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This newsletter is intended for the use of the ASA TURKEY Veteran's. Your ASA Turkey memoirs are most welcome to the DAYS OF OUR LIVES and is an effort on my part to preserve the stories and memories of ASA veterans who served in Turkey. Certainly it brings all ASA Vet's closer and it is my goal is to collect and preserve the stories -- that we honor the ASA Turkey veterans and that we educate future generations about what it was like for us COLD WAR veteran's. Putting the DOOL together is almost a full time job and there are times when entries get mis-placed or overlooked. In those instances - please give me a hoot and I will correct the problem. When sending an email to me - PLEASE include the word ASA in the subject line to insure that I open it and not mistake it for SPAM. Please send along a photo with your BIO that will be included in the DOOL.

29 September - 2 October 2005
THE HOST AND HOSTESS for the 2005 reunion is Jon and Darlene Kjoller of New Braunfels, Texas. .
SEE the kjoller's ATTACHMENT

To discover more about the Menger Hotel go to:
TO MAKE RESERVATIONS: Call 1-800-345-9285 or 1-210-223-4361. When making the reservations state that you will be attending the ASA Turkey reunion and request a modern or antique style room with a balcony. Also request either a King or two Queen size beds.
ROOM PRICE: The daily rate will be $99 + tax per room and is good for the day before and after the scheduled dates.


ANDRIDGE, Clark P., DOB: 8 March 1939, DOD: 20 November 2004, E3-E5, 058, Det 27, 62-63, (Mariana), somewhere in California.
[edited] CLARK P. "ANDY and BUD" ANDRIDGE Beloved husband, father and grandfather was taken from us suddenly and unexpectedly on 20 November 2004. Clark was born 8 March 1939 in Michigan, where he spent his childhood days hunting, fishing and playing ice hockey. In high school, he excelled in track and field. He came from Michigan to California in 1956 and after serving 3 years in the Army Security Agency, went to work at McDonnell Douglas for 13 years. On 19 April 1974, Clark graduated from the Los Angeles Police Academy at the age of 34. He loved being a cop and was disappointed when he had to medically retire in 1987 after heart problems. For the last 17 years, Clark enjoyed working on his house and property and was always on call for his daughters whenever they needed something fixed around the house. He also loved spending time with his grandchildren, reading books, watching movies and reminiscing about his police days. Clark is survived by his wife, Mariana; daughters, Debbie Baird and Cristie Solomon; sons-in-law, Colin Baird and Jeff Solomon; and 6 grandchildren. Burial in the San Fernando Mission Cemetery. The family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Los Angeles Police Relief Association, 1308 West 8th Street, Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Directors 818-361-7387
From Jim Harber: Becky and I returned home from a week in Florida and found a message on the answering machine that Clark Andridge had passed away from a Heart Attack on 20 November 2004. One of his daughters found my name and number in his address book. I remember the time that Clark and Walt Dubicki got into a small barracks scuffle right after Clark arrived at Manzarali. Walt and a couple of GIs had put his bunk over the stalls in the latrine, and Clark, being a newk, took exception to it. (maybe I was also involved with moving his bunk, can't remember - but I knew to stay out of the scuffle !!!). Clark told me a couple of years ago... as we laughed about this incident, that his right hand had never been the same over the years... (he missed Walt with one of those punches and hit the wall)... Clark sat behind me in the 058 intercept room at Manzarali. I think Ward Wells sat behind Andridge. I spoke with Clark just before Christmas 2003. He is a retired Los Angeles policeman. Clark ran Track on the 1963 Manzarali team... CW3 Sam Puterbaugh happened to see him doing some sprints and got him on the team. I became real good friends with him.. and communicated with him after Turkey. He followed me to Homestead AFB when he left Turkey. He was a fine human being.... and I regret that I will not get to visit with him in 2005 as he and I had discussed when he called me back in September of 2004. He had retired from the LA Police Department not too long ago. In fact, it was from, Dick Rudell, a Retired LA Policeman, (who was also a Manzarali Mauler) that I learned of Clark's home phone #. I had sent out a message to several Maulers via the DAYS OF OUR LIVES a couple of years ago... and got a response from him that he knew Clark. They were on the force together for years, but never knew for a long time that they were both in ASA and stationed at Manzarali.... P.S. What is ironic about this, is..... Not only did Clark call me on 24 September 2004... but I just visited Walt Dubicki last Tuesday (23 September) in Plant City, FL., where he has a vacation home, and Walt was in the hospital with some chest pains, but is doing well and back home in Louisville.
From Bill Hartranft, 058 TK#1 Det 27, 18OC62-27JL64: Jim Harber, Thanks for letting me know. Sad...I remember Clark Andridge as being a super guy. He was quiet, friendly but not over friendly. I remember him as a sports guy, I think I remember a muscular physique, long but not real full mustache - nothing ever compared to Howie Smith's mustache... or Vinnie's. I also remember him not being especially long on temper holding, so the story about the bunk is really right on the mark. Imagine living your life as a policeman, going through all the dangerous situations then to simply "pass away"..... Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. Anyway, the day's a bit darker after reading your note... Clark and his family will be in my thoughts today.

ARENA, Darrell R YOB 1931 Maj Ops O & XO Det 4, JL63-JL64 & Col CO, MY73-MY74, (Pat), 45375 Vista Place, King City, CA 93930, 831-385-5800,
DOB: 10 May 1931 DOD: 26 November 2004
See darrellarena attachment

