From: Elder RC Green
Sent: Friday, February 11, 2005 11:11 PM
Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES # 147

This newsletter is intended only for the use of the ASA TURKEY Veteran's.
Your ASA memoirs are most welcome to the DAYS OF OUR LIVES and is an effort
on my part to preserve the stories and memories of ASA veterans who served
in Turkey. Certainly my goal is to collect and to preserve the stories --
that we honor the ASA Turkey veterans and that we educate future generations
about what it was like for us old-timers. I know that most ASA Turkey
veterans enjoy reading the BIO's of others who served in Turkey. On the
importance of the ASA Turkey BIO's - that not too many years from now people
will be able to look back and understand what the ASA was all about and why
ASA personnel served in Turkey and have a better understanding of the
experience of veterans who went through the Cold War with the Soviet Union
as the Evil Empire.
With that said - those who have not penned a BIO - stop sitting back and
waiting - write or dictate to the spouse your memoirs and personal stories
and then send them to me for inclusion in the DOOL's. This is my effort to
ensure the words of thousands of veterans and how it changed them and how it
changed the country and there should not be a shortage of stories to tell. I
will respond to all e-mails and will assist whenever needed, but reserve the
right to edit for content and clarity and welcome any errors that may appear
herein. Whether you choose to share your BIO is a personal choice. However,
information not shared is the same as information lost. Keep in mind that
the Internet is a universe unto itself and is a dang near veritable
hell-hole filled with scams, scam artists, frauds, thieves, and greedy
people, etc. In the old days, back when mail crossed the country in days,
identity theft still took place. Today, e-mail crosses the country at the
speed of light. The crooks do too. Your privacy is extremely important.
Therefore, if you wish not to receive future DAYS OF OUR LIVES, please send
that request to - When you send an email to me -
PLEASE include the word ASA in the subject line to insure that I open it and
not mistake it for SPAM. Thank you- - -gH

29 September - 2 October 2005
THE HOST AND HOSTESS for the 2005 reunion is Jon and Darlene Kjoller of New Braunfels, Texas. .
To discover more about the Menger Hotel go to:

TO MAKE RESERVATIONS: Call 1-800-345-9285 or 1-210-223-4361.
When making the reservations state that you will be attending the ASA Turkey reunion and
request a modern or antique style room with a balcony. Also request either
a King or two Queen size beds. ROOM PRICE: The daily rate will be $99 + tax
per room and is good for the day before and after the scheduled dates.

ASPINWALL, Paul C., YOB: 1942, 2LT-1LT, 9620, Supply, Det 4, 12JA65-22DE65,
14 Quail Ridge Dr., Madison, WI 53717, 608-831-0670,

CARRICK, Ernie & Betty YOB: 1936, NG/RA25358534, E3-E4, Personnel, Det 4,
NO57-OC58, 6111 Fairfield Dr., Huntsville, AL 35811, 256-852- 6180, cell

ELDRIDGE, Frank & Arlie YOB: 1941, RA18521521, E4-E5, 283, Det 4, FE61-MR62,
8219 Lone Bridge Ln., Humble, TX 77338, 281-540-3478,

ERICKSON, Ron & Kathy, YOB: 1940, RA17575612, E4, 059, Det 27, MY61-DE62,
17204 E 37th Terrace, Independence, MO 64055, 816-373-3349,

GREEN, Elder RC & Patty, YOB: 1936, RA13513638, E7, 982, Det 27, 1-15MY61,
JN66-OC67 & 4-4, OC67-NO68, 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701,

HUNT, Carlos E & Frankie, YOB: 1937, RA18537345, E2-E4, 058, Det 4,
19MR58-MR59, 10215 Hwy 79E, Henderson, TX 75652, 903-889-2391,

KJOLLER, Jon & Darlene, YOB: 1938, RA15578113, E3, 058, Det 4, JL58-AU59,
993 Rosemary Dr., New Braunfels, TX 78130, 830-625-1064,

LADY, Ken & Donna, YOB: 1941, RA19640990, E3-E5, 058, Det 27, 61-62,1160
Berkeley St., Santa Monica, CA 90403, 310-828-3139,

NEARPASS, Bob & Lorraine, YOB: 1945, RA12701995, E3-E5, MP, Det 27,
DE64-DE66, 111 Hope Crossing Rd., Belvidere, NJ 07823, 908-475-3461,

STOLP, Gary & Phyllis, YOB: 1941, E3-E6, RMC specialist, Det 27 OC64-Dec 67,
13819 Crown Blf, San Antonio, TX 78216, 210-496-9365,

CANTRELL, Alphieus (Al), YOB: 1926 DOD: 18 January 2005, RA SP3-SP2 Det 4,
MY55-MY56, (Libby), 4340 Silverado Trl, Calistoga, CA 94515, 707-942-8059 -From Phil Hotton:
I'm sorry to have to tell you that Al Cantrell (Sinop '55-'56) died late
Tuesday night, January 18 at his Calistoga California home from advanced
cancer. He waged a good fight right to the end. I was able to speak with him
until the last two weeks. Fortunately he has a large family so that his
children and grand children are near to help his wife, Libby, cope. Al
enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a teenager in the late 1940's and was a "plank
owner" on a destroyer tender part of the time in China and other ports in
the Pacific theater. He re-upped in the Army and retired from the ASA after
a tour in Vietnam. He was initially a power and vehicle mechanic of the
dozen personnel in Sinop we had eight ECM search and analysis specialists
but only one power mechanic. Needless to say if anything happened to Al, we
were down. He later cross trained in electronics. After retirement Al
qualified himself in many "trades" including Electrician, Millwright and
large scale industrial machinery installation. He is sorely missed by all
who knew him. I have attached a recent photo of Al and his wife Elizabeth
(Libby). His e-mail address is still active for those who would like to
contact Libby.
It is (Note the zero) Phil Hotton (Sinop '55-'56)
SEE al&libbycantrell ATTACHMENT.

