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Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #121
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 08:53:45 -0400


This newsletter is intended only for the use of ASA TURKEY Veteran's. If you are not an intended recipient, please notify me immediately. Comments or submissions to the DAYS OF OUR LIVES are most welcome. I will respond to all e-mails and will assist whenever needed, but reserve the right to edit for content and clarity and welcome any errors that may appear herein. There are times that I mis-quote, overlook or mis-place items that I intended to include. In those instances - I certainly want to be corrected, etc. Whether you choose to share your BIO is a personal choice. It is our desire that with all the knowledge that the DOOL's contain, comes a bit more wisdom as well. If you're not sure where to start your BIO, here's a quick plan to follow. Go to and browse through other BIO's, then adapt and expand those BIO's to guide you through to meet your own memories. Sure, there will be discouragements caused by the thought that your BIO isn't interesting or good enough. To be honest, I fit that category. However, information not shared is the same as information lost. Keep in mind that the Internet is a universe unto itself and is a dang near veritable hell-hole filled with scams, scam artists, frauds, thieves, and greedy people, etc. In the old days, back when mail crossed the country in days, identity theft still took place. Today, e-mail crosses the country at the speed of light. The crooks do too. Your privacy is extremely important. Therefore, if you wish not to receive future DAYS OF OUR LIVES, please send that request to Thank you

GREEN, Elder RC (gH), DOB: 1936, RA13513638, E7, 982/98C, Det 27, 1-15MY61, Det 120, MY-JL65, Det 27, JN66-OC67 & Det 4-4, OC67-NO68, (Patty), 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701, 724-349-7395,

NOTICE - NOTICE - NOTICE - NOTICE - NOTICE - NOTICE - NOTICE The next DOOL will be issued on 4 July 2003 and should be a FIRECRACKER issue. Keep the BIO's and photo's headed my way. Also, if you're planning on attending the 2003 ASA Turkey reunion - but don't want to make your 7 Springs reservation/commitment yet - get that info to me so that the keepsake badges can be prepared. Your cooperation will be most appreciated and will save me non-available free time. Thanks- - -gH

VA Headstones & Markers

The VA furnishes upon request, at no charge to the applicant, a Government headstone or marker for the grave of any deceased eligible veteran in any cemetery around the world. For all deaths occurring before 11 SEP 2001, the VA may provide a headstone or marker only for graves that are not marked with a private headstone. For deaths after that date a headstone or marker will be provided regardless of whether the grave is already marked with a non-government marker. Headstones and markers are provided for eligible spouses and dependents of veterans only when buried in a national, military post/base, or State veterans cemetery. Flat markers in granite, marble, and bronze, and upright headstones in granite and marble are available. The style chosen must be consistent with existing monuments at the place of burial. Niche markers are also available to mark columbaria used for inurnment of cremated remains. To request a headstone or marker VA Form 40-1330 must be submitted by the next of kin, funeral director or cemetery representative, along with a copy of the veteran's military discharge documents. Application for National Guard or Reserves who are entitled must include a copy of the Reserve Retirement Eligibility Benefits Letter with the application. Headstones and markers are provided for eligible spouses and dependents of veterans only when buried in a national, military post/base, or State veterans cemetery. In JAN 2002, VA introduced a toll-free fax service (800) 455-7143 for submitting applications. This service is available 7/24 as an alternative to regular mail. Use of the Fax service can save up to seven days in obtaining a marker. The form and instructions are available at The application form on the website can be filled in and printed for submitting by mail or fax. Questions about a headstone or marker application can be directed to VA's Memorial Programs Service applicant assistance unit at (800) 697-6947. Do not send original documents, as they will not be returned.

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g evidence to have committed a Federal or State capital crime but were not convicted of such crime because of flight to avoid prosecution or by death prior to trial.
[Source VANEWS-L 5 JUN 03 &]


SJOBERG, Dewain D., RA17429874, E3, Det 4, AP56-57, b-18 November 1934 d-13 March 1993, SSN: 473-32-5324 issued MN

SPARE, Gailard H., (Gail), E2-E4, RA13526386, Det 4, Ankara & Sinop, 1MY56-57, S.O. #79 dtd 28AP56, (Irene, Rene),Wyoming, PA 18644, 570-333-4227, b-3 June 1935 d-August 1984, SSN: 179-28-8711 issued PA


Thus far only 20 ex-ASAer's who served in Turkey have made reservations at the 7 Springs resort. If you intend to attend, but not stay at the resort or don't want to make an early reservation - please send me that fact so that REUNION BADGES can be made.

ANDERSON, Jerry & Sally Det 27, JL56-JN58, Racine, WI pd $70.