Col. (Ret.) Darrell R. Arena, age 73, died peacefully at home after a valiant battle with cancer. He was born in Racine, WI, on 10 May 1931. He began a long and distinguished military career as an infantry soldier in 1949. After attending OCS where he graduated as a 2LT, he then served a tour of duty in Korea as a rifle platoon leader. He then attended the Army Language School, Presidio of Monterey, where he studied Bulgarian.. After serving as a language officer with the Army Security Agency, Arlington Hall Station, VA., he was then assigned the ASA Company Officer Course in Fort Devens, MA. This was followed by his first tour of duty in Germany, where he was stationed in both Frankfurt and Herzo Base, near Nurenburg.. He returned to Devens where he completed the ASA Advance Officer Course. Upon completion of this course he was then assigned to USASATC&S as an instructor. During his tour at Devens he was transferred to Vietnam with the 3rd Radio Research Unit, which was the first contingent of American Advisors to serve in Vietnam. After a nine month tour there he was assigned to the TUSLOG Det 4 in Sinop, Turkey, where he served as Operations Officer. Following his tour in Turkey he was then assigned to Hqs USASAE in Frankfurt, Germany where he completed his three year tour as the theater Operations Officer. Returning home to the States he was transferred to the Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, KS. This was followed by a 6 month "bootstrap" (leave of absence) where he completed his undergraduate degree in Business Admin with honors. He then spent the next 3 years as Commander of the 301st ASA Bn, Fort Bragg, NC. During his tour there he attended Paratrooper School at Fort Benning where he was the eldest member of his graduating class. He was subsequently assigned to HQUSASA where he assumed command of the USASA Combat Developments Activity at Arlington Hall Station, VA. In May 1973 he was reassigned for a second tour of duty to TUSLOG DET 4, Sinop Turkey where he served as Base Commander. He then transferred to Fort Meade where he was assigned to the NSA. He returned to Munich, Germany for his 3rd and final tour of duty, this time as Deputy CO of the 66th MI Det. During his 3 years there he completed his 1st graduate program where he received a Masters Degree in Education, with honors. His final tour found him in Fort Hunter Liggett, CA where he served as Commander, Instrumentation Command, CDEC. During his tour there he completed the 2nd graduate program, where he received a Masters Degree in Special Education, again with honors. Col Arena was also an amateur cartoonist and drew cartoons for his company officer course, advanced officer course and the Command and General Staff College yearbooks. After his retirement from the Army at Fort Hunter Liggett in 1982, he taught special education classes at King City High School, until his retirement in 1992. He always spoke fondly of the AWKS group and your annual meetings were looked forward to with great alacrity. (Ralph Myers informs that the "Awks" is how COL Arena's Officers' Advanced class at Fort Devens referred to each other. They made the sound (like a bird) whenever they greeted each other. I'm not sure how it originated, but I think it came out of one of the classes. I attended one of the Friends of ASA in Florida reunions a couple of years ago and COL (Ret) Dick Jones made that sound when he saw another graduate of that class) Loving husband, father and friend he is survived by his wife Pat, 5 children, 4 step-children and 16 loving grandchildren. Darrell loved to travel with Patty, his extended family members and fellow retired army friends (especially the Awks). He enjoyed conversation, a good meal, and a glass of wine with his many family members and friends. His annual ski trip to Kirkwood with family members will always be a treasured memory.
I received the following letter from Dave Tavernetti who was a Watch Officer at Det 27, 62-63, and lives in King City, Dear Elder: I regret to advise you and the readers of the DAYS OF OUR LIVES of the loss of Darrell Arena on 26 November 2004. I had talked to him just 2 weeks earlier at the hospital, but didn't realize how serious it was. I have known Darrell for over 20 years. His last assignment was at Fort Hunter Liggett, just west of King City (then it was Hunter Liggett Military Reservation - a subpost of Fort Ord and when Ord closed it became a Fort). His entire career was built around ASA and his final assignment was CO of an electronics type unit. He did 2 tours in Turkey, the first about the same time I was at Det 27 and we always had memories to discuss. He always wanted to know about the ASA Turkey reunions and I showed him the pictures of the groups. Darrell did keep up with his ASA AWK reunions. Enclosed you will find the obituary for Darrell Arena. It gives a good account of his career and I'm certain that you will want to include it in your TAPS section of the DAYS OF OUR LIVES as there will be many Det 4 veterans who will remember him.
Merhaba, Elder. Thanks for your note in reference to Det 4 and the map of the ol' base. Brings back lots of memories. I'll check your ASA Turkey Newsletter website later, but am looking forward to what you find to say in it. Yes, there was a drug problem at Sinop, but more on that in a bit. First, I'll update some personal data. Actually, I served two tours at Sinop. The first tour was from July 63 - July 64. At that time I was the Ops Officer for 10 months, then XO for the last two months under Bob Fechtman. The CO when I got there in July 1963 was Dick Lepke. Fechtman took over in about May or June 1964 I believe. I replaced Chet Crowell in May 1973 as the CO. Don MacKinnon was XO at the time. He was replaced by Bob Oberbroekling in, I believe, July 1973. I left Sinop in April 1974. My replacement wasn't due until June, so Bob assumed command until then. I don't recall who the CSM was when I took over from Crowell, but Bill Bowser, an old 3rd RRU buddy of mine, came in a month later.
Concerning the 1973-74 "drug problem" at Sinop
The drug problem came to a head shortly after I got there. Many of the details are fuzzy, and maybe Don MacKinnon can fill in some of them. What brought it to a head was the arrest of one of our ASA GI's in, I think, June 1973. He was about to return to CONUS and had stashed a number of slides of hashish in his hold baggage. The Turkish cops were aware of the dealing going on between some of the GI's and at least one or more taxi drivers. They came on post and asked to search the kid's hold baggage and quickly found the hash. He was immediately arrested and taken to the prison in Sinop. His arrest caused quite a bit of concern on the hill. Many of our GI's thought the base was strictly US property not realizing that it was a "Common Defense Installation." Once word got out that our guys could be arrested and jailed by the Turks, the drug problem ceased almost immediately. A lot of drug paraphernalia was flushed down the toilets or buried on the hill.
I gotta tell you, the Turkish jail was hell. What saved the kid from a trial and long term sentence was an amnesty granted after one of the Turkish elections held that summer. He was released probably in July 1973 and we immediately whisked him out of the country. Some months later hash started appearing again and we had an Air Force OSI agent on the HILL for a time to help weed out the problem. As I recall, we busted a couple of guys and gave them either Article 15 or Summary Court.
I don't believe we had a "race problem", at least not during my tour. All the units on the base had either their own barracks exclusively, or shared a barrack but with their own designated areas. Besides our ASA companies (HHC, Co. A), we had an AFSS Det with about 100 folks, an NSG Det with about 15, and Det 66-1. I don't recall the size of 66-1 but guess it had about 35-40 people. I certainly don't recall the troops being segregated into black and white areas.
By the way, we got our first WACs at Sinop during my 1973-74 stint there. We had to build a separate area for them on the second floor of the HHC billets, i.e., their own entrance, etc. That was the only real segregated area! Regarding the Master Roster, I just noticed that you have Ralph Myers as serving from April 72-April 73. He actually left a month or two after I got there. Hope the above info is helpful. If you need more, let me know, though I have to tell you, my "senior moments" occur with alarming regularity!! Warm regards, and hope to CUL. Looking forward to your next DOOL. KTF Darrell P.S. Do you ever go to the FASAF reunions? We try and make every other one, and will be in Bradenton, FLA this May.
GRIST, Douglas M Det 27, 60-62, (Jeaney), Highlands Rd., Dillard, GA 30537, 706-746-2885
DOB: 28 October 1935, DOD: 30 December 1988 of a brain tumor. ex-LT Justus Reynolds and ex-SP5 Ted Langlie remembered Doug Grist at Det 27 during their stay there. Contacted Jeaney Grist on 4 December 2004 who informed of his passing. She told me that Doug had served 8.5 years in the ASA and upon his return to the states from Turkey that he was discharged and became a semi driver that eventually had Doug owning two rigs. Jeaney said that she travelled with Doug on many of his hauls and that they visited all the states. They were married in 1957 and had 2 boys and 1 girl. The oldest recently retired from the USAF with 23.5 active duty and now works for the Secret Service in the Atlanta area. Doug Grist was BUSTED for misconduct at Det 27 and that led to his decision to get out of the US Army. Ignoring that portion of Doug's life and tour in the ASA does not change the facts.

JANSEN, Richard O., (Dick), E5, 058 Det 4, 58-59, DOB: 2 July 1930 DOD: 4 April 2001 at Walpole, MA., SSN: 010-24-4127 issued MA - Fred Parsons: After I was married and my children came along I sent them to a Catholic School largely on conversations with Dick Jensen. He always talked about the way the NUNs ran the classroom and how good the schools were. I was really impressed and am now glad that I did. I wasn't impressed with the public schools around here. I was really sorry that I was three years too late in finding about Dick Jensen's passing. It only proves that we never know when we will go and that all time is precious, and not to be wasted.

SHATZER, Charles T., DOB: 22 May 1930, RA13264597, E7, NCOIC Spec Svcs, Det 27, AP62-JN64, (Dot), 2903 Aein Rd., Orlando, FL 32817, 407-277-2934, - This is Dixie Rooks, Charles Shatzer's daughter. I have sad news. Dad died on Tuesday September 21 2004 at Winter Park Memorial Hospital in Orlando, FL. He had planned on attending the 2004 reunion in Huntsville, AL., but his health turned for the worse. Dixie Shatzer Rooks found my newsletter on the internet and contacted me. Dixie was a army brat and attended the American Schools in Ankara and has many fond memories of her stay in Turkey. She printed the DAYS OF OUR LIVES newsletter and mailed them to her parents. This went on for a year or so until her Dad got a computer .

The attached photo (shatzer.1) of 34 year old SFC Shatzer and his wife Dot was taken at a New York City hotel shortly after they arrived from Det 27 in June 1964. Dixie wrote: My parents were planning on attending the 2004 ASA Turkey reunion in Huntsville, but Dad's health went bad and he had congestive heart failure and cardiac arrest. He went into the hospital when Hurricane Charley came through---stayed that time for two weeks. He had emphazema and was on oxygen---they were without power for a week and it really got him down---he had portable oxygen but the heat was bad. He got out of the hospital for one week and then FRANCES came blowing in. This time they bought a generator and had it in case the power went out---and it did. A week later Dad had trouble with fluid buildup and low blood pressure. A visiting nurse had Dad put back in the hospital and he stayed this time two weeks. This time they found he had pneumonia and was on antibiotics and then a blood clot developed and they tried to dissolve it. Also his kidneys started shutting down. So much started happening. And his heart couldn't take it. He was 74 years old. I flew down and got to talk to him about old times while shedding many a tear, but he was in good spirits to the end---I got there just in time. His condition went down fast and they hooked him to a respirator. I was so glad I got to talk to him before he passed away. I helped make out his obituary and was sure to put in that he was in Army Security Agency. He had three children and seven grandchildren and one great grandchild. You know he got a computer in March 2004 and surprised himself learning how to operate it. It took awhile but he got good at it and loved it. It had gone out with Hurricane CHARLEY. So they ordered a new DELL, but he never got to use it. He was looking forward to that new computer. He did enjoy your DAYS OF OUR LIVES newsletter. I will still enjoy getting your newsletter.

BIO of Charles T. Shatzer

I am a native of Chambersburg, PA. Got married in 1947 and enlisted in the US Army on 7 December 1947. While at the Philadelphia Recruiting Station was talked into joining the ASA and remained with the ASA until I retired in 1968 as an E7. The ASA was very good to me and my family - excellent duty

assignments. Took Basic Training at Fort Dix, NJ, then over to Fort Monmouth for ditty-bop school, but I could not keep up and washed out and was trained in crypto repair at Monmouth, but have now forgotten what MOS I was awarded. Was sent to Germany that lasted 5 and 1/2 years. First to Herzo Base near Nurenburg, then to the 116th Signal Service Company at Scheyern (21 miles from Munich), then to Frankfurt for 6 months and then back to Scheyern. Next spent 2 years at ASA Hqs in Arlington where I was awarded a Special Services MOS and later was transferred to ASA Far East Hqs

at Oji Camp in Tokyo for 2 years (56-58) as the NCO in charge of the Sports program there and in charge of all the ASA Far East tournaments. As an opener, I really enjoy reading the DAYS OF OUR LIVES newsletter and all that individuals encountered in their Tour of Duty at Manzarali (Site 23) and the other ASA sites in Turkey. The ASA Memory Book mini-CD is a masterpiece that I enjoy reviewing in my spare time. I arrived at Det 27 in April 1962 and had the same feeling as many others did when making the trip from Esenboga Airport to Det 27 that was located far out in the Boonies. A CW3 Sam Puterbaugh met me at the airport. He was obese and in his early 50's and was the Personnel and Special Services Officer at Det 27. The first thing he told me was that I was to take the post volleyball team to Crete to play in the Mediterranean Volleyball Tournament. Two weeks later I was on the way to Crete through Adana and Athens by hitchhiking on whatever USAF plane we could get. It was 17 days later before we got back to Det 27. So that was my start at Site 23. My family came over in July 1962 and we roughed it out in an apartment in Ankara for a couple of months before moving into the post housing at Manzarali in December 1962. I wonder if anyone remembers a Turk named MOOSE. His Turkish name sounded like MOOSE so that's what he was called. He was in charge of all the Turkish workers on site and helped alot of the GI's and their families with Turkish matters. There was a Doctor in the dispensary that worked with alot of the athletes. He was a weightlifter and was from Detroit, MI ---anyone remember his name? He helped me alot in our athletic programs.

