From: "ercgreen"
Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #129
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 07:05:23 -0400


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GREEN, Elder RC (gH), DOB: 1936, RA13513638, E7, 982/98C, Det 27, 1-15MY61, Det 120, MY-JL65, Det 27, JN66-OC67 & Det 4-4, OC67-NO68, (Patty), 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701, 724-349-7395,


CONBOY, John W. P., 01113149, Major, CE, Det 27, 62-64, per SO#181 dtd 25OC62. DOB: 14 July 1927 DOD: 6 April 1996 at Lake Worth, Florida. SSN: 261-30-5015 issued Florida. Conboy's name found on Special Orders #181 dated 25 October 1962 as Member of a examination and selection of applicants for appointment to the Regular Army, US Army Reserve and Officer Candidate Schools. Note that Captain Clinton Newingham was an Alternate Member of this selection board.

HENLEY, Wayne H., DOB 1942, RA16657512, E4-E5, 723, Det 27, NO60-MR63 DOD: @1970. Gary Cosey and Wayne Henley enlisted on the Buddy Plan for duty with ASA. They were both natives of Waterford Township, Michigan. Wayne was killed in an auto accident. No other details available.

LUPLOW, Richard J., RA16639218, E4-E5, P2, Det 27, 61-63, per SO#106 dtd 3JL62. DOB 27 January 1937 DOD 28 October 1992 at Albuquerque, NM 87123. SSN: 382-34-0488 issued Michigan

MERGIST, Lenwood F., RA18592427, E3-E4, 059.10, Det 27, 61-NO62 (18m), Lived at 904 E Lafayette St., Abbeville, Vermilion Co., LA 70510, 337-898-0168. Name found on Det 27 Orders that Tom Fittante gave me at the 2003 ASA Turkey Reunion. DOB: 2 November 1941 DOD: 23 January 1998. Per Linda Mergist, his sister, Lenwood had several heart attacks and the last one caused his death. Lenwood never married. Worked for 20+ years as a crew boat skipper for the McDermott Oil Company.

NEWINGHAM, Clinton D., 0981226, Captain, FC, Det 27, 60-63 per SO#181 dtd 25OC62. DOB: 21 July 1917 DOD: June 1965 at Pepperell, MA. SSN: 211-07-2954 issued Pennsylvania. Newingham's name found on Special Orders #181 dated 25 October 1962 as an Alternate Member of a examination and selection of applicants for appointment to the Regular Army, US Army Reserve and Officer Candidate Schools. Note that Captain Newingham was in his mid-40's during his Tour of Duty at Manzarali Station.


The 2003 ASA Turkey reunion was attended by 62 people who all enjoyed themselves at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort. The after-reynion port will be included in #131.


The 492 page 2003 ASA Turkey Memory Book is now on a MINI-DISK and can be ordered FREE by sending an email to There are two files on this mini-disk and Chuck and Helen Bergmann have prepared an instruction sheet with each shipment. Also, if for some reason anyone would like the Memory Book on a full size CD - let them know when you send your request.


The 2004 ASA Turkey reunion will be held in September at HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA. Ernie and Betty Carrick will be hosting the reunion and the details will be forthcoming soon.


The following 121 ASA Turkey veteran's who served at Det 27 circa 1960-1963 need to be found. Those with an asterick (*) before their name have been found. The names are from General, Special and Unit Orders that Tom Fittante gave me at the 7 Springs reunion. The Orders were issued March-December 1962 by Headquarters, TUSLOG Detachment 27. I need everyone's help in finding these vet's.