ENGEN, Tommy A., DOB: 27 August 1941, DOD: 1 December 1996 at Albany, OR.,
SSN 540-46-6107 iss OR RA19657507 Det 27, 61-63. No other information
available. Name found in Det 27 Unit Order #10 dtd 26MR62. Any one
remember Tommy Engen?

HANSMANN, Jon E., DOB: 24 August 1938 DOD: June 1987 at LaConner, WA., SSN:
536-32-8810 iss WA., RA19669523 E5 058 Det 27, 61-63, Info from Art Landskov

KELLAM, Allen E., DOB: 24 October 1928, DOD: March 1979, 50y, RA51124563,
E6-E7, Motor Sgt, Det 27, 63-66 per Det 27 SO#116

McCLELLAND, William, DOB: 21 May 1942, DOD: August 1970, SSN: 555-58-8807
iss CA., RA19667174 E4, 058, Det 27, 61-63. Enlisted for ASA duty with Larry
Van Vekoven and both served at Det 27

MISSEY, Joseph M., DOB: 17 August 1931 DOD: 11 March 2002 at Cadet,
Washington Co., MO., RA17266234, E4, 058, Det 4, 55 & E6, 058, Tk#2 Trick
Chief, Opns Co, Det 27, 60-MY62, BPED 15AU51 ETS 23MR64 per SO#49 dtd 29MR62
E5 DOR 7MY58.

NUTGRASS, Doris, 61, wife of Tom Nutgrass, DOB: 24 October 1931, DOD: 13
September 1993 at Harker Heights, TX from COPD. SSN: 508-36-7258 issued
Nebraska. See Tom Nutgrass entry below. Tom informs that his wife was a
heavy smoker and died at age 61 from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
(COPD). Doris knew that SMOKING was and still is the number one risk factor
for COPD and that her continued use of cigarettes would shorten her
lifetime, but she took the risk and continued to be a heavy smoker .

Noel Garland: Guys, I just found out thru one of our local ASAers here who
is reading General Tommy Franks biography, that he talks about his
experience as a Traffic Analyst trainee at Fort Devens, prior to his
decision to apply and be accepted to Field Artillery OCS. Also has another
mention later in his book about using the good offices of the ASA unit
stationed next to his unit there in Germany to bug the barracks where Franks
platoon was quartered to find out who were the drug dealers and users in his

Norman Frickey, the 2nd commander at Det 4-4 NEEDs HELP IN LOCATING Leonard
K. DISNEY - HI .. from a somewhat cold but occasionally sunny Colorado.
Haven't been in touch lately but I'm still kicking and hope all of you are
well. A group of us from the 358th ASA CO have been chatting and we are
trying to track down 1SG Leonard K. Disney. The last I saw him was when I
left Turkey. Does anyone have a clue? Norm Frickey

Jeff Gammon at for additional information

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BARGER, George, Det 4, 60-61
BENDER, Bill, Det 4-4, 70-71
BROWN, Dave, Det 4, 68-69
BROWN, Terry, Det 4, 68-69
CAMMACK, Maurice, Det 27, 57-59
CRAM, Phyllis, Det 27, 66-67
DELEO, Steve, Det 27, 64-65
ERICKSON, Ron, Det 27, 61-62
FRAMPTON, Lonnie, Det 4, 63
GEROW, Edward, Det 66, 62-64
HARBIN, Mike, Det 27, 65-66
HUNT, Carlos, Det 4, 58-59
INGRASSIA, Frank, Det 4, 61
JORGENSEN, Gary, Det 27 & 4-4,
KENNARD, Bill, Det 4, 76-77
KENNARD, Bob, Det 4, 65-66 & 76-77
KINSER, George, Det 4, 69-70 & 4-4, 70-72
LADY, Ken, Det 27, 61-62
LANDSKOV, Art, Det 27,
MacKINNON, Don, Det 4, 72-73
MAU, Norman, Det 27, 65-66
MITZNER, Dennis, Det 4, 68-69
MYERS, Ralph, Det 4, 72-73
NUTGRASS, Tom, Det 4, 68-69
PHILLIPS, Dave, Det 27, 66-67
SACK, Bob, Det 4, 74-75
SIMONS, Bill, Det 4, 59-60
STOLP, Gary, Det 27, 64-67
VANNOY, Claude, Det 27, 65-68
WACENDAK, Andy, Det 4, 66-67
WOOD, Jim, Det 4, 60-61

BARGER, George A., YOB: 1937, RA17540529, E3-E5, 981, Det 4, 61-62, (Pat),
123 Green Acres Rd., St Louis, MO 63137, 314-867-0842, email pending. -
SEE barger-winkler ATTACHMENT,

L-R: George Barger and Harold Winkler, both 981's
at Det 4. This photo was posted by Harold Winkler on the Det 4 website and
I recently located George Barger on a tip from Stanley Ward. George was
shocked when I ask if he was the George Barger who served at Sinop. He
answered yes and immed-iately ask who I was. I explained and then asked if
he knew Stan Ward, Glen Austin and Harold Winkler. Yes, was his answer and
then we discussed his TOUR on the HILL for an hour or so and like so many
others PROMISED to write his ASA memoirs at Fort Devens, Det 4 and at the
327th ASA Bn at Fort Bragg, NC. George ordered 2 Det 4 patches and is
planning on attending the 2005 reunion at San Antonio in September.

