From: "Elder RC Green" <>
Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #143
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 08:15:43 -0400


This newsletter is intended for the use of the ASA TURKEY Veteran's. The internet has become so
outlandishly unreal that any disclaimer about this newsletter would be redundant. Your memoirs are most
welcome to the DAYS OF OUR LIVES and is an effort on my part to preserve the stories and memories of
ASA veterans who served in Turkey. Certainly it brings all ASA Vet's closer and it my goal is to collect and
to preserve the stories -- that we honor the ASA Turkey veterans and that we educate future generations
about what it was like for us COLD WAR veteran's. When sending an email to me -
PLEASE include the word ASA in the subject line to insure that I open it and not mistake it for SPAM.
Please send along a photo with your BIO that will be included in the DOOL.
Go to to view the foto's in their proper sequence thanks be to Bill Simons, the Det
4 webmaster
Have you been guilty of looking at others your own age and thinking... surely I cannot look that old?

SUBJECT: Enlistment and Schooling for Army Security Agency .
TO: Chief, Army Security Agency
Washington 25, D.C.
1. I, the undersigned, do voluntarily request enlistment in the Regular Army for assignment to the Army
Security Agency and, upon acceptance, do further request enrollment in an Army school for the purpose
of pursuing a course of instruction which will qualify me for a job with the Army Security
Agency. I thoroughly understand that:
a. I must attain a minimum percentile score of 31 or higher on the Armed Forces Qualification Test.
b. Non prior-service personnel, unless possessing a usable skill based on civilian qualifications, will
normally be sent, following basic training, to a service or troop school for technical training; however, the
individual must qualify for attendance IAW current school selection criteria.
c. The schooling I am finally selected for will be based upon scores I obtain on a series of Army aptitude
tests to be given me.
d. In the event my test scores do not meet the prerequisites for technical training, I will be scheduled for
schooling or duty in a non-technical field.
e. Personnel found to be disqualified for duty with the ArmySecurity Agency, or not possessing normally
accepted aptitude for training in an MOS required by the Agency, will be reassigned IAW the needs of the
Army and required to complete the period for which enlisted.
f. All personnel assigned to the Army Security Agency must be cleared IAW SR 380-180-10. Personnel
who fail to receive clearance will be reassigned outside the Agency in accordance with the needs of the
Army and required to complete the period for which enlisted.
g. Continued assignment to the Army Security Agency will be contingent upon satisfactory service,
maintenance of required standards, and the needs of the Agency.
2. I am qualified by previous service in MOS __, and desire to serve in this specialty with the Army
Security Agency.
WITNESSED BY: _______________ Signature of Applicant


The United States Logistics Group (TUSLOG), a cover designation prescribed by US European Command
was headquarter in Ankara, Turkey. It was at this point that the Army and Army Security Agency (ASA) in
particular made a decision to invest both manpower and funds in order to have its own capability to
expand its intelligence coverage of Soviet Forces. On 1 November 1955 the ASA assumed Army control
over the intelligence mission in Turkey. Detachments were established at key location. Detachment (Det)
4 was established at Sinop, a lazy city in Northern Turkey on the Black Sea. The Det 4 post was built on a
700-foot hill that sits on the point of the peninsula and overlooks the unique and historic city of Sinop. The
installation was often referred to as 'Diogenes Station', 'The Hill' and officially as TUSLOG Det 4. It truly
resembled the physical ruggedness that most thought existed in Turkey. They endured the bone-numbing
winter winds that lashed the 'hill' that stood like a beacon high at 900 feet above sea level. Those ex-
ASA'ers who were 'fortunate' to serve at Sinop remember the
14 hour harrowing trip from Ankara in the back of a deuce and a half truck or in a cramped and over-
loaded Turk bus through the mountains with Turkish driver's who knew no fear. Their mission was to
monitor the airways and to collect, analyze, and de code intercepted messages originating in the Soviet
Union and other Soviet Block countries. These men were highly trained in Morse code intercept, all of the
Slavic languages, traffic analysis, and cryptography. To support these men, highly trained technicians in
radar, Teletype, radio and crypto repairmen were assembled. The intercepts at Sinop
were set up in mobile huts and in most instances in crudely built lean-tos located on the hill overlooking
the town of Sinop. The antennas mostly were long wires hung between the huts to monitor the Soviet
military units, the Soviet Space Program and ICBM sites via the airwaves from across the Black Sea.
About the same time the ASA was tasked with airborne intercept and ASA operators flew electronic
reconnaissance missions in Navy EA-3B Sky Warriors that flew out of Incirlik Air Force Base in Adana,
Turkey, Det 4-2. There were many incidents wherein the ASA units in Turkey were called upon to gather
and report major international incidents to National Security Agency. The incidents involved were the
Soviet Space launches, the Soviet ICBM program and activities, the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956
and the Lebanon Crises in 1958, the Suez Canal problems, the erection of the Berlin
Wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis that began on 15 Oct 1962 and lasted for 13 days. It is regarded by
many as the moment where the Cold War was closest to becoming a real war. The ASA units in Turkey
were on high alert and those scheduled to rotate were involuntarily extended. The Soviet Missile
Ranges were constantly monitored as were the Soviet Divisions, and Soviet Air Bases and especially the
Soviet Airborne Division in the Georgia Republic for unusual activity that would relate to possible
deployment. For several days in October 1962 the world held its breath as the United States and Soviet
Union appeared to be moving toward nuclear war when a Soviet-led Cuban missile battery shot down a
U2 spy plane. On 26 October 1962, with tensions increasing a deal was struck: Soviet missiles would be
removed from Cuba in return for the unpublicized removal of the Jupiter missiles from Turkey. Det 4-1 at
Ankara; Incirlik, AB, Adana; and Det 4-3 Instanbul, Det 27 Manzarali Station, Det 3-2 Samsun (USAF) and
Det 3-1 Trabzon (USAF) all had the same mission. This reunion pays tribute to the men and women who
served our country as ASA, Air Force, Navy and Civilians and renews old friendship. A special job, well
done, to these cold war warriors who stood sentinel at the edge of the Free World.

