DOOL #149, 4/6/05


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GREEN, Elder RC (gH), YOB: 1936, RA13513638, E7, 982/98C, Det 27, 1-15MY61, Det 120, MY-JL65, Det 27, JN66-OC67 & Det 4-4, OC67-NO68, (Patty), 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701, 724-349-7395,


HAMMETT, Stuart R (Stu) DOB: 16 May 1938 DOD: 21 February 2005 RA16589314 E2-E4 Supply Det 4, MY58-MY59, (Rita), 16222 Crego Rd., Dekalb, IL 60115, 815-756-9095, – Rita Hammett called me on 30 March 2005 and informed me of Stu’s death.

Obit: Stuart R. "Stu" Hammett, 66, of DeKalb, IL., passed away on Feb. 21, 2005, at Bethany Healthcare Center in DeKalb after a short battle with brain cancer. Stu was born May 16, 1938, in DeKalb. He married Rita Steimel on Dec 28, 1957, in DeKalb. Stu attended various one-room schools in the DeKalb area and graduated from DeKalb High School in 1957. He served asAfton Township road commissioner for 22 years until his retirement in 2001. He spent 3 years in the Army Security Agency, being stationed in Sinop, Turkey and HQS USASA at Arlington, VA. He farmed with his father and later his son on the family farm south of DeKalb. Stu was reunited with many of his ASA friends at the 2004 ASA Turkey reunion at Huntsville, AL after having lost contact with them for 45 years and looking forward to the 2005 reunion at San Antonio, TX. He enjoyed talking about those days and was planning a return visit to Sinop, Turkey with some of them..... Below is Jim Forbus on the L and Stu Hammett on the R.

Rita penned the following edited letter to me on 30 March 2005: Hi Elder & Patty, Enclosed find Stu’s obituary and the leaflet from the funeral. The following poem that was written by our son, Paul was on the inside front page of the funeral home hand-out


To speak of a man loved
In so many ways,
Some of you go back to his
elementary school days.

To Mom... you were the
love of his life,
I know that you were honored
to be called his wife

To Grandma and Gramps...
You had the privilege to call him son,
Do we remember all the great things
That he has done?

To his four siblings...
big brother was the title that you knew,
But for nine of the luckiest...
You called him papa Stu.

To his buddies... how he cherished
All the times that you had.

To my brothers and sisters...
We got to call him Dad.

I’m also enclosing a song "Good-Bye Stu that was written by our son Steve and sung by him at the funeral proceedings:

We buried him in a brand new pair of osh-kosh-b’gosh
His well worn in work boots and a clean pair of socks
A broken in seed corn cap and his favorite flannel shirt
He was laid to rest in the uniform he wore everyday to work
He was a farmer, a father and a friend to those he knew
He was a husband and a hell-of-a-guy, the foreman of the crew
He’d make you do some crappy jobs but he’d work right by your side
He could be an ornery son-of-a-gun from time to time
He was honest to a fault, and fair in every way
He always said "say what you mean and mean what you say"
Always tell the truth and the facts don’t you ever fudge
Live by the golden rule and never hold a grudge
There’s people who will miss him who never met the man
They’ll just learn his lessons they don’t have to understand
‘cause you never stop learning and you never get too old
To do something just because you’re told

Good-bye Stu

The funeral was an amazing event. Stu was in his flannel shirt and jeans – he wasn’t a suit kind of guy. The visitation lasted 6 hours non-stop and there were over 600 people who paid their respects. He had touched many people in his life. Although I had him for 47 years, it was too short. We were planning to go to the ASA Turkey reunion in San Antonio in September. I hope to stay in touch with you folks. You are all a fine group of people. Stu’s military was a big part of his life. He got a military send off – with TAPS and the 21 gun salute. I’m sure he was smiling! Love to all, Rita Hammett


Ron Sowinski (Det 4 – 1962) informs that the ex-wife of Bruce Barrie contacted him some time ago to say that Bruce Barrie was mistakenly listed in the DOOL as deceased. She says he surely is not and that his address then was PO 306 23225 N 99 W, Dundee, OR., 503 538 5901 or 23225 N. Highway 99w, Newberg, OR 97132, 503-538-5901, OR

My question is: WHY would Bruce Barrie submit a lot of photo's on Bill Simons Det 4 website and then DISAPPEAR. Surely, if he is still alive, he looks into the Det 4 website from time to time and MUST read the DOOL's - BUT why does he keep silent?

Frank Andrews was stationed in Sinop with Bruce Barrie during period 1959-1960. They also attended Admin/Clerk type school at Fort Leonard Wood together and went to Sinop together.

Charlie Rodrigues bunked next to Bruce (Buck) Barrie at Det 4 and remembers him as a rough and tumble, college looking lad who didn’t take a lot of BS from anyone. He also remembers several nights when Buck kicked Carl Teasley's butt when he came back to the shack from the club, drunk and mouthy.

Frank Andrews and Charlie Rodrigues would like for Bruce Barrie to contact them.


