Subject : DAYS OF OUR LIVES #49 (The LOGO's)
Date : Sun, 3 Feb 2002 23:59:42 -0600

1. I haven't forgotten about the Det 27 and 4-4 logo patches. A lot of vet's had ordered the logo patches and I'm sure they are disappointed that I didn't follow thru on their orders. But, remember, last year was a hectic period for me. I'd ordered the logo's from a Taiwan company at a reasonable price and much later the Taiwanese supplier emails me that he can't reproduce the 4-4 patch and that he mis-quoted the prices. I simply gave up on the logo patches and tried to concentrate on the reunion , the ordered clothing items and the Memory Book. But, then 9/11 pops up and I'm swamped with clothing items that now had to be mailed .

2. Most of U are not familiar with the bluish Det 4-4 Patch. Oddly enuf I cud not get any embroidery outlet to reproduce it and therefore am recommend-ing to all ex4-4'es (which includes me) that we adopt the attached Proposed 4-4 patch as its new logo. Det 66 has no logo patch (that I'm aware of) and

I've gone out on the limb again and made them a logo patch. Sure, they all look alike, but here's my proposal:

a. The Det 27 patch will not be altered!

b. The Det 4-4 patch will have a brown outer border/trim and the terrain/ground w/b yellow with the turban and pant leg brown.

3. The Det 66 people might want to make their own, using the STRATCOM patch and placing Det 66 and Manzarali thereon somewhere. A word of caution to U 66'ers: I'll need 50 to order the new patch and right now there is only a handful of U.

4. Once the logo's are adopted I'll start taking orders