16-18 SEPTEMBER 2004

1. ANTONELLO, Louis F. (TONY), YOB 1937, RA13576417, E6-E7, 059/05K, Det-27, Jul 65-Feb 68,
Gvmt Qtrs 206C; Det-4, Sep69-Sep70, (Valerie), 12257 Wye Oak Commons Circle, Burke, VA 22015,
2. ASPINWALL, Paul C YOB: 1942 2LT-1LT 9620 Supply Det 4, 12JA65-22DE65, 14 Quail Ridge Dr.,
Madison, WI 53717, 608-831-0670,
3. BIEHL, John S RA19671651 E4-E5 058 Det 27, 61-62, (Dianna), 1442 Seacoast Dr., Imperial Beach,
CA 91932 619-423-7073, E5 DOR 19SE62
4. BOYTE, Janet Widow of Jim Boyte, CARTHAGE, NC - See entry in Mail Call section.
5. BOYTE, Tim, son of Jim Boyte
6. BOYTE, Steve, son of Jim Boyte, Silver City, NC
7. CARRICK, Ernie YOB: 1936 RA25358534 E3-E4 Personnel Det 4, NO57-OC58, (Betty), 6111 Fairfield
Dr., Huntsville, AL 35811, 256-852- 6180,
8. COMROE, Mike, YOB: 1939, RA13693057, E4, 059, TK#4, Det 27, JL61-22DE62, (Jane), 205
Pinetown Rd., Audubon, PA 19403, 610-666-7402,
9. COX, James R. (Jim) YOB 1943 RA14820047 E4-E5 95B MP Det 4, MR66-FE67, (Vicki), PO Bpx
2424, Gadsden, AL 35903, 256-452-0666.,
10. CRAWLEY, Glenn S., Det 3-2, USAF, Samsun, 61-62, (Jan)
11. DAVIDGE, Gordon F., RA16654687 E3-E4, 059, BPED 26JA60 ETS 25JA63 Det 27, NO60-NO62,
10915 E. Goodall Rd., Lot 460, Durand, MI 48429, 810-621-5296 and 4236 Avanti Cir., New Port Richey,
FL 34655, 727-375-5402,
12. DUBICKI, Walter L E5 058/9 Det 27 DE61-JN63 058/9 Trick Chief #1, (Beverly), 6701 Tamarind Ct.,
Louisville, KY 40219, 502-969-1534,
13. EDWARDS, Melvin (Fobby & Eddie), YOB: 1935, RA24906073, E4, Motor Pool, Det 4, AP57-1MR58,
(Doris), 210 Bradford Pl., West, Richland, MS 39128, 601-420-5110, no email
14. ELDRIDGE, Frank, YOB: 1941, E4-E5 283.10, Det 4, FE61-MR62, (Arlie), 8219 Lone Bridge Ln.,
Humble, TX 77338, 281-540-3478,
15. ELSBERRY, George P., (Joe), RA14758836, E3-E5, 054, Det 27, FE63-OC64, (Darby Ann), 2228
Military Rd., Columbus, MS 39705, 662-327-4300,
16. ERICKSON, Ron, YOB: 1940, RA17575612, E4, 059, Det 27, MY61-DE62, (Kathy), 17204 E 37th
Terrace, Independence, MO 64055, 816-373-3349,
17. FEAGIN, Glenn YOB: 1933 CPT CO Det 4-2, JN63-NO64, (Barbara), 16911Melbourne Dr., Laurel,
MD 20707,
18. FORBUS, James (Jim) YOB 1938 RA14611142 E4 Supply Det 4, MR58-MY59, (Sara), 665 Bynum
Acres Dr., Anniston, AL 36201, 256-237-3345,
19. GAZAWAY, John E3-E5 982 Det 27, NO62-MY65, 2074 Riverbend Rd., Plainville, GA 30733, 706-
20. GOSS, Buck, YOB: 1933, RA24784643, E5, 1709 Det 4, DE56-MR58, (Eleanor Rungo), 12421 Bears
Den Ct., Jacksonville FL 32258 904-262-5081,
21. GREEN, Elder RC (aka Al & Green Hornet- - -gH), E7, Det 27, 1-15MY61, JN66-OC67 & 4-4, OC67-
NO68, (Patty), 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701, 724-349-7395,
22. GREEN, James A (Jim) YOB: 1921, MAJ SigC CO Det 4, JN56-JN57, (Christine), 229 Bayou Woods
Dr., Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548, 850-862-4063, - daughter Kathy will attend with Maj
23. HAMMETT, Stuart (Stu) YOB 1938 RA16589314 E2-E4 Supply Det 4, MY58-MY59, (Rita), 16222
Crego Rd., Dekalb, IL 60115, 815-756-9095,
24. HANNAH, James Rogers (Pappy) YOB: 1935, RA14663535 Det 4, 74-75, (Mary Ann), 145 Robinson
Cove Rd., Leicester, NC 28748, 828-683-1668,
25. HUNT, Carlos E YOB 1937 E2-E4 058 Det 4, MR58-MR59, (Frankie), 10215 Hwy 79E, Henderson,
TX 75652, 903-889-2391,
26. JENKINS, Dwight L. YOB: 1936 E4 711 Det 4, MR57-MR58, (Carol), 13881 Rd 614, Philadelphia, MS
39350, 601-650-9156, no email
27. JONES, Herbert E (Ed) YOB 1944 RA18664602 E5 059 Det 27, OC62-MR65, (Florence), 30
Woodland Hills Dr., Bismarck, IL 61814, 217-759-7773,
28. JONES, Ira J YOB 1942 E4 Det 27, 62-63, (Gale), Jacksons Gap, AL 36861,
29. MULHOLLAND, Jim, YOB: 1934, 2LT-1LT Elint O Det 4, AP56-JN57, (Joan), 4702 Hedgewood,
Bloomfield Hills. MI 48301, 248-855-9213,
30. NEARPASS, Robert D E3-E5 MP Det 27, DE64-DE66, (Lorraine), 111 Hope Crossing Rd., Belvidere,
NJ 07823, 908-638-7625, Bob and Lorraine have attended all four ASA
Turkey reunions!
31. OBRIEN, John S (Jack) DOB: 1939 RA15663403 E4-E5 988.1663 Det 4, 64-65, (Kathleen), 3801
Lujon Dr., Beaver Creek, OH 45431, 937-426-4433,
32. OWEN, John W., YOB: 1940, RA17652043, E3-E5, 98J, Det 4, JL64-JA66, (Janette), 6057 NE 130th
Ave., Elkhart, IA 50073, 515-367-3412,
33. PETERSEN, Bruce H Det 4, 73-74
34. POSNER, Bob, 2LT-1LT, SigC., Det 4, JA56-57, (Rita), 3 Byrne Ln., Tenafly, NJ 07670, 201-871-
35. PULLEY, Kerry W., 05K, Det 4, AP67-AP68, (Vicki Hargis), 615-453-3076,
36. RITTER, Ronald L., 272.6, Det 4, 58-59, (Martha),1000 Crestview Dr., Richardson, TX 75080, 972-
37. ROBBINS, Robin J., RA13689021, E5, 342.10 Det 27, 60-NO62 (22m), 185 Oak St., Fayetteville, GA
30215, 770-461-1482, no email, per SO#193 dtd 13NO62, GCM 19AP60-20JA63 per GO#24 dtd 12DE62
38. ROSSANO, Gerard N., (Jerry), E4, 058, Det 4, NO63-NO64, (Shirley), 798 County Rd 350, Hollywood,
AL 35752, 256-259-4439, (Friday nite only)
39. SACK, Bob & Sue Det 4 74-75
40. SIMS, Don Det 4, 61, Det 120, 65, (Marie) fm Valparasio, IN,
41. SINOR, Walter YOB 1942 RA1862.... E3-E4 F&AO Det 27, JA62-JL63, (1/W Ann, 2/W Betty), 3049
County Road 239, Valley Head, AL 35989-4721, 877-453-5097,
42. STANCEL, Dennis (Dink) E3-E4 98J Det 4, SE74-SE75, (Melinda), 265 Meadow View Ct., Grayson,
GA 30017, 770-962-5364,
43. STEFFEN, Arnold, YOB: 1937, RA16568829, E4, 283, Det 4, JL58-JL59, (Janet), 1043 Old Humboldt
Rd., Jackson, TN 38305, 731-664-5058,
44. STUCKERT, F.W. (Bill), YOB: 1933, 2LT-1LT, SigC, Det 4, 56-57, (Janis), 2429 E. 22nd Pl., Tulsa,
OK 74114, 918-742-2325,
45. SWORDS, Jerry M Det 4, 66 & 68, 276 Rutland Dr., Mt Juliet, TN 37122, 615-754-8336
46. TAIT, Joe H E4-E5 988RU Det 4, 62-63, 7250 Coon Club Rd., Medina, OH 44256, 330-722-0664, no email
47. TAVERNETTI, David E 61y O1-O2 Watch Officer TK#4 Det 27, MR62-SE63, (Sue), 238 Rio Vista Dr.,
King City, CA 93930, 831-385-4458,
48. TINSLEY, Albert A Jr E5 33D Det 4, JA72-JA73, (Reta), 133 Scott Ln, Scott Depot, WV 25560, 304-
49. WALCHER, Steve YOB: 1949 RA1699...., E3-E5, Spec Svcs, Det 4, JA69-JA70, (Gloria), 4527 Butler
Dr., Decatur, IL 62526, 217-875-6840.

BOWER, Gerald R., Det 4 (Samsun), 1956, DOB: 9 Jan 1934 DOD: 1 Aug 2001 at Plainfield, OH. SSN: 269-32-
9009 issued OH. Info from Jim Van Brocklin: Gerald lived in Plainfield, Ohio. Marcia & I visited many times,
with our kids and later. His married Orlou Demuth (?) of West Lafayette soon after he got out of the Army
in November 1956. She died in 1999 or 2000, not sure when. They had 3 kids, Denise, Wendy, and Brent
in that order. I tried to call Wendy (Storm), left word on a machine, but never got a reply. He had worked
for Monkey Wards fixing appliances, RCA in Cambridge,OH & NJ, and Universal Cyclops Steel in
Coshocton where he retired.

BRINKMAN, Judith A., DOB: 1 October 1939, DOD: 29 January 1997 of cancer. Judy was the wife of Parker H.
Brinkman who served at Det 4, 7AP56-AP57. See below for Parker's entry.