BENDER, Bill YOB: RA E4 05K Det 4-4 JA70-JL71, (Dawn), 6700 SW 113th Pl.,
Ocala, FL 34476, 352-854-9122, 1-800-877-3367, -
It's time to update the information in my ASA Turkey 201 file! We've moved,
had a few more grandchildren and unfortunately had some recent sadness.
Sorry we haven't had a chance to attend the past two ASA Turkey reunions but
between business and my late father's health we've been busy. So here we go, this
past June - Dawn, the dog, cat, bird, and I moved to Ocala, Florida. I'm
semi retired now and have tried to slow down with my
international traveling but still find myself out of the country every
month. Now on to some other additions.... We've had two more grandchildren
giving us a grand total of eight with four boys and four girls. Our son
Chris and his wife Erin finally became parents in December 2003 with the
addition of Claudia Blair Bender and my daughter Michelle and son-in-law
Mike had her fourth child and hopefully her last when Jayna Georgia Mae
Gruber was born in August 2004. The sorrow came from the death of my father
David M. Bender Jr., of cancer on December 14th 2004. He was a WWII vet
having served in the Army Air Corps as an intercept radio operator (sounds
familiar?) listening to the Japanese pilots coming through Burma. So we
survived the four hurricanes with no damage, enjoy the warm Florida
sunshine, and hopefully will attend the next reunion!
Dear Elder: How true! I sent the BLAME AMERICA message to all of my close
friends as well, including a few Moslems! It's good to let them know the
truth about some of their brothers around the World! Hey I tried to contact
Craig Dumais as he only lives about 45 minutes away from us and I got the
same response that you did when you tried to reach him. He said he has bad
memories from Turkey and doesn't want to be bothered! Too bad for him!
Anyway I've been corresponding with Norman Frickey and it's nice to hear
from a former commander! He didn't remember me, which is good in some ways!
I did try to stay under the radar during my Army career! Anyway, say hello
to Patty for us. Best Regards, Bill

BROWN, David H., YOB: 1948, RA16903022, E4, 76Y/76S Det 4, JA68-JA69,
(Rebecca), PO Box 371 Clallam Bay, WA 98326, 360-963-3112, - has over 2000 - Book Reviews,
Thoughts of a Rural Woman, Reading Editorials, Author Interviews, a free
eZine, Editing & Web Design Services. Free book raffles. David And Rebecca
Brown - David Brown is the webmaster for and author of the upcoming 'The Citizen Warrior' series,
Honor Due & Honor Defended. Rebecca Brown is the Publisher & Editor of and author of 'Standing The Watch: Memories of a home
death & the upcoming 'Sally Sees' mystery series. We are sincerely, Rebecca
& David Brown

BROWN, Terry L., RA18961528, E3-E4, 98J, Det 4, 68-69, 9651 Dry Run Rd,
Kingston, OH 45644, 740-642-5366 - Hello fellow ASAer!
Nasiliniz - I got your reunion info from Dennis Mitzner in Chicago and will
try and make it to San Antonio in 2005- I live in southern Ohio. My info:
Terry L. Brown RA 18961528, TUSLOG Det 4 1968-69 SP4 (later SSG) 98J -
later on to Chitose and finished up with a bit of crypto work at NSA Fort
Meade working with the Brits. We have a group of ASA guys that often get
together over the 4th of July every year or two - 5 to 12 vets/families or
so. All were in Chitose and some Sinop also. You may email Dennis if you
like- he has been our "historian" of sorts over the years. Most of our
service times fall between 1963-1972. My year at Sinop was pretty neat -
didn't know the human body could maintain a BAC above 0.10 continuously for
12 months until then. Other foggy memories in brief: Watching for the mail
plane to make its "strafing" run on the hill - 5 cent Pabst bira on sale at
the club (it had turned "green" in the can and rather than throw it out...)
that put quite a strain on our plumbing system - Ashak the donkey - Mehmet
(barracks houseboy) breathing garlic-bafra smoke-absinth breath in my face
as he awaked me. Haven't ever smelled anything like it since - thinking
that drinking Yeni Raki was harmless just before going into a 12 hour
blackout/strippers at the club who after 10 pairs of panties never did get
down to the much awaited last pair (many 10 lire notes later) - the
exhillarating ride to work, in all weather, in an open cattle truck -
endless hours on "pos" awaiting events slow or never to happen across the
"pond" - I often wondered if the country band "Asleep at The Wheel" weren't
98J's? - watching the movie "Beach Party" with the reels all out of order
later to find the EM projector operator passed out in the projector booth.
I have since seen the movie in proper sequence - not nearly as good. -
really "breaking starch" with the OD's back from the Turk laundry - pants
were stiff enough to slice bread. - the boat ride up from Istanbul on the
Sea Camel complete with C-rations a la carte...... "These are just a few of
my favorite things.." hope to see you all in Texas this Fall. Email me if
you have a chance No, not that kind of gas- I am an
R.N. Anesthestist now and pass gas for a living! Thanks for listening, may
God bless and watch over our troops, Terry L. Brown and family.