Menger Hotel, 1-800-345-9285,

29 September - 2 October 2005

Greetings ASA Friends! - Our San Antonio Committee, Jon Kjoller, John Hagamon and Don Fulton, are pleased that you're coming to this year's ASA reunion. We want to thank Elder Green and his "DOOL" for getting the word out and that so many of you have responded. During the next couple of months, we will be putting together information regarding the costs for the hospitality room, trip possibilities, local sightseeing, etc. so that you may make plans accordingly. Expect a packet in the mail, the latter part of July, containing this information. Note .... This information will only be sent out to those who have registered with the Menger Hotel, our reunion site. Participants staying at hotels or motels other than the Menger Hotel need to contact Jon Kjoller to receive this packet. For any additional information, please call Jon Kjoller, 1-830-625-1064; John Hagamon, 1-210-829-8872; or Don Fulton, 1-210-481-9565. We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio this September! Jon



ASPINWALL, Paul C., Det 4, 12JA65-22DE65, Madison, 608-831-0670,
BARNDT, Ernest & Fran, Det 4, MR56-MY57 & E5-WO1, Det 27, MR59-JL61, Eagle River, AK, 907-694-3645 & cell 907-227-2455,
BERGMANN, Chuck & Helen, Det 27, MY66-DE67, Bay Village, OH, 440-871-5346,
CARRICK, Ernie & Betty, Det 4, NO57-OC58, Huntsville, AL 256-852- 6180, cell 256-656-2007,
ELDRIDGE, Frank & Arlie, Det 4, FE61-MR62, Humble, TX, 281-540-3478,
ERICKSON, Ron & Kathy, Det 27, MY61-DE62, Independence, MO, 816-373-3349,
GREEN, Elder RC & Patty, Det 27, 1-15MY61, JN66-OC67 & 4-4, OC67-NO68, Indiana, PA 15701, 724-349-7395,
HUNT, Carlos E & Frankie, Det 4, 19MR58-MR59, Henderson, TX 903-889-2391,
ISLER, Rod & Kyuhee, Det 4-4,15OC68-70, Annapolis, MD, 410-849-3482, Ret Maj Gen (2-Star)
KJOLLER, Jon & Darlene, Det 4, JL58-AU59, New Braunfels, TX 830-625-1064,
LADY, Ken & Donna, Det 27, 61-62, Santa Monica, CA 310-828-3139,
MONTEITH, Bob & Carole, Det 27, JL65-JL67, Silver Lake, OH
MURPHY, Bob & Peg, Det 27, AP60-AP62 and TDY Det 4, MY60, Glen Burnie, MD 410-255-0320,
NEARPASS, Bob & Lorraine, Det 27, DE64-DE66, Belvidere, NJ, 908-475-3461,
SACK, Bob & Sue, Det 4, 68-69, Walla Walla, WA, 509-522-1108,
SCHOPPE, Dan & Marjorie, Det 27, AP65-OC67, Leander, TX,
SIMONS, Bill & Patricia, Det 4, 59-60, Southampton, NJ, 609-859-9483,
STOLP, Gary & Phyllis, Det 27 OC64-Dec 67, San Antonio, TX, 210-496-9365,
TAVERNETTI, Dave & Sue, Det 27, MR62-SE63, King City, CA 831-385-4458,


ANDERSON, Jerry, Det 27, 56-58 ANDREWS, Frank, Det 4, 59-60
BARRIE, Bruce, Det 4, 59-60 BERGMANN, Chuck, Det 27, 66-67
COMROE, Mike Det 27, 61-62 CRAM, Phyllis, Det 27, 65-67
DesRUISSEAUX, Roy, Det 27, 61-62 ELSBERRY, Joe, Det 27, 63-64
ISLER, Rod, Det 4-4, 68-70 KIDLE, Jim, Det 27, 63-65
LARKIN, Ed, Det 27, 61-62 LEVY, Dan, Det 27, 61-62
MONTEITH, Bob, Det 27, 65-67 NAVARRET, Rob, Det 27, 60
OGLESBY, Malcolm, Det 4, 67-68 POFF, Harvey, Det 27, 64-65
PRINCEHORN, Jim, Det 4, 69-70
RYAN, Norman, Det 27, 60-61
SCHWARTZ, Fred, Det 4, 59-60
SHADE, Jack, Det 27, 60-62
SPERRY, Bill, Det 4,
TILNEY, Ralph, Det 27 & 4-4, 67-69
VANNOY, Claude, Det 27, 65-68
WATSON, Jesse, Det 27 & 4-4, 65-68
WHITE, Preston, Det 27, 66-68
WOOD, Michael, Det 4, 66-67
WORKMAN, Ken, Det 4, 65-67

ANDERSON, Jerry YOB 1935 RA16511074 E3-E4 341.10-Teletype repair, Det 27, JL56-JN58, (Sally), 5209, Lindermann Ave., Racine, WI 53406, 262-634-8509, - I was reading a Milwaukee paper called The 50 Plus Magazine, and it had an article of interest to old soldiers. The Army needs a few good men these days from the ages of 40 to late 60s, so far the Army has signed up 300 and the Marines have recruited 60 old troopers. I guess it's limited to old professionals who were in for 20, both officers and enlisted men. I thought of you right away !!