ADAMS, Thomas M., E5 P2

AMOS, Donald L., E4

ASHBROOK, Charles W., E5 P2

*BAILEY, Afton D., E4-E5, 059, SE61-JN63

BARBER, Charles L., E3

BARTLE, Robert J., E4

BASTIEN, Robert A., E3


BEAL, Robert E., E4

BEAMS, Joseph F. Jr., E4

BIEHL, John S., E4-E5, 058.10

BINTLIFF, Charles H., E3

BLAIR, Paul J., E4-E5, P1/P2, 988.1662

BRACHMAN, Joseph C., E4



BROWDER, Roger L., E3

BROWN, Robert J., E5, P2

*BRUNNER, Louis J. Jr., E4-E5, 982.10

BRYANT, Thomas R., 03, SigC

BUSSEY, Ray 058

BYLER, Bobby M., E4

CAMPBELL, Robert W., E3

CATELLA, Michael B., E3

CHESTER, Craig M., E5, P2, 988.1663

CISMOSKI, David J., E4

COLLINS, James L., E4

*CONBOY, John W.P. 04, CE (See TAPS)

COOK, Peter D., E4, P1/P2, 988.1663

*COSEY, Gary K., E3, 723

COULOMBE, Paul A., E4-E5, 717.10

COULTER, Frank W., E3

*COURTEMANCHE, Bernard, E4-E5 (Acting Sgt), 058.30

COX, Allen D., E5, P2

CROUSE, James G., E4

*DAVIDGE, Gordon F., E4

DAVIS, Wallace J., E5, P2

EBERMAN, Robert W., E4


ENGEN, Tommy A., E4

FAIRCLOTH, Dan E6 per Gary Cosey

FAWCETT, Henry F., E4-E5, P1/P2, 988.1662

FERGUSON, Joseph D., E5, 714.10

FERRILL, Richard C., E4


FISHER,, Richard A., E5

*FITTANTE, Thomas A., E4-E5, (Acting Sgt), P1/P2, 988.1662


GARNEAU, Ted, 058

GARRITY, Lyle J., 03-04, MPC, Adjutant

GENTRY, Merle A., E8, 717.80

*GIBBS, Gerald G. Jr., 03, ARTY

GINTHWAIN, Richard, E4

GOLDMAN, Joel H., E5, P1/P2, 988.1614

GORSKY, Richard F., E4

GRIFFIS, James H., E4

GUT, Richard J., E3

HAKEL, Larry L., E4

HANNA, Allan L., E4


HARTSON, David J., E5

HENRY, Roger J., E4

*HENLEY, Wayne H., E4 (See TAPS)

HICKEY, Jerry G., E3

HILLMAN, Allan B., E3

HILLMER, Ronald J., E4

HIX, Kenneth R., E5, P1, 341.10


HOLSINGER, Stephen, E4

HORTON, David T., E3

HOWE, Luke T., E4, P1/P2, 988.1663

KELLY, Joseph P., Jr. E4

KOBERNUS, Charles R., E4

KOTZIN, Theodore J., E4, P2, 988.1663

LANCASTER, Kenneth, E4

*LANDSKOV, Arthur O., E4-E5, 058, MR61-DE62

LANG, Bart W., E4-E5, 982.10

LARA, Alejandro, Jr. E3-E4, 058, 60-62

LEMMER, Bernard J., E4

LONG, William P., E4

LONGLEY, Timothy J., E3

*LUPLOW, Richard J., E5, P2, 988.1663 (See TAPS)

*MALOOF, Geoge H., E4, 058




McCLELLAND, William, E4

McCLURE, James F., E5, P2, 988.1663

*McWADE, Thomas P., E3-E5 058

MELCHING, Charles E., E3

*MERGIST, Lenwood F., E3-E4, 059.10 (See TAPS)

MESSERLE, Donald W., E3

MOHAN, John M., E5, P2, 988.1663

MOLENDA, Charles A., E3

NELSON, Thomas K., E5

*NEWINGHAM, Clinton D., 03, FC (See TAPS)