CALE, Alvin B., DOB: 26 Jul 1935 RA24272930 SP2 640/351 Det 4, 56-57, DOD: 05 Nov 1997 at
Covington City, VA, 24426 SSN: 230-38-2947 issued Virginia

DIGGORY, Mark L., CPT, Hq Co., CO, Det 27, 60-61, DOB: 30 July 1931 DOD: 22 February 1996 at
Tampa, FL., SSN: 056-26-5102 issued New York per Hargus & Banrdt

ISPHORDING, Thomas E., (Tom) 2LT-1LT, Det 4, 57-58, DOB: 19NO1935 DOD: 26JN1995, SSN: 295-
30-8311 issued OH. Son, Tom Jr., lives at 514 Westport Blvd, Huron, OH 44839, 419-433-7761

ISPHORDING, Sarah (Sally), wife of Tom Isphording, DOB: 20 February 1938 DOD: 19 August 1994,
SSN: 295-32-9907 issued OH

LOWREY, Walter H., Det 4, ?, DOB: 3 January 1929 DOD: 31 May 1990, SSN 066-24-6666 issued NY,
(Mary Lopez, 410-761-1187) per Elliott Rogers 410-768-3151

OLINGER, Mary Catherine wife of Milford Olinger, DOB: 4 March 1929 DOD: 30 September 1997 at
Russellville, AL., SSN 421-32-5438 issued AL

OLINGER Milford F RA14317169 E5 Det 27 59-61, DOB: 9 November 1931 DOD: 5 May 1999 at
Birmingham, AL, SSN 420-38-9058 issued AL, CW3, Ret

ROBERTS, Rodney Kenneth 2LT-1LT Det 4, 60-61, DOB: 18 June 1932 DOD: 4 December 1991, SSN:
337-28-2085 issued Illinois - Ret COL & friend of LTC Jaffe. His widow Joyce resides at 7005 Springfield
Village Court, Springfield, VA 22152, 703-569-1631

ANDERSON, Jerry Det 27, 56-58
ARENA, Darrell Det 4, 73-74
BARGERHUFF, Ken Det 4, 87-88
BENDER, Bill Det 4-4, 70-71
BERTEAU, Bert Det 4,
BARNDT, Ernest Det 4, 56-57 & Det 27, 59-61
BREHM, Vance Det 4, 60-61
BRINKMAN, Parker Det 4, 56-57
BRYAN, Clark Det 27 & 4-4, 67-69
BULLOCK, Mark R Det 4
BURRIER, Bob Det 4, 62
CAMMACK, Maurice Det 27, 57-59
CARRICK, Ernie Det 4, 57-58
COLLINS, Dave Det 4, 57-58
DAMATO, Cony Det 4, 57
DILL, Jerry Det 4, 58-59
DOW, Eugene Det 4, 57-58
DRAKE, John Det 4, 74-75
FINDLEY, Mike Det 4-4, 58-70
FRAMPTON, Lonnie Det 4, 63
FULTON, Don Det 4, 57-58
GARNER, Bill Det 4,
GORGHUBER, Jim Det 4, 79-80
GOSS, Buck Det 4, 56-57
HARGUS, Zip Det 27,
HODGDON, Eric A Det 4, 67-68
HOUGHTON, Jim Det 4,
JAFFE, Larry Det 4, 61-62
JONES, Jack Det 4, 58
KJOLLER, Jon Det 4, 58-59
KNIPPER, Bill Det 4, 74-75
LARGE, Darrell Det 4-2, 62
LARKIN, Dale Det 4, 65-66
MacKINNON, Don Det 4, 72-73
MELCHIORRE, Ray Det 27, 63-65
MIDTAUNE, Ted Det 27, 62-64
MODISETTE, Dwayne Det 27 & 4-4, 66-68
MOLENDA, Chuck Det 27,
MOORE, Jim Det 4-4,
MULHOLLAND, Jim Det 4, 56-57
NEELEY, Lee Det 4, 56-57
NEILL, Hank Det 27, 62-64
PHILBRICK, Arlington Det 27, 60-62
RASMUSSEN, Ted Det 27, 63-64
REBER, Mark Det 4, 72-73
ROSSANO, Jerry Det 4, 63-64
SCARBOROUGH, Jim Det 4, 73-74 & 76-77
SPEAKS, Carl Det 27, 63-65
SPIVEY, John Det 4. 61-62
STALLINGS, Connie American Embassy, 61-63
STEWART, Steven Det 4, 74-75
STORMENT, Clifford, Det 4, 56-57
STOWERS, Jim Det 4, 62-63
SULLIVAN, Frank Det 4, 71-72
VANNOY, Claude Det 27,
WEBER, Gary, Det 4, 62-63
WILLIAMS, Jeff Det 4, 66-67
WINCH, Gary Det 27, 62-64

ANDERSON, Jerry, YOB 1935 RA16511074 E3-E4 341.10-Teletype repair, Det 27, JL56-JN58, (Sally),
5209, Lindermann Ave., Racine, WI 53406, 262-634-8509, - Thanks for the wake up call re:
the 2004 reunion, I will pass this year due to lack of personnel from my time period. I will try to locate
some of the guys from the 56 time frame from Det. 27 and if anyone has some new locating methods
please let me know at: I will be looking forward to the 2005 Reunion.

ARENA, Darrell R YOB: 1931 Maj Ops O & XO Det 4, JL63-JL64 & Col CO, MY73-MY74, (Pat), 45375
Vista Place, King City, CA 93930, 831-385-5800, - Thanks for your #142. The
picture of Sinop on the cover page brought back many memories. That picture of Don MacKinnon, Bill
Bowser, and me was taken at one of the many Turkish functions we attended in town. (By the way, that
picture of Don was pretty good, too....he looks to be in reasonable health!) I had heard some time
back that Bill Bowser had died. Unfortunately, I don't have any details. He was a great soldier and a top
CSM. We had served in Nam in the early days (1961), so when I learned he was to be my CSM at Det. 4, I
was thrilled. We were a good team. I just finished reading a book Dave Tavernetti lent me: Scotch and
Holy Water by Jim Tumpane. I recommend it to all Turkey veterans. Although it doesn't talk about Sinop
or Manzarali, it brings back lotsa memories of Turkey and the Turks. You may recall that the Tumpane
Company had the base maintenance contract for all TUSLOG detachments in Turkey. Shortly after I got
back to Sinop in '73, Tumpane had lost out the bid for renewal to Boeing
Services International (BSI) which took over that function. Have a great time at the ASA Turkey vets
reunion in Alabama.

BARGERHUFF, Ken E6 Det 4 87-88, 521 S. Marshall St., Anniston, AL 36201 256-237-8125,
?? - Hi! I will be unable to attend the 2004 reunion. My new e-mail address is

BARNDT, Ernest YOB 1935 RA13474888 E4 631 Det 4, MR56-MY57 & Det 27, MR59-JL61, (Fran),
18107 Meadow Creek Dr., Eagle River, AK 99577, 907-694-3645 & cell 907-227-2455,, CW4 Ret - ASA Turkey Reunion - Greetings from Alaska, I see you are working on an
ASA (Turkey) reunion for Sept. Although I will be unable to attend, I wanted to offer some info and pictures
in case any one I was stationed with will be attending. I would like to get in touch with some of them. I was
stationed at Sinop (Det 4) March 1956 - May1957; and in Ankara (Det 27) from March 1959 - July 1961. I
would appreciate hearing from anyone within that time frame via email or mail. I have been looking for
information on reunions for some time now and unfortunately cannot attend this one. My wife, Fran and I,
will be driving outside of Alaska to the East Coast on or about 15 Sept. We will be heading south from
there, then West heading for Las Vegas where we will be storing our 5th wheel and truck for the winter.
We will pick it up in March and do more traveling before heading back to Alaska for the summer fishing
season. I have attached some pictures from our Turkey tours and some current ones. Thank you for your
consideration and response. Hello Mr Green, Ernie and I were pleased to hear from you and to hear about
our long lost friend. Jim Houghton was responsible for Ernie and I meeting many years ago. Thank you for
the contact. I am Ernie's "personal" secretary so I will try and answer your email. No we will not be able to
attend the 2004 reunion, but already have it in our plans for the next one. We will be somewhere on the
road in Canada from 16 Sept on our way to PA. We are driving down with our 5th wheel and expect to be
in Salix (Johnstown area) early October. Can you give us Jim's email (if he has one), we will look him up
when we get there. Also, do you live in Indiana, PA? I thought I saw that somewhere in these emails, etc...
I am attaching two pictures from Sinop, one of Ernie's retirement (July 81), and a current one of us.
SEE SP4 Ernest Barndt 1956 attachment
SEE Ernie & Fran May 2004 attachment