Many outstanding soldier athletes served at Manzarali

Some of the great athletes that served during my time were Ted Nelson, a runner, John O'brien in basketball, Chuck Silverman in Tennis, badminton and etc----a very versatile man. I also remember Jesse Sammis - he spent nearly half his tour on TDY playing sports. Initially Jesse worked in operations, but since he was off playing sports most of the time - he was assigned to the gym with me. There were many other outstanding athletes at Det 27 and their names escape me at this late stage of my life. Bob Hicks and Roy MacMurry worked with me and later I talked to both of them. Hicks in

Georgia and Roy here in Orlando, FL. Hicks worked in the gym and MacMurry at the bowling alley.


I worked at a couple Archery shops from 1969 to 1979. Went to work in 1980 at Randall. Made Knives and retired in 1999. Was involved in archery for more than 40 years and was the President of the Florida Archery Association for a long time.

Elder, I moved and have a new e-mail address. Hey, Elder, I keep forgetting to tell you---in the November "Days of our lives" you wrote about my Dad in the Taps section---Charles T. Shatzer. In the middle of your sentence you were thanking me for my help in locating and introducing my mother and father to the----and your sentence just mid-sentence. I was just curious---what you were going to say. The picture you put in of my folks turned out great.---taken in 1964. Thanks so much---. I would have written sooner but have been in the middle of packing, moving and unpacking. What a mess. (Twelve years of saving everything.). I didn't want to miss getting any of your e-mails so thought I'd get this off before I forgot. Sincerely, Dixie Rooks (daughter of Charles T. Shatzer)

STOCKSTILL, Marshall, E4 981/982 Det 4, FE58-FE59, (Rosalind), 115 N Lemans St, Lafayette, LA 70503, 337-984-9779 or 337-993-2652

DOB: 26 November 1937 DOD: 11 April 2004 at Lafayette, LA

Contacted on 16 January 2003. A native of Louisiana. Is in good health and because of the Cajun cooking tips the scales at 240. Has been a member of the Louisiana Bar since 1972 in and around Lafayette, LA. At Sinop he was a 20 year old that most knew as John (his middle name) because the Turks couldn't say Marshall and it stuck. Remembers meeting Camille Fraering for the first time because of the GUMBO aroma. Camille's parents regularly sent him CARE packages and everyone at Sinop became aware of the GUMBO and other Cajun odors emanating from Fraering's hut. Said that Fraering was famous for messing with the 'stovepipe' of the coal stove in his hut. There is no question that he enjoyed his Days of his Life at Sinop. Gave out a hearty laugh when I ask if he had ever visited a Harahana. Played centerfield on the post softball team and remembers that Richard (Dick) Jansen, a 058 trick chief and career type from Mass..., was the coach of that team. They kept in touch for a short time and then lost track of each other. Marshall believes that Dick Jansen would be around 75 in 2003.

According to Fred Parsons - Marshall Stockstill had a rather interesting experience in Sinop. While out horseback riding Marshall was bitten by a horse. He was a pretty big guy and strong. After the horse bit him he got mad and hit him with his fist. Knocked the horse down. Needless to say, the Turks got all upset. After the ASA hitch - worked in the oil fields for a short time, then attended the University of Southwest Louisiana in New Orleans and then graduated from Loyola Law School. Has marked the 2003 ASA Turkey reunion dates on his calendar and hopes to attend along with others that he knew in Turkey.



ARMSTRONG, Attaturk, Det 27, 60-62
ASPINWALL, Paul, Det 4, 65
BAILEY, Jack, Det 27, 61-63
BARNARD, Ralph, Det 66, 64-65
BERGMANN, Chuck, Det 27, 66-67
BODINE, Tom, Det 27, 65-66
BROCKHOUSE, Tony, Det 4, 66-67
COLLINS, Dave - Det 4, 57-58
COON, Ty, Det 4, 66-67
DELEO, Steve, Det 27, 64-65
EBY, Tom, Det 27, 60-62
ERICKSON, Rick, Det 4, 67-68
FITZHENRY, Frank, Det 4, 63-64
GARNEAU, Ted, Det 27, 60-62
GEMBALA, Garry, Det 4, 66-67
GOSSETT, Richard, Det 4, 67-68
GREENE, Cecil, Det 4, 58-59
HAMMETT, Stu, Det 4, 58-59
HARSH, Larry - Det 4, 67-68
JOHANTGEN, Hank, Det 27, 65-67
JORGENSEN, Gary, Det 27 & 4-4,
KELSEY, Mike, Det 27, 61-63
KENNARD, Bob, Det 4, 65-66 & 76-77
LADY, Ken, Det 27, 61-62
LANGLIE, Ted, Det 27, 60-62
LAZZARA, Tom, Det 27, 63-66
MARKER, Bob, Det 27, 65-66
McCARTY, Harlin Det 4, 66-67
MINNELLA, Ken, Det 4, 67-68
MURPHY, Bob, Det 27, 60-62
MYERS, Ralph, Det 4, 72-73
NAGLEY, Bruce, Det 4, 67-68
PEISINGER, Joe, Det 27, 64-65
PHELAN, Jess - Det 4, 67-68
PHILLIPS, Dave, Det 27, 66-67
QUATTLEBAUM, Randy - Det 4, 67-68
REYNOLDS, Jud, Det 27, 61-62
RESCHNER, Marty, Det 4, 56-57
ROOKER, Roger - Det 4, 67-68
ROOKS, Dixie, Det 27 brat, 62-64
SIGALA, Gil, Det 27 & 4-4, 67-70
SOWINSKI, Ron, Det 4, 62
SPREHE, Alwin, Det 27, 61-63 & Det 4, 68-69
STALLINGS, Connie, Det 27 friend, 61-63
TAVERNETTI, Dave, Det 27, 62-63
THIEDEK, Vic, Det 27, 60-62
VAN BROCKLIN, Jim, Det 4 (Samsun), 56-57
VANNOY, Claude, Det 27, 65-68
WALTER, Ron, Det 4, 59-60
WASSINK, Julian, Det 4, 67-68

ARMSTRONG, Robert Mitch, (ATATURK), YOB: 1940, RA14705416, E3-E5, 059, Det 27, MY60-JN62, (Dorothy Louise), 1007 Colony Dr., New Bern, NC 28562, 252-637-2525,

See Armstrong attachment of Ataturk and Dot Armstrong that was taken in 2002 at Hershey

Called Attaturk on 17 November 2004 and as usual had an interesting chat regarding his TOUR of DUTY in Turkey. He informs that last week he fell on the job and broke his right hip and is now mending. Mitch attended the Oak Ridge Military Institute for 3 years and graduated from the high school at Plymouth, NC. Enlisted for the ASA on 10 July 1959 at Raleigh, NC. Took basic at Fort Jackson, SC where he was a squad leader. After basic was assigned to the ASA Training Center and School at Fort Devens, MA where it was determined that he would make an excellent ditty-bopper. That was not entirely true and was re-cycled to catch up with the dits and dahs under the tutelage of SFC Joe DeCaprio who he considered the BEST 058 in the ASA. Said that DeCaprio could copy 75 wpm while engaged in conversations and drinking coffee! Mitch and Dot Armstrong attended the 2002 ASA Turkey reunion in Hershey, PA.

ASPINWALL, Paul C., YOB: 1942, 2LT-1LT, 9620, Supply, Det 4, 12JA65-22DE65, 14 Quail Ridge Dr., Madison, WI 53717, 608-831-0670, - Subject: Re: ASA 2004 Turkey reunion pix - Looking good, though I faded (maybe there is a message there). I really enjoyed the Huntsville weekend and look forward to San Antonio (I'll be booking today). Regards, Paul C Aspinwall - Process Architect, IPD BPE Staff Route 100, Som2 4J-15, 8-826-2505 (914-766). Fax 914-766-8250, MD 2426, Paul Aspinwall/Somers or BAILEY, Afton D (Jack) RA18598830 E4-E5 059 Det 27, SE61-JN63, 720 Fairway Dr., Paris, TX 75460, 830-377-8899, & see [edited] I have moved from Paris, TX to Tulsa, (Owasso) Oklahoma to be near my 92 year old mother who now is in a retirement center in Owasso. Thanks for all the DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Always appreciate hearing about the other ASA guys who were stationed in Turkey. Manzarali Station LIVES!!! ALL THE BEST!

BARNARD, Ralph K., YOB 1924 E6 Det 66, 64-65, (Arlene), 1037 8th Ave.,South St Paul, MN 55075, 651-451-1078, no email - Called and talked with Arlene on 17 November 2004. She informs that Ralph's health is not good. Has been fighting leukemia for several years. Retired in 1972 as a E7.

