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Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #128
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 08:40:51 -0400


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GREEN, Elder RC (gH), DOB: 1936, RA13513638, E7, 982/98C, Det 27, 1-15MY61, Det 120, MY-JL65, Det 27, JN66-OC67 & Det 4-4, OC67-NO68, (Patty), 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701, 724-349-7395,

BECKNER, Noah E8 Det 4, 72-73, DOB 20 April 1931 DOD 21 June 2001 at Parrish, Florida per Murray.
I remember Noah Beckner from my short stay at Fort Huachuca, Arizone and on maneuvers to Camp Roberts and Hunter Liggett Military Reservation in California in 1959. He was single and was the Field First for the company. He worked as a bartender at a bar between Tombstone and Bisbee.

PRIETO, Federico Det 4, 72-73 d in FL per Harry L. Murray,


ANDERSON, Jerry, E3-E4, 341.10-Teletype repair, Det 27, JL56-JN58, (Sally), 5209, Lindermann Ave., Racine, WI 53406, 262-634-8509,

ANTONELLO, Tony, RA13576417, E6-E7, 059/05K, Det 27, AU65-MR68, Det 4, 69-70, (Val), 12257 Wye Oak Commons Cir., Burke, VA 22015, 703-239-1739,

BALDERSON, Eric L., (Rick), 2LT-1LT, Fin O, Det 27, 62-63, (Ramona), 36 Florie Farm Rd., Mendham, NJ 07945, 973-543-2093,

BERLIN, Franz DOB: 1939 RA17534092 E5 98J Det 4, 4-1 & 4-4, 62, (Peg), 300 Arundel Beach Rd., Saverna Park, MD 21146, 410-544-4833,

BINNEY, Bill (Dumbo) E5 98C Det 27, JA66-JN67, (Carole), 7800 Elberta Dr., Severn, MD 21144, 410-551-9175,

CARRICK, Ernie DOB: 1936 RA25358534 E3-E4 Personnel Det 4, NO57-OC58, (Betty), 6111 Fairfield Dr., Huntsville, AL 35811, 256-852- 6180,

COMROE, Mike, E4, 059, Det 27, 61-62, (Jane), 205 Pinetown Rd., Audubon, PA 19403,610-666-7402,

CRAM, Gene W2 W2215309 OIC T/A Det 27, 66-67, (Phyllis), 5180 SW Gardenia Ct., Dunnellon, FL 34431, 352-489-9085, The Cram's had to cancel their reservation as Gene was admitted to a hospital in Okala, Florida and it is anticipated that he will be released to the loving care of his wife Phyllis.

CRANE, Jim 01-02 05225154 FC Det 27, 65-66, (Lisa), 1490 Lago Mar Dr., Viera, FL 32940, 321-242-2404,

DeLEO, Steve DOB 1945 RA11423895 E4 982 Det 27, JA64-AU65, (Agnes), 203 Cheney Pl., Castle Rock, CO 80104, 303-688-1520,

ERICKSON, Ron DOB 1940 E4 059 Det 27, MY61-DE62, (Kathy), 17204 E 37th Ter. S. Independence, MO 64055, 816-373-3349,

GOODMAN, Jay DOB: 1952 E4 MP Det 4, SE72-SE73, (Kathy), 3468 Izy Hill Ln., Finleyville, PA 15332, 724-348-0358, (Motorhome)

GREEN, Elder RC (aka Al & Green Hornet) E7 Det 27, 1-15MY61, JN66-OC67 & 4-4, OC67-NO68, (Patty), 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701, 724-349-7395,

HUDSON, Steven C., DOB: 1943, RA14859450, E3-E5, 31J20, Det 27, AP65-OC66, (Barbara), PO BX 162, McIntosh, FL 32664, 352-591-2579,

HUNT, Carlos E DOB 1937 E3-E4 058 Det 4, MR58-MR59, (Frankie), 10215 Hwy 79E, Henderson, TX 75652, 903-889-2391,

JONES, Ed, DOB: 1944, RA18664602, E5, 059, Det 27, OC62-MR65, (Florence), 30 Woodland Hills Dr., Bismarck, IL 61814, 217-759-7773,

KEENAN, Frank E5 058 Det 27 @61 fm NJ

KJOLLER, Jon, DOB: 1938, RA15578113, E3, 058, Det 4, JL58-AU59,, (Darlene), 993 Rosemary Dr., New Braunfels, TX 78130, 830-625-1064, (Plans to drive)