ANDREWS, Frank R., YOB: 1940 RA E2-E3 Clk & MP Det 4, SE59-OC60, (Mary), 1311 3rd Ave NE., Jacksonville, AL 36265, 256-782-0866, Ret E8

Where did it all start ?? For me the thought of the Military started on a small farm in Southern Illinois...Waking one morning and not knowing what direction to take in life, and being totally disgruntled with the thought of being a Farmer or Coal Miner, I drove to the town of DuQuoin and proceeded to the Post Office where all the Recruiters waited for fresh prospects. Well, the first one I saw was the US Army recruiter by the name of SFC Max Krisbee. After a short talk he had caught a new young fish by the name of Frank R Andrews. The only field open at that time was Administration which I agreed to. Hell, I was so unhappy with my life at that point that if a representative of the French Foreign Legion had been the first at the Post Office that is where I would have ended up. Anyway, on 7 Apr 1959, I reported to the induction center in St Louis, Mo. After medical checks, etc, we were bussed to Fort Leonard Wood, MO for Basic and AIT. Now the fun starts........ Basic was hell for me.....After 4 weeks into Basic I came down with Pneumonia and spent 3 weeks in the Hospital. After Hospital I was sent to another Basic Unit to finish my second 4 weeks. Well, after Basic and 14 days of Leave, I returned to Fort Leonard Wood to attend 8 weeks of Admin School. After 6 weeks of Admin School, myself, a Bruce Barrie, and a Jerry Segal were called linto the Orderly Room and informed that we had just been drafted into the Army Security Agency and that we were going to Sinop, Turkey to a place called TUSLOG Det 4, also known as Diogenes Station. We were further told that we would be drawing a certain monetary allowance to purchase Civilian Clothers because we would not be allowed to wear Uniforms.....Well, we thought we had died and gone to heaven. This turned out to be very, very untrue when we reported to ASA Liason Office at Leonard Wood and met an SFC Gallagher who had just returned from Sinop. After HIS briefing, we did not know what to expect. We were soon to find out...We reported to Fort Dix, NJ and were flown (first class) to Frankfurt, FRG and from their to Ankara, Turkey via Lufthanza Airlines. We were bussed to TUSLOG Det 4 Liaison Office in Ankara where we met 1SG Freddie Burnett. He was the largest man I had ever met (girth wise). We were then flown to the Airfield (cow pasture) at Sinop by L20 Airplane. A couple of Jeeps were waiting for us and took us thru Sinop and on up to Diogenese Station. When we saw where we were going to be living, how we were going to be living, we went into instant shock. Honestly, this all was becoming a little bit too much for a country boy from Southern Illinois. I didn,t know whether to cry, call for Momma, Daddy, or just shoot myself. Oh Well, we soon mustered up our machoness and got set to face reality. All newcomers (Yeni’s) had to pull details until the next batch of Yeni’s arrived before we could start our jobs that Uncle Sam had trained us for. My first job was the Morning Report Clerk. Oh how I hated that job. You were only allowed 3 mistakes and then you had to start all over. I begged 1SG Frank Horvath to transfer me to Motor Pool, MPs, or somewhere away from a damn typewriter. He very firmly informed me that Uncle Sam had spent a lot of money training me and I was stuck with being a Clerk. Well, this ole Country Boy had other ideas about that....I finally finagled a 3 day pass to Ankara. Well, being a normal American country boy, the Tourist Hotel had just too much to offer so I made that 3 day pass into a 7 day pass. I guess that the one man that I owe it all to is 1SG Horvath. I could have been court martialed, kicked out, or whatever. He told the CO that he would take care of me. I think he really understood how unhappy I was. Now for punishment I performed extra training for the rest of my time on that damn Hill BUT----I got transferred to the MPs and that started a 26 year career in the MPs. (We will come back to Sinop later).

From Sinop I was assigned to Vint Hill Farms Station, Warrenton, VA. I was there for a little over 2 years. Life and duty was great at Vint Hill and that was where I made Sergeant. Vint Hill was an exceptionally beautiful place and the annual ASA Picnics were normally held there. While stationed there I was a member and then NCOIC of the Post Honor Guard. We attended area parades, etc, and served as the Funeral Detail for Military Burials within about a 60 mile radius of Vint Hill.....

From Vint Hill I was assigned to the 320th USASA Bn at Bad Aibling, FRG. Immediately upon being assigned to the 320th, I was sent to Traffic Inves School at Oberammergau. After graduating, I was the primary Traffic Accident Investigator for the 3 counties around Bad Aibling. Talk about an expierance !!!! I remember those Accidents like they just happened yesterday. It was awful !! But what an education.....

From Bad Aibling I was assigned to the 13th USASA Field Station, Harrogate, England. This was the assignment that really changed my life. Here in the beautiful county of Yorkshire, I met a lovely young lady who became, and still is, my wife of 40 years. When I met Mary I knew that my single soldering days were limited. Well, after we were married I was immediately put in for reassignment out of ASA. To this day I do not know why I had to leave the ASA as England was an allied country and a security check of Mary, and her parents, had been conducted with all findings in order.

From Harrogate we were assigned to the 720th MP Bn at Fort Hood, TX. This assignment rounded out my MP career and garnered promotions. While at Fort Hood Mary gave birth to our two daughters, Debra and Sarah.

From Fort Hood, I was assigned to the 2nd MP Co, 2nd Infantry Division, Korea. More promotions and expierances. Korea was an education in culture. I'll never forget it.