BERGMANN, Chuck (JC) YOB 1943 RA15733827, E5, 058 Det 27, MY66-DE67, (Helen), 29813 Foote Rd., Bay Village, OH 44140, 440-871-5346, 800-730-9277, - Elder Good to hear that you had a nice time on your Colorado vacation. No problem with the getting behind. It only takes a few minutes to get things updated on my end. As long as the guys can use the Mini CD's it is easy to send out and the cost is kept down. Helen and I are planning to attend the 2005 reunion at San Antonio. Here is a list of those that don't seem to receive e-mail. Not sure the reason why. I don't spend much time trying to figure out the reason since that can take up a lot of time. Usually what I do is if I get a returned e-mail two times in a row then I take them off the list. I have attached the whole mailing list for you. Those in Black are on the mailing list and those in Red are the ones that are being taken off because of returned e-mail. If you have any questions give me a call. You can call me at my office anytime. Here is my 800 number you can call. 1-800-730-9277

BODINE, Tom RA19812174 E2-E5 98C Det 27, MY65-OC66, unk, - Folks, It's time for us to move, finally. We're moving out of our temporary (over a year now) apartment in Arlington, VA, and into a hotel down on Wisconsin Ave in Bethesda awaiting a final PCS date. Best bureaucratic guess is now that we'll be leaving 1st week of January. I think it's still possible we'll leave in December, but at this stage and after so much delay, who cares? Anyway, thing is we'll not have such regular access to a computer for some time. We don't know just when we'll get hooked up in Georgia, so I guess the best thing under these circumstances is not to email me any graphics or photos or other items that take up a lot of space until I let you know I can get to it all. However, I would still like to get a text note now and then and any good stories or jokes or articles that are purely textual in nature. Hotmail has just upgraded my account to 250MB, so those kinds of things should not be a problem. Alright, be back in touch with you all as soon as I can.

BROCKHOUSE, Tony L YOB 1946 RA16841255 E3-E5 05K Det 4, 66-67, (Bessie), 101 Ghan Smith Rd., Russellville, KY 42276,270-725-8767, E3DOR26SE66

COLLINS, Dave, YOB: 1937, RA11309404, E3-E4, 058, Det 4, NO57-OC58, (Linda), 3638 Jefferson Township Pkwy, Marietta, GA 30066,770-998-7420, Thanks for the press in your latest letter. As a result of this letter, I heard from an old friend, John McCullough. I know that this must be a lot of work, however it has to be very gratifying.

COON, Terrell P (Ty) YOB 1946 RA13865629 E3-E5 98J Det 4, 66-67, (Agnes), 264 Randy Hoge Rd, Waynesburg, PA 15370, 724-852-1670, no email. Found name on Co A, Det 4 Unit Order Number 40, dated 31 May 1967. Contacted on 10 November 2004. Very interested.
See coon&horton attachment

DeLEO, Steve J., YOB: 1945, RA11423895, E4, 982, Det 27, JA64-AU65, (Agnes), 203Cheney Pl., Castle Rock, CO 80104, 303-688-1520, - Retired Col, USAR, 32y svc, 7 as EM E-6. Just thought I would drop you a line. I missed the 2004 ASA Turkey Vets reunion because at the time I was working in Turkey. How is that for irony? Anyway that was my first time there in 39 years and it has changed a lot in some aspects and not so much in others. Anyway heading back in December. Thanks for your fine newsletter and keep up the good work. One additional note, I will be visiting the old Det 27 site formerly known as Manzarali on my next trip.

EBY,Tom, US55609466 E4 058 BPED 7JA60 ETS 6AP62 DEROS 16MR62 Det 27, OC60-MR62, White Lake, MI 248-887-6063, - Chuck & Elder, I have a new email address. It is: - I thought I would use this name since I spent 18 months there rain or shine. Please be sure to have the "DOOL" sent to my new address. Thanks.

ERICKSON, Richard P., (Rick), YOB: 1946, RA16855627, E3-E5, 05D, Det 4, FE67-FE68, (Pamela), 4105 Glidden Dr., Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235, 920-743-7365, - Contacted on 13 November 2004. Had a long and interesting chat with this former 05D who worked at the POINT on the hill. Said that I was the first one to contact him regarding his year at Det 4. Enlisted with 4 others on the buddy plan in 1966 for a 4 year stint with the elite ASA command. The ASA was recommended to him by friends. Took basic at Fort Leonard Wood and then off to Fort Devens where he was enrolled in the Morse Code schooling. Was well on his way to getting the 05H MOS when he came down with pneumonia. Later he was re-cycled into and subsequently received the 05D MOS. Remembers the reveille formations at 0530, marching to and from classes. During the winter remembers looking at the bulletin board to see if the day was a flaps up or flaps down day! His first assignment was to Sinop. The trip was via PAN AM to Frankfurt where most of the GI's aboard that flight were drunk. Flew on to Istanbul where he caught a THY prop aircraft that had the cargo door open the whole trip. His first impression of Turkey was that it had to be the worlds largest slum. Remembers riding a Turk bus to Sinop and still can't remember how many flat tires that bus had. Didn't remember many Det 4 names until I read names on the May 1967 promotion order #40. Then he remembered Tom Urban, Dave Anderson from Tacoma; Arnie Mahlum (who worked at the point and was a former USAF enlistee who switched over to the ASA so that he could make rank.) Said that Arnie was gung-ho and that his nickname was "ARMY NAIL EM." Admits to being a wise ass punk when he arrived at Det 4, but settled in and went from a PFC to SP5 during his 11 month and 11 day stay at Diogenes Station. Can't remember the surname of his roommate whose first name was Larry. Larry was a fantastic artist and Rick remembers building a fancy bookshelf for him which he proudly displayed on a shelf in his room. Normally book shelves were not allowed, but the Trick Sgt allowed it, but said that it had to be painted. It was and later during a white glove inspection by a Major who while checking for dust - ended up with red on his white gloves.

While on the HILL fought an impulse not to visit the Samsun kari-hani. Went window shopping and what he observed left a lasting memory. Some were painfully young, still flying the colors of puberty while others were more or less over the hill. Most managed to smile at us window shoppers and most were there for a quick lira while others were escaping a private hell of their own and long enough to hustle to make a stake and most did not see into the future. The lasting memory was seeing one of the most beautiful female that he ever laid his eyes on. Often wonders if she ever had a respectable life or managed to grow old.

Departed Sinop on the Black Sea Steamer and because he was the senior ASA GI on the steamer was assigned a room on the top while the SP4's were housed on the lower deck for the 2 day trip to Istanbul. After the Sinop tour was assigned to Bad Aibling where he worked at the DF sites Memmingen and Pocking and possibly at Southgate. At Pocking he met and married Renate which resulted in a daughter. That marriage ended in divorce and Rick is now married to Pamela. After his discharge went back to work for the TPC (The Phone Company where he retired in 2000 with 37 years service, Lives on 2 acres with Lake Michigan being at the end of his driveway. His next door neighbor is Mike Sherman, the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. Promised to re-write this draft and send photo's.

FITZHENRY, Frank E5 283/286 Det 4, JN63-SE64, (Patricia),7 Hammock Pl., Safety Harbor, FL 34695, 727-726-7385, - Hello. Would you please change my mailing and email addresses in your records. 7 Hammock Pl., Safety Harbor, FL 34695 and - Thanks,

GARNEAU, Ted YOB 1938 RA16654240 058 PFC-PVT-SP4 Det 27, OC60-OC62, (Joan), 419 Sunset Cir., North, Ellenton, FL 34222, 941-729-3796, BUSTED 16MR61

Enlisted in Army in Jan. 1960, Served in Turkey at Site 23, Det. 27 from Oct. 1960 - Oct. 1962

Went back to Western Michigan University and graduated Jan. 1965. Started teaching in the Kalamazoo Public Schools in Michigan in 1965. Taught Social Studies particularly U.S. History and Government. Retired in June, 1993. Now a resident of Florida, spending 9 months in Florida near Bradenton and 3 months in Michigan in Lawton, near Kalamazoo. Married almost 40 years to Joan. We have three children, 2 girls and a boy, and three grandchildren. Hobbies are reading, golf, college football and hockey

GEMBALA, Garry A., YOB: 1947, RA19836630, E3-E4, 26K, Det 4, 27AP66-MY67, (Vangie), Anchorage, AK 99501, 907-333-3221, - Remembers the time that a MP was sent out in a mail bag for offending a few local Turks. Remembers Larry Morgan from Lubbock, TX and a Perry Miles from California who was a grandson of the owner of Charlie of the Sea Tuna. Promised to send BIO and other names.

