Subject: Days of our LIVES #33 (Edited)
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 08:06:51 -0600

Fm: William Dawn Bender Subject: Menu has been sent
Dear Elder:  So far Excite is still operating! Anyway I mailed the menu to you as promised and boy do we ever have some nice choices to make!  I volunteer to go to the Penn National race Course and try out each selection! That's after I get back from the UK next week.   Anyway the only remaining thing to do is to determine the site for our Saturday morning breakfast.   I found a place about a 15 minute drive from the Holiday Inn called the Farmer's Wife.   It's on the old Route 22 East of Indiantown Gap.   We used to eat there when I was teaching ANCOC courses at the GAP. I'll stop there in the next couple of weeks.   Dawn and I plan a quick trip to Hershey to visit the candy factory store for Christmas candy for the grand Kids. Yeah we sweeten them up before we give them back to their parents. It's a Grandparents thing!  I'll get back to you upon my return from the UK. Regards, Bill Bender/ChalfontPA/SP4/05K/Det4-4/70-71
From: William Bender Subject: meal selection for the 2002 reunion Dear Elder:  I will be sending you're the meal selection as provided by the kind folks  at the Penn National Race Course. The meal plan seems to be very reasonable  with many options. We are booked for the Turf Club with seating for up to 150 -200 people with our own bar and steward.
I'll be in the UK for the next week and won't be home until December 9th.  Kim asked that we get back to her before Christmas.  By the way, I'm using Comcast Cable as a provider and according to the latest news Excite may or may not still be in business by the end of the business day. If you need to reach me please use either my business E-mail  at ( or call me at home and leave a message on line #2. Best Regards,[[Bill, I rx'd the Penn National menu packet today. We w/b at West Point until the 11th & will study the info & get back to U & Kim before the 25th.  Thanks
again- - -gH
Fm: Re: Need info for the Memory Book
Dear Mr. Green:  Thanks for the work you are doing on the memory book. I have put Hershey in my calendar and hopefully my schedule will allow me to be a part of that fest.  WEY, the zero in the ham call sign does have a slash through it, however when sending e-mail you do NOT need the slash, a regular zero is OK. It just differentiates it from an alpha O when the the zero has the slash. The internet probably will not take the special character with the slash so make it a regular "ZERO". Thanks! Rudy Schenk (aka Sartschenko)/E4-E5/Det/66/JA64-MY65
Drew Robinson Congratulations on your sons says a lot about his upbringing and his parents. Drew -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fm: Subj: New names for Roster
gH,  I have the names and e-mail address of two guys from Det 4-4 that would like to be added to the Roster and included in the e-mails for the next reunion. I will leave it up to you to forward a questionaire to them so they can give you their information.  I have a couple more contacts to get in touch with and will forward their names as soon as I can.   
       I also just got back from my Hawaii trip and have the CD copied and will get it in the mail to Don Philbrick asap.  
      The first guy is Walter Hill who went to Devens and then on to Det 4-4 with me and then was given a commision to 2nd Lt and went to Korea. His e-mail address is or
      The second is my good friend Dave Cribbs who I had lost contact with for quite awhile. He lives in Charlotte N.C. his e-mail is
      Take care and hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I will take care of duping the Memory Book CD and get a copy to both Walt Hill and Dave Cribbs. -  Greg Kearney --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fm: Andy Cook Subj: I need an ASA Patch Elder - I was talking with Phil Kelly about locating an ASA arm patch. You know, Eagle Claw with lightning bolts.  My wife is giving me a Navy Flight Jacket for Xmas and I want to put the Army patch on the sleeve.  I'm sure that will give pause to many questions by the Navy fly guys.  If you can
point me to a source, I would appreciate it.  Thanks - Andy Cook

Wondering if I’ve slipped through an email crack. Last missive received was six weeks ago, DOOL #18.Or are you just taking a break? Either way, thanks again for your efforts.Brian Hennessey, 058, 5/62-10/63
Sent: Thursday, November 22, 2001 11:22 PM
To: Hagan, Rocky A (FL51)
Subj: Memory Book CD-R Status
Rocky - Have U received the Memory Book from Gary Jorgensen?  If so, U were sked to mail it to Tony Salinger at 32 Oak Ridge Rd., Bernardsville, NJ 07924, who in turn was to download or print & then mail to Bill Stuart at 336 Lakehurst Rd., Brown Mills, NJ 08015.  Please reply or expedite ASAPThanks- - -gH
Hagan, Rocky A (FL51) To: 'ercgreen' ; Hagan, Rocky A (FL51) Cc: Tony Salinger Sent: Monday, December 03, 2001 7:33 AM Subj: RE: Memory Book CD-R Status Good morning! I forgot all about that I will get it done this week. Thanks for the reminder. Have a great day. Rocky

 Elder RC Green  To:
Hagan, Rocky A (FL51) Cc: Tony Salinger ; jimmyqnolan@earthlink ; Sent: Monday, December 03, 2001 9:00 AM Subj: Fw: Memory Book CD-R Status ROCKY, Tony Salinger has a copy.  Please mail the CD-R to James Q. Nolan, 814 North Ave., Hopewell, VA 23860. For Jimmy Nolan:  When U  rx the CD-D fm Rocky Hagan, download or print the Memory Book and then mail to Ronald Hudson, 608 Miller Ave., Leitchfield, KY 42754 For Ron Hudson:  When U rx the CD-R fm Jimmy Nolan, download or print the Memory and then mail to Elder RC Green, 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701 Please expedite the handling. Many thanks- - -gH
Fm: Ted Midtaune Subj: Missing hat and shirt
Elder, sure hate to be bothering you again with this, but I still have not received my Det 27 hat and XL shirt. I hope that you can recoup your money for the missing shipment, but if not, let me know and I will see if I can't help out. I did get the cancelled check back, so at least I know that you received it. The continued incoming info is greatly appreciated, and hope Doug Potts got the new name of Lanny Couvion (sp?) to you. He was over there around the 62 to 64 time frame, also. Happy Holidays to you and the wife!
[[Ted:  I had to re-order the Det 27 hats, & they w/b ready when I get back fm West Point on the 11th & I'll get the hat & XL T-shirt off
to U- - -gH]]
Retiree Job Preference: The Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001 requires that the Federal Aviation Administration develop standards for hiring airport security personnel that require military veteran retirees to receive a preference. These standards will apply to both federal and non-federal employees.  Existing veterans preference rules and regulations are not affected by the provisions of the new law.  Retirees who would like to be considered for one of these critical positions should send their name and email address to: or call the DOT Connection at 202-366-9392 or 1-800-525-2878 to leave your name and address. You will be sent application information as soon as it is available.  Those interested in the Federal Air Marshal positions may contact the Aviation Careers Division by telephone at (405) 954-4657, e-mail at, or by fax at (405)  954-6397.
More detailed information on both the Federal Air Marshal and Security  Screener positions are available on the Internet at [Source: Armed Forces News Nov. 30, 2001]