LAMBETH, Henry (Hank) DOB: 1940 RA14750951 E4 283.1 Det 4, JN62-63, (Catherine), 1419 Marvin Dr., Vinton, VA 24179, 540-890-4508, (cable)

LANCE, Harry E3-E5 058 Det 4, AP59-AP60, (Frances), 50 S. Fairview St., Nazareth, PA 18064, 610-746-9141, (Fri only)

MAU, Norman R., E2-E4, Finance, Det 27, JA65-JN66, (Theresa), 11225 Broad Green Dr., Potomac, MD.20854, 301-983-8469, &

McCLEVISH, Chas Jr E1-E3 RA13772572 711 S2 Det 27, 63-64, (Carolyn), 1908 Harrison Rd., Dundalk, MD 21222, 410-285-1416, (Fri only)

McCULLOUGH, John T., DOB: 1938, RA15560286, E3-E4, 058, Det 4, 58, (Sue),1044 E. Smith Rd., Medina OH 44256 330-722-6490,

NEARPASS, Robert D., E3-E5, MP, Det 27, DE64-DE66, (Lorraine), 111 Hope Crossing Rd., Belvidere, NJ 07823, 908-638-7625,

NEILL, Hank, PVT-2LT, Finance, Det 27, AU62-JA64, (Judy), 7417 Jenna Rd Springfield, VA 22153, 708-569-5163,

NIESET, Clarence (Sonny) RA15680679 E3 993 Det 4, SE64-OC65, (Carolyn), 2237 Morrison St., Fremont, OH 43420, 419-334-2975,

RODRIGUES, Charlie E4 Supply Det 4, 59-60, (Patricia), 210 Benham Ave., Syracuse, NY 13219, 315-487-1195,

SCHWARTZ, Fred Det 4 58-60, (Rose), 321 Fain St., Morganton, GA 30560, 706-374-4302,

SINOR, Walter E4 F&AO Det 27, 62-63, (Betty), 3049 County Road 239, Valley Head, AL 35989-4721, (256)635-6860, 877-453-5097 (toll free),

STEFFEN, Arnold DOB: 1937 RA16568829 E4 283 Det 4, JL58-JL59, (Janet), 1043 Old Humboldt Rd., Jackson, TN 38305, 731-664-5058,

TAVERNETTI, Dave & Sue, DOB: 1940, 2LT-1LT, Watch Officer TK#4, Det 27, MR62-SE63, 238 Rio Vista Dr., King City, CA 93930, 831-385-4458,

VAN BROCKLIN, Jim DOB: 1929 SP3 (E4) US51337026 Det 4, FE56-SE56, (Marcia), 39 Therin Dr., Hamburg, NY 14705, 716-649-9232,

VAN ORDER, Roy DOB: 1936 E4-E5 283 Det 4, 27SE60-MY61, (Toni), 8186 Kneeskern Rd., Bridgeport, NY 13030, 315-633-0418,

WILLINGHAM, Ted DOB: 1944, RA18737230 E5 33C (Sugar Tree), Det 27, SE66-JN68
(Susan), 3 Chestnut St., Easthampton, MA 01027 413-527-9687,

WYLIE, Jim (Sick Call), DOB: 1941 RA13774855 E3-E5 993 Det 4, 64-65, (Sharon), 322 Crossfire Ln., Ligonier, PA 15658, 724-238-6457, no email.

ZIMMERMAN, John W. (Bear) DOB: 1941 RA13774858 Det 4, 64-65, (Sherry), RD#4 Latrobe, PA no e-mail

The 2003 ASA Turkey Memory Book is ready for distribution. It is a 492 page presentation of the VETERAN's who served in the Army Security Agency in Turkey. The FREE Memory Book has been converted onto a mini CD-R disk and can be ordered by sending a email to Chuck and Helen Bergmann at When ordering - please include your address. The BERGMANN's have been one of my BIGGEST and most LOYAL supporters of the DAYS OF OUR LIVES newsletters in that they RELAY the weekly missive to nearly 300 ASA Turkey veteran's.


The three attached photo's are part of a 125 photo CD-R slide presentation that was sent to me by ex-First Lieutenant Jim Mulholland who was among the first young officers assigned to Det 4 in 1956.

The photo's will be included in a planned ASA Turkey EARLY BIRD book that I'm working on.