Hi Elder- Nice to hear from you- phone 740-642-5366. I also get an ASA
newsletter from Roy Getz out of Florida. They have a roster several
thousand strong and have a sizeable annual get-to-gether. Some of us might
take a trip back to Chitose in a year or two - that would be really nice! I
was there when it was decided to turn our SPACOL ops over to the Japanese
Self Defence Force and was one of a dozen chosen to stay behind and train
their staff to run the equipment (late 1970). We stayed in the then vacant
BOQ but I would have rather stayed at my place downtown! We used to have a
few beers with the Japanese EM after hours so I got the bright idea to set
up a "bar" in my room with a donation jar & local gal to serve our drinks.
The idea was only for convience and to defer expenses with a bit of
ambieance but it got a little out of hand. I spilled over into the adjacent
quarters, got an extra refrig, and the local Sapporo distributor started
making daily deliveries. The remaining MP's at the gate took several weeks
to become suspicious (slow considering the NCO club was basically empty -
they were all at my place!) and followed the truck to the BOQ. That was the
end of that piece of brilliance - I was lucky not to end up in the infantry.
I still have pictures of our group with the JNDF boss Maj. (later Gen.)
Abe - we were all inseparable for several months on and off duty and I have
many fond memories of that time. It seems that all was just yesterday and
not 40 (50 for you) years ago! I hope to make your reunion and Dennis
Mitzner has sent the info to all in our group - I will try and get the
Florida address to you and maybe Roy can put a blurb in their letter too. I
am still active in Veteran affairs as CMDR or our local VFW (Post #3331
Circleville, Ohio) and on rare occasions meet a fellow "Cold Warrior" - I
was recalled in support of the 2nd AD as a medic/anesthetist in 1991 and
spend 5 months in theatre in the Gulf War. My first taste of the "real
Army" and fortunately my last! Best wishes for the New Year, 98J gasboy

CAMMACK, Maurice E3-E5 722 Det 27, 57-59, (Katie), 3024 E. Gallman Rd., PO
Box 118, Gallman, MS 39077, 601-892-4597, - Elder,
while reading DOOL 146 earlier today, I learned that your mother, Loella,
passed away on January 6, 2005. Please accept our heartfelt sympathy and
condolences on your loss. God bless and keep you and your family, Maurice
and Katie Cammack

CRAM, Phyllis widow of Eugene C (Gene) W2 W2215309 OIC T/A Det 27, 66-67,
5180 SW Gardenia Ct., Dunnellon, FL 34431, 352-489-9085, - My sympathy to you and your family on the passing of
your mother. I fondly remember Gene and I going with you to see her when we
visited you on our way to the Turkey reunion in 2001. I have pleasant
memories of the visit we had with you and Patty, but also the dreadful
memory of 911 that happened while we were there. I am leaving January 25
with my brother and his wife for two weeks in Rome, and will return on
February 10. I forwarded DOOL 146 today, so there won't be one before I
return. My thoughts and prayers are with your family, but you know your
mother is in a better place. Phyllis

DeLEO, Steve J., DOB: 1945, RA11423895 E4 982 Det 27, JA64-AU65, (Agnes),
203Cheney Pl., Castle Rock, CO 80104, 303-688-1520,
Retired Col, USAR, 32y svc, 7 as EM E-6 - This is Steve De Leo, I am heading
back to Turkey on 16 January 2005 for a project. Will be working in
Istanbul, Bursa, Sinop and Ankara. Next two stops on the project Baku and
Tblisi. I was back in Turkey for the first time since 1965, last November.
Later in 2005 will be going back to Taiwan (old 76th SOU) and Vietnam(406th
RRD, 101st Abn) for projects. It should be an interested trip down memory
lane (as well as getting paid). Hopefully I can send some emails about "our
old stopping grounds." Steve D (aka The Crank)

ERICKSON, Ron, YOB: 1940, RA17575612, E4, 059, Det 27, MY61-DE62, (Kathy),
17204 E 37th Terrace, Independence, MO 64055, 816-373-3349, -
Hi from Kansas City. Just wanted to let you know we just made a resevation
at Menger Hotel for the 3 nights of ASA fun and frolic. Hope to see some new
faces this year and be happy to see the old ones too. We should get info
soon on itineray and what we owe for dinners etc. Your friend Ron

FRAMPTON, Lonnie K., YOB: 1936, RA13520276, E6, 286, Det 4, JA-DE63, (Faye),
20 Heights Rd., Newville, PA 17241, 717-776-5139, CW3
Ret - Elder, Sorry to hear about the passing of your Mother. I experienced
the same sad event in December 2003. Faye and I offer our condolences to you
and your family during this time of bereavement. May God be with you and
your family. I won't be able to attend the ASA Turkey Reunion this year due
to the Okinawa reunion being held at the same time. My thoughts will be with
you. Warmest regards

