Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #34
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 13:36:43 -0600

We just got back from West Point where our oldest son got promoted and rx'd a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from West Point-Baylor University.  We also visited NYC and managed to see a lot of the sights.  It will take me several days to get back into the swing of things even though I did monitor my e-mail from West Point.  Patty loves the West Point area and is disappointed that we won't be going back again.  Now we'll have to travel to the AF Acad-emy in Colorado Springs as that is Randy's next duty station.  I still haven't heard from the new vet's.  This newsletter is only as good as the data that y'all send to me ====  Thanks to all who express their appreciation for what I'm doing here - whatever it is.  The kind words are what keeps me at it, so keep the TURKEY memories flowing into my in-box. Thanks- - -gH

Fm: Clark L Bryan To: Subj: Navy flight jacket I haven't got an ASA patch, but didn't the Army Good Conduct ribbon/medal on your uniform raise an eyebrow or two? :-)  It's the only reason I ever got any Navy ribbons as my boss didn't want me to retire from the Navy with only Army and Air Force ribbons on my uniform!  It's probably why I was always stationed somewhere out in the boonies too, but that's another story . . .
Mixie, CDR/MSC/USN(RET), former Army SP5, 98G, TUSLOG DETS 27 & 4-4

From: gdoan
Dear Elder Green.... Just want to update you on my new email address.  I'm sure there are others who used the @home service that were changed.  My new address is  I think all of the people who had addresses got changed the the,/Gary Doan 
From: Bill lindenmuth Hello elder:  I have copy of memory book on CD do I need to send it back to you or can I forward it to someone???, I burned a copy of it for myself and I thought I would save you the postage  sending it to someone else when I could do it from here, thanks Bill Lindenmuth [[Bill - - -Hold onto the CD-R until I send U a address to mail it to.  Thanks- - -gH]]
Fm: Subj: ASA patches
GH,  If anyone wants ASA patches and more they can go to Vern Gruenkes site which is    He has a lot of items and a very good web site. If you haven't been to his site, he has a very good database and an excellent guestbook which is well worth the time to explore. I think his patches are about $6.oo including postage.  Good luck
Greg Kearney/      
      GH,   correct hyperlink  
      Greg Kearney

From: Subject: asa web site
GH,  I have tried going to the web site I recommended and am having trouble with the download at the site. If you could give it a try and let me know if you have any problem, it would be appreciated. I let Vern Greunke know about my problem and he has checked it out on his side and having no problems. I have never had a situation at all and have gone to this site quite a bit. let me know, Thanks.       Greg Kearney -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
From: Don Creig Myers <> Subject: ASA patch are looking for class a or camaflogue?/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
From: "Julian Hargus"
Subject: memory book

Received the cd and have downloaded it.  I will send it on to Drew Robinson in the morning. THANKS!!!  Elder, I screwed up the address and just got back on line and found the error message so I thought I would send it on. Zip [[DREW!  Did U get the CD fm Zip?  If so, hold onto it until I send U an address to mail it to. Okay?- - -gH]] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: Bill Hartranft To: Elder RC Green Subj: Merry ho ho
Will see you this spring in Driftwood, PA.,  but wanted to wish you and yours the very best/wdh[[Thanks - - -gH]]
Fm: Daryl Waite Subject: C* Out of curosity Elder:   Got to thinking.  (I know, us E grades weren't  supposed to do that!)  Anyway, when in the military the object was to travel as light as possible, especially in lower grades without house-hold baggage allowances.  If my memory serves me correctly, weren't console TVs available at the downtown AFEX?  Along with furniture grade stereos? Ankara did not have TV in 1964.  And if they did in the future, would it be the NTSC* standard?  Now what I'd like to know is, of what value would an extra 80 lbs of unfunctional hardware be to someone with a 66 lb baggage limit when departing the post?Note:  NTSC = National Television Standards committee or, Never Twice Same Color Daryl
Also, have missed a few of the newsletters.  I have had problems in past with non-deliveries from various mailers.  Are past issues still available? [[Yes, I still have them. List the #'s & I'll get them off to U- - -gH]] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fm: Daryl Waite Subj: Permanent Records Elder: Don't know if I've sent this one before, if so more men joined since then.   (One man I know researched his, and found some embarrasing medical info - that was misfiled) Ever wonder what's on your permanent records?  Our military records are stored in suburban St. Louis, Mo.  One time, when "volunteered" to pick up kinfolk at the airport one afternoon, left early and stopped by the Federal Records center that morning.  Basically, I was surprised by what wasn't in the permanet records.  Here's what I found: Apx 1/2 was health records, which was no surprise. Range qualifications were the next biggest part of the file, ie how you scored each time you qualified with a weapon, and how you compared with the rest of the company.  (This is certain to be of intense interest to future researchers!)
No comments or evaluations.
Remember your MOS schooling, and how we were encouraged to put out that extra effort and score high?  The only reference to Ft. Monmouth was one line on the DD-214 -   MOS 272.1 - completed.
If anyone else would be interested in researching their record.  I'll look up the number to call (advance reservation required). Daryl
Fm: Warren Noble Subj: Fw: New Online Military Benefits Handbook Pass this info on to persons whom you know that are not on the net.  I might suggest notifying local news media, veteran's info editor etc.  Good source for them to keep the public informed on military issues.  New Online Military Benefits Handbook Available at has recently published an online handbook with easy-to-understand explanations about military benefits. The handbook provides information for Active Duty, Guard/Reserve, Veterans, and Retired personnel on military benefits such as the GI Bill, TRICARE, Pay & Benefits, Insurance and VA home loans. The guide is a free resource for members. Those who are not members can access the guide by joining Membership is free. To access the guide, go to the I entered our reunion on this website for others to see and inquire about our 2002 reunion- - -gH
Fm: dunsteen Subj: All in a day's work This came out in the Advocate yesterday. Gary (Duck) Dunnam/Victoria,TX/SP5/98C/Det27&4-4/66-69/Gary contributed most of the FOCK ROCK data and was aptd as the 1st editor of the Memory Book and at his request was replaced by Clark Bryan and now only by gH. Anyone interested in taking over and up-dating the Memory Book and editor of the periodic missives that I've been issuing? - - -gH
1873 town map gets a 21st century reproduction 
Wednesday December 12, 2001
The Victoria Advocate Gary Dunnam is peering at a map behind his desk, pointing out landmarks for a visitor. "This is Lola Bade's house. We were out there Saturday. Really, it was her father's house, the Phillips-Sale H