SEE CW4 Brandt retirement attachment

BENDER, Bill YOB: RA E4 05K Det 4-4 JA70-JL71, (Dawn), 6700 SW 113th Pl., Ocala, FL 34476, 352-
854-9122, 1-800-877-3367, - [edited] Dear Elder: My daughter is going to have
our latest granddaughter tomorrow. But we're doing okay having dodged Hurricane Charley. Most of the
storm went to the east of us and we only got a little rain and some winds from it. Hope to make the 2004

BERTEAU, Winbon (Bert), Det 4, 63-64, (Wendy), 3333 Iowa Ave., Kenner, LA 70065, per Rossano
MERHABA Bert - Your friend Gerard Rossano 256-259-4439, asked me to send you information about
our reunion which I am more than gald too. I was at Sinop 57-58 in Personnel. Betty and I have tried to
make this reunion a good one. We hope that you and Wendy can come an join in the fun. I have attached
the information that you will need. I will send the DRAFT Agenda on a separate email. Hope to see you in
Sept. If we can help in any way, please call me. Thanks Ernie Carrick

BREHM, Vance YOB 1936 RA? E3-E4 058 Det 4, 60-61, (Connie), 22080 Stormy Ln., Bend, OR 97701,
541-388-4770, - ERC. I would like to locate three members of team at Det 4 in
60/61: A. Larry Teague from St. Augustine, FL.,: B. Ralph Weaver from Michigan (may be graduate of
Michigan) and C. Dave Keller from Levittown NY. Do you have any info or can you start me on correct
path? New Subject: Had very nice lunch with Donald Aines today in Bend, Oregon and he was nice
enough to give me signed copy of his new book (Win, Lose, Draw) just hot off the press. We were in
Sinop together in 60/61. I was in Sinop when Turkish soldier shot at main gate and when Sgt Boyds hut
burned down. Also on Capt Aines (At that time) losing volleyball team in Athens. Appreciate any help you
can provide. Will send you short note on my Turkish history.

BRINKMAN, Parker H YOB 1934 RA16542139 Cpl-SP2 640/722 Det 4, 7AP56-AP57, (Bridgett Notter),
1S650 Bender Ln.,West Chicago, IL 60185, 630-231-7731,
Thank you so much for the Det 4 information. Parker was estactic about your phone call, and he kept
telling me stories about Sinop Turkey. I hope to meet you soon, Greetings, Brigitte and Parker

BRYAN, Clark L., (Mixie), E4-E5, 988BU, Det 27, OC66-NO67, Det 4-4 NO67-15JN69, (Althea), 918
Dibbles Trail, Webster, NY 14580, 716-671-8906, Ret CDR
Won't make it to Huntsville this year. Went back to Colorado in June with family for about a month. Now
just sitting here waiting for school to start so girls will be out of house for at least a few hours every day!:-)
Will fly back home again in November - mother is 94 (soon to be 95) and slow decline continues, although
she is still living by herself and has all of her mental alertness.

BULLOCK, Mark R (Bo) Det 4 69-70, 505-270-3098, - Thank you Ernest
Carrick for getting me the information on the 2004 ASA Turkey reunion. I already have plans for that
weekend, I crew for a hot air balloon out of Albuquerque and we are flying in White Sands, New Mexico
the weekend of September 17, 18 & 19. Please keep me on your mailing list ( I also have a personal email
address, that you can use) I would be interested in attending some future
reunion, I need to know as far in advance as possible in order to schedule my vacation time as well as
blocking that time on my personal calendar. Again, thanks for
keeping me in mind. Sincerely, Mark R. Bullock, Document Centre Technical Specialist, Mountain West
Operations, New Mexico / West Texas, Phone (505) 270-3098

BURRIER, Robt R (Bob) RA16717165 Det 4, 62, (Cindy), 1216 Smith, Royal Oak, MI 48073, 248-544-
9003, & - Someone just pointed out a bulletin
directed to me that you or someone else involved with a USASA website was lookiing for me to provide
info for a Master Roster. I don't know what information is wanted or where to send it. Would you please
take me by the hand and show me the way? I do remember something like RA16 717 165 as my ID and
drinking excessively on the Hill in 1962. Not others, just me. And a few acquaintences whose names are
elusive, except for Dave Loftus who tried to convert me from a dry drunken agnostic to a sober but very
wet Catholic. That was when our operations sgt had him put me in the cold shower to sober me up. Dave
& I served together from Fort Devens through Ft. Meade and through Turkey. He tried to teach me how to
play Chess and Bridge, with no success... or he was looking for an easy win. Sorry, but my wife mistakenly
deleted your telephone message before I got chance to review it. So what is a "Master Roster" and what
do you need from me? I had plenty of both negative and positive experiences on the Hill and in Sinop, but
am terible whene it comes to names. Let me look at my addresses and I might find another Sinop guy for you.
P.S. A better address for me to receive emails of limited size is: With the
BestBurrier address, emails may end up on my wife's side of the computer & I won't know about it except
by chance

CAMMACK, Maurice E3-E5-10NO58 722 Det 27, 57-59, (Katie), 3024 E. Gallman Rd., PO Box 118,
Gallman, MS 39077, 601-892-4597, - I just found out this afternoon that I have
some additional "protruding disks" in my back, and have an appoint with a Neurosurgeon on August 25th.
The pain and discomfort prevents me traveling, and I will have to cancel my trip for this year. Earlier this
afternoon, I checked with Tom Stephens and he will not be able to attend either,. Just hope you guys have
the best reunion yet, and will be thinking of you all. Thank you again for your efforts and for all the work
you and others have done to make this years get together a success. Best wishes, Maurice Cammack

CARRICK, Ernie YOB: 1936 RA25358534 E3-E4 Personnel Det 4, NO57-OC58, (Betty), 6111 Fairfield
Dr., Huntsville, AL 35811, 256-852- 6180, cell 256-656-2007, - Ernie & Betty have
gone beyond themselves to insure that the 2004 ASA Turkey reunion will be one of the best and I
commend Ernie for his efforts.

COLLINS, David W., (Dave), YOB: 1937, RA11309404, E3-E4, 058, Det 4, NO57-OC58, (Linda), 3638
Jefferson Township Pkwy, Marietta, GA 30066, 770-998-7420, - Contacted on 17
August 2004. Very interested. Dave is a native of Worcester, MA where he enlisted in March 1956 for 3
years of active duty with the ASA. Took basic at Fort Dix, NJ then it was off to Fort Devens for ditty-pop
training. After completing the Morse training - was sent to Vint Hill Farms Station and then it was off to
Sinop, Turkey. Said that upon arriving in Ankara he felt intimidated in that the place looked old and dirty.
Processed in Ankara and then boarded a Turk bus for the long trek to Sinop. On that bus was Captain
Peters, Sgt Van Pelt, Dave Collins and the rest were Turks who seemed to be all mechanics as the bus
broke down several times before they reached Sinop. Considers the year spent on the HILL as a great
and unforgettable experience. Participated in a 3 week signal test in 1958 in the Ankara area. It may have
been at the future Det 27 site, but can't remember. While at Sinop played on the post softball team and
played at Trabson and Samsun plus a few other locations that he's now forgotten. Remembers that a lot
of the games on the 'rocky' Det 4 ball field quite often got fogged in. Others that he remembers are: John
T. McCullough, Lee Scanlon, Tom Abrials, LT Tom Isphording, ? McGrath and Tom Kelly. After Sinop was
assigned as a 058 instructor at Fort Devens where he ended his active duty stint as a E5. Said that his
grandson was doing a book report and chose Turkey as his subject. That caused Dave to go on-line and
assist with the report. What he found was a surprise that he never anticipating finding, a website devoted
to TUSLOG Det 4 at Sinop, Turkey. He was hooked. Was discharged in September 1959 and went back
to Worcester where he worked for Pillsbury in MA and NY for 14 years. Moved to the Atlanta area and
worked in the Food Brokerage business for 28 years. Will not be attending the 2004 reunion, but will
attend in 2005.
SEE Dave & Linda Collins ATTACHMENT

DAMATO, Cony A., Det 4, 57, 283 Bay 17th St., Brooklyn, NY 11214, 718-256-9807,, per LO 173-57 per Storment

DILL, Jerry L., YOB: 1928, RA17149652, E6, 982, Det 4, AP58-AP59, MR63-MR64, (Betty), 205
Chamberlin Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80906, 719-576-6243,, CW3,USA(Ret)
I can add a bit more about my tour at Det 4. CWO Tom Hacknrey was TA officer before Wetzel. CWO
George Sentegraph was C/A Officer. I worked as C/A and linguist with Sentgerath. Capt Lynn Berglund
was also there along with Capt Slessinger. Steve Gallagher was my tentmate and yes, he ran the club.
We never ran short of booze. Crosswhite and Crombie were mess sgts. Also in ops a as C/A was Denny
Morrissey. Sfc Joe Sprague (058) was also my tentmate after Steve. It was one heck of a good tour.