From Korea I was assigned back to Fort Hood for 3 more years.

From Fort Hood we were assigned to the US Army Ammo Depot at Miesau, FRG. I was the 1SG there for 5 years. We loved it....We got to see lots of Europe and Mary was close to her parents whom she visited quite often. It was good that her parents got to see their grandchildren.

From Germany we were assigned to Fort McClellan, AL. I was with the MP School for 3 years and we decided this would be Fort Final. I retired in May 1985 and after a short hiatus, I became General Manager of a Steel Building Construction Co. I fully retired in 2000. Mary and I do a lot of traveling and we are doting grandparents to our 5 grandkids. I am an avid Harley Davidson Fan and Mary and I do travel on the HOG. How she put up with me I'll never know.

I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed and loved my Career in the Military. The part that is dearest to my heart , without a doubt, is SINOP. I have never forgotten the friends I made there. These people had an impact on my decisions after leaving Sinop. They were good people. I think it can be summed up in what Bruce Barrie said in his recollections of Sinop: "Best year of my life and in what Galaxy was it" How true, how true. Below is photo of Frank Andrews as an MP at Det 4 in 1960 and as a Master Sergeant E8 at Fort McClellan just before he retired with 26 years active duty.


BERGMANN, Chuck (JC) YOB 1943 RA15733
827, E5, 058 Det 27, MY66-DE67, (Helen), 29813 Foote Rd., Bay Village, OH 44140, 440-871-5346, - Elder - Well I got your Days of our Lives 148 just fine this morning. I sent it out to my list of people. Most of them got it with out any problem. Some of them have problems though from, can't open it, won't down load, and
the pictures won't come across. I don't know what to say. There is going to be a few of them that won't be able to get it no matter what we do for them. Only about 5 of them out of the over 200 that I send out can't get it. Being that it was a word document I don't know why any one could not get it. There are those with Mac computers that may not be able to open a word document. What we could do is send the file out in a PDF file and if those who don't have Acrobat Reader they can go to this web sit for a free down load of the software. If you do not currently have the FREE Acrobat Reader software, you
may down load it at the following site:

COMROE, Mike YOB 1939 RA13693057 E4 059 TK#4 Det 27, JL61-22DE62, (Jane), 205 Pinetown Rd., Audubon, PA 19403, 610-666-7402, -Ubi's: My wife and I have done some very serious thinking about the 2004 ASA Turkey
reunion in San Antonio and have come to a very difficult decision not to attend this year. Many factors have entered into this starting with travel expense and the fact there is nothing to do there after the reunion. For the past three years we have turned the reunion into an extended vacation and it just won't work for San Antonio. For what it will cost for a weekend in Texas, we are planning a trip to either San Francisco or London depending on what kind of deal we can work out with the airline rates. We're sorry to disappoint any of you, but didn't want to wait until the last moment to say something. Believe me it was a hard decision to make and I will certainly miss all of you this year. Who knows what next year will bring. Do not reply after this Friday as I am switching from dial-up to DSL over the weekend. I will email you with new address. Take care guys, Mike

CRAM, Phyllis widow of Eugene C (Gene) RA11199497 W2 W2215309 OIC T/A Det 27, 66-67, 5180 SW Gardenia Ct., Dunnellon, FL 34431, 352-489-9085, & (Gene is deceased) - We finally have DSL in our area, and my address is I will keep my MSN address, but the DOOL's being long, the new address will work much better when I relay your DOOL’s. Superchief 3 had been taken, so I had to add the zero. Thanks. Phyllis

DesRUISSEAUX, Roy YOB: 1941 RA13668334 E3 MP Hq Co Det 27, JN61-AU62, (Josie), 96 S. Bishop Ave. Springfield Pa., 19064, 610-622-3343, - Elder: Do you have a listing for Richard E. Miller an MP originally from Aurora Colorado? Robert Brown sent me a picture of himself with two other MPs. Allan Chermack was able to ID Richard (after my time) we aren't sure of the other guy but perhaps Richard can ID him. Thanks. Robert Brown is the guy who showed me the ropes when I first arrived at Det 27. He also supplied the picture. Tomorrow I go for the 3rd test to see if they can find my gall bladder, Ultra sound and a radio nuclear have fail to get an image so I guess we have a small problem,other than that everything is well. Jack Shade says you called him and he really enjoyed talking with you.

ELSBERRY, George P (Joe) RA14758836 E3-E5 054.20 Det 27, FE63-OC64, (Darby Ann), 2228 Military Rd., Columbus, MS 39705, 662-327-4300, - Hello Elder. Hope all is well with you. Darby and I enjoyed the reunion in Huntsville. We regret we will not make the 2005 San Antonio reunion.

ISLER, Roderick J (Rod) YOB 1945 E4-E5 05H Det 4-4,15OC68-70, (Kyuhee), 1703 Mansion Ridge Rd., Annapolis, MD 21401, 410-849-3482, Retired Maj General (2-Star) - Elder, Good copy here and hello to all. Will try and drop by in the fall for the 2005 reunion at San Antonio -- all the best, Rod Isler.

