From: "ercgreen"
Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #118
Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 09:19:30 -0400


This message is intended only for the use of the ASA TURKEY Veteran's named as recipients in the message. If you are not an intended recipient of this message, please notify the sender immediately and delete the material from any computer. Comments or submissions to the DAYS OF OUR LIVES are most welcome. I will respond to all e-mails and will assist whenever needed, but reserve the right to edit for content and clarity and welcome any errors that may appear herein. Whether you choose to share your BIO is a personal choice. However, information not shared is the same as information lost. Keep in mind that the Internet is a universe unto itself and is a dang near veritable hell-hole filled with scams, scam artists, frauds, thieves, and greedy people, etc. In the old days, back when mail crossed the country in days, identity theft still took place. Today, e-mail crosses the country at the speed of light. The crooks do too. How can one tell if incoming e-mail is legitimate. from these scam artists with yet another name? A couple of ways. Typically these outfits use a Yahoo,Hotmail, Juno, or some throwaway e-mail account. Identity theft cannot be prevented. It can happen to anyone regardless of internet usage. For the most part the Social Security Number, and credit card numbers are most vulnerable. It has been via www.switchboard,com that I've been able to contact the vast majority of the ASA Turkey veteran's. Also, the many search engines (eg: can dig deep for ASA units and personnel. Your privacy is extremely important. Therefore, if you wish not to receive future DAYS OF OUR LIVES, please send that request to Thank you

GREEN, Elder RC (gH), DOB: 23AU36, RA13513638, E7, 982/98C, Det 27, 1-15MY61, Det 120, MY-JL65, Det 27, JN66-OC67 & Det 4-4, OC67-NO68, (Patty), 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701, 724-349-7395,


The following things need to be accomplished ASAP

If you plan to attend the 2003 ASA Turkey reunion - I urge you to CALL IN YOUR RESERVATIONS ASAP - Call 1-800-452-2223 and inform the receptionist that you are with the ASA Turkey reunion group to receive the $85.00 rate! Request a room on the 6th floor or above that faces the ski slopes. Each room has a balcony. The $85.00 per room rate will be for the week of the reunion and the week after. So, when making the reservations make the dates clear. Patty and I will be arriving on the 28th and set the reunion in motion.

The BANQUET COST WILL BE $35. per person

The ASA Turkey attendees will dine and socialize on Saturday in the impressive Alpine room and for those who want to dance - can use the equally impressive Matterhorn Lounge which is next to the Alpine room for that purpose. The cost for the banquet and the other incidentals is $35. per person and needs to be collected prior to 15 August in order for the resort to prepare for the banquet. Please send the banquet money to me at: Elder RC Green, 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701.

Individual and unique name tags and individual brochures
will be made as keepsakes of the reunion

The making of the name tags and the reunion brochure takes a lot of time as does completing the 2003 Memory Book. The planned activities and "free time" for socializing will be emailed to those attending the reunion. Go to and click on DOOL#88 and scroll down to Bill Simons comments on the 2002 reunion badge and handouts. Hopefully the 2003 badges and handouts will be equal to the 2002 ones, but that will depend on my getting the names of those who will be at the reunion.


Patty and I will be in Colorado Springs for most of June. Here's how I anticipate I'm gonna do it. I will monitor my e-mail and will try my best to reply to any submitted queries and will try and publish a DOOL or two while there. Thus, relayers beware of mail coming your way! That fact, plus our being away for a month or so, means that those planning on attending the reunion MUST get their reservations in immediately so that everything can be done on time. Patty says, "Don't sweat or fret about it, those attending will comply and some will even volunteer to handle the in-processing at Seven Springs." Huh!


Back Cover: ""Look Homeward by James M. Boyte, Sr., is the true story story of Jim and the love God gives him and his family. We see the love continue, reaching around the world in the form of affectionate letters from home, as Jim serves with his fellow countrymen at a remote, strategic U.S. Army post in Sinop, Turkey. There, the love for home and the presence of God never cease as the soldiers serve our nation in the struggle against communism. While two mighty powers stand silently face-to-face, Jim and his fellow soldiers take time to honor God as He leads them through the long struggle of financing and building a chapel on a mountaintop in Sinop. Turkey.""

