Subject: Days of our Lives #41
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 23:16:04 -0600


DET 27 AND 4-4 VET
Jim Adamany, SP5, O5H, DET 27 & 4-4, JL68-69, Phoenix, Az 602-971-7069, Mike Andronaco, SP5, Special Svcs, Det 27, JL65-JA67, Essex Junction, VT 802-878-5911 Kenneth E. Brown, Jr., SP5, Dental Asst, Det 27, 66-68, Milford, NH 03055, 603-673-4093, Spencer Gustaz Duin, SP5, 98C (RMC), DET 27, 62-MR64, Asheville, NC 828-254-4068, Douglas Elgie, SP5, C/C, Det 27, 63-65, Rochester, MI 248-852-4427,
TAPS Preston A. Bernhardt, 1LT, AGC, Det 27, 64-65, born 2 Feb 1935 died 8 Nov 1998.  His widow lives at 300 Ocean Marine Dr., Flagler Beach, FL 32136 and his son lives at 4508 Outlook Dr., NE., Marietta, GA 30066, 770-578-1372 for anyone who knew Preston at Manzarali- - -gH


Can  ANYONE identify anyone on this Det 27 foto of the POST Flag Football team championship team?  I got it from Mark Hamilton's website- - -gH ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The WP-50 foto is gH and Patty at West Point- - -gH (Two OLD geezers)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FM: ANONYMOUS Your 'PRICELESS' attachment was Priceless!!!  Was this a test to see who reads your mail?  Turkey!!...  I do and love it!!!  Also, your Gift for Mother joke was fowl!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Had a most interesting phone conversation with Mike Andronaco who was in charge of the theater and the pool at Manzarali 65-67.  He related many interesting stories about his TOUR at MANZARALI and PROMISED to write about them in his autobiography. One was of the "Scotchman Club" parties (belly-dancers, booze, etc) that the 'Club' had at the Balin Hotel in Ulus and that they were directed to cease the parties or else. Mike was 22 and remembers Col Lundy and his two daughters. The youngest, Kathy, then 15 had a crush on the projectionist, Dennis ?. and Mike had to chase her away from the theater. Col Lundy called him into his office and related that his oldest daughter had gotten pregnant in Germany and he didn't want the youngest to follow in the same footsteps as the oldest. The oldest was married to an unk EM who Col Lundy got stationed at Det 27. Any- one remember who she was married to?  Anyone remember the MP with last name of CISCO who was practicing a quick draw at the PMO or guard shack and shot the place up.  Other MP's that Mike remembers was SIMMERO, MAX MORRISON, Tony MOULTON and RUBIN. Mike is sending me the album that he made of his TOUR of DUTY at Manzarali so that I can scan the foto's and poss use them in the Memory Book revision.  His wife was away visiting the grand kids and Mike didn't know their e-mail address, but will get it to me- - -gH ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Had a very informative conversation with Ken Brown who was a 05H drop-out who enjoyed his time at Manzarali as a Dental Assistant.  Ken informs that he QB'd the Hq Co team that beat Jim Hatmaker and A Co., 7-6.  Ken, too, has many foto's and slides of his TOUR of DUTY at Manzarali as a 20 year old &
promises to write it up for the Memory Book. Ken was a charter member of the SCOTCHMAN Club and, like Mike Andronaco enjoyed their TOUR of DUTY at Manzarali- - -gH ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Chuck Bergmann To: Cc: Dan Schoppe ; Elder Green Subj: Going to ASA reunion
I WILL BE ATTENDING THE ASA REUNION AND REQUEST THAT A NON-SMOKING ROOM BE RESERVED FOR ME (& MY WIFE) FOR 13-15 SEPT 2002 AT $79. PER DAY PER AGREEMENT WITH DONNA CENTOFANTI. PLEASE CONFIRM MY RESERVATION BY RETURN E-MAIL. Thank you, Chuck & Helen Bergmann/Bay Village, OH/SP4/05H/Det27, MY66-DE67 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fm: Jeff Newport
Subject: Trying to find what unit my father was in and hope you might be able to help.  I hope I am not bothering you. I am trying to find out what unit my father was in, in Vietnam. I have his old shoulder patches and they are the two lightning bolts with the eagle talons on it. My father died a few years ago and I have made it my mission to find out more about him and the great man he was. His name is Frank Newport. I really hope you can help or tell me where I might be able to find out some info.  Thank you in advance Jeff Newport ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
James Nolan ( Subj: MEMORY bOOK CD-R Status
Sorry that it has taken me so to get the CD moving to Ronald Hudson but rest assured that I will send it in the morning via priority mail. I've been having computer trouble and just got back on line today. I was able to download the information onto my hard drive but my Laptop could handle the storage.  I can access the information but not the way I would like.  In addition I'm not very good with the computer which is another reason I have problems.  My wife and I are planning to come to Hershey for the reunion in Sep, there are some nice golf courses that we would like to play.As you know I worked with Dooley [LTC Raphael J.) for 2.5  years as his assistant so I will write something about him and e-mail it to you in a week or so. Glad you and some of the others are doing all this hard work with the memory book and the reunion. Regards, Jim Nolan/Hopewell, VA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fm: michael gabriel