DOW, Eugene W CPT Pilot Det 4-1, 57-58, 2009 Blue Heron Dr., Melbourne, FL 32940, 321-242-3470.
Called 1 July 2003 & left msg, but no response! From Ernie Carrick: MERHABA CPT DOW - I have been
looking for you for over a year and Jim Green gets you on his first try. Guess I am just a bad MI WO.
Great to hear that you are well. I was at Sinop 1957-1958 in Personnel. I had the opportunity to fly with you
several times. One time with an 1LT who I can't remeber his name. I knew your aircraft maintenance SP3
Magdish (s). I have attached the info on the reunion. We would like for you to attend because lots of us
really liked flying rather than the duce express. If I can help in any way please call me. Thanks Ernie &
Betty Carrick

DRAKE, John A E3-E4 Supply Det 4, AP74-AP75, - TUSLOG Det 4 reunion -
Thanks for the invite, I was at Det 4 April 1974 to April 1975 and worked in supply(PFC/SP4 John Drake).
Don't know if I'll be able to attend the reunion but wish I could. I remember lots of faces but not too many
names. The Supply Sergeant when I got there was SFC Rodney Miller and when I left was SSG Barfield.
The roommate I had the longest was George Britton, he was a chaplain's assistant when I got there but
was an MP when he left (Go figure!). He had plans to go home to Miami FL and become a Dade County
Sheriff. The only other one I can really remember was an MP named Jack(?) Anderson, tall skinny guy
that played guitar. He and I were actually stationed together after Det 4 at Fort Bliss, TX at the 156 ASA
AVN CO for a year or two. Keep me posted on events, happenings, and news in general. Thanks!

FINDLEY, James M (Mike) YOB 1948 RA16911702 E4 05H Tk#4 Det 4-4, 15OC68-15OC70, 722 Mason
St., Rhinelander, WI 54501, 715-362-7357, - Elder, I hope
all is well with you guys. I have a really dumb request. Norm Frickey sent me some
pictures of him on the 4th of July in a parade. I would not have recognized him! I was trying to show
Andra, my girlfriend, pictures of Norm then & now. I went all of the stuff I saved to disc & went through the
memory book, but couldn't find pictures of Norm & I know that some were floating around in all of the stuff
the guys sent. You have any easily @ hand? Nothing vital; it's just for fun. I relayed to Norm that, a few
weeks ago, on the same day, I saw 2 vehicles with front license plates that were like the RVN campaign
ribbon. Both of the cars were being driven by old men .... Mike

FRAMPTON, Lonnie K YOB 1936 RA13520276 E6 286 Det 4, JA-DE63, (Faye), 20 Heights Rd., Newville,
PA 17241, 717-776-5139, CW3 Ret - Enlisted for 3 year stint with the ASA on 29
December 1954 at Somerset, PA. Took basic at Fort Knox, KY and has fond memories of Agony and
Misery hills. Was sent to Devens for Fixed Station Receiver Repair (MOS 1422, later 271). After that was
sent, via troop ship Mann, to the Far East where he spent time at Oji Camp and Camp Drake before
permanent assignment to Okinawa. Returned to the states and was discharged in December 1957 and
went back home to Somerset, PA. Decided that the ASA duty was too bad and re-enlisted in March 1958
for duty back in Okinawa. I won't be able to attend the Sinop Reunion due to a previous committment to
attend the ASA Okinawa Reunion in Colorado Springs. .When you were going through the Personnel
records, did you come across a William Hackett? He was my NCOIC. I have been trying to find him for a
number of years but no luck. His wife's name was Marie and they had two kids a boy Billy and a girl Patty.
If you can give me any info I would appreciate it. One guy I remember being at Sinop the same time I was
is William Cowan, Rt#1 Box 624, Simms,Tx 75574 Tel: 903-543-8143. I don't have an EMail address for
him. He was a Comm Center Operator type. Take care and have a great reunion.

SEE Lonnie & Faye Frampton attachment

FULTON, Donald G RA19889202 E4 05H2HS3YA Det 4, JA57-DE57, (Linda), 426 Mesa Loop, San
Antonio, Texas 78258, - Please make a correction to
my home address- the one you sent out was incorrect as of Nov. 03. Attached is a picture of the Det 4
chapel under construction circa 1958. Someone asked for pictures of the chapel during construction some
time ago, and I knew I had a picture, but couldn't locate it. Well now it is attached and you may want to
post to the DOOL or whatever.

SEE Sinop Det 4 Post Chapel circa 1958 attachment

GARNER, Bill YOB 1940 RA18541472 E7 059 Det 4, 68-69, (Sylvia), 609 S. Main St., Red Springs, NC
28377, 910-843-3553, - I enjoyed our conversation at Blobs Park, and many other
conversations during that event. They finally started making like they were going to lock up, and the last
few of us left well after 3 p.m. I spent a few hours visiting a friend in Laurel before heading to BWI to catch
the flight back to RDU. I think I am already semi-committed to make the 2005 friend said I
should bring Sylvia next year, spend the weekend with them, and we would all go to the picnic. I got back
to Red Springs at 1 a.m, and I have reconfirmed that I do not "handle" these 21 1/2 hour days nearly as
well as I used to. Thanks for the photo - not bad for what you had to work with.
Ernie Carrick sent me all the information on the Huntsville reunion, however, I am going to the National
Quartet Convention in Louisville 14-16 September, and there is a "must attend" meeting in Burlington, NC,
to prepare for a church working witness trip to Bolivia in November. Depending on where the 2005 reunion
is held, I will try get to the next gathering. Again, enjoyed our meeting and conversation.
Cheers, Bill
SEE Bill Garner attachment that was taken at the 2004 ASA Picnic

GORGHUBER, James H., E4-E5, 33S, Det 4, OC79-NO80, 4650 Anille Way, Colorado Springs, 80917,
719-638-4850, - Hello, Thanks for the ASA Turkey invitation, my name is James H.
Gorghuber. I'm presently single, you have my email, my home phone is 1-719-638-4850, I was in Sinop
from October 1979 to November 1980. I was an E4 when I arrived and was promoted to E5 while at Sinop
Det 4, my MOS was 33S10 Electronic Warfare Intercept Systems Repairman. I wish I could attend and
also help you with other info on other personnel, but have basically lost contact with those that I have
served with. I did work with two ex Sinop personnel when I worked at the Deep Space Communications
Complex (DSN) in California. They were John Sosnowski and Daniel Blodgett. John is currently employed
by JPL in Pasadena and the last I knew of Danny was that he was working at the White Sands Tracking
Station in New Mexico. The reason I cannot attend is that the number of trips I take a year are limited of
course due to budget. I already have plans to be in Minnesota the following weekend. But if things change
I will let you know. My current address is: 4650 Anille Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80917. I have been
employed by Honeywell Technical Solutions Inc. since May 1983, I am currently supporting the Air Force
Satellite Control Stations around the world and am based out of Colorado Springs. Prior to December
2003 I worked at the DSN in California supporting NASA/JPL in the exploration of outer space. I hope that
the reunion is a big success and would be interested in hearing news about the event afterwards. Once
again, thanks for the invitation.
will not be able to attend the reunion but wanted to update whatever information you had on file.