GEROW, Edward S., E5, 272, Det 66, JL62-JA64, 24 Tampa St., Nashua, NH
03060, - Hello Elder, I thought it was about time , again,
that someone from Det 66 checked in. I am still here but not very active
with this group and I have not attended any reunions except the first one
at Devens in 2001. I am not sure why the large number of Det 66 Vets do not
sign in, however they do not sign in anywhere else on the internet, that I
have found. To catch up a little, you may recall that I married a Turkish
girl while at Ankara, That was 41 years ago and we have sort of returned to
the scene of the crime. Two years ago we purchased a retirement home at
Kusadasi, Turkey and we spend some portion of the year there. Not the mid
summer (too hot) and not the peak winter, (too cold) but in between we enjoy
time there and traveling around the Aegean Coast. I hope to go to Ankara in
the fall. I need someone to send me Ken Baldwin's Turkish name and I will
see if he is still around Kusadasi. Someone had provided it in a
correspondence a couple of years ago but I have not found it. Ken was in my
outfit when I was there and I did know him fairly well. I still read and
check out all of the newsletters and will continue to do so. I hope to make
one of the reunions in the future but probably not this year. My best to
all of those that are active here and served with us in the various Tuslog
Detachments around Turkey. Just to assure everyone that Turkey is really
the same, the last time I went to Ephesus a pair of F-16's flew over, well
in excess of the sound barrier, shaking the antiquities there with the sonic
boom, and making the visitors very nervous! Just like the old revolution
days. Regards: Ed Gerow, SP5 E5 at Det 66, Stratcom Communications (Ankara
Relay Station) 62-64

The photo was taken at the FIRST ASA TURKEY reunion at Fort Devens in September 2001.

HARBIN, Michael P., YOB: 1942, 05419456, 2LT-1LT, AIS, Spec Svcs, Det 27,
65-66, (Mary), 202 Evans, Rockville, MD 20850, - Hopefully
Mike will send me a BIO and some photo's for inclusion in the DOOL
HUNT, Carlos E YOB 1937 RA18537345 E2-E4 058 Det 4, 19MR58-MR59, (Frankie),
10215 Hwy 79E, Henderson, TX 75652, 903-889-2391, -
[edited] We are proud of TEXAS and hope that everyone that visits our state
has a enjoyable stay. Frankie and I have been in "hog heaven" during the
past week----our calf crop is hitting the ground and we have had perfect
calving weather. I met the Area Supervisor for Pizza Hut a few weeks back.
He is Turkish and was born in Izmir. He wants us to go to Turkey with him
in July. He has a home there and wants to show us his Turkey. It sounds
like a good deal to me. We have enough free air miles with American
Airlines to travel anywhere in the world. We are also looking forward to
the ASA Turkey reunion in San Antonio.

INGRASSIA, Frank YOB 1930 RA12304014 E7 982 Det 4, 61, (Fran), 613 Hogback
Rd., Sequim, WA 98382, 360-681-3719, - Promised to send
BIO and a recent photo. I knew Frank in Chitose, Japan, 1955-58.

JORGENSEN, Gary C (The Kid & Jorgy) YOB 1947 RA17721914 E3-E5 058/05H Det 27
& 4-4, MY66-SE68, (Virgie), 211 W House St., Duluth, MN 55808, 218-626-3676 gH, I'm on mids and it's snowing like crazy. We've
had a Minnesota winter so far, -54 and -56 degrees just 55 miles north of
Duluth and now lots of snow. I'm hoping to get to the San Antonio reunion
this year. I should know how the vacations are by next month. As long as
I've been here I'm still not the senior guy but as it stands now I think I
can get the vacation days. Take care and as always you continue to do a
great job bringing together all the old "Turkeys". SEE the kid ATTACHMENT.

The pic is of me sitting in a gold dredge north of Fairbanks, Alaska. "the

KENNARD, Bill YOB 1939 E8 33Z Maint NCOIC Det 4, 76-77, (Zelma), 305 S.
Monroe, Versailles, MO 65084, 573-378-6098, - Please
note my new email address.

KINSER, George E., YOB: 1946, E5, 05K, Det 4, SE69-AU70, Det 4-4,
AU70-21AP72, (Debby), 381 S. Davis Dr., Purcellville, VA 20132,
703-777-8267, & Merhaba Elder
Bey! I still have the Juno e-mail address. Also another one: Sorry I missed the 2004 reunion. Hope to make the
2005 one. I'll give you a call next time I'm in the Indiana PA area. God
bless you and your family.

LADY, Ken YOB 1941 RA19640990 E3-E5 058 Det 27, 61-62, (Donna), 1160
Berkeley St., Santa Monica, CA 90403, 310-828-3139, -
RC - Donna and I have made our reservations for the 2005 ASA Turkey reunion
at San Antonio in Sept. See you there. Ken

LANDSKOV, Arthur O (Art), RA19669586, E4-E5, 058, Det 27, MR61-DE62,
(Julie), 4607 36th Ave NE, Tacoma, WA 98422, 253-952-9420, [edited] Hi Elder- Just a brief note. I was a 058
on Trick 2 at Manzarali. Thanks for all of your work. Please note that a Det
27 friend, Jon Hansmann died in June 1987. More Later I'm off to help paint
at one of our kids' house.

