't replace him at Det 17. I replaced a CPT John Anderson, whose wife I think used to work at the education center at site 23. Also, to help out my friend Gary Gibbs, whom I haven't seen for 30 years, Bob Kristufek's wifes name was Anne and she was truly a beautiful blonde.... Just remembered that John Anderson's wife name was Judy....Think he retired as a Colonel at NSA in the late 80's..... Bill Walters


From: Daryl Waite

Subject: C* re: T-160 tape

Elder: Tape packaged, be in mail tomorrow. Had a problem which caused a delay. While reviewing one of the tapes, noted an audio drop-out problem, so had to go through and spot check them all. Used to be able to rent a VHS copy VCR at rent-a-ctr, but no longer available. So, rented two regular VCR, and found there was an intermittent in the connecting AV cable. So, ran the master back through home VCR, and filled in missing audio with camcorder (has dubbing feature) Unfortunately, hum was amplified by this procedure, but had already returned the two VCRs. Patch is apx 30 min in center of trip around Turkey. Happy viewing, maybe you'll recognize someone at the open-house, as tours overlapped quite a bit. Received copy of memory book from Jim Harber, ie CD with pix of Turkey and Devens reunion. Or are we talking a different CD here? Tip: to avoid two pages of addresses at beginning of letters, have you tried Bcc address? How do you send all addresses at once? I had to break my letters into three blocks due to a limit on addresses in any one block of addresses. Maybe this is just a Hotmail policy. At any rate, keep the letters coming.



From: Dumbo (Bill Binney)

Subject: Whatever works!

I was going to bed the other night when my wife told me that I had left the light on in our detached garage. She could see from the bedroom window. I was sure that I'd locked the garage door and turned the lights out, but when I looked, the lights were on and I saw that there were people in the garage taking things. I quickly phoned the police, but they told me that no one was in this area to help at this time, but they would send someone over as soon as they were available.

I said OK and hung up. What should I do next? Should I take my deer rifle and confront them or should I use the analytical skills that the USASATC&S and NSA had trained me in. I opted for the skills, waited one minute, then phoned the police back. "Hello. I just called you a minute ago because there were people in my garage. Well, you don't have to worry about them now cause I've shot them all." Within three minutes there were half a dozen police cars in the area, an Armed Response unit, the works. Of course, they caught the burglars red-handed. One of the officers said: "I thought you said that you'd shot them!"

I replied with, "I thought you said there was nobody available!"



Subject: (The LOGO's)

Hi, great job here by the way. I was at Tuslog Det 66-1 on the Hill Sinop Turkey 1962-63. I haven't found many others that were there. We were a small goup 13-15 when I was there. We had no special patch that I know of, but it would sure be great if we could get somthing. I hoped to find more Det 66-1 members but I am still trying. The CD it finally came but it was trashed by the mail carrier or "others". Thanks for all your efforts. KenK