GOSS, Norris L (Buck) YOB: 1933 RA24784643 E5 1709 Det 4, DE56-MR58, (Jane Eliz- dec), 12421
Bears Den Ct., Jacksonville FL 32258 904-262-5081, - Elder: Thanks for your
efforts. I have to admit to being pie-eyed more than once while on the hill but I was never a SFC. My rank
was E-5. Unfortunately, I don't recognize the guy who is pictured. Looking forward to seeing you and
others in Huntsville next week if Hurricane Ivan doesn't blow us away first. I still have piles of debris in my
[Jacksonville] front yard from Frances. My Best, Buck

SEE ATTACHMENT Who is this Det 4 Sfc. Ernie Barndt mis-ID'd it as Buck Goss. Can anyone ID this ex-

HODGDON, Eric A., E3-E5, 33B/33F, Det 4, MR67-MR68, (Dawn), RR5 Box 5554 Towanda PA 18848
570-265-2319 - I was in Sinop: Arrived March 1967 left March 1968. I went to Sinop
from Fort Devens and from Sinop I went to Two Rock Ranch Station. I arrived in Sinop as a PFC and left
as a SP5. My MOS when I arrived was 33B20 and I left as a 33F20. I worked in the maintenance shop at
the main operation. My workmate and bunkmate was Perry Miles - at the time from Santa Cruz, CA. I
have never heard from him since I left the hill. Tried to find him on the internet with no luck.
HOUGHTON, James E Det 4, ?, (Sally), 124 Lindburgh Ave., Johnstown, PA 15905, 814-255-2431, - New find

JAFFE, Lawrence C., YOB: 1937, E3-E4, 058, Det 4, SE61-SE62, (Judith), 406 Talah Rd., SE, Vienna,
VA 22180, 703-255-7243,,, - Ret
LTC. I had two Jaffe's listed on my master roster & they turned out to be the same 058 person. Ernie
Carrick found Larry Jaffe on 6 August 2004 and I called Jaffe on that date. I knew Jaffe at Field Station
Berlin in 1972 where he was the S3 officer. The following is from my rough notes that I took during the
phone chat. Larry Jaffe was born in 1937 and is a graduate of the University of Miami in the late 1950's.
Enlisted in Chicago in 1960 for duty with the ASA. Took basic at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, then on to Fort
Devens and was trained as a ditty-bopper 058. First duty station was at Det 4 where he tuned a R-390 and
was able to copy morse signals emanating from the Soviet Union, Bulgaria and Roumania. LT Rodney
Kenneth Roberts was his platoon leader [Cpt Don Aines in DOOL#139 mentions Lt Roberts as a member
of the 1960 Det 4 Post Volleyball Team that participated in the MSC Championship at Athens, Greece]
who from thence developed a friendship that existed until Col Roberts passed away

MERHABA Col Jaffe - Great to talk to you this morning. It is always fun to
talk to fellow Sinopean's. I am sure that you and Judith would enjoy the
reunion. I have Cc; Elder Green. He will probably get in touch with you.
Thanks Again for a very enjoyable talk. Please check: Ernie

JONES, Jack, YOB 1929 RA14246368, E6, 982 Det 4, 58, (Pat), 1116 Wynbrook Rd., Glen
Burnie, MD 21010, 410-761-8783, - Met Jack and Pat Jones at the 2004 ASA Picnic
at Blobs Park, MD on 7 August. Jack enlisted for a 18 month tour in the regular army in 1947 at Shelby,
NC. After basic was assigned to the Coast Artillery in Panama. Was discharged. Re-upped and took the
battery of tests at Fort Jackson. Test results showed Morse code possibilities. Was sent to the ASA's first
Training Center and School at Carlisle Barracks, PA for training in the Hi-Speed Morse school. Completed
the 1717 training and was sent to Vint Hill Farms in Warrenton, VA to await overseas orders. Top Secret
Crypto clearance was finally approved and was sent as a PFC to Herzo Base, Germany where he worked
as a morse interceptor. The unit was short of Traffic Analysts and he OJT'd there and was awarded MOS
1709. Spent 4 years (50-54) at Herzo. Returned to the states and served at Arlington Hall for 2 weeks and
on 29 January was transferred to Fort Meade where he was assigned to NSA. Got married in 1956 and in
1958 was assigned to Det 4. Bt this time he was a E6 hardstripper. Resided in one of the 10 Jamesway
huts that were known as the "Kings Row." Remembers that the CO had a long handlebar mustache.
Believes that his name was Clark. The OIC of the T/A section was WO Jim Wetzel. Other T/A men were:
Sgt Shaw & Jeff Riggleman. The Ops Sgt was Master Sgt Dynes. Remembers going to Istanbul on the
boat with Dynes and a Sgt Gallager (sp) who was the NCO Club manager. Will never forget the 'fishing'
excursions trips that he took on a
in-board fishing boat that most GI's also rented in Sinop. It was a 20-25 footer and the Turk was well
versed on the use of home-made dynamite to catch FISH. During most trips he'd throw 2 or 3 sticks into
the Black Sea. Most times it was feared that he'd held onto the dynamite stick too long, but he always got
rid of it before it went off. The first time scared the heck out of me and Sgt Van Pelt on the trip. We were
not aware of his dynamite trick to catch FISH. He held onto that stick for an extended period of time. We
were about ready to jump overboard when he threw it. Nothing happened and we sorta laughed for a few
seconds and then the sea exploded with a wave of about 30 feet and flying and stunned fish were all
about. He wanted the WHITE fish and we understood that he sold them at the Sinop fish market. Went on
about 6 or 7 FISH trips with that Turk and cannot remember his name. It was an experience that I shall
never forget as will others who went FISHING on his boat. [Carlos Hunt writes about his one time trip on
that boat- - -gH]
Retired as a E8 at Fort Meade in 1967.

KJOLLER, Jon YOB: 1938 RA15578113 E3 058 Det 4, JL58-AU59,, (Darlene), 993 Rosemary Dr., New
Braunfels, TX 78130, 830-625-1064, - ASA TURKEY REUNION: Hey Ernie, It seems
you're doing a great job on the reunion and I know it must be a ton of work. I won't be at the 2004 reunion
but I will be calling you for advice and direction if I can pull the 2005 reunion to San Antonio if there is any
interest in this location. regards, Jon

KNIPPER, Bill YOB: 1953 E4 98J Det 4, MR74-MR75, (Sherri), 1 Petersburg Ct., Oak Ridge, NJ 07438,
973-409-4141, - Hi Elder, I get the DOOL newsletter regularly. Most of your gang was in
Turkey while I was in grade school. Every once in a while I see a name I recognize from my time "on the
hill". John Heiss took command while I was there and Bill Capozzoli was there also. I was at Fort Devens
September 73 to March 74, Sinop March 74 to March 75 and Fort Huachuca March 75 to July 76. I was a
98J20. While in Sinop, I was Trick One and I did recorders, then moved to Deep Space. In Fort
Huachuca, the biggest project was test & compare the MLQ-24 against the MSQ-103. Both
countermeasures receivers, one just newer than the other. My address is: 1 Petersburg Ct. Oak Ridge, NJ
07438 and my phone is 973-409-4141. I just got word, my Marine son is returning, next week from his
second Iraqi tour, I pray he won't have to do that again. That is some mess we got ourselves in over there.
I know everybody's got their own opinion about that situation. Twice it has personally affected me and I'm
tired of it .(my son is really tired of it). Thats all for now. God bless our men and women in uniform and
God bless America.

LARGE, Darrell R., CPT Det 4-2, 62-DE62, (Rheta), 583 Kumukahi Pl., Honolulu, HI 96825, 808-395-
6825, LTC, Ret - Please note my new email address.

LARKIN, Herbert (Dale), 058, Det 4, 65-66, 12347 N 400 East Rd., Stanford, IL 61774, 309-379-2171,
dalelarkinrace38@aol,com - Thanks to Ernie Carrick for keeping me in the loop for the ASA Turkey
reunion. As I told you before, we are having our Bangkok, Thailand reunion in McHenry, IL at the same
time. Please let me know when your next reunion will be. Thanks

MacKINNON, Don LTC XO Det 4, AU72-AU73, 7809 Walnut Tree Rd., Severn MD 21144, 410-969-7057, [edited] Hi There....I've been in the hospital for the past 8 days. Leg infection and
some more angina episodes led them to think perhaps I had had another heart attack... now they aren't so
sure. Anyway....alls well now and I'm back in business.