*NORMAN, Roy E., E3-E5, 058, 61-63

NOSLER,, Robert C., E4-E5, P1/P2, 988.1662

OMALLEY, Edward J., E4

ORR, William E., E5, P2

PARKER, Jimmie G., 04, QMC

*POETTO, Paul E., E4

POOLE, Joseph W. II, E3

*PUTERBAUGH. S.W. CW3, Asst Adjutant

REED, Donald W., E4

RICE, Ralph W. Jr., E3

RICHMOND, Glen W., E5, P1/P2, 988.1614

RINER, David E., E5, P2, 099.1663

*ROBBINS, Robin J., E5, 342.10

RONEY, William K., E4, P1/P2, 988.1662

ROWE, Joseph E., E4, P1/P2, 988.1663

SEIFERT, Robert J., E4-E5, P1/P2, 988.1662

SIMONSON, Robert M., E4-E5, P1/P2, 988.1662

SMITH, Hubert C., E5 (Acting Sgt), 059.10

SMITH, R.W. E5, P1, 286.20

SPITZER, Mike 058

*SPREHE, Alwin H., 03, CO Opns Co

STEVENS, Ralph P., 02, SigC

TENNANT, James J. Jr., E5, (Acting Sgt), P1/P2, 988.1662

VANDERFORD, David E., E4-E5, P1/P2, 988.1663

WASICEK, Frank Jr., E6

WOODS, Charles R., E5, P1, 341.10


BAILEY, Afton D (Jack) RA18598830 E4-E5 059 Det 27, SE61-JN63, 720 Fairway Dr., Paris, TX 75460, 830-377-8899, & see This is a new address and e-mail address for Jack Bailey.

BAKER, Jesse E5 Det 4, 65-676, 229 Bluffwood Rd., Wagener, TX 29164, 803-564-5475, My name is Jesse Baker who served in Sinop from 1965-66...please send me your newsletter.. Tks

CHANDLER, Jerry - Hi Elder- Today while browsing around on various ASA sites, I stumbled across your ASA Turkey Reunion for Seven Springs. Since I didn't see any specific unit affiliation, I will assume that this includes those ASA guys from Sinop. I'm looking for a friend and thought that you may have run across his name. I don't know what time frame or MOS you had, so this may not conincide. Dave Seabury - He was in my Russian class at DLI until we graduated in March 1967. Then we both went to Goodfellow until July 1967. I got orders for Rothwesten, Germany and he got Sinop.. he would have arrived there about August 1967 and would have been there no later than early 1970. He would have been an RU intercept op or transcriber or T/A. Is there any chance that you know of his name in your time over there or in your participation in Sinop vet groups?? BTW, I presently am in New Kensington.. so I guess we are neighbors... I lived in St.Louis for 30 years but 3 years ago, my mother had a stroke and I moved back here, to the house in which I grew up, to take care of my father and look after mom in a nursing home. I still have my house in St.Louis and get back there every month or two. If you have lived in Indiana for a long time, a good friend of mine here is Dixon Lightcap. He and his father and grandfather had an electrical company in Indiana. He lives in Lower Burrell now. It sounds as if you've picked a great site for your reunion. Seven Springs at this time of the year is beautiful. Thanks for your help. -Jerry Best regards from St. Louis, Misery & New Kazoo, Pa

-Jerry Chandler

1989 Merkur Scorpio, White, 173k miles
1988 Merkur Scorpio, White, 153k??(stuck odo), parts car with leaky A4LD
1986 Merkur XR4ti project car

CHESSER, Joe RA13732184 E4 Postal Clk Det 27, 60-61, (Helen), 24 Out of Bounds Rd., Lake Monticello, VA 22963, 434-589-2133, (dsl) [edited] While you are enjoying the mountains of Somerset and the ASA Turkey reunion - we will be attending the UVA season opener on Saturday the 30th. We have season tickets. Best wishes to you and have great time. Joe