Richard Riedy (Det 4, 57-59) of Los Lumas, New Mexico took time from his busy schedule and loaned the 170 page, soft cover, LOOK HOMEWARD book to me. It was published by ORC PRESS and the listed price on the back cover is $9.95, but think that it can be for around $7. For those who would like to order the book, try or Jim

Code Breakers Remembered
Earlier this month the IEEE presented a milestone award commemorating the technological advances performed to aid the allied forces during World War II, cracking the codes of the Japanese, Italian, and German military, including the notorious Enigma code.

For more see:

[edited] Noel Garland an ex-ASA'er inquired about Fred Pauer's entry in DOOL#117 in which he played the big tuba in the ASA Band at Fort Devens. Jim Adams said that Danny Boy Taylor would know and sure enough he reports: "Many years ago, one of the training battalions started a band to keep the troops in step when they were marching to school.. It lasted several years and then seemed to dry up.. I can remember sitting in my office and hearing the Battalion entering the quadrangle.. They were good too. I don't think they did any marching outside the school thing...But I am not sure..."


ALPERT, Brian, DOB; 1944 RA19766940 E4, 056, Det 4, 29MY64-30AP65, (Satoko), NYC, Merhaba Elder. I was a radio direction finder and worked at the point site while in Sinop. After Sinop I served with the 600th USASA Co, in Italy from May of 65 till my overseas discharge in April of 66. I bummed around Europe and the Middle East for a while and then returned to New York City where I still live. I attended New York University but dropped out my senior year and became a photo journalist. I would like to get two patches but I will not be at the reunion so please let me know how much I should include for shipping. Brian Alpert

BASS, Allan D., Jr. DOB: ? RA14861723, E3-E5, 98J, Det 4, 66-67, (Kimberly), 5429 Fredericksburg Way West Brentwood, TN 37027, 615-371-5001, (cable). Contacted on 23 May 2003

BENDER, Bill, DOB: RA E4 05K Det 4-4 JA70-JL71, (Dawn), 101 Glennbrook Ct. Chalfont PA 18914, , 1-800-877-3367,

Dear Fellow ASA'ers - May 26, 2003 - As many of you now know, I travel frequently overseas on business. I have just returned from my fourth trip to Europe this year but on this occasion I had the opportunity to make my first trip to Moscow! I did take plenty of pictures, visited all of the tourist places, but didn't get near any military bases!!!! I'll bring these pictures with me to the 2003 reunion!

The trip I expected to make to Turkey was called off due to War! The trade exhibition was canceled as it was scheduled to be held early in May. No one wanted to go so the organizers canceled it! Oh well maybe I'll go later this year. Best regards to all!

BRYAN, Clark L., (Mixie), E4-E5, 988BU, Det 27, 66-67, & Det 4-4, 67-69, (Althea), 918 Dibbles Trail, Webster, NY 14580, 716-671-8906, - Twenty years? It is a long time. A man remembers a woman, a fight, perhaps a very good horse for twenty years, but not much else.........

Louis L'Amour - From his book - "Treasure Mountain"

CORRIVEAU, Rick E5 98C Det 27 MY65-AP67, (Leslie), 355 Kilt Dell Ln., Glen Burnie, MD 21061, 410-766-7290, - I am moving shortly and will be off-line for a while. I will send you a note when I am back on-line with my new address and E-mail. Thanks for your work. Gule, gule!