GOSSETT, Richard L., YOB: 1947, RA11668101, E3-E4, 05K, Det 4, AP67-AP68, (Susan-dec), 2255 Par Ln., Apt 526, Willoughby, OH 44094, 440-347-9750, - Contacted on 13 November 2004. Very surprised to hear the ASA and Sinop words. Enlisted for 4 years at Cleveland, Ohio in 1966 and took basic at Fort Dix. Then sent to Fort Devens and spent 8 weeks in 05H training and 10 weeks in 05K training. First ASA assignment was to Det 4 in Sinop. Remembers well the crowded Turk bus ride from Ankara to Sinop. When asked what he remembered about his tour on the HILL, - chuckled, then said that he met some nice friends and that there was not too much to do when off duty - except go to the NCO Club and drink. When asked who he remembers from Det 4, replied none, but when I read the names from the 31 May 1967 Unit Order Number 40 quickly Remembered: Jerry Abbitt who had a long Kentucky drawl, Leon Bartos, Tony Brockhouse, Dave Chaney, Bob Hanna, Bob Hemenway, Dan Hiskey, John Green, Bruce Nagley and Harlin McCarty to name a few. Departed Det 4 on the Black Sea Steamer and spent 2-3 days relaxing in Istanbul before heading off to his next duty station in Chitose, Japan. Spent 2 years at Chitose which included a TDY trip to Udorn.

GREENE, Cecil Baxter Jr YOB 1937 RA14663601 E3 058 Det 4, JL58-JL59, (Polly), 7313 Laketree Dr., Raleigh, NC 27615, 919-870-8571, - Contacted on 23 November 2004. Thank you for the phone call. My family and I are leaving for Disney World for a "get away"...I'll send you more information when we return....thanks again for the call.

HAMMETT, Stuart (Stu), YOB: 1938, RA16589314, E2-E4, Supply, Det 4, MY58-MY59, (Rita), 16222 Crego Rd., Dekalb, IL 60115, 815-756-9095, - Info from Ernie Carrick: Merhaba Folks - Just received word from Jim Forbus that Stu Hammett is gravely ill. He had a tumor on the left temple area of brain about the size of an egg. Stu had surgery on Monday 29 November at Rockford Memorial Hospital, Rockford, IL. He came through the operation just fine. The doctors said that they got all of the tumor and they would start radiation treatment in a few days. He will be at the hospital for 8-10 days. He is unable to have vistors at this time. Rita said that he was having trouble talking, but was alert and knew all of his children. He will be transfered to a re-hab clinic for speech. If anyone wants is address: 16222 Crego Road, De Kalb, IL 60115.

HARSH, Larry E YOB 1947 RA13995530 E3-E4 05H Det 4, MR67MR68, (Linda), 1021 Village Rd, Lancaster, PA 17602, 717-464-9193, - E4DOR26OC66. Found Larry Harsh's name on Det 4 Unit Order Number 40, dated 31 May 1967. Contacted on 4 November 2004. Very interested. Requested a Det 4 patch. Enlisted at Lancaster, PA for 4 years of ASA duty on 30 May

1966. Took basic at Fort Dix, NJ and then up to Fort Devens for Morse code training. Was awarded the 05H MOS and sent to Sinop, Turkey for his first ASA assignment. Took a lot of ribbing for enlisting for 4 years. Rode a Turk dolmus (bus) to Samsun and departed Sinop on a boat to Istanbul. Enjoyed his TOUR OF DUTY at Det 4. One of his roommates was Jason Glick. Remembers Roger Rooker, Nick Poneros, Tom Bodkin, Tom Jablonski, Randy Quattlebaum, Bill Derryberry, Tom Gundelfinger and Jeff Greene and a few others. Was married 4 months after his TOUR at Sinop. Other ASA assign-ments were at Vint Hill Farms, Fort Bragg and Asmara. Is a banker, VP - Commercial - at the Blue Ball National Bank in Lancaster, PA

JOHANTGEN, Harry (Hank) YOB: 1945, RA12726636, E3-E4, 058, Det 27, OC65-DE66, (Cathie), 5230 Beverly Dr., San Angelo, TX 76904, 325-949-3142 - Dix-64, Devens, 64-65, Det 27, 66, 325th, 67, TRR. Found Johantgen on the Old Spooks & Spies website and contacted him on 9 November 2004. One of life's ironies - he lives in San Angelo, TX as a prinicipal engineer with a J&J company. This is also where the former ASA Fort Devens training schools is for all branches. Enlisted for 4 years in the ASA at Redbank, NJ. Took basic at Fort Dix, then to Fort Devens for Morse Code training. After getting the MOS 058 was sent to Det 27 where he served a 18 month tour. Enjoyed his stay at Site 23. Remembers and was a friend of Gary Stolp who he thinks was a ghost writer for Hubert Humphrey in Minnesota. Also remembers Fred Hudson who was a 058 and from Ann Arbor, MI. Said that Fred was a heavy drinker and remembers the time that Fred and another GI consficated the OD's jeep that was parked outside the Manzarali NCO Club and they took off and were headed in the direction of Sinop before they were caught.

Hello Elder, I, too, enjoyed our chat. While my memory is sometimes poor on names and

details you have started to kick start it. I did go to your site and looked at the pictures and articles. You did a great job, by the way. Some very familiar scenes there. I do remember the desolate appearance of the landscape (which I remembered well) but I'm realizing that it was even more barren than West Texas. With regard to the Master Roster entry, I'm assuming that E3-E4 was rank while in country. I guess that's right. I later made SP5 but, as far as the proficiency testing, etc., I put no effort into it because I knew I would not be staying in. From my recollection, Gary Sto;p had the same attitude so I was surprised that he was an E6.

Speaking of Gary, I was up until about 1 am doing an email after dallying around your site and sending him an email. In my mind I have chronologically tried to review my activities then. I left Turkey in late October of 1966, took 2 months leave (I didn't take any in Turkey) and left for Oakland, CA for Vietnam a day or so after Xmas of 1966. Based on this chronology, my wife was mis-coaching me a bit. I believe I must have graduated from Ft. Devens in late April, a week or two of leave, and then the 18 months in Turkey. That means I spent just the one winter there, which is what I remember because, up on the plateau, it seemed to snow sideways. And weren't the barracks chilly? Based on this it seems that my tour, as an 058/H, was MY65-OC66. That is damn close, anyway.

JORGENSEN, Gary C., (The Kid & Jorgy), YOB: 1947, RA17721914, E3-E5, 058/05H, Det 27 & 4-4, MY66-SE68, (Virgie), 211 W House St., Duluth, MN 55808, 218-626-3676 gH, I've been thinking of you. You're probably deer hunting by now. I went to Alaska in June 2004. We were gold mining 100 miles north of Fairbanks for a week. Didn't get enough so I had to come back to work. I finished up fall Beaver trapping last week and am heading to Nebraska next week to do a little pheasant hunting with my oldest son who is the baseball coach at McCook Community College. Then when I get home I'll do some more trapping. Work really interferes with my outside activities. I'm trying to plan on getting to San Antonio for the 2005 reunion. Timing I think will work out depending on whether I can get the vacation off work. Working shift work here, only one of us at a time can get off so we'll have to wait and see. I didn't get a bear this year. I only saw him once and the rest of the time it came to the bait at around 1 in the morning. My brother said it's because the bear saw me and when it saw something hairy than a bear in the woods it left. I don't know if that was the problem or not. I kind of like to think it was because there was plenty of food in the woods. Anyway take care deer hunting and be safe. Jorgy

KELSEY, Mike YOB 1942 RA19696929 058 Det 27, DE61-JN63, (Carol), 369 S Main St., Willits, CA 95490, 707-459-6741,

KENNARD, Bob H., YOB: 1939, RA17617995, E5, 33B, Det 4, 65-66 & CW3, Maint O, 76-77, (Carol), 405 N. Mable, Clinton, MO 64735, 660-885-5504, - CW4, Ret