COSEY, Gary K., DOB 1942, RA16657513, E3-E5, 723 (Cryptorapher), Det 27 & Det 120, NO60-MR63, (Sandra), 22347 Merrill Ave., Sauk Village, IL 60411, 708-758-3508, no e-mail. Name found on Operations Company Det 27 Unit Order #10, dtd 26 March 1962 and signed by Captain Alwin H. Sprehe, the Company CO. There is 82 names on the unit order who all were appointed to the Permanent Grade of Private First Class E-3 with DOR's indicated for each. The orders were given to me at the 2003 ASA Turkey reunion by Tom Fittante whose PFC DOR was 29 December 1960. Cosey's PFC DOR was 21 February 1961. Contacted Gary on 31 August 2003 and had interesting chat. Enlisted on the Buddy Plan with Wayne H. Henley for duty with the ASA. Told me that sometime in 1962 Special Forces personnel parachuted into Adana and as part of their training marched from Adana to Manzarali where they stayed for a week. Spent about 6 months working on getting the COMM CENTER on the second floor at the NSA Det 120 building in Ankara up and running.. Met William Eugene Cox at Fort Gordon while attending 723 (Cryprographer) school. Said that Cox took basic training at Fort Ord, California and knew him at Det 27. Remembers hearing that Cox and another person (Brisiden) went to Ankara and picked up a hooker. Later, the prostitute thinking that both were asleep - started going thru their clothes. Cox wasn't asleep and immediately challenged her. The prostitute supposedly had a knife and Cox and his friend took it away from her and proceeding to cut her up. Does not remember any thing else regarding Cox. See DAYS OF OUR LIVES #54, 55, 56, 64, 65 and 68 for the despicable story of William Eugene Cox. [Steve Hudson has a group picture with COX in it and promised to scan it and send it to me].

CRAM, Eugene C (Gene) W2 W2215309 OIC T/A Det 27, 66-67, (Phyllis), 5180 SW Gardenia Ct., Dunnellon, FL 34431, 352-489-9085, Thanks for the jpg of the badge - by far the best yet. Hope everyone is having a great time this weekend at the reunion. Sorry we had to cancel. I am looking forward to seeing the memory book. Hopefully we will be able to make it in 2004. Gene and Phyl

DAVIDGE, Gordon F., RA16654687, E4, Det 27, NO60-NO62, (Patricia), 10915 E. Goodall Rd., Lot 460, Durand, MI 48429, 810-621-5296 and 4236 Avanti Cir., New Port Richey, FL 34655, 727-375-5402, per UO #10 dtd 26MR62. Spent two years at Manzarali. Was a barracks room leader. Remembers that during a inspection by Col Van Oosten - a PFC uttered a few wise cracks and the Colonel told the PFC that he was now a PRIVATE. Also remembers a friend, Ted Garneau getting busted for being AWOL from his Barracks Orderly duty.

DeLEO, Steve J DOB 1945 RA11423895 E4 982 Det 27, JA64-AU65, (Agnes), 203 Cheney Pl., Castle Rock, CO 80104, 303-688-1520, Retired Col, USAR, 32y svc, 7 as EM E-6. - I have to cancel out of the 2003 7 Springs reunion because of a family emergency. My dad is in critical condition and will not last much longer, so I have cancelled all plans and traveling to be with him.

DRACHMAN, Daniel O E4-E5 988RU Det 27 MR63-JN64, c/o Lockwood Greene Intnl, 11A Novinsky Blvd., 121099 Moscow, Russia, gH, I just realized I had never replied to your request for my mailing address. If I can ever set the time aside -- I will give you a BIO..... I stay extremely busy here being project manager on various factories we design and assist on construction then too. Our office is a ranch office of large A/E U.S. design firm - Lockwood Greene (Spartanburg, SC). Thanks again for all the good work - - and communications! Daniel O. Drachman, c/o Lockwood Greene International, 11A Novinsky Blvd., 121099 Moscow, Russia