Frank Tilley/Advocate Photo Editor

This close-up photograph of a bird's-eye view map of Victoria shows DeLeon Plaza and surrounding neighborhood, with south at the top of the map. The map, lithographed in 1873, shows houses correct in detail down to outbuildings and number of windows. The map, 24 by 30 inches, has been reproduced and printed on heavy, acid-free paper. It is available for $50 from Victoria Preservation Inc., 607 N. Bridge.

The map he's admiring was drawn in 1873 by Herman Brosius of Milwaukee on a commission from the Victoria city council. It overlooks Victoria from an imaginary point high in the sky. Victoria Preservation Inc., of which Dunnam is director, has had copies of the map printed on heavy, acid-free paper and is selling them at $50 as a fund-raiser.

Bird's-eye pictures were very popular in the 19th century. According to an essay that will accompany copies of the map, Brosius's maps were remarkable for the high-angle view and his Victoria map is odd in that the point of view is from the south side of town looking north. Brosius used a plat laid out by local surveyor A. E. Hensoldt to guide his map. Dunnam says that at the same time the council commissioned Brosius to draw the map, it also appointed a committee to name all the city streets so no unnamed streets would appear on the map. According to Dunnam, details of Brosius' stay and methods while in town are lost to us.

He apparently walked the streets of the city, as his details are very precise. The number and placement of windows in houses, the outbuildings, even the pilings supporting the bridge at the end of Bridge Street, everything's there.

Dunnam points out buildings, extant and gone, on the map. "This is my house," he taps his finger just south of the corner of Constitution and Liberty. "It was built by Dr. James B. D. January.

"This is the old Globe Hotel. It was blown down in the hurricane of 1886, the same one that blew away Indianola. This corner was called The Corner," he said. "It was always important."

The Corner is the corner of Bridge Street and Forrest Street, where One O'Connor Plaza now stands.

Diagonally across the plaza is Drugstore Corner, where a drugstore stood for 150 years, from 1846 to 1996. It is now the Rosebud Fountain and Grill, the building recognizable on the map.

Dunnam said that Brosius picked a point to the north of town where all the lines of the map would eventually converge. Dunnam also points out that the streets in the map are straighter than the streets were in the city at the time. Brosius made things look neater than they were. He also placed the houses in the picture nearer the street than they are in fact.

Despite the artistry of his reproduction, the map Brosius drew and printed wasn't a big success. The map sold for $5, but the council bought back for $1 apiece 46 unsold copies of the map. and offered them at $3 each to people who had bought one at $5. There were apparently 70 copies in the printing. Dunnam says it is likely that a lot of copies went into the trash and it's a wonder that any survived.

A couple of years ago, Dunnam said, a story came out about an attempt to reproduce a copy of the map owned by the McNamara Museum. The scanning attempt had failed because the McNamara map was very darkened with age from the acid in the paper. The next day VPI got a phone call from Robert Hillyer, who said he had a copy of the map.