BERLIN, Franz Det 4, 4-1 & 4-4, 62, Saverna Park, MD

CARRICK, Ernie & Betty Det 4, NO57-OC58, Huntsville, AL

CRAM, Gene & Phyllis Det 27, 66-67, Dunnellon, FL pd $70.

ERICKSON, Ron & Cathy Det 27, MY61-DE62,Independence, MO

GREEN, Elder & Patty Det 27, 61, 66-67 & 4-4, 67-68, Indiana, PA pd $70.

HUNT, Carlos & Frankie Det 4, MR58-MR59, Henderson, TX

JONES, Ed & Flo Det 27, OC62-MR65, Bismarck, IL 61814

LAMBETH, Hank) Det 4, JN62-63,Vinton, VA (cable)

McCULLOUGH, John & Sue Det 4, 58, Medina, OH

MURPHY, Bob & Peg Det 27 & Det 4, AP61-AP62, Glen Burnie, MD

NEARPASS, Robt & Lorraine Det 27, DE64-DE66, Belvidere, NJ pd $70.

NIESET, Clarence & Carolyn Det 4, 64-65, Fremont, OH

RODRIGUES, Charlie & Patricia Det 4, 59-60, Syracuse, NY

SCHWARTZ, Fred & Rose Det 4 58-60, Morganton, GA pd $70.

STEFFEN, Arnold & Janet Det 4, JL58-JL59, Jackson, TN pd $70.

TAVERNETTI, Dave & Sue, Det 27, MR62-SE63, King City, CA pd $70.

VAN ORDER, Roy & Toni Det 4, 27SE60-MY61, Bridgeport, NY

WYLIE, Jim & Sharon Det 4, 64-65, Ligonier, PA no email. Pd $70.

ZIMMERMAN, John & Sherry Det 4, 64-65, Latrobe, PA no email Pd $70.

VA Expands Agent Orange Benefits

  The VA is extending benefits to Vietnam veterans with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). The ruling means that veterans with CLL who served in Vietnam during the Vietnam War don't have to prove that illness is related to their military service to qualify for VA disability compensation. Also, the VA offers special access to medical care to Vietnam veterans with any health problems that may have resulted from Agent Orange exposure. The following conditions are considered service-connected for Vietnam veterans: type II diabetes, chloracne (a skin disorder), porphyria cutanea tarda, acute or subacute peripheral neuropathy (a nerve disorder), non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma, Hodgkin's disease, multiple myeloma, prostate cancer and respiratory cancers (including cancers of the lung, larynx, trachea and bronchus). In addition,Vietnam veterans' children with the birth defect spina bifida are eligible for certain benefits and services. Veterans with questions can call a toll-free help line at 1-800-749-8387 for information.

Registry Programs
Veterans who claim exposure to Agent Orange are provided with free, comprehensive medical examinations, including laboratory and other diagnostic tests deemed by an examining physician necessary to determine health status. Results of the examinations, which include review of the veteran’s military service and exposure history, are entered into special, computerized databases, called registries. These databases assist VA in analyzing the types of health conditions being reported by veterans. Registry participants are advised of the results of their examinations in personal consultations. Veterans wishing to participate should contact the nearest VA health care facility for an examination. Additionally, the VA has established an Agent Orange Helpline at 1-800-749-8387.

The VA provides treatment to any Vietnam Era veteran who, while serving in Vietnam, may have been exposed to dioxin or to a toxic substance in a herbicide or defoliant used for military purposes, for conditions related to such exposure. Documentation and additional information is available at the
VA's Agent Orange page.


ALPERT, Brian E4 056 Det 4, 29MY64-30AP65, 68-69, 202 East 42nd St., New York, NY 10017, - Dear Elder Got my patches the other day they sure bring back memories. By the way, were you able to identify the background of that picture I sent of myself in class A uniform in what looked like a bar on Det 27? The shot was probably from 1964.

BALYSH, Patricia J., Civilian, Boeing Svcs Admin Supv., Det 4, 73-75, Ann Arbor, MI 734-994-0891, [edited] Hi Elder, I just read the DOOL for the first time on 13 June 2003. I had a hard time getting into it before, but now have a new computer and it was a snap this time. No, I don't get them automatically. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan and my phone number is 734-994-0891. I prefer not to list my entire address. If someone wants to contact me, they can email me. I have had about 5 people email me, including a former student of mine from Ankara, whom I haven't seen in 33 years. He had found a box of pictures in his garage. including some class pictures of 1970. He found me on Bill Simon's Det 4 web site and emailed me. That was really a surprise. I remember a few noteworthy incidents from my stay. It could get rather windy and dark on the hill. Max Ogborn, the superintendent of Facilities Engineering, ordered some glow in the dark paint and had polka dots painted on the steps leading to the BOQ to help everyone navigate in the dark. Well that would have been a good idea if it had worked. Everyone was waiting for the polka dots to glow, and I guess they're still waiting. I think Capt.Gannoway nominated him for the Esek award. Another event involved my ram. I had a pet ram named Aryeh who helped with the mowing and fertilizing of the grass. One evening someone (I never found out who) after an evening of drinking borrowed him and took him to the chapel. Now being Turkish and a Muslim, he got rather freaked out by being in a Christian edifice. It scared the ____ out of him and he left his calling cards all over the floor. I found out about it the next morning, but I had nothing to do with it. I'm sorry I can't make it to the 2003 reunion. It is almost impossible to get time off except between October-April. But I'll try to make it in the next couple of years. I received the two Det 4 patches today. Thanks a lot. They are really cool. Thanks for everything that you're doing.