EBY, Thomas D., (Tom) DOB 1936, US55609466 E4 058 Tk#4 BPED 7JA60 ETS 6AP62 DEROS 16MR62 Det 27, AU60-MR62, White Lake, MI 248-887-6063, - Elder, You are the first person I contacted when I heard about your news letter and so I will ask you about Det 27 personnel. I thoroughly enjoy the news letters you send but I was wondering about Ankara Det 27. I read mostly about Sinop in each letter. I am sure that Sinop was an interesting spot but I believe Ankara was the hub and yet see very little written about it. Now, it may be because mostly the men responding were associated with Sinop and not very many responding from Ankara and consequently not much news from there. Am I correct in this? Please let me know. I am not sure that I sent you a bio on myself and have been reluctant to do so because I do not want to receive unsolicited mail over the Net. Any mail I receive from an ASA member of course I will gladly receive. My BIO is as follows:Thomas D. Eby -- DOB 7/18/36 -- Stationed Manzareli Station Aug. 60' thru March 62' -- Rank sp/4 -- MOS 058 -- Trick 4 -- Discharged (honorably, of course) at Ft. Dix in March 62' -- Pharmaceutical Rep. for 25 years, then retired -- Operated my own Mfgr. Rep agency for 5 years after retiring -- Presently doing part time work for Tetratech Corp. -- Any other info you may need, please let me know. I enjoyed my time spent in Ankara even when I was extended for three months courtesy of the Russians and JFK until March 62' Other than reading (in one of the news letters) a few things about Manzareli such as the Karahani and Lake Golbasi I have seen little from anyone else who was at Det 27 from 1960 thru March 1962. I have some of the guy's names I was with at that time if you would care for me to send them to you. Keep the newsletters coming, I really enjoy them.

GELNETT, Richard P (Rick), US52588891 E4 Det 66, 65, 1131 Hepburn St., Williamsport, PA 17701, 570-326-9460, no email.

GLUBKA, Roger A (Butch) DOB: 1944 E1-E3-E1 72B Det 27, FE64-JL65, (Michelle), 7353A Ireland Cir., El Paso, TX 79930, 915-562-9560, - Elder, - Well here I am in El Paso the arm pit of Texas. I'm ready to relay. Thom Leonard sent me DOOL 's 122-128. I'm sorry to say I won't be making the reunion but hopefully the next one. It sounds like the patches are selling well? I'll keep you posted and take care.

HOTTON, Phil, E3-E4, 204, Det 4, AP55-MR56, 4745 Cardinal Dr., Salisbury, MD 21804, 410-742-1639,, <br><br><br> - Hello Elder, this is ol' Phil Hotton again. (Sinop '55-'56)
Recently I checked in with your site. I wish that I had done this sooner. I was reading an entry from Buck Goss where he says that my comments place him and Jim Julius in the housing while my merry little band were living in the hotel, The Sinop Palas Oteli. As I arrived in Sinop in April 1955 and left in March 1956 there was no way I could have met Buck or Jim as Buck says that they both arrived in December 1956. There was only a very small group in Sinop, living in independent housing throughout town when I arrived. We moved into the hotel a couple of months after I arrived. So far as I know my guys were the second group of American askeris to ever be in Sinop. The first group built the tin roofed wooden shack which served for "operations", that and an outhouse were the only stuctures on the site until Al Cantrell built a shed for our power unit and vehicle maintenance . I hope that this is helpful with your compilation of the history of the "early timers". I have been recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure, leaving me with stories untold of those times. As you know, some of my memories are on Bill Simons' site. I'm going to try to get the rest out as soon as I can.
Kindest Regards, Phil Hotton