KIDLE, Jim YOB 1937 RA16521005 E6 059 Det 27, JA63-AP65, (Eleanor), 2222 S Noche De Paz, Mesa AZ 85202 480-838-6751, Ret SFC, E7 - Contacted on 16 March 2005. Jim enlisted for ASA at Detroit, MI and took basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Then on to Fort Devens for 058/059 training.

LARKIN, Ed RA E3-E4 MP Det 27, 61-62, 216 8th St., Troy, NY 12180, 518-271-0125 – email from Roy DesRussieux: Elder - Got this message about my former Det 27 roommate Ed Larkin and below is a picture of Ed Larkin supplied by fellow Det 27 MP Robert Brown.

Roy DesRussieux "Great to hear from you. I showed Ed the picture but he said that he doesn't recognize anyone but Howdy Doody. We are doing ok.. Ed has brain cancer (3 tumors that are where they cannot be operated on). He was diagnosed last September 10th and has been having chemo and radiation treatments since. The VA has been wonderful. In fact, they put him on a new chemo oral drug that is brand new. It looks like it has worked. In November, when they did a brain scan the two in the back of his head were gone and the one in the front had shrunk from 3cm to
1.5mm. That is really remarkable. The chemo is done in conjunction with radiation. Anyway, April is his last month for chemo. He takes it orally for 5 days each month and did it for 6 months. This part of the treatment is call maintenance. So we plan on getting in the motor home the last week of April and heading south. He deserves it - he has been through so much... Anyway.. take care and again - it is always good to hear from you. Ed said to say "Hi" and wishes he could recognize those other guys.
Good luck in your new home... Barb and Ed... Barbara L. Dean

Above is Robert Brown photo of 3 Det 27 MP’s who served there 1961-62. On the left is Richard Miller (ID’d by Allan Chermack) an on the right is Robert V. Brown. The PFC in the middle is believed to be Roger Schwarz.

LEVY, Daniel O., (Boogie), YOB: 1940, RA18604490, E3-E4, 058, Tk#4, Det 27, JL61-DE62, 252 Bluegill Ln., Many, LA 71449, 318-586-7584 & PO Box 217, Negret, LA 71460, no email

The above photo was taken in July 1961 at Esenboga International Airport. L-R: SP4 Tom Fittante and PFC’s Jim Deasey and Dan Levy. Photo courtesy of Tom Fittante. I finally was able to make contact with Dan Levy on 25 March 2005. He was eager to discuss his tour of duty at Manzarali Station. Received his draft notice and while at the induction center at New Orleans was interviewed by a ASA recruiter who convinced him enlist for 3 years in the ASA. Dan was married to his high school sweetheart who was now pregnant and he wanted to more or less control his time in the Army, thus he signed up as a RA versus US. Took basic at Fort Jackson, then on to Fort Devens for ditty-bop training. While at Devens a son was born at the Devens hospital. Upon completion of 058 training and along with classmate Jim Deasey was on orders for assignment to Det 27 in Turkey. Arrived in Turkey via PAN AM with Roumanian linguist Tom Fittante and Jim Deasey. The Berlin Crisis had extended those scheduled for rotation at Manzarali and caused a housing problem and all yeni’s were sacked out in the Operations Company dayroom until the crisis ended. Was assigned to Trick 4 where Lt Dave Tavernetti was the Watch Officer and Platoon Leader. His roommates were Joe Kelly, John F. Kennedy and Russell Davis.

MONTEITH, Bob YOB 1947 RA15721885 E3-E5 982 Det 27, JL65-JL67, (Carole), 3034 Kingston Cir., Silver Lake, OH 44224, 330-688-5822, - Called Bob Monteith on 15 March 2005. Enlisted for 4 years of active duty with the ASA in November 1964 at Cleveland, OH. Took basic training at Fort Dix and then onward to Fort Devens for ASA Training.

While waiting for his TOP SECRET CRYPTO clearance to be finalized, was detailed on a daily basis during the winter of 1964 to keep the coal furnaces fired in the wooden ASA barracks at Devens.

The clearance finally was approved and Bob was trained as a Traffic Analyst and upon graduation got orders for Turkey. Was told that he would work in civilian clothes in Ankara. That boosted his morale. His first thoughts when getting off the PAN AM at the Esenboga International Airpot was, Oh sh.t, what the heck is that smell. After pick-up at the airport he wondered why they didn't stop in Ankara - instead found the baren countryside go by as they proceeded to the post on the hill called Manzarali Station and Det 27.

Bob worked the midnite shift as a T/A man preparing the daily MATSUM during his 24 month TOUR at Det 27. Also worked on a compartmental job in the Comm Center. Was a roommate of Gary Stolp and they've remained friends thereafter. While there more or less kept a low profile.

Worked at the NCO Club at odd jobs. Said that SFC Lonnie Thornton was the NCO Club manager. Believes that Thornton was aka Sergeant 13 by the Turks who worked in the club. Bob remembers doing club inventory at the warehouse over by the Motor Pool and finding cases of Carlings Black Label beer stacked to the rafters. He reported this to Sgt 13 who told him to get rid of it at the bar.

They tried to sell Carlings Black Label for .20 cents, then 15 cents and finally 5 cents a can. Anyone remember this? The best beer sold at the bar was Budweiser in bottles.