COVER, Michael J E5 05H Det 27, 311 S. Jackson St., Clinton, IL 61727, 217-935-9237, - In your latest "Days of Our Lives #120" - the fellow who wrote - "I Thought I might become a Lifer''-followed by his military career in which he mentioned knowing me - Am sorry but I can't remember his name - Can you help me with this? Hopefully I ain't showing early stages of altzheimers!! Thank You and keep up the good work - really enjoy reading these flashbacks from the past but wish memory was better!! Michael J. Cover [It was Julian (Zip) Hargus]

FUCHS, Russell M., 982 Det 4, FE62-FE63, (Alice),23 Manor Dr., Princeton, NJ 08540, 609-497-1466, Thank you and Roger Glubka for the fast embroidery and mailing of the patch. As was the case with my trip to France and Germany (HERZO BASE) with my wife in September 2002 certain sights caused a De-ja-vue. I went to my Hill, Det 4 color slides and there as no. 1 was the sign at the entrance to the Hill with the UP Guard Shack roof in the background. While I was stationed on the Hill we had no distinguishing patches or other insignia to identify us except for our uniforms and haircuts. As you can see there is a slight difference in the color applications and the shape of the banner. I am delighted to have the patch and appreciate your efforts. Thank you both. ALASMALADIK Russ [See attachment- - -gH]

GRONOSKY, Jim DOB 1935 RA12455927 PVT-SP3 982 Det 4, AP56-57, (Jan), 302 Eastchurch Rd., New Bern, NC 28562, 252-633-4958, Called Jim Gronosky on 18 June 2003 regarding his being one of the EARLY BIRDS at Det 4. Jim enlisted August 1953 at Little Falls, New York. Took basic at Fort Dix and was 'brainwashed' into joining the ranks of the ASA. After basic went to Fort Devens and completed the Traffic Analysis (982) course and then received orders for duty in Germany, first at Munich, then to Salzburg, Austria; then to Bad Aibling, Germany where the operations was performed in tents. Word came down seeking volunteers for a SECRET mission to an unknown site. Jim Gronosky volunteered, took train to Frankfurt and after processing was taken with others to the Rhein-Main airport for a flight to somewhere! The plane landed at Ankara and the group was transported to downtown Ankara and the processing took several days. Remembers a US Army Major [Lawry] giving a lengthy briefing about the do's and don't's while in Turkey and that the group would be bused to a place called SINOP. The trip to the hill was on a crowded Turk bus that a young an inexperienced E5 was placed in charge of. The trip took 1 day. During the trip the bus stopped in a small village in order for every one to stretch and make a nature call into the 'bombsights' at the rest stop. During this stop the kids were just let out of school and most gathered around the bus and all wanted to speak in their limited English. The kids enjoyed this very much and it seemed like most of them knew a few English words and each tried to outdo the other. None of the GI's knew any Turkish words, etc. The E5 who was in charge for some reason got very upset with the commotion. "Let's go, back on the bus" was his timid command. The E5 later told us that he was instructed not to let the group mingle with the Turks during the trip. We made it to the 'hill' and got the usual yeni greetings. The CO was Major Green and the Ops Officer was Captain Garrett. We lived in squad tents for a couple of weeks while the Jamesway huts were being erected. We were in-processed and assigned to rotating shift work. The operations area consisted of three small intercept hut's that had 4 R-390's racks in each hut and that each were manned by 058's and Russian linguist. The antenna's were more or less non existent. Two NCO's were brought in from Germany to erect the first antenna field. Said that the antenna's were put together on the ground and then pulled up by the men. Said that two were erected okay, but the wind got ahold of the third when they were pulling it up and it fell and was smashed beyond repair. Mentioned that the Turks had a Early Warning radar site nearby and that those assigned there were a shabby bunch of transcripts. Said that one day a Turk C-47 flew over the base at about 50 feet and dumped out bundles of supplies that included wool uniforms and blankets and that there was a mass scramble to pick up the items. Said that he remembers the US Navy sending a flight of Phantom Jets over SINOP to test the reliability of the Turk early warning radar site. Jim related a memory still vivid in his mind about the Turk guards. He was on CQ duty and for some reason had to go to the guard post at night. The FOG was terrific! ~ Jim got LOST and was wandering blindly ~ until he heard several bolts slam shut on the Turk rifles ~ the hair on his head seemed to stand straight up and he yelled ~ AMERICANO - don't shoot! Another incident involved the LOW and SLOW flyover by a Soviet MIG and that he saw the pilot wave to him!. Once, one of his Jamesway roommates got loaded at the EM Club and upon returning to the HUT - stoked the fire in the sheet metal stove and got it RED HOT and it burned a hole thru the floor. Remembers the time that one of his friends (can't re-call his name) needed an appendectomy and could not get a flight out of Sinop. They kept him packed in ice and finally a US Navy PBY plane from Tripoli was able to land on the Black Sea and med-evac him to a US hospital for surgery. Remembers Jim Peron and Master Sergeant Bill Tyner who was known as "Twitch at the switch". Insofar as Jim remembers he was the only T/A man at Det 4 during his tour. However, remembers that there were 3 Cryptanalyst's assigned, one being Robert Luger. Seems to remember a CPL Brinkman who was a Russian linguist. After his hitch in the ASA Jim spent over 25 years in the education field. Jim Gronosky promised to re-write and send photo's.