MELCHIORRE, Raymond J., E5, Medic, Det 27, 63-65, (Elizabeth), PO Bpx 569, Pattison, TX 77466, 281-
375-8891, - I am so sorry but being a High School Athletic Trainer and football
going strong I just cannot see clear to be with you all...........All the best and have a great time.

MIDTAUNE, Ted B., YOB: 1939 RA17616013 E2-E4-E3-E4 058 Det 27, 24OC62-64, (Merry), 3859 Santa
Clara Way, Livermore, CA 94550, 925-443-3252, Ted called on 8 September
2004 to check in. Promised to attend the 2005 reunion.

MODISETTE, Dwayne G., YOB: 1945, RA18715742 E3-E5 058/05H, Det 27 & 4-4, 66-68, 305 W. 2nd St.,
Venus, TX 76085, 972-366-9924, - Merhaba right back at you! The master entry
has no mistakes. Thanks! I look forward to perusing your DOOL's in the future.
CoQ Tesh, Abi ! (Ha! Ha!) Please note new email address. SP5 Modisette

MOLENDA, Chas A (Chuck), YOB: 1939, RA18596665, E3-E5, Det 27, 61-JN62, (Gwen), 41 Chatooga Ct
W., Hertford, NC 27944, 252-426-2224, Chuck Molenda's name appeared
on Det 27 Operations Company Unit Order Number 10, dated 26 March 1962 with 81 others who were
appointed to the Permanent Grade of PRIVATE FIRST CLASS E3 with
individual Dates of Rank indicated for each. CPT Alwin H. Sprehe was the CO. I called Chuck Molenda on
30 July 2004 and had a interesting chat with him. He enlisted for a 3 year ASA assign-ment in July 1960 at
Dallas, TX. Took basic at Fort Leonard Wood and then onward to Fort Devens for ditty-bop training. Was
transferred to 059 after failing to pass 22 wpm. Upon graduating, was hoping for duty in Germany, but
because he had GOOD TEETH was sent to Det 27 where dentists were 'supposedly' non existent. Those
with BAD TEETH were sent to Germany. Arrived in Ankara in a Turk DC-3 that had a hole in the fuselage
that was stuffed with rags! Was assigned to Trick #1 where Ralph Stevens was the Watch Officer. Was
the QB and catcher for the TK#1 Flag Football and Fast Pitch Softball Teams respectively. Remembers
Alejandro Lara, Dave Cismoski, Roger Robbins, Dan Nass, Vic Thiedek, Bob Simonsen, and Watch
Officers Jud Reynolds, Dave Tavernetti, and Freddy Frye. Said that Lt John Leopold was one of the
officers who reviewed his OCS application and review at Det 27. Departed Manzarali in June 1962 for
OCS at Fort Benning. Was commissioned a 2LT in May 1963 and sent to Fort Devens for ASA
indocrination and in July 1963 went to Fort Rucker, AL for Flight Training in the OV-1 Mohawk aircraft.
Was sent to Hanau, Germany as an observer for a Artillery Bn there. Next assignment was to Phu Bai in an aviation company. There his company shared a Mess Hall with the ASA at Phu Bai where he ran into Judd Reynolds. Wanted a stateside assignment after Vietnam, instead was sent back to Hanau, Germany. Near the end of that assignment - received notice that he was being assigned back to Vietnam. That was too much and Chuck Molenda resigned as a
Captain and went to the University of Texas at Arlington and graduated with a business degree in 1970.
Retired several years ago as a Vice President of Cox Communications

MOORE, James B., 2LT-1LT, Opns O, Det 4-4, SE69-MR71, (Linda), 4208 Evergreen Ln., Suite 235
Annandale, VA 22003, 703-658-2830 & 9118 Santayana Dr., Fairfax, VA 22031, 703-280-2726, & - Hi Elder, It has been way too long since we have had a
chance to get together, but you & the folks I met at the first reunion are rarely far from my thoughts.
Unfortunately, Linda and I can not (once again) get to the 2004 ASA Turkey Reunion. I would sure like to,
but we will be with you all in spirit. And my best to everyone there. I have been wondering if you still have
Det 4-4 caps, t-shirts and golf shirts left? Or, have they all been given to the SA? If you do, please let me
know. Thanks much, Jim

MULHOLLAND, Jim YOB: 1934, 2LT-1LT, Elint O, Det 4, AP56-JN57, (Joan), 4702 Hedgewood,
Bloomfield Hills. MI 48301, 248-855-9213,
SEE ATTACHMENT 14 LT's Jim Mulholland Bob Posner - Sinop 1956.

This photo was taken while the two YOUNG Lieutenants were out surveying the area where the L-19 landing
strip was eventually used.
Both will be to the Huntsville reunion.

Sinop 1956.

NEELEY, F. Lee, E3-E4, 058, Det 4, JN57-58, (Susan), 775-354-1927,
Many thanks for the info on the 2004 Reunion -- Unfortunately I can't attend...

NEILL, Henry W. Jr., (Hank), YOB: 1939, RA12646838/05875320, E1-E5/2LT, MOS: 723.10/FC, Det 27,
AU62-JA64, (Judy), 7417 Jenna Road, Springfield, VA 22153, 703-569-5163, - COL,
USA (Ret.) - Re: ASA TURKEY REUNION - I wish my wife, Judy and I, could make it to the 2004 reunion.
Unfortunately, I have been diagnosed with a serious medical problem (prostate cancer) and will be
undergoing treatments during the time the reunion is scheduled to be held. A diagnosis like mine is a
bummer but I have been getting good treatment at both Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the
National Cancer Institute ... two top rated places. So, all that can be done for me is being done. I feel fine,
still have high energy, eat well and sleep well. I am even working on my golf game with some degree of
tenacity. Frankly, I feel very good. This is a strange disease. Anyway, I will be there in spirit if not in the
flesh when the group meets and, hopefully, will make it to some future reunions. I appreciate all the work
you are doing for the Manzarali Maulers. Running a reunion is not a lot of fun but it does help keep a
group together and, I am sure when you see all the attendees, it will be worth it all. Thank you for your

PHILBRICK, Arlington B., YOB: 1937, US51344774, E3, Supply, Det 27, AP60-MR62, (Beverly), Oakland,
ME 04963, 207-465-2515, no email

RASMUSSEN, Ted YOB 1944 RA13765437 E3-E4 058 Det 27, 5AP63-16SE64, (Marianna), 1182 Maple Ave,
Lancaster, PA 17603, 717-394-7026, Please note the new email address.

REBER, Mark, YOB: 1946, E5, 98J, Det 4, MR72-SE73, (Judy), 11202 Sheradale Dr., Kingsville, MD
21087, 410-592-5082, - Met Mark Reber at the 2004 ASA Picnic at Blobs Park,
MD. Enlisted for ASA duty on 23 September 1969. Took basic at Fort Dix and then on to USASATC&S for
ELINT training via MOS 98J. Then sent to Fort Huachuca, AZ for additional training before flying off to SINOP.
Attended 98J20, SA430, and 98J30 courses while at Fort Devens in 1970/71. I remember our main 98J30 instructor was SSG Wood. I believe I was in the 2nd to last 98J30 course taught at the beloved USASATC&S at Fort Devens.

SPEAKS, Carl R. YOB 1941 RA18581471 E4-E5 (Sgt), 058, Det 27, 63-65, (Kathy), PO Bx 318, Arp, TX
75750, 903-859-4202, - HI Elder: I received an email from Ernest Carrick and he
said he had saw in dool#142 about my brother Alton passing away. He told me about the reunion. I replied
to him and ask how to see dool #142 and he forwarded it to me. He said to contact you about receiving
the newsletter. No kathy and I can not make it for the reunion. After reading the newsletter I saw the email
address of Bill La Mountain that I was with in Det. 27. I sent him an email and in less than 10 minutes he
called me. The first time we had talked in almost 40 years. Really brings back good memories. So I have
you to thank for that.