MacKINNON, Don YOB 1934 LTC XO Det 4, AU72-AU73, 7809 Walnut Tree Rd.,
Severn MD 21144, 410-969-7057, - Hi Elder.....I hope its
warmer where you are!! I've got a question for you. I was talking on the
phone to Bob Peetz tonight. He is an old friend who was with me in Sinop.
I believe you have talked to him, as well. Anyway, Bob tells me that while
he was there ('72 to '73) there was a young lieutenant who came from
Bemidji, MN. But he can't remember his name. I find this interesting
because my son and his family live in Bemidji where he has a woodworking
business. Of course, at the time I was in Sinop Bemidji didn't mean a thing
to me. I'd love to know who this guy was. We're going up to Bemidji in
May for our grandaughters HS graduation. I'm hoping you can run through
your rosters and perhaps pickup Bemidji as a hometown. I believe he is also
a grad of Bemidji State Univ. My daughter-in-law graduated from there as
well. Hope all is well with you...thanks for the great stories...

MAU, Norman R E2-E4 Det 27, JA65-JN66, (Theresa), 11225 Broad Green Dr.,
Potomac, MD.20854, 301-983-8469, & - ER,
Theresa and I are sorry to hear about your mother passing. We send our
condolences.Norman and Theresa

MITZNER, Dennis J., YOB 1944 RA16905187, Det 4, JN68-JL69, 4419 Richard
Ave., Oak Forest, IL 60452, 708-535-3508, - To:
Elder R.C. Green, Subject: add me to your mailing list please - Mr. Green:
An Army buddy forwarded your e-mail to me, and you guys are doing a hell of
a good job. I was stationed at Det 4 from June '68-July '69. From there I
went to Chitose, Japan for two years. Three months at NSA and I was again a
free man. I will send my memories shortly. Do you have a "Where Are They
Now" list? Again, good job and we'll be talkin'. P.S. I still keep in touch
with about thirty guys and will forward your e-mail onto them.

MYERS, Ralph YOB 1938 Maj Ops O Det 4, AP72-AP73, (Patti), 6 Hammond Ln.,
Fredericksburg, VA 22407, 540-898-4390, - Everyone,
Just finished reading a book I picked up at our local library titled, "The
Most Secret War, Army Signals Intelligence in Vietnam by James L. Gilbert".
It's put out by the Military History Office of the US Army Intelligence and
Security Command at Ft. Belvoir, VA and is published by the General Printing
Office. It's for sale by the Government Printing Office. You can get it
through the internet: or phone toll free at (866)

NUTGRASS, Thomas M YOB: 1932, US/ER/RA52013911, E7, NCOIC 98J, Det 4,
MR68-FE69, (Doris-dec), 807 Love Ct., Harker Heights, TX 76548,
254-698-6786, no email - Received name from Dennis Mitzner and contacted Tom
on 17 January 2005. Tom promised to write BIO and send photo.

PHILLIPS, David L., RA25511776, E5-E6, 982, Det 27, 66-67, (Cookie), 4915
Decatur St, Lake Charles, LA 70607, 337-474-9205 - Please
note the e-mail change.
SACK, Bob YOB 1939 RA Det 4, Det 4, 68-69, (Sue), 1088 Aubin Rd., Walla
Walla, WA 99362, 509-522-1108, - I have a new e-mail address: Both Bob and I can be reached at this one. The is no longer in effect. Hope to hear from you all

SIMONS, Bill, YOB 1936 RA135..... E3 058 DE59-DE60, (Patricia Anne), 155
Newbolds Corner Rd., Southampton, NJ 08088, 609-859-9483, -
Hi Elder, We were so sorry to read about your Mother's passing. You have our
heartfelt sympathies. Dool 146 has been received and posted, let me know if
you see any problems. Wishing you and Patty a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

STOLP, Gary, YOB: 1941, E3-E6, RMC specialist, Det 27, OC64-Dec 67,
(Phyllis), 13819 Crown Blf, San Antonio, TX 78216, 210-496-9365, & - HI EL, I JUST ARRIVED IN

VANNOY, Claude E., CPT-MAJ, Opns O, Det 27, JN65-JN68, (Ginny), 177 Welcome
Home Rd., North Wilkesboro, NC 28659, 366-667-7036, -
Elder, sorry to hear about the death of your Mother. May the good Lord
grant you relief from the grief and pain that you are experiencing. God
bless you and your family. Claude and Ginny Vannoy
WACENDAK, Andy, YOB: 1925, RA12285540, E7-W1, 98GRU/988A, Det 4, 66-67,
(Winnie), 66 E Maine Rd., Johnson City, NY 13790, 607-797-6483, - Dear Elder and Patty: Very sorry to hear your
dearest mother "Loella" passed away recently. Our deepest sympathy in your
time of sorrow to your family. Elder, needless to say, I look forward to
your newsletters, yes OLD ASA MEMORIES continue to live on with me and
family. In your last DAYS OF OUR LIVES (#146) I recognized quite a few
names, etc! After 22 years in the Army, yes I do recall names, places and
incidents about my time spent in ASA, an outfit very good to me and my
family! How many ASA GI's would give up Pro-Pay III ($150.) to become a
Warrant Officer? Yes that was me when I accepted my WO rating! Oh well,
its water over the dam, haha! All is well in the Wacendak family. We sure
have a mess with this latest severe snow/wind storm! Our 2 sons plow and
snowblow us out, shoveling snow is no sport for me! Elder, there were
several bad incidents involving black vs white in Sinop in 1967. I know, I
was involved, however not at work, only off-duty, mainly at the club and
theater. A buddy of mine, SFC Ewing and I broke up several small fights.
Sorry to hear of Col Arena's death. I worked for him twice, once in
Frankfurt and lastly at Fort Bragg in 1969. Col Robert W. Lewis and Col
Swears were good "buddies" and go way back in ASA (1955-1969). All three
colonels are now in ASA heaven. Keep up the good work and again God Bless
you and Patty. Your ASA Friends, Winnie and AndyW