Remembers two bad 058 seeds at Det 27. Both had re-upped for the Urdo language school, but were caught up in a hashish raid and were immediately escorted out of Turkey. Some of the names he remembers are: Gary Stolp, Bruce Haman, Francis X. McCormack, Jim Lewallen, Doug Baron, Maj Vannoy, Greg Hayes, Jim Hatmaker, Cpt Tenney, Andy Anderson, Preston Bell, Tom Bodine, Karl Stertzbach, Gross Lund, Ronnie Deese, Hank Tolbert, John Arciszewski, Larry Oliver, Gene Cram, Bob Brown who was married to Col Lundy's daughter.

Looking back he firmly states that the 24 month TOUR at Manzarali Station was a good experience for him, considering that he considered himself a poor high school student and that the ASA molded him into being a better person.

Bob Monteith remembers the FOCK Rock episode and the time that a group of friends were on a trip in Gary Stolp's VW van when the driver of the van managed to go off the road and the van ended up on its side and the occupant's had to crawl out the sun roof opening. A passing Turk in his Sunday best stopped and assisted in getting the van up-righted and back on the road and the good samatarian Turk was covered with MUD. That green VW van of Gary Stolp's sure has a lot of memories for many Det 27 vet's who served there 65-67.
Was assigned to Vint Hill Farms after Turkey and enjoyed it there. Received a 3 month early out to attend college. Graduated from the University of Akron with a degree in Industrial Management and worked in the Akron area.

NAVARRET, Rob, Det 27, 60, 16 Mast St Marina Del Rey,CA 90292, 310-821-5079, Norman Ryan remembered Bob Navarret. I called Rob on 27 March 2005. He informed that he spent only about 6 months at Det 27 and was discharged from the Army after 1.5 years active duty.

OGLESBY, Malcolm YOB 1946 05H/05K Det 4, SE67-SE68, 919-940-1572, - Mr. Green, I was looking through the ASA website, and saw your information there. I was stationed at Det. 4 from September 1967 to September 1968, as an 05H/05K, so it appears that we at least saw each other in the club. I would look forward to hearing from any of the old gang there, and being informed about any upcoming reunions. I have some photos of a couple of other guys who were in Chitose and Synop with me, in front of Diogenes Playhouse; I'll look for one of myself, and email them and a BIO to you. I'm not married, but I do photography work on the weekends at a flea market, as well as aerial photography (I'm getting my private pilot license while making money; not bad, huh?). Tesh desh kerem Malcolm

POFF, Harvey E., YOB: 1945, RA15690951, E3-E5, 058, Tk#1, Det 27, MY64-NO65, (Doris), 4808 Wicklow Dr., Middletown, OH 45042, 513-420-9300, – [edited] Hello Elder; Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy the "Days of Our Lives" series. You do an excellent job. I have but a few months until retirement fom the career center of the Dr. Russel Lee High School and hopefully next year I can attend the ASA TURKEY 2006 reunion wherever it may be. I don't recognize many of the names but I suppose that really doesn't matter since we all have the same common bond of serving in Turkey. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the News you send. Harvey Poff Det. 27, 64-65. After getting this email - I called Harvey Poff on 21 March 2005 and had an enjoyable chat with him about his TOUR OF DUTY at Det 27. Promised to write about his 3 years in the ASA and submit it for inclusion in the DOOL. Said that he grumbled about no trees or shrubbery and most everything else when he arrived, but now that he looks back – it was a good experience in his growing years. Was assigned to Operations Company where Maj Walter P. Hughes, Jr., was the CO and later replaced by 1LT John Hopkins. The First Sergeant was Francis X. McCormack. Was first assigned to Trick #1 where SFC Leonard Noel was the Watch NCO. Later was transferred to Trick #3. His roommates were James Michael Cooper (also known as Golden Toe), Ed Sykes and ? Stewart, all 059’s. Played catcher on the fast-pitch softball and split end on the flag football team for Trick #3. The Trick #3 QB was Jim Littito (sp?) who was slow afoot, but a good passer. Littito worked in the Comm Center and once tried to sneak Poff into the restricted area. Others that he remembers off-hand are: Roger Glubka, Pete Gunn, Calvin Pope who was a mail sorter and clerk. Also remembers and speaks highly of 1LT John Bircher as being there. Remembers going on a fishing trip that was organized by SFC Noel where they took steaks, etc from the mess hall and had a great time. Spent a lot of off-duty hours in downtown Ankara, even visited the HARI-HANA 2 or 3 times without further comment. Said that that he was apprehensive when in that part of Ankara, but that the spectacle was well worth the FREE admission to the guarded fortress. Also visited the Citadel and remembers having to walk through an apartment to get to the top where he was able to get a good view of the brothel Colonel Dennis Barton was the Manzarali commander. Not too long after arriving in Turkey got the TURKEY TROTS and ended up in the USAF Hospital in Ankara. In February 1965 departed via a MATS flight for a planned 2 week vacation trip to India, but got stranded at Incirlik Air Force Base in Adana because of SNOW and besides the trip to India via Tehran, Peshawar and finally to New Delhi was cancelled because of the outbreak of the Indo-Pakistani conflict along the West Pakistan – India border that spread to Kashmir. Without hesitation he caught a MATS flight to Athens, Greece where he enjoyed himself amid the Greek gals. After Turkey was assigned to Vint Hill Farms in Virginia for 4 months – then was off to the 8th RR at Phu Bai for 3 months and then along with 16 other 058’s was sent to Pleiku. Before leaving Vietnam was given an exit interview that if he re-enlisted he would receive a 10K tax-free bonus if he re-enlisted. Sometimes dreads not taking that bonus. Was discharged at Fort Lewis, WA and went back home to Ohio where he attended Miami of Ohio University and later graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a BA in Education. Harvey and Doris also own a winter home in Naples, FL.