Dunnam said Robert Shook of the VC faculty walked through a door at the Hillyer house, caught a glimpse of the map in a mirror and thought "This is it."

A third copy is purported to be in the Witte Museum in San Antonio, but nobody can turn it up, Dunnam said.

Dunnam and Shook were talking about the cost of reproducing the map and Ray Carter Jr. just happened to be present and asked what it would cost. They told him and he wrote a check on the spot, said Dunham.

Shook and Dunnam took the map to Austin to have it shot on a special camera there. Dunnam said, "The camera that scanned it is a big black box that doesn't look like a camera at all with cables running out the back to a computer. We set it in a vacuum frame that flipped down and then it scanned for about a minute. The image is so good that it could print at 12 by 20 feet and not lose resolution."

The Hillyer map is in pretty good shape but is in two pieces, separated down the middle, with a little piece missing. It was scanned in two pieces and then the missing part was cloned in from the McNamara map, so the reproduction is better than either of the available originals.

There are a limited number of the reproductions available from VPI at 607 N. Bridge. For more information, call 361-573-1878.

Pat Hathcock is a reporter for The Victoria Advocate. Contact him at 361-580-6535 or by e-mail at


The fol I copied fm one of Burt Slesinger's missive's & it applies to me also:

ATTACHMENTS - I opened an attachment the other day fm a trusted friend & found nothing but gibberish - symbols galore.  I closed it & trashed it as unintelligible.  The fol day, fm the same friend, I rx'd another msg saying, "I'm sorry for sending U a virus yesterday - do not open the attachment!"  I get approx 50 - 60 msg's w/attachments per week, most of which go directly into the trash because: 1) I don't recognize the sender; 2) I don't recognize the type (i.e. .exe); 3) I tried to open a similar type bef to no avail;  4) I don't need to download any more of them there things that'll permit me to read stuff; 5) eight people have fwded the same attachment to me; 6) I'm not interested.  Now there's another reason: 7)  I'm afraid of the consequences.  Prob 80 to 85% of the attachments I get meet this fate.  If U expect a response to something in an attachment, & don't get it, please don't be offended - it's nothing personal, just business. 
NORTH TEXAS DENIZENS!!!  "We still meet on the third Monday of the month, but at the Village Grill - (interested persons should) check the web site at   for late breaking changes or they can always call me (Phil Hogle) at 214-321-0524 - leave a message if I'm not in."  The dinners are not organized affairs no speeches, no dues - just visiting with others of similar (ASA) backgrounds. All ASAers, their families & friends are welcome. U can also get Phil Hogle at:
James Bamford authored a book called "Body of Secrets.  The publisher says, "Bamford presents a no-holds-barred examination of the NSA that is packed w/startling secrets abt the NSA's past, news-breaking revelations abt  present-day activities, & chilling predictions abt its future powers & reach."
Doubleday, $29.95.  Bamford is author of The Puzzle Palace, a prior work on NSA published in 1982.
Fm: John Greene Subj: Fw: Safety Message...Warning about Gel Candles PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS, ITS NO HOAX.  THANK YOU
A former secretary had a terrible thing happen to her & her family last week, and I wanted to share it with all of U so that you could be warned & warn your friends & family as well. She had a gel candle burning in her exploded & caught her house on fire. The house burned down & they lost everything. The fire marshall told her that this is not the first incident where a gel candle has exploded & caused a fire. He said that the gel builds up a gas & often times it explodes & sets fire to the room it is in, which is what happened to her. The fire was so hot it melted the smoke alarm, & they didn't discover the fire until there was an explosion, which was her toilet blowing up, & then it was too late...the entire upstairs was engulfed in flames. Smoke damage & water damage have destroyed what wasn't destroyed by fire. Please pass this along. I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else. Her family is devastated. All their momentos and everything of value and meaning are gone!!
Note: I know a lady who loves the gel candles. She had one burning on her mantle and it caught fire just like the message above. She was at home at the time and saw it happen and grabbed the candle to keep it from setting her home on fire and it came apart in her hand. She saved her home but suffered 3rd degree burns to her hand and 3 fingers. Please if you or anyone you know have these candles, don't light them, they are dangerous. Please pass this along.
And as if those two stories weren't enough...My husband was home on vacation and had a gel candle lit on the top of the entertainment center. He too saw the candle burst into flames. His first instinct was to blow the candle out. Well, that didn't work, so he blew harder....the gel from the candle splattered and went everywhere. Everywhere included his face. He had 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns all over his face. The gel doesn't cool like wax does, so the bits that were still on his face continued to burn him. And you can't wipe the stuff off, it just rolls up and keeps burning. Please don't use gel candles. Fortunately his scars are not noticeable now, but the "what ifs" are  tremendous. This is definitely a forward that is a MUST! --------