MILLNER, Wallace B III., DOB: 1939, 01-02, AGC, Det 27, OC62-JN64, (Nancy), 314 Summit Ln., Richmond, VA 23221, 804-355-8163, ex-Lieutenant Millner returned my call on 18 June 2003. More on Lt Millner later- - -gH.

NIESET, Clarence (Sonny & Whistle) Det 4, 64-65, (Carolyn), 2237 Morrison St., Fremont, OH 43420, 419-334-2975, Merhaba Mr. Green, I just finished talking with Jim Wylie from Ligoneer, PA. He advised me that there is a dinner on Sat. Aug.30th. My wife and I would like to attend even though we will not be staying at the resort. Please advise me how to make reservations for dinner and method and time of payment due. We are looking forward to the weekend get together, seeing old friends and making some new ones.

PORT, Wm B., (Snoopy), DOB1946, RA13859042, E2-E4, 711, Det 4, 66-67, 105 W. Logan St., Bellefonte, PA 16823, 814-355-9323, Contacted on 14 June 2003. Enlisted for 4 years with duty with the ASA. Took basic at Fort Dix - then to Fort Devens for ditty-bop training. That lasted a couple of weeks. They threatening him with sending him to the Infantry if he didn't pass the required code speed each week. He flunked out and was awarded a clerk MOS. Spent some time being a aggressor in the Vietnam jungle training at Devens. Was assigned to Det 4 with Denny Kranich who Snoopy described as a red-headed hippy. They spent several days in a Ankara Hotel before flying THY to Samsun and then flew in the Otter to Sinop. Remembers the DOOM Club at Det 4. Enjoyed his SINOP tour - Extending for 1 month. Said that he left Sinop with the PMO and Catholic Chaplain and that the three of them did a walk-thru of the Ankara Kari-kani before flying to the states. After Sinop was sent to the Dinosaur Ring at Homestead, Florida. Did not like that assignment. Put in for Vietnam and was sent to Phu Bai. Was discharged in April 1970. Has worked in the electrical field for 32 years.

RESCHNER, Martin J (Marty) DOB: 1937 RA16495117 E2-E3 204 Det 4, 28AP56-AP57, (Janet), 123 E. Maple St., Climax, MI 49034, 269-746-5673, Contacted on 14 June 2003. Elder, Just to let you know I got your e-mail. It's going to take awhile to go through it, but already have come across some names I thought I had forgotten. More later- - -gH

VAN ORDER, Roy DOB: 1936 E4-E5 283 Det 4, 27SE60-MY61, (Toni), 8186 Kneeskean Rd., Bridgeport, NY 13030, 315-633-0418, and

I thought you all might get a kick out of this... Yesterday afternoon I received a small package in the mail from the Dept of the Navy. When I opened it up I was truly surprised to find a National Defense medal with ribbon, and a note telling me that I had earned this while in the Coast Guard Reserve from 54-56... I guess 47 years later is not too bad.

WILLINGHAM, Wade, DOB: 1938, RA14767217, E6-E7, 05K, Watch NCO Det 4, AU69-AU70, (Shirley), 3550 Weiss Lake Blvd., Leesburg, AL 35983, 256-526-4643,

Contacted and had interesting chat with Wade Willingham on 17 June 2003. He, too, is a retired E8. Promised to write BIO and send photo's for the Memory Book. Was, at one time, a member of the US Army Rifle team. - Hey Elder, Tks for the phone call, will be in touch with you in the near future with the info you requested, tks again and best regards. Wade Wellingham

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