ROSSANO, Gerard N., (Jerry), E4, 058, Det 4, NO63-NO64, (Shirley), 798 County Rd 350, Hollywood, AL
35752, 256-259-4439, - ASA Turkey reunion. Nice to talk to you this morning. We've
decided to attend the Friday night shindig at the O club on Redstone. My wife and I will meet you all at the
Marriot at 5 PM as noted in your e-mail. I will send along my check for 50 bux in tomorrows mail, that's
$30.00 for two at the O Club and $10. each for the Hospitality Room Amenities. I have the name and
address of one other guy I was friends with on the hill. We have kept in touch over the years: Winbon
Berteau (Bert), 3333 Iowa Ave., Kenner, LA 70065. He doesn't have an e-mail address as far as I know.
We last saw him about 5 years ago in New Orleans. The only other guys I remember were Kevin Butler
and John Carter, both of Illinois but I have not kept in touch. I have some pictures, either prints or slides,
that I can bring with me. Look forward to meeting some of the guys and telling lies and war stories with
them. Regards. Jerry

SCARBOROUGH, Jim (Scars) YOB 1950 RA E6 98J30 Det 4, 73-74 & 76-77, (Ellen Marie), 5511 Tobego
Ct., Fairfax, VA 22032, 703-249-9470, &
[edited] gH, Some of these ASA Turkey vets are quite the tellers of 'sea stories'. As I learned from my
Navy compatriots in Norfolk, the difference between a 'sea story' and a 'fairy tale' is; a fairy tale starts out,
"Once upon a time," and a sea story starts out, "Now, this is no sh_t," -- hi hi hi, as my Dad and his Ham
Radio friends used to say. Alice Marble Dick, Scars

SPIVEY, John C. Jr., YOB: 1932 CPT Det 4, 61-62, 1400 S. Joyce St., Apt 1136, Arlington, VA 22202,
703-521-7581, - Thanks for the Email. At the present time am unable to commit
to the 2004 reunion dates in Sept. Several things taking place at that time & have to see what I can work
out. Would love to get there ---Sinop & ASA personnel are special. Incidentially, two of the events occuring
in that period involve ASA. Also the AWKs (ASA class & inductees) are holding a reunion in Colorado
Springs. By the way, Jim Boyte lived in my hometown, Carthage, NC. Talked to him a couple times about
the church and his tour there. He extended in order to finish the job. Never met his wife. A great family.
For now, again thanks & keep up the good work. Spivey ( : )
SEE John Spivey attachment that was taken at the 2004 ASA Picnic at Blobs Park, MD

STALLINGS, Connie American Embassy, 61-63 - friend of many Det 27 vet's, 349 E 50th St., NYC., 212-
752-9047, - I haven't found a new job OR a new apartment. There is a
wonderful computer here at this temp job, though, so I shall take advantage of it to
say: Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Elder, Happy birthday to you!
And, have a wonderful reunion.

STEWART, Steven A E4 98C Det 4, AP74-AP75, 951-658-0164,

STORMENT, Clifford D 722 Det 4, 56-57, (Sally), 1156 S Broadway, Joshua TX 76058 817-475-7184, - Thanks for the info on the reunion. As of today I don't see how I can fit it into my
schedule. Should things change I would enjoy attending. To up date your files I will provide the following:
Name: STORMENT, Clifford D.
Wife: Doris
Phone: (817) 475-7184
Service: Sinop and Samsun 1956-57 Mos 722.

The following names were extracted from Letter Order #173-57 and consist of people who were in Sinop
at that time.
DAILEY, James M.
JADRON, Lawrence F.
McKITO, Ronald T. (Last known living in Uniontown, Pa.)
DAHL, John C.
NORTON, Albert M.
THOMPSON, Charles R.
CICON, Peter H.
GREEN, James A. Maj Commanding.
Other people I remember are:
COLEMAN, Ernest J.
McKAY, Luther S. (Last known @ 2810 Long Creek Rd., Del Rio, Tn.).
OWENBY, James (Jim) (Last known @ Ormon Beach, Fl.
DUNLAP, Jack. (was a spy for the Soviet Union and committed Suicide).
HUTTO, Robert (Presently lives in Dolthan, Al.).
ALLISON, Kenneth A. Cpt XO.
RETGER, Robert 1Lt. Signal Off.
STOWERS, Jas R E3-E4 059 Det 4, SE62-63, Bellingham, WA

SULLIVAN, Frank J 98GRU Det 4, 71-72, 36 Mark Twain Ln., Rotonda West, FL 33947, - (edited email from Ernie Carrick) Folks, I will be unable to attend this year's ASA
reunion in Sept. Please note my address changes. Thanks!
p.s. I'm looking for Bill Guitteau and Charles (Chuck) Clendenen, and Mark Lutness who served with me
71-72 in Sinop.

VANNOY, Claude E CPT-MAJ Opns O Det 27, JN65-JN68, (Ginny), 177 Welcome Home Rd., North
Wilkesboro, NC 28659, 366-667-7036, - On 25 May 1965 Captain Claude E. Vannoy
received the Joint Service Commendation Medal for service at NSA. The following month he was
assigned to Det 27 as the Operations Officer. This information was taken from inside the NSA Review
brochure that Andy Wacendak sent to me.

WACENDAK, Andy, YOB 1925 RA12285540 E7-WO1 98GRU/988A Det 4, 66-67, (Winifred), 66 E Maine
Rd., Johnson City, NY 13790, 607-797-6483, & - Letter
from Andy Wacendak: Hello ASA - Elder. Great to receive your DAYS OF OUR LIVES newsletter. My son,
Andy Jr., brought me DOOL#142. So many names do sound familiar, others I barely recall. Keep up the
excellent work. I must deeply apologize for notmy being at the ASA Picnic at Blobs Park on 7 August
2004. I've had a severe bout of back problems and hemroids are trying to kill me, but I plan to survive as I
love my best buddy Winnie (wife), my family and life, hunt, fish and enjoy our grandchildren! My activities
are in-doors and I try and go to the local mall on a daily basis. Winnie does all the grass mowing on our 6
plus acres on a weekly basis. Older son, Andy trims. Dr John does all repairs as need be! In fact Dr. John
is bulldozing area of his farm. This guy can tackle any job! Say buddy, reference Jack Dunlap - Six of us
NCO's who knew him at NSA went to his funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. Later we were
interviewed by agents from the CIA, ASA, NSA and, of course, the FBI. Elder - Dunlap had a line BS, had
all of us buffaloed. As a NSA courier he could freely travel thru out NSA, ASA and Defense units. He had a
large new fishing boat that he pulled with a new Cadillac, etc., had oriental wife. Don't know how he was
able to get a clearance in 1958 as a lot of my former friends immediately lost their clearance when they
applied for a marriage license. Guess that Dunlap had others buffaloed too. Jack Dunlap was an
infantryman during the Korean War. He earned a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, the Combat Infantry Badge
and 2 Purple Hearts. (Quite a hero???, just like John Kerry???). End of story from me on Jack Dunlap.
There were several hi-ranking ASA officers which I never got along with. Two were mentioned in #142.
Enough said, Okay? Winnie and I were always pack-rats and now are in the process of unpacking
junk/goodies from all over the world!

WEBER, Gary YOB: 1943 RA17606570 E3-E4 Photographer Det 4, 14NO62-20OC63, 4209 Americana
Dr., #102, Annandale, VA 22003, 703-941-0311,
Gary Weber sent me useful computer information and Bill Simons has posted them on his Sinop website.
You can access them by going directly to "".

WILLIAMS, Jeff Det 4, 66-67, ASA Turkey Reunion. I won't be attending the 2004
reunion, but I thought I'd respond to correct my email address. I noticed that you used two old addresses
for me. My new email: Thanks for the invitation.

WINCH, Gary YOB 1940, RA11386407, E3-E5, 982, Det 27, 25SE62-JN64, (Marian), 105A Askewton
Rd., Severna Park, MD 21146, 410-647-2879, - Hi Elder! Just a quick note to
let you know that a friend and former ASAer in Turkey, who I mentioned to you some time ago, has finally
gotten Email connectivity. He will be in touch with you shortly, but in the mean time, his name is Bob
(Robert) Martin and he was at Det 27 around the same time I was... 1963-1964, or possibly a bit earlier
since we over lapped early in my assignment. Again, sorry we can't make the 2004 reunion because we
are travelling overseas. Hope all is going well. Take care and Cheers! Gary Winch

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