Thanks for sending the CD memory book.  I will forward it to the next person when you notify me.  Mike Gabriel, 15813 NE 18th Court, Vancouver, Wa 98686 [Mike - Please mail the Memory Book CD-R to Robert J. Ashton, PO Box 5, Milton, VT 05468
Fm: Roy Des Ruisseaux Subj: Manzarali Mailing list
Elder;  Upon seeing the list of ASA web sites I contacted the webmaster to let them know about my "orphan" site.  Anyhow I saw the listing for Mark Hamilton's  site of course and an " Unknown Manzarali Station" website.  Upon checking it out it appears to be set up for a mailing list.  Nothing is on it now of course but this could be a way to migrate to that form of communicating.It would save you the time of cutting and pasting.  I have included the URL as an attachment. It would require everyone signing up, but it does have a place for pictures etc.Take a look see what you think. Roy ******** Roy----I visited the "new" website and started to type in the blanks, but stopped when it became obvious to me that it was NOT the website that I wanted to be associated wit......Thanks- - -gH ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Roy Des Ruisseaux Subject: Re: Det 27 website Elder :   I have to agree with you. They want way too much information. Plus they want you to pay if you don't want ads. etc. etc. Guess I should have checked it out before getting so worked up.Someday I'll see if I can set something up on Yahoo. I'm on a list about the Stan Kenton Big Band (Ah giving away my age and musical taste all in one shot) Anyhow it was handled for years out of Univ. of Calif. Irvine servers but got dumped for some reason.One of the list members set up a Yahoo account and about 200 plus migrated to it. Works well most of the time. It just requires people to sign up. with their e mail address and get a password etc. I don't recall intrusive questions or such. The beauty about these things is all posts go to all subscribers so no one has to do what you are doing cutting and pasting etc.Plus you can get it in real time or digest form One e mail of all posts in a 24 hr. period. The down side is people have to do a little work to subscribe,it ain't hard but you do have to visit the site to sign up. When we first started we were hit with ads on about every fifth post or so but they seemed to have disappeared. About the biggest downside is  you can not send pictures,all attachments are stripped out of the e mails. There is a place on the site for pictures so if someone sent them to me or you or whoever was the "owner" of the list they could post them and include the link in the list to have people visit them. I really think this would be the way to go at some point as I know you have hinted a few times of the enormous amount of work involved with doing it the way you are now. I know everybody loves the Days of our Lives e mails and don't want them to end but I and several others are aware how much work is involved. Perhaps in a few weeks I can contact the Kenton list owner ,I know him though e mails and met him at a concert last year, I'm sure he could tell me what's involved. I think it's pretty easy. Then of course we'd have to see if we could"sell" it to everyone or not. What concerns me most is that(God forbid) if something happens to you or you get tired of doing this no one will take up the slack and we may loose contact with each other. I know I haven't kept my ASA address book up to date and probably only have 50-60 names in it. I Think you have what?? 150- 200. Well this has gone on far too long just something to mull over perhaps we could put out the inf. and see who might be interested or see if anyone else has any suggestions. One last thing thanks for including the NASAA link. I got a hold of Bonnie Cooper NASAA's web master and she has already got my site added to her list so at least it's listed somewhere now. OK enough is enough. Roy DesRuisseaux/Upper Darby, PA/MP/Det 27, JN61-AU62 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fm: Edward S Gerow To: Robt Ashton Cc: Daryl Waite,; Elder RC Green, Subj:  Det 66 Hi Bob, I saw your response to Elder Green and checked out my Det 66 listing and I find your name as an SP5 E5 on or about September 27 1963 .
Greetings, I was at Det 66 from 62 to 64 as an MOS 272/273 working as a 272, Transmitter Specialist at the Det 66 Transmitter site at Golbasi about 10 miles southeast of site 23.  I left early in 1964 for reassignment at ECRS (WAR) at Washington DC.  I'm sure we have a few common acquaintences.  I lived downtown in Ankara so those that I knew at Site 23 were somewhat limited. I wonder what you did there? I have never found any trace of any other STRATCOM group so at least just a few of us are attached to this Det 27 ASA Group where they have welcomed us with all the full honors for serving at Site 23.  I attended the past reunion at Devans and plan on joining everyone in PA this September and hope you will do the same.  There are five or six of us checked in here and I'm sure we will hear from someone else.  Let me know your particulars and keep in touch.
Regards  Edward S Gerow, (Ed), Nashua, NH