WOOD, Jim, E3 054, Det 4, 60-61, (Kim), 29 Glen Ridge Dr., Glen Carbon IL
62034 618-288-6003 -Old Peking Restaurant, 604 W. Main St., Collinsville, IL
62234, 618-345-0804,
Fort Devens,
See tc&s crest attachment

1. When assigned to the reception company you will be processed for further
assignment. You may be assigned as follows:
a. To an ASA School or unit at this location.
b. To another ASA installation within the Zone of
c. To another duty outside the ASA.
d. To an Army Service School.
2. The length of time you are to remain in the Reception Company will be
dependent upon the receipt of order from the Department of the Army, or
Headquarters ASA Training Center. The length of time to classify and assign
you may vary from two (2) days to four (4) weeks. There are instances when
the time is greater.
3. All personnel to be assigned overseas will receive a delay en route of
15 days prior to reporting to the port of embarkation. However, this is not
a mandatory policy of the Department of the Army. The policy of the ASA is
to try to give each man 15 days regardless of his accrued leave, but a leave
may be cancelled in order to to have the man report on time at the port. EM
may sign in early if he desires. In addition a POR leave may be denied an
individual due to his own misconduct, excessive company punishment, or
following hospitalization which was not in the line of duty. The Army is
only responsible for 65 lbs of baggage per EM. It is urged that you keep
your possessions at this maximum weight.
4. Formations are as follows:
Unit formations are held at 0530 (reveille), 0645 (drill call), 1245 (duty
call) and 1650 (recall), during these formations all pertinent information
receive, concerning individuals assigned to this unit will be passed on.
You must attend these formations unless on K.P. The only other exception to
this are those individuals who are on-the-job trainees and who are excused
from the 1245 formation only (unless specific permission has been granted by
the Unit CO or 1st Sgt to miss any other formations due to the working hours
of the job.) Off post men may miss reveille.
5. No individual will be permitted to go to Personnel, Supply, or to any
section on this Post unless they have an appointment slip, or have been
requested for by a section chief. If any individual desires to go to a
section or other official place of duty he must receive permission from the
orderly room to do so. All personnel problems will be handled through the
Executive Officer. The practice of going to any unit, section or
installation on this Post to solicit a permanent Detail is not to be
condoned and will result in disciplinary action.
6. The Mess Hall for the Reception Company is located in the area of the
Reception Company Supply. You are required to eat in the wing your mess card
designates. Eat all meals in the Mess Hall so accuracy can be maintained on
the headcount. The mess schedule is as follows:
Breakfast 0530-0630
Dinner 1145-1230
Supper 1730-1815
Your mess pass must be displayed prior to your entrance into the mess hall.
The supper meal, requires a class A uniform or appropriate civilian
clothing, This is to include Saturday afternoon, Sundays and Holidays.
7. a. Normal "off duty" weekday passes will be issued between the hours of
1700 and 2400. Travel on this type of pass is restricted to within fifty
(50) miles of Fort Devens, you must pick up your pass and sign out at your
unit orderly room. Weekend passes are good until 0200 Monday. Travel on a
week- end pass is restricted to 200 (hundred) road miles of Fort Devens.
You must have a leave to go out side of the 200 mile radius......
b. Three-day passes may be granted to individuals as a reward of merit
for compensatory time at the discretion of the Unit Commander. A 3-day pass
will not be granted to an individual for thirty (30) days following a
Court-Martial or Company Punishment. Travel on a 3-day pass is limited to
200 miles of Fort Devens. Three-day pass requests must be submitted prior
to 1200 hours on Wednesday and will include the complete address and
telephone number of your pass. Pass requests submitted after 1200 hours on
Wednesday or incorrectly filled out will be returned to the applicant.
c. It must be remembered that a pass is a privilege and not a right,
and can be withdrawn by the commanding officer at anytime in the best
interest of discipline and the service, without imposition of the 136
Article, UCMJ. Destroy all passes you may have from previous posts.
8. Duty uniform is fatigues, boots, combat, cap, field, OD w/visor or
fatigue cap. Trousers bloused in boots, jacket in trousers and insifnia on
collar of jackets. Class "A" uniform will be worn only by non-commissioned
officers, aned personnel on-the-job training during duty hours. ID tags
will be worn at all times. Any additional clothing will announced by the CQ
at reveille. During off-duty hours the uniform will be class "A" with
necktie, shoes low quarters, tan. The boots may be worn with the Class "A",
however, the trousers are not to be bloused except for guard duty.
a. Chevrons and authorized patches will be worn on the overcoat. The
overcoat will not be worn with civilian clothing.
b. All personnel standing inspection will be in Class "A".
c. During "Off-duty" hours and on pass you will be in a correct and
neat uniform. Clothing will be neatly pressed, brass shined, and shoes
shined. You are reminded to conduct yourself in a manner which will bring
credit upon yourself and the military service.
9. Every individual assigned to the Reception Company is reminded to read
his unit bulletin board at least 3 times daily. The excuse "I did not see
my name" will not be accepted. It only means that the individual failed to