My first name is officially Bob. A native of Versailles, MO. Enlisted in the US Army for 3 years in Nov 1961 at Kansas City, MO. Took basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Served in the Artillery at an Air Defense Missile Site in the Kansas City area, Feb 62- Aug 62, Okinawa Aug 62-Apr 64 and St. Louis area Apr. 64- May 64. Discharged in May 1964. Was married 22 March 1964 and re-enlisted in January 1965. This time was briefed on the ASA mission and decided to join this elite command. Was sent to Fort Devens and schooled in MOS 33B. My first overseas tour after training was to Det 4 in Sinop, 65-66. Flew via THY from Ankara to Samsun and then rode to Sinop in a military van. I remember the Turk driver smoked several awful smelling Bafra cigarettes until I gave the driver a pack of Camels. During this tour I remember only SFC Jesse Ewing who was the Maintenance Shop Foreman. During off duty hours I read, went to the movies and wrote letters home to my wife. I departed Det 4 in the same manner as I arrived except of course in reverse. After Sinop I was assigned to the Special Operations Command, Fort Huachuca, AZ from Jan 67- Mar 69. I applied for and received my appt. to WO1 Mar 69 and attended the WO Basic Course at Ft. Sill, OK in route to Viet Nam. Next assignment was to the 371st Radio Research Company at Phuoc Vinh from March 69-March 70, Maintenance Officer. The 371st was attached to the 1st Air Cav Division and subordinate to the 303rd Radio Research Bn. I was there when Elder Green was the Ops Sgt. Next assignment was to Field Station Berlin from April 70-Feb 72 as Maintenance Officer. After that tour I got out of the army as a CW2 in 1972. Decided that the military wasn't too bad and re-entered the ASA at the Jan 76 and was sent to Fort Devens for additional training. Then was assigned to Sinop, Det 4 as the Maintenance Officer and Site Manager, Hippodrome (during the Turkish embargo). My twin brother, Bill, who was a MSG (E-8), was assigned as the Maintenance NCOIC and Site NCOIC. We were authorized 10 enlisted maintenance personnel and I on the Hippodrome site during the Turkish embargo. I did not have a grade authorization to be in Sinop, Major Bryant, the S-3 Officer, placed a request to the Warrant Officer Assignment Branch and had me assigned by name to maintain the site during the embargo. I do remember that Maj Bryant's sister was the former Miss America, Anita Bryant and Orange Juice spokesperson for a long time. In retrospect, one of the most rewarding assignments I had while serving on active duty. After this assignment I went back to Ft. Devens and wrote Skill Qualification Test, then was sent back to Berlin Germany as the maintenance officer for another three and a half years. Following this assignment I was selected for the Warrant Officers Senior Course, Ft. Rucker, AL, from there assigned to the INSCOM HQ until I was recruited into a Special Operation program grade GS 13/14 and retired from the US Army in Janyary 1990 as a CW4. My military awards included the Bronze Star, Air Medal, Meritorious Service Medals (1 OLC), the Air Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct medal, Meritorious Unit Commendation, Army of Occupation Medal, Viet Nam Service Medal(3), Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon (3), Republic of Viet Nam Gallantry Cross, Unit Citation Badge, and Republic of Viet Nam Campaign Medal. I was recruited into a Special Operations project and served four years in this position. I moved to a DA DCSLOG "think tank" position, and after a period of time I was requested to take a position with the Program Executive Office, Standard Army Information Systems, Ft. Belvoir, VA and was assigned as the Tactical Army Information Management Systems, Chief of Logistics. I served in this position from 1996 to 2000. I then moved to US Immigration Naturalization Services (INS) as Director of the National Customer Service Center. I retired in June 2004 from the Federal Government and moved back to Missouri from Woodbridge, Virginia. Have had heart troubles and a knee replacement on my 6' 5 and 1/2" frame.

LADY, Ken YOB 1941 RA19640990 E3-E5 058 Det 27, 61-62, (Donna), 1160 Berkeley St., Santa Monica, CA 90403, 310-828-3139, - RC - Thank you for keeping us Turkeys up to date.

LANGLIE, Ted E5 YOB 1936 RA 058 Det 27, OC60-62, (Luan), 8A Masters Village, Panorama Village, TX 77304, 936-856-5770, More later.

LAZZARA, Tom YOB 1942 RA: ??. E3-E5 058 Det 27, JN63-FE66, 556 Central St., Lot 76, Leominster MA 01453, 978-534-7051, - Received copy of your ASA Turkey Memory Book, greatly appreciated. Finally figured how to use it with the help of a savvy neighbor. Not sure how you feel about updates not dealing w/Turkey, but will pass on this info just in case somebody cares.....Michael Schneider ret. as a BG, saw his name as in ref to a base closure. While I was assigned to FS Augsburg 79-83, COL Schneider was the FS CDR, an individual under his command was Maj. Claudia Kennedy, OIC of ORMA, S3. She eventually became the first female LTG while assigned as DCS for Intelligence. Tony Antinello was the S3 SGM. He was one of my Watch NCO's in Ankara. Finally my last OIC in Augsburg was LTC John Holland. Strange how we seem to run over each other, given enough time. GULE GULE, Tom Lazzara

MARKER, Robert K (Bob & Spanky) YOB: 1944 RA15734786 E3-E5 Co A Det 27, JA66-JL67, 620 Grant St., Fremont, OH 43420, 419-332-5393, - Elder: I enjoyed looking at the photos of those who attended the 2004 reunion at Huntsville, AL. Although nearly 40 years of time have dulled my memories, some of the names and times they served Det 27 outside of Ankara jogged the memories. Glad to see you had a great time. Will keep in touch and hopefully be able to make it to a reunion. Bob "Spanky" Marker, SP/5, Det. 27, Manzaralli Station 1965-66

McCARTY, Harlin W YOB 1942 RA18753604 E3-E5 05K Det 4, 66-67, (Vanessa), 32233 S 4170 Rd Inola, OK 74036, 918-543-4607, email pending

MENNELLA, Ken CPT Post Engr Det 4, 67-68, (Nicki), 1 Frog Rock Road, Armonk, NY 10504, - Hi, Ran across DOOL while searching for information on Lt. Col. Sam Bistany. Sam was Base CO during my tenure at Sinop. Would like to be on mailing list. Thanks, Ken Mennella, Post Engr., Sinop, 1967-68.

MURPHY, Bob, YOB:1942, RA13665244, E3-E5, 058, Det 27, AP60-AP62 and TDY Det 4, MA60, (Peg), 7623 Turnbrook Dr., Glen Burnie, MD 21061, 410-255-0320,

Elder, It's been a while since we've communicated. How are you, and where can I find information on the next Turkey reunion? I know there was a website that was listing your updates to the Turkey ASA chronicles, but I don't know where it is anymore. Can you help me out. Also, there used to be a couple of websites that had photographs of Turkey and the ASA duty stations, but I've also lost those web addresses. Can you help me out, please? Thanks. Also, make note of my new e-mail address, i.e.,

MYERS, Ralph YOB 1938 Maj Ops O Det 4, AP72-AP73, (Patti), 6 Hammond Ln., Fredericksburg, VA 22407, 540-898-4390, - Ret Maj - I haven't forgotten my BIO and photo promise. Enjoyed our talk. I received the ASA Memory Book CD from Chuck Bergman. Thanks. See Ralph Myers remarks for Darrell Arena's TAPS entry.

NAGLEY, Bruce K., YOB: 1948, RA15764401, E3-E5, 05K, Det 4, MY67-MY68, (Debra), 60 Greentree Cir Cridersville, OH 45806, 419-645-5246, - Contacted on 11 November 2004. Very interested. Arrived at Sinop on a Turk bus with 7 other GI's. Worked 6 months as a 05K and then worked on the Mercury Grass project with the Navy. Remembers Bartos, McCarty, Harsh, Kerry Pulley, Jim Moore, Mike Williams from Mule Shoe, TX, Dave Chaney, Jerry Abbitt, Larry DeCesar, Jim Pro, Jim Hall from Chicago, Jim Vaughn et al. Promised to write BIO and send photo's.

PEISINGER, Joe, CPT-Maj, Post Engr., Det 27, JL64-JN66, (Gretchen), 1 Towers Park Ln., San Antonio, TX 78209, 210-826-8947, - Monday morning, Nov 29th, I will be going into the hospital for a total hip replacement. Expect to be in the hospital for 2-3 days and then in rehab for 7-10 days. Fortunately, the rehab is next door to our home. However, I don't expect to be turning on my computer until o/a Dec 15th.

PHELAN, Jess W YOB 1946 RA19885975 E3-E5 98J Det 4, MR67-FE68, (Ingrid), 206 Luz Pl., Davis, CA 95616, 530-756-2927, - Name found on Det 4 Unit Order NR 40, dated 31 May 1967 which promoted him to SP4 with DOR being 29 November 1966. Very interested. Requested a Det 4 patch. Is a native of Oakland, CA where he enlisted for a 3 year tour in the US Army. Took basic at Fort Ord and it was there that a cloak and dagger person 'talked' him into extending his enlistment by 1 year and join the ELITE ASA organization! After basic was sent to PILGRIM country at Fort Devens where he was trained in the ELINT field and was awarded MOS 98J. His first ASA assignment took him across the Atlantic via PAN AM to Istanbul, then to Ankara via a THY aircraft, then onto a crowded Turk bus and a long and cold trip to Sinop. Jess informs that he was raised in earthquake prone area of California, but it was at Sinop that he experienced his first earthquake while partaking of a few beers at the NCO Club. Some of the names that came to his mind when asked who he remembers are: Ty Coon and Rich Horton. Departed Det 4 on a 50 foot vessel for the first leg of his trip to Frankfurt, Germany via Istanbul. Had a 4 day layover in Istanbul and

recalls getting pie-eyed there several times. In Germany was assigned to a unit in the British sector and worked with ELINT radar signals. While in Turkey specialized in telemetry signals. After his 4 year stint in the ASA - went back to California and graduated from the University of California at Davis with a degree in Wildlife Biology. The degree helped but was hired at U of CA at Davis in the Research Departments where he has been for 28 years and his present title is 'Contracts & Grants Officer, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.' Promised to write a BIO and submit it for inclusion in a future DOOL along with some pix's of U at Det 4 and a recent pix of U and Ingrid.