JONES, Herbert E. (Ed), DOB: 1944, RA18664602, E5, 059, Det 27, OC62-MR65, (Florence), 30 Woodland Hills Dr., Bismarck, IL 61814, 217-759-7773, (Correspondence from Ed Jones to David Connor): ASA ALL THE WAY Greetings from TUSLOG Det27, APO993??. I really appreciate the time and phone call David Connor. ( You live in Texas now, originally PA.. I lost my little black book I kept all the names in of those I was with at Det 27, Manzarali Station. I got out of the Army in December of 1965, went back to college at Oklahoma State University. Went out to Oregon, worked at Montgomery Ward and the Esco Corp. where I still work as a Tech person and travel the Eastern U.S., Eastern Canada, Mexico and Europe. Like you I have done a lot of traveling, China, Sweden, Spain, Mexico and So. America over the past years. I am 59 now and looking forward to retirement, have a wife, Florence of 37 years., Theresa, Tawnya and Robert who are all or each married, four grand daughters all in Oregon and Washington. I hope we can find a way to get you to the next reunion, I don't think that will be a problem. If you signed up for the ASA membership roster for Turkey you will receive the news letter and Elder Green or Chuck Bergmann will send you a mini-disk of the 2003 Memory Book. Let me have your address and I will send some stuff. I hope you and I can pal around some in years to come.

NODOREK, John DOB: 1946 E3-E4 76P 76T 95B Det 27, AP67-NO67, Det 4-3, NO67-NO68, (divorced), 504 Johnson Rd., Albany, GA 31705, 229-436-8588. [edited letter from John Nodorek - Hello and Greetings. I had to give up my email address ( as I had a minor stroke that caused all sorts of $$ problems. I would like to pass along some information about Fort Devens and hope ypu and those who spent time at the USASATC&S will find interesting. Fort Devens was named for Major General Charles Devens. He was a Union General and later Attorney General of the United States under Rutherford B. Hayes. The Fort was created in September 1917 as an Infantry Training Center. In the DOOL's I read that there was a swimming pool on Site 23. I do not remember one. Do you happen to know where it was located? Hopefully I'll be able to get back on line one day and can catch up on the DOOL's. Give my hello's to all on the list and keep up the good work. Respectfully, John J. Nodorek Jr., ASA, All the Way 1966-1970

ROBBINS, Robin J., RA13689021, E5, 342.10, off-line Crypto repair, Det 27, 60-NO62 (22m), (Marion-div), 185 Oak St., Fayetteville, GA 30215, 770-461-1482, no email, per SO#193 dtd 13NO62, GCM 19AP60-20JA63 per GO#24 dtd 12DE62

RONEY, Wm K., (Bill), RA13683036, E4, P1/P2, 988.1662, Tk#4, Det 27, 61-63, 3826 Conestoga Rd., Camp Hill, PA 17011, 717-731-0776, per SO#52 dtd 2AP62 & SO#106 dtd 3JL62 & Art Landskov. - (currently working in Saudi Arabia) - Merhaba, I received your e-mail and was quite surprised to learn of the reunion. I tried accessing your website without success as I am interested in reading your newsletter. I do somewhat remember Tom Fittante as being a linguist in the class behind me at USALS. I seem to recall he was Navy and with Robert Nosler and Bob Seifert in class. I also recognize Art Landskov's name at the end of your e-mail. I've been back to Turkey several times although I never made it near to the old Det 27. I have met a Turk here in Saudi Arabia who is familiar with the site and gave me the name of the village it was near although I cannot put my finger on the paper at the moment. I would appreciate hearing more about your newsletter and when you were at Det 27. Also, if there is another reunion at 7 Springs I'd be interested in the details. Thanks for getting in touch. Regards, Bill Roney

STEPHENS, Howard C., (Steve), E4, Det 27, DE60-SE62, (Judy), 3149 Tamarron Dr., Rochester Hills, MI 48309, 248-375-0081, - Just received the ASA Memory Book. It's really great and Chuck Bergmann's efforts are really appreciated. I am looking forward to re-creating some really great memories this week, as I spend time going through the 492 pages. Thanks for your support guys. Hope all goes well for you and yours. Howard "Steve" Stephens