read the bulletin board as directed. Special announcements will be read at
each of the formations and will be posted on the unit bulletin board.
10. Military courtesy and customs of the service are strictly adherred to
at all times in this organization. Officers will be rendered the proper
courtesies when they are either dismounted or riding in an automobile. You
are reminded that salutes will be exchanged whether you are in civilian
clothes or the officer is in civilian clothes. As long as you recognize a
man as an officer you are required to salute while on post no matter what
uniform you or he may be in.
11. Upon entering your assigned barracks, after reporting to your unit,
make contact with your barracks sergeant at the first opportunity. He will
teach you how to make a bunk properly, arrange your clothing, and how to
dispose of unauthorized luggage which is not permitted in the barracks. Off
post men will keep their bunks, bedding, and footlockers. In other words,
find out out what the SOP is from your barracks sergeant.
b. No intoxicating beverages, including wines, beers, and ales are not
permitted within the barracks. Possessing any of the above is a violation of
a standing order, and Army Regulations.
c, Casual NCO's, PFC's, and occasionally PVT's are appointed as
barracks sergeants. Regardless of his grade, he is a direct representative
of the Unit Commander and all instructions he issues will be regarded as
orders directly from the Commanding Officer.
12. Upon being notified that you have been placed on KP you are to report
to the charge of quarters no later than 1830 hours prior to the day of duty
to initial the roster and verify your barracks and bunk number. Failure to
report at the specified time, the C.O. will be compelled to report in
writing to the Unit C.O. Men on KP will tie a towell to their beds the
night before.
13. Sick call is conducted daily except Sunday at 0800 hours. First you
must report to the unit orderly room prior to 0645 formation and enter your
name on the sick list. Once you have entered your name on the sick call
list you must be marched to the dispensary when sick call is called out of
the formation. Failure to do so is causing and erroneous entry to be made
in a permanent record, and the individual will be subject to disciplinary
action. Once you have completed sick call and have been marked to return to
duty, you must report to your unit orderly room immediately in order to
safeguard your clothing and equipment.
14. Mail call is conducted twice daily, from 1145 to 1245 and again at 1645
to 1705, 1745 to 1815. To keep conjestion to a minimum, there will be no
loitering in or around the mail room. The Reception Company mail room is
located in building T-2892 to the rear of Unit 1 Orderly Room. Your correct
address while assigned here is:
Pvt-1 I. Have Troubles, RA 12 345678
Reception Company, ASATC
8622 AAU
Fort Devens, Massachusetts
15. Private automobiles must be registered at the Provost Marshall's office
within 24 hours after the time of arrival. The Provost Marshall is located
in P-111. In order to obtain TPA on change of station, the individual
concerned must have his vehicle legally registered with the Provost Marshall
and the number of his registration on file at HQS Reception Company. The
temporary post permit is not a legal registration and is not valid after 24
hours. Your car must be inspected in Ayer, Massachusetts by designated
garages and the proof of inspection must be turned into the provost marshall
and a copy carried in your vehicle at all times.
b. procurement of or bringing to this station of private vehicles is
discouraged to all casuals until such time as they are assigned to a
permanent T/D or T/O & E unit.
c. The use of private vehicles during duty hours is not authorized.
The parking lots assigned for the use of this organizations are off limits
for casuals during duty hours.
d. The Company streets are off limits at all times for private
e. This Company has suffered very serious accidents in the past. Use
correct hand signals and good judgment, and observe all posted speed limits.
16. You are encouraged to attend the church of your choice. The following
chapels are for the various denominations of worship at this post:
Protestant Chapel #4 Sunday 1000 hours
Catholic Chapel #10 Mass at 1715 everyday
0900, 1100 on Sundays
Confession 1800-2000 Saturdays
Choir 1000 on Sunday
Jewish Center Tuesdays and Fridays 1900-2000
17. Personal firearms must be registered with the Provost Marshall
immediately and will be turned in for storage in the Arms Room of Reception
Company Supply.
18. All men will have all their initial issue of clothing with them at all
times. This is necessary to accomplish a complete clothing shakedown upon
arrival and departure from Reception Company. EM are responsible for all
clothing issued to them. They will check their issue before leaving the
Supply Room.
19. Each man will insure that he saves sufficient funds to keep his clothes
in proper repair and cleanliness as well as having a haircut once a week.
EM should avoid personal checks from home, a Money Order is preferred.
20. Any man possessing Selective Service Registration Cards or
Classification cards will return them immediately to their draft board
informing the board of the serial number and station and ETS date.
21. Hitch-hiking is illegal on or off post in military or civilian clothes.
Any person who is picked up for this offense will be administered to
Please note the above SOP was given to me by Jim Haughton. He had kept it
in his memory files and the paper was crumbling and hard to read.
See Houghton-2 attachment for photo of Jim and Sally Houghton.