Hello RC! My, I still can barely believe the long conversation we had last week when you called. Boy, you really forced to the surface lots of good and some crazy memories that have been "way back there" for many years. I cannot thank you enough for the call! Although I have had numerous

interactions with other ASA guys from my 2 years in northern Germany (one of them in fact is my brother-in-law no less), I have had very little contact with anybody from Det 4. As you mentioned, Rich Horton (from Three Springs PA, at least initially) and Terry (Ty) Coon (also from PA, somewhere, I

believe, in the south east part of the state) were the guys that I have the best memories of. To be honest, I don't even remember if they too were 98Js. But they were certainly great guys. After my 2 year stint in Germany and discharge at Fort Dix, I visited them both, as well as a few other friends I made at ASA listening posts along the northern border between East & West Germany. (Visited one fellow Pittsburgh PA, one in Morgantown WV, another in Athens GA, one in Maryland, one in Cripple Creek CO). Hell, it took me a month and 6,000 miles to drive my little VW Bug I shipped over from Germany from Newark NJ to Sacramento CA. What a trip. And what good memories. I have given lots of thought to my year in Sinop, thanks to you, RC. And I'll condense the list of memorable stories I have to tell down to two or three and post them in the immediate future. In the meantime, I am having a real hoot dropping in on the Det 4 website during my lunch hours and reading some of the stories others have left. Take good care of yourself! Jess

PHILLIPS, David L RA25511776 E5-E6 98C Det 27, 66-67, (Cookie), 4915 Decatur St, Lake Charles, LA 70607, 337-474-9205 - Elder, Thanks for the update and the mini CD I received - I really enjoyed looking at the "old home-place". I'll have to go through my old scrapbooks and dig up some photos that I can scan and send in, etc. Gene Cram looks good (as do you) for a couple of old(er) guys. More later.

QUATTLEBAUM, Randy YOB 1944 RA14921081 E3-E4 26K/33B Det 4, 67-68, (Diane),

4610 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30044, 770-822-4896, - Larry Harsh gave me Quattlebaum's name. Found on Contacted on 5 November 2004. Enlisted on 18 August 1965 at Atlanta, GA for ASA duty. Took basic at Fort Jackson, SC then on to Fort

Devens for 1.5 years of maintenance training and was awarded MOS 26K and later 33B was added. Arrived in Ankara and soon found himself and at least 9 other GI's on a crowded bus that reeked of Turkish cigarettes headed for Samsun. At the first stop he and 3 others hired a taxi to take them to

Sinop. Sorta enjoyed his stay at Sinop and does not remember too many names. Promised to search his records for old orders, etc and will send photo's taken at Sinop and a recent picture of him and Diane.

RESCHNER, Martin J (Marty) YOB: 1937 RA16495117 E2-E3 204 Det 4, 28AP56-AP57, (Janet), 123 E. Maple St., Climax, MI 49034, 269-746-5673, - If you have already gotten this message, it's because I'm not familiar with it yet. My old address was: My new address is: ROOKER, Roger E3-E5 05H Det 4, 67-68, 3343 NW Brickyard Rd., Topeka, KS 66618, 785-286-2604, Larry Harsh was friends and still maintains contact with Roger Rooker. Contacted Roger Rooker on 5 November 2004. Not interested!

ROOKS, Dixie, brat daughter of Chas Shatzer, Det 27, JL62-JL64, 3873 Ravensfield Dr., Canton, Michigan 48188, - [edited] Elder, Thanks for the draft write-up on my Dad. It sounds good. You can print it just like it is. Thanks so much for printing it for the next issue of "Days of our Lives" in the Taps part. I appreciate all your hard work and kind words.. and Dad did , too. Please note my new address: 3873 Ravensfield Dr., Canton, Michigan 48188

SIGALA, Gil E3-E5 05H Det 27 JN67-NO67, Det 4-4, NO67-JN70, Salinas, CA 93901, 831-757-1878, or - Note mail change.

SOWINSKI, Ron YOB 1942 RA16697225 E3-E4 058 Det 4, 20JA62-18DE62, (Ilse), Box 884, 26175 Rawson Rd., Brush Prairie, WA 98606, 360-253-2383,

Greetings! I noted that Kerry Pulley sent you a promotion list from Sinop, 1974. Please send me a copy of that list so that I can add those names to my Sinop list. Would you like a copy of the latest Sinop list, updated from when I sent you the last one? Oh yes, let the folks know on your next DOOL that I will foreward the list to anyone who contacts me by e-mail requesting the Sinop list.

SPREHE, Alwin H (AHS) YOB 1925 RA&RO46040610 & 01938459 1LT-CPT T/A OIC & CO Ops Co Det 27, 61-63, & Maj Det 4, MY68-MY69, (Priscilla), 12415 Stafford Ln., Bowie, MD 20715, 301-262-4733, - Hi Elder, The last newletter we received was number 143 dated September 12, 2004 and I was wondering if we had missed the next one. I have changed my email address to: - I decided to get on cable and off dial up. My husband does not get on the computer at all so I do all the emails. He is scheduled to undergo triple by-pass on December 17th at Walter Reed if all his tests go well. Maybe one day I can get him to do a BIO. Have a Blessed Holiday Season. Priscilla B. Sprehe

Major (Ret.) Alwin H. Sprehe

STALLINGS, Connie American Embassy, 61-63 - friend of many Det 27 vet's, 349 E 50th St., NYC., 212-752-9047, -Thanks, Elder. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Apparently the found-money scam is alive and well in NYC too: A friend was recently approached by a strange woman who claimed to have found a box with "just look," a lot of money inside, and what should we do? My friend, who was born in the Bronx and not just yesterday, told the stranger to take it to the police station! She vanished in a matter of seconds. I take this opportunity to send my very best wishes for a happy Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

TAVERNETTI, Dave, 2LT-1LT, Watch Officer TK#4, Det 27, MR62-SE63, (Sue), 238 Rio Vista Dr., King City, CA 93930, 831-385-4458, - See TAPS section for Darrell Arena. Dave sent me the obit for Darrell Arena and informed that he and Sue will be to the ASA Turkey reunion in 2005 at San Antonio, TX. The Tavernetti's have attended every ASA Turkey reunion since they became aware of the events. Dave also sent me the email for John Hagamon his Trick NCO who is now aware of the 2005 ASA Turkey at San Antonio and has already contacted Jon Kjoller as to how he can assist with the reunion.

THIEDEK, Vic YOB: 1940 E3-E5 059 Det 27, AP60-JN62, (Judy), 1513 Selby Ave., St Paul Park, MN 55071, 651-459-7042, - Elder my friend is the correct email for me. Very hi speed broadband...retirement present from Judy, my wife. Really nice hearing from you...last joke... Warm regards, Vic Happy Holidays!

VAN BROCKLIN, Jim, YOB: 1929, US51337026, Promoted SP3 (E4) on 25AP56, Det 4, FE56-SE56, (Marcia), 39 Therin Dr., Hamburg, NY 14705, 716-649-9232, - DEAR ELDER - Hope you and yours had a great Turkey Day, and I don't mean the country!! Our son Eric was going to Pittsburgh to visit some friends, and requested that he stop and check out the Springfield Sporter Outlet in Penn Run, PA which is near Indiana, PA. Found out later that they had closed, and now only sell gun parts, curios and relics. What happened? Last I knew they were only open a few days per week, maybe the paper work and Bullshit got too much!! (That's exactly what happened). Never too sure about this next part. " HANG TOUGH !! " / or " HANG TUFF !! "

VANNOY, Claude E CPT-MAJ Opns O Det 27, JN65-JN68, (Ginny), 177 Welcome Home Rd., North Wilkesboro, NC 28659, 366-667-7036, - Hey Elder, Ginny and I won't be able to attend the 2005 ASA Turkey reunion in San Antonio. We don't do any distant traveling anymore. We stay close in to home and try to stay in touch with others via email or phone. Keep up the good work you are doing! Claude Vannoy was the first to contact me regarding the death of Darrell Vannoy and forwarded all correspondence to me for the DOOL.

WALTER, Ron, YOB 1938, RA17545260, E3-E4, DMOS 622 Diesel/Generator Equipment serving as Army enlisted monitor of the power section at Det 4, 59-60. (Jan), 28A Ranger Creek Rd., Boerne, TX 78006, 830-249-2446, -

Merhaba Elder, I'm new at this internet/electronics communications stuff so bear with me. I had difficulties transferring my BIO to Microsoft Word file so had to retype the BIO. Attached is my BIO and a poem I found in my files that I carried around for years to remind me of the HILL! Thought you might enjoy it and maybe publish it in your newsletter. Received confirmation that I'm now on the DOOL list. Thanks. I will be sending a picture of Jan and I as soon as I can figure out how to scan it and send it to you. I also have a number of orders from Turkey and Bad Aibling which have the names and RA/US numbers of individuals who were stationed there. If you would like copies, I can send them to you. Evidently you were on the prior year's football team (1960). I also have a number of pictures of the 320th softball teams which played in 1961 but no names. Ron