PRINCEHORN, Jim E4 98J/95B Det 4, JN69-JN70, (Marilyn), PO Box 410, Rush, NY 14543, 585-0533-1022, - Hi, Elder. I received #148, thanks. Just one comment.... I suggest that
when a picture is between the comments from two guys, you indicate whether the picture goes with the preceding snippet of the following one.

RYAN, Norman, E4, 059, Det 27, JL60-JL61, Edenton, NC ,
[edited] Gosh, it's been so long since my tour at Manzarali Station and the names have slipped by over the
years. I remember being on trick one at first then being transferred to straight days at a desk in the corner of the 059 ops area typing up a daily report. I preferred playing with the gear to office work but my system liked not having to cope with the stresses of shift work. I hated having been transferred from Bad Aibling to Turkey-- they were looking for people to staff the new station who had experience in the field yet enough time left to spend a year there.
I remember Harold Brookshire, Charles Kindermann, Dan Nass, Ted Rosick. I also remember Bob Crutchfield (058) who flew on the same flight from Bad Aibling. He left a German girl there who wrote him in her native language and Bob asked me to translate them (I was taking German classes at the time).
Very few names come to mind: Charles Kindermann (059 from St. Louis), Ted Rosick (from Connecticut, made sergeant-- heck of a nice guy), Brookfield (went to Ole Miss where I later ended up), Bob Navarret (got sent home), Wendell Wilkie (058, Bob's roomie who turned him in), Savage (a lingie), SFC Joe diCaprio (058 trick chief, a mean drunk when soused), Putter, 059, Wright (lingie, whom I later ran into at a bar in Ann Arbor, MI-- he was sitting beside me and I recognized him), McPencow (lingie, whom I later ran into in a theater lobby in Chicago). It was incredible to run into just one of these guys much less TWO-- each one out of the blue. Several other faces come to mind but no names. I do remember the maitre d' at the EM club-- Mustafa. After exactly one year I was glad to get out of Turkey and get on with life. However, a few years ago I discovered an R-390A on the internet and bought it. Have been dabbling in them since then strictly for fun. I had never before seen the insides of one and was amazed at my first sight of the interior. They're intimidating at first, but with the help of the depot maintenance manual they are fun to fix up. Nowadays a solid state receiver fits in your hand in contrast to 65 pounds of "boatanchor." But there's something about that tube stuff-- probably the connection with my high school radio class when we did strictly tube stuff. Solid state was not yet a household word.

SCHWARTZ, Fred, YOB: 1939, RA17523856, E3, Supply Handler, Det 4, NO59-DE60, (Rose), 321 Fain St., Morganton, GA 30560, 706-374-4302, - Please change the address you have for me

SHADE, Jack RA13666484 E3-E5 059 Det 27, 60-62, - I was there right after it opened or close to it - no lockers etc. I was an 059. I remember we had an ashek? or donkey that stayed at the or close to the NCO club where I spent most of my off-duty hours . What an experience Kari Hani? etc Getting spit at looking at a Turkish Chick on Ataturk Blvd, and going to Turkisk court when Jim Harasty hit a kid herding sheep near the village of Yarpachuk. It didn't even knock the kid out but we were scared MOTHERS. Also there was a guy there who shipped too many cars in to the country. I have been doing a lot of thinking since finding the ASA Turkey sites. This really brought back old memories. I retired in 2004 after 41 years in a steel mill . I am still in pretty good shape yet quit smoking 5 years ago but still love my beer . Will write my BIO for the DOOL.

SPERRY, William P (Bill) YOB 1945 RA17720924 E5 05K Det 4, MY67-MY68, 15738 Via Corta, San Lorenzo, CA 94580, 510-481-0777,

I wrote you a while back about getting your newsletter. I was over in Det 4 Sinop and have not heard back. Could I get on the mailing list. What will it cost? Also, if you have a moment, do you know where Det 27 was? I am sure it was in Turkey but don't know where. Thank you for your time, Bill Sperry ASA

TILNEY, Ralph (the Eternal Weed) YOB 1946 RA16988433 E3-E5 98C Det 27 and 4-4 67-69, (Shirley), 1304 Doonesbury Dr., Austin, TX 78758, 512-796-4881, - Dear Friends, Some changes are coming in our lives. The first is small, but requires some action from you. We are clipping ou "landline" phone and will rely on our cell phones whic is listed above. Next, we are paying off our mortgage early – look for a mortgage burning party after school is out! Finally, we will be opening a new venture, probably in June. More to come on that, but if you experience foot pain, or foot related back, hip or knee pain, we’ll be here to help! All the best,