In the group photo it is believed that those in the photo are: L-R 1LT Pat Rose, Shadi Bei (Turk interpretor), Maj Jim Green (the 2nd commander of Det 4), John Pruett (civilian advisor), 1LT Bill Stuckert (T/A) and 1LT Walt Garrett (Opns O).

1LT Bob Posner, a MIT graduate, was trained at Fort Devens to be the T/A officer at Det 27. His engineering background was discovered and he was sent to Det 4 at Sinop and was the officer in charge of construction.

Can anyone identify the three EM in the photo with 1LT Ray Keane?

CLAIRE, Jan Hello I'm Jan Claire, Karamursel Air Base 1959-1961 (U.S.Navy guy back then) and Mark Hamilton a former Manzarali resident suggested I get in touch with you because he said you're pulling together a lot of vets from Turkish Air bases. I recently took over operation of the then-defunct American Military in Turkey website started by Navy guy Chuck Maki about 8 or 9 years ago. He got tired of it so he took it down, leaving a gaping hole in the history of TUSLOG Detachments, and the
compendium of knowledge submitted by former Turkey military personnel. So I imposed on Chuck to allow me to build a new website and host the site. He gladly sent all the files, updated what he could and in about 2 weeks I'm going to be ready to launch the newly-revised site. But the old one is up on the web for now. You might take a look: Click on the picture on the splash screen to enter it. The Karamursel gang from 1960 and 1961 is having a big reunion in Gatlinburg, Tennessee (we wanted to find out if those things of Dolly Parton's are REAL!) and there should be about 250 or 300 of us. We're all gabbing up a storm on in the Karamursel 60-61 forum (for more information - Pete Johnson). Pete is in touch with a lot of guys from around Turkey's bases. Also, if you'd like to submit things to our new website, I'd be happy to host them, along with any other historical documents, photos or whatever you'd like to compile into a "memory package"...some guys just submitted short who/what/where/when stories,others sent lots of historic pictures of various sites in Turkey. It's really fun reading them over! You may even find some people listed there that you knew or know. There are a few - but not nearly enough - Manzarali/Sinop/Trab links on there. Cheers, Jan Claire, www. and

From: Noel Garland, Subject: Intelligence Units in Turkey-50-60's.
One of my local high school alumni became an Air Force Security Officer after graduating from SMU, in 1957. He lucked out too, and got assignment to a plush soft duty station as described below. As usual, the Air Force made sure their men had good situations to live in, as opposed to us poor ASA workers. Having walked thru Pershing Heights (HQ AFFE/8th Army) one time, in 1957, or 58, I saw how tough those Air Force types had it in their two man rooms, with wardrobe closets, desks, the whole smear. I guess they deserved something for signing up for those four year enlistments. From: Bill Cobb - Noel, I was assigned as a brand new 2nd LT. to TUSLOG Det 3-1 at Trabzon from April 1958 to June 1959. We lived on the local economy. About three months after I rotated to the States, the facility was completed and everybody moved into government quarters. From what I have read, the result was a loss of contact with the locals. Our primary assignment was to track the USSR missile ranges. The Samsun and Diyarbakir units were doing the same thing. Karamursel was the Group Headquarters for Samsun, Diyarbakir, and Trabzon. Most of the TUSLOG outfits were for support. It is just across the Bosporus from Istanbul. For us at the remote site at Trab, it appeared to be plush duty. Sinop was an Army installation. I believe they had a similar assignment. I seem to remember there was a British outfit at Ordu. If you're interested, I can find a website for old Trabbers.

SMITH, Stuart B E4 059 Det 27, OC64-MR66, 412 Warhawks Rd., Chesapeake, VA 23322, 757-482-2575, I'm sorry that I will not be able to make the reunion this year. I have other plans for that weekend that I was already committed to and was unable to reschedule. I hope that I will
be able to make the 2004 reunion. I enjoyed the last two and wish that I could be there this year. In the past year thanks to the newsletter, "Days of Our Lives", I have made contact with two people that I worked with in Turkey in the 1960's. I'm looking forward to the "Memory Book". Best wishes for a successful reunion.

NOTE: The next edition (#129) of the DAYS OF OUR LIVES newsletter will be issued on 5 September 2003.

Jim Mulholland and Bob Posner surveying at Sinop 1956 (Small)

1956 Sinop Lt Ray Keane (left) - others unknown

L-R 1LT Pat Rose, Shadi Bei (Turk interpretor), Maj Green, John Pruett, Bill Stuckart, Walt Garrett