Name provided by Jon Kjoller. Called on 27 November 2004. Is a Kansan by birth and grew up near Greeley, CO. Enlisted in US Army in May, 1959. Took basic at Fort Hood, TX, then AIT at Fort Leonard Wood, MO for diesel generator training. At the end of AIT training, Ron and Gary Born were interviewed and each agreed to the ASA assignment. Ron was sent to Det 4 in Sinop, Turkey. Ron was told that after the year at Sinop he would be transferred to Germany. He experienced his first air flights from Fort Dix, NJ to Frankfurth, to Istanbul, to Ankara, and them to Det 4 on the L-20 aircraft. Ron's job at Det 4 was to serve as military liaison to the civilian contractor at the base power plant and provide maintenance for outlying generation units. Did a lot of snorkeling in the waters around the HILL with Jim Beck and Mike Gallager. Remembers working as a DJ on the Det 4 KYSO radio station with Jim. Believes David J. Knorr was the station manager. Remembers new barracks being built. Several times rode the iki pachuks to Samsun where modern showers and good food were available and to Ankara over dusty roads filled with herds of goats, sheep and cattle. The highlight of his tour at the HILL was a 5 day R&R trip to the Holy Lands of Israel and Palestine. After Turkey, was assigned to the 320th USASA Bn at Bad Aibling in Bavaria where he was in charge of the generation equipment shop in the Motor Pool. Was engineer school honor graduate at the USASC, Europe in its generator mechanic course. Was promoted to E5 and awarded the Certificate of Achievement for the substantial material improvements in his section. In November, 1961, Ron was a member of the 320th Flag Football Championship Team along with Norman Bussian, Lawrence Cyr, W. J. Devers, Keith Dewitt, James Garrity, Jr., John Kerns, Ernest Jones, Jr., James Laster, Laval Meunier, George Miller, Dorsey Plock, James Price, Jerry Robertson, Stanley Socha, Jr., Robert Walker, Jr., and Charles Shaw. 2nd LT Crane Burk was OIC, SFC Arnold Love was manager, SSG Jack Wilson was Coach. Enjoyed the Bavarian Alps, Salzburg, Munich Oktoberfest, skiing at Berchesgarden and Innsbruck, trips to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain and the good beer at the local gashouse. Was discharged and worked for Martin Marietta Aerospace in Littleton, CO and as a field sales representative for a Chicago auto parts company. Married and graduated from Northern Colorado University at Greeley, CO and received his Masters degree in Marketing from Colorado State University at Fort Collins, CO. Taught in high school and community college before entering the seminary for preparation for the ordained ministry as a Lutheran pastor. He has served congregations in Washington, Nebraska, Florida and Texas and is now retired. They have three sons, four grandchildren and enjoy gardening, woodworking, fishing and traveling in the motor home.

"A Hitch in Hell"

A little above the deep Black Sea, - Det. # 4 is the spot. - We are doomed to spend our time In a land that God forgot. - Here in this barren, ancient spot - Where a man gets awful blue - Right in the middle of nowhere - About 9,000 miles from you - We sweat and freeze and shiver - It's more than a man can bear - We're not a bunch of convicts - It's for our country that we care - We're soldiers of the ASA - Earning our measly pay - Guarding people who have millions - For our mighty $3.50 a day - Living with our memories - Waiting to see our gals - Hoping, while that we're away - They don't marry our best pals - All the time that we're away - Being an army man - Few People know that we're alive - Much less give a good GD - When we get to heaven - Saint Peter will surely yell - Come in you boys from TUSLOG DET # 4 - You've spent your time in Hell.

WASSINK, Julian H YOB 1942 RA16859970 E3-E5 98J Det 4, MR67-FE68, W7083 Edward Dr, Merrill, WI 54452, 715-536-1506, Contacted on 11 November 2004. Very abrehensive about my queries. Gave him the Det 4 and DAYS OF OUR LIVES website and he promised to get back to me.

Jim Mulholland sent this info computer info if it is running slow driving and driving you crazy. Go down to the red text and follow those instructions. I , gH, also have been using using Spybot and it keeps my PC from being infected with viruses, etc.

A Checklist for Tuning Up Your PC, By Gene Emery

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Reuters) - You change the oil in your car every 5,000 miles or so. You clean your house every week or two. Your PC needs regular maintenance as well -- especially if you're using Windows and you spend a lot of time on the Internet.

Virus checkers need to be updated. Spyware or adware may have sneaked onto your PC and the clutter could be slowing everything down.

I have a checklist I follow at the end of every month for keeping my computer properly tuned. The steps may differ slightly, depending on your operating system. Clicking the "Start" button, going to the "Help" section and searching for a feature will show you how to adapt this list to your machine.

Here's my drill:

CLEAR THE DESKTOP. I look at my desktop icons to see if I can consolidate some of them in folders. To create a folder, put your cursor in a blank portion of the screen, click on the right mouse button, select "New" and "Folder." Click on the folder to rename it. Then you can drag desktop icons onto it. I had a friend who, until I taught him this trick, had a screen so cluttered with icons he could barely see his wallpaper.

CLEAR THE PROGRAMS. Next, I get rid of unused programs. But beware: Dragging their desktop icons into the Recycle Bin won't work. Instead, click on the "Start" button, select "Programs," find the program you want to remove, and look for an "Uninstall" option. If there isn't one, click on "Start," select "Settings," then "Control Panel," double-click on the "Add/Remove Programs" icon, look for the program on the list, and then click "Add/Remove." If that doesn't work, I insert the original disk that contained the program. The opening screen often has an "Uninstall" option.

UPDATE AND RUN THE VIRUS CHECKER. This should be done at least once a month. I've been using McAfee for years and, once you're connected to the Internet, updating is as simple as opening the main program and clicking the "Update" button. Once that's done -- the computer can appear to stall for many minutes, so be patient -- reboot the computer and run the virus checker.

By the way, if you keep your computer on all the time -- which I do not -- most virus checkers can be programed to run at specified times. I recommend 3 a.m. daily.

CLEAR THE CLUTTER. Running the "Disk Cleanup" program, found by clicking on "Start," "Programs, "Accessories," and "System Tools," will get rid of temporary files, empty your recycle bin and eliminate other junk.

UPDATE SPYWARE/ADWARE REMOVERS. Spyware and adware -- also known as scumware -- are programs that can sneak onto your computer via the Internet, slow your PC down, give you unwanted ads, and snoop on your Internet browsing habits. I use "Ad-aware" from Use the "Check for Updates Now" feature and let the updates install. But wait before you actually run the main program.

By the way, many readers have told me they run both "Ad-aware" and "Spybot: Search and Destroy" from, another free program, to be sure all the spies are out of their system.

GO INTO SAFE MODE. I close all my programs and restart the computer in "Safe Mode." In my case, after the rebooting process has begun, I have to hit the "F8" key when I hear the beep. The process varies from computer to computer. In safe mode, the graphics look horrible, but it doesn't load programs that will interfere with what I do next.

RUN THE SPYWARE/ADWARE REMOVERS. They work more effectively in the "Safe Mode." For me, Ad-aware takes about 5 minutes to run.

The remaining steps don't need to be done regularly, but it's a good idea to do them once in a while.

Again, make sure you are in "Safe Mode," and turn off your screen saver by going to "Start," "Settings," "Control Panel," "Display," clicking on the "Screen Saver" tab, and using the pulldown menu to select "None." Then click OK and close all windows.

RUN SCANDISK (unless you have Windows XP (news - web sites)). "ScanDisk" can be found by going back to the "System Tools" folder. It checks your hard drive for problems. Make sure the "Automatically Fix Errors" box is checked and do a "Thorough" scan. Don't plan on using your computer for quite a while. It typically takes many hours.

RUN DISK DEFRAGMENTER. This is also found in the "System Tools" folder. It consolidates the files on your hard drive, making things run smoother. I start this when I'm ready to go to bed. It takes all night.

When I'm finished, I reboot the computer and it brings me back to normal.

If you're having problems, visit the site Their free scan can be very helpful. (Gene Emery is a columnist who covers science and technology. His Internet address is GEmery(at) Any opinions in the column are his alone.)

I'm including the YOUR FRIEND message below that I've received from several 'friends' and am including it below as I consider those who read the DOOL's as MY FRIENDS

I am Proud to be your Friend!

Make sure you read all the way down to the last sentence, and don't skip ahead.

I've learned....

That life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.

I've learned...

That we should be glad God doesn't give us everything we ask for.


I've learned....

That money doesn't buy class.


I've learned....

That it's those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular.


I've learned...

That under everyone's hard shell is someone who wants to be appreciated and loved.


I've learned....

That the Lord didn't do it all in one day. What makes me think I can?


I've learned....

That to ignore the facts does not change the facts.


I've learned....

That when you plan to get even with someone, you are only letting that person continue to hurt you.


I've learned....

That love, not time, heals all wounds.


I've learned...

That the easiest way for me to grow as a person is to surround myself with people smarter than I am.


I've learned....

That everyone you meet deserves to be greeted with a smile.


I've learned....

That there's nothing sweeter than sleeping with your babies and feeling their breath on your cheeks.


I've learned....

That no one is perfect until you fall in love with them.


I've learned....

That life is tough, but I'm tougher


I've learned...

That opportunities are never lost; someone will take the ones you miss.


I've learned....

That when you harbor bitterness, happiness will dock elsewhere.


I've learned...

That I wish I could have told those I cared about that I love them one more time before they passed away.


I've learned....

That one should keep his words both soft and tender, because tomorrow he may have to eat them.


I've learned....

That a smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.


I've learned....

That I can't choose how I feel, but I can choose what I do about it.


I've learned....

That when your newly born child holds your little finger in his little fist, that you're hooked for life.


I've learned....

That everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it.


I've learned ...

That it is best to give advice in only two circumstances; when it is requested and when it is a life threatening situation.


I've learned....

That the less time I have to work with, the more things I get done.


To all of you ... Make sure you read all the way down to the last sentence.

It's National Friendship Week. Show your friends how much you care. Send this to everyone you consider a FRIEND, even if it means sending it back to the person who sent it to you. If it comes back to you, then you'll know you have a circle of friends.