VANNOY, Claude E., CPT-MAJ, Opns O, Det 27, JN65-JN68, (Ginny), 177 Welcome Home Rd., North Wilkesboro, NC 28659, 366-667-7036, - Hello sport fans: "I am claiming my bragging rights." We have a 12 year old grandson, Steve Vannoy, that plays ice hockey. He plays on the Washington "Little Capital" traveling team which plays teams primarily located in the US northeastern states. His team won the championship tournament in Nashville, Tennessee, last week. They are in Fairbanks, Alaska, now and will play in the USA National Championship tournament held there next week. Excuse us for BRAGGING, Claude and Ginny Vannoy

WATSON, Jesse A., Jr., (Shooter), E4-E5 98CRU, Det 27 & 4-4, 65-69, (Jimmy Lou), 6815 N. 13 Pl., Phoenix, AZ 85104, 602-234-1697, – [edited] Sgt. Green, Isn't it amazing how much time has passed since we were all young, thin, vital men and women serving our country in Turkey and wondering how we would make our way in the world. A lot of time has passed, but I still have fond memories of the old gang and those times at Det 4-4. Hope that you and your family are happy and healthy. Jesse

WHITE, Preston E5 MP Det 27, 66-68, (Louise), 20 Heritage Dr., Cheshire, CT 06410, 203-271-1479, Please keep the DOOL messages coming. I enjoy reading them. Regards, Preston White (Det 27 - 66 to 68)

WOOD, J Michael YOB 1945 RA14901239 E3-E4 72B Tk Ch C/C (Bankhead) Det 4, AU66-AU67, (Bonne), 500 Castlegate Dr., Nashville, TN 37217, 615-366-8940, - [edited] Michael Wood found the DAYS OF OUR LIVES newsletter on the web and sent me the info contained in his Master Roster entry and requested that he be added to the relay list. I practically OD'd reading the year by year postings. I got thru a couple of the newsletters. I have had dreams about being back in Sinop at least 3 times over the last 10 years, and felt very drawn to the place. I know it is deeply printed on my psyche. I regret not being adventuresome enough to go off post very often and explore more of Turkey while I had the opportunity. Just young and dumb I guess. I appreciate that you have created a place of connectivety for a very special group of people. My handle as trick chief in the Comm Center was : CC&BW (Chief Cook and Bottle Washer) and that is how I signed the log book each day. Now I'm the Yeni all over again. Lots of memories. Talk with you soon. (JM) Michael Wood. I called Michael on 20 March 2005 and had a lengthy chat regarding his TOUR on the HILL. First off, Michael promised to write his MEMORIES of his tour at Det 4 for inclusion in the DOOL. In the interim I will add a few tidbits of which he will expand later. He vividly remembers sitting at a teletype keyboard on 24 April 1967 typing out a CRITIC regarding the intercepted space-ground communications between the lone cosmonaut (Col Vladimir Komarov) in the orbiting Soyuz-1 spacecraft with ground control at the Tyuratam launch site; the Soviet premier Kosygin and with Komarov's wife. The reason for the CRITIC dealt with the status of the Soviet space program according to the words of the doomed Colonel Komarov. The Russian linguists at Det 4 translated the voice communications and in their opinion said that Komarov was infuriated by the balky spacecraft, and telling the Soviet Premier or whomever was listening that the Soyuz-1 space craft was not ready for space travel and that the ONLY reason for the flight was for the Soviet Union to beat the AMERICANS in the race to the MOON. The Premier was heard telling Komarov that he was a HERO and that every effort was being undertaken to correct the problem and get him back to earth safely. Komarov's reply was that the Soyuz-1 should not have been launched. Wood now frowns when reading about the Soyuz-1 disaster of 23-24 April 1967. The Soyuz-1 capsule was the first known crash of a Soviet spacecraft. Michael Wood believes that SP5's Hurd, Blessington and Redmond were the Russian linguists who recorded and translated this disastrous event. He also remembers in June 1967 the Liberty incident where the Israeli military deliberately attacked the Liberty to obstruct its monitoring of communications in the area. Few realized that the Soviet Navy, submarine, Air Force and Airborne forces were on alert for possible intervention.

He also remembers Capt Pangborn who was the OIC at Bankhead, Jim Windsor, Steve Ruger of the Ruger Firearms clan, Russian linguists, Hurd, Redmond, Mike Blessington, et al.

WORKMAN, Ken GS18 Sylvania Tech Rep Det 4, DE65-JN67, (Jennifer),PO Box 127, Etowah, NC 28729, 828-891-2648, - [edited] :-[ <----symbol for embarrassed. You have a diplomatic way to reminding me that my procrastination has grown to epic proportions! I feel suitably guilty...and motivated. Some time ago I started on a remembrance. I managed to write several pages and that was so long ago that the computer I wrote it on is long gone and with it, the file I created. Mea culpa, mea culpa! I WILL start again today or tomorrow.
P.S. Because of DOOL and <> I've managed to establish and maintain contact with three guys who were with me in Sinop . Spc. 5 Pat "Frosty" Sartain, Spc 5 Dave Trulove and Lt. Alan Barecca (Ranks shown as of 1967!). For a number of years I also was in contact with another civilian who worked for Tumpane in Sinop, John Shenk. John has spent almost all of his time since Sinop in the 60's in Thailand and has not responded to emails for the last year or so. Thanks for rattling my cage!