DRACHMAN, Dan E4-E5 988RU Det 27 MR63-JN64 ddrachman& or (Moscow) - I first want to thank you for your continued very fine work and all that you are doing for all of us who served in Turkey! I mean it -- I appreciate your work and your time given for all of us! Below I will fill in some information from my memory. If others can help fill in gaps in the information or correct some of what I write - -great. I unfortunately, am loaded with work at my job in Moscow and do not have access to old notes of mine stored back in Atlanta. When I read what Ed Edwards wrote and what you wrote about Tim Neas, it reminded me of another prolific runner we had at Det 27 by the name of Ted Nelson with whom I had the opportunity to run. He left Det 27 in early April 1964 to go straight to New York City for pre-Olympic trials in the 800, which was his best race, as I remember. We got word back that he had just missed making the Olympic team, but was continuing with many competitions. And he could run. I actually developed a fatigue fracture in February 1964 running with him. I was trying to keep up with him on those Turkish dirt roads..... I thought it was severe shin splints at first. He also played on our base '63-'64 basketball team. Sgt.Charles Shatzer at the gym provided great equipment for us to exercise on before basketball season began, but then we went into a heavy regime with Chaplin Devaney when he was called into be our coach along with Major Hughes (as I remember -- and he also had a very attractive daughter). They put us through heavy group lifting exercises with telephone poles, etc. Chaplain Devaney had jumped at Normandy and expected nothing but the best from us. They were great coaches from the respect of having us ready mentally and physically and they knew the basics all right. John O'Brien actually coached us a bit too. He had played at Univ. of Seattle where Elgin Baylor had played, and had very good fundamentals. He was a fine player with the best pair of hands I have seen in basketball with the ability to pass the ball with no head movement and deliver the ball right on target. What we may have lacked in deeper basketball coaching fundamentals, was made up for with enthusiasm and being in great shape. We were always in better shape than our foes. Major Hughes who also helped Chaplain Devanney to coach the Manzaralki basketball in November '63 to March '64. We had a very strong team after the arrival in early November of John Lampe (Phila.) and Jack (Skip) Boone (who had played at Eastern Kentucky). Ron Cox (Denver) played at the weak forward spot very well and I was the second guard with Boone and sometimes the 3rd guard. There was a part-time player for home games too -- who sometimes was with us by the name of Jim Bruhn. He did not always play with us.. Bigelow accidentally put me out of commission for a month when in practice on Sunday just six days before Kennedy was assassinated -- so Sunday 17 November 1963 -- I was taken to the Air Force hospital in Ankara and laid there until fortunately for me, my eye healed all right by itself. It had lost 70% of the fluid in the eye ball... I did not believe about Kennedy until I saw a paper myself 3 weeks after he was dead -- I just did not believe it. I was told that the base went on alert while I was gone. Chuck Silvernail was a good player too .... we had quite a good team -- should have done better than we did. In one of our games at Det 4 in Sinop, the best player for Det 4 lost his finger during warm-ups when his Turkish puzzle ring caught on the rim and cut it right off. They froze it as best they could but because of the fog on the Black Sea that night -- they could not fly out till in the morning -- it was too long a period then -- so he lost it, but 4 weeks later, he was playing with a protector on his hand. We had a lot of fun playing. We too went to Athens and came in second. It was a fun tourney -- but we should have won it...... seemed to run out of gas.... Boone was injured and O'Brien too. And Coach Devaney had to fly suddenly to Sinop where one of our soldiers was imprisoned for importing Mercedez cars illegally. The conditions he was living in were terrible with water covering the floor part of everyday. Chaplain Devaney was one of the few people allowed to see him. So our spiritual leader was gone too. I had a roommate in Turkey (in the barracks) by the name of Mike Sorrell or Sorell. One of my sadnesses for many years is that I have never been able to find him since we were there. At Presidio of Monterrey we also knew each other. His parents had a bookstore for many years in, I believe, Baltimore. Has anyone else had contact with him? He was a quiet guy but a good friend to anyone who wanted to sincerely be his friend. If Skip Boone shows up -- say hello to him from the Georgia guy who he used to battle at guard. My rank went from E-4 to E-5 while there. Thank you for connecting all of us! Dan Drachman. (I had a good conversation with John Lampe with your help!). Great Master Roster!! Thank you. I am so sorry that I cannot join you for the ASA Turkey reunion's.

ELSBERRY, George P., (Joe), DOB: 1942, RA14758836, E3-E5, 054.20, Det 27, FE63-OC64, (Darby Ann), 2228 Military Rd., Columbus, MS 39705, 662-327-4300,


GLADSON, Andrew J., (Andy), DOB: 1935, RA14607257, E3-E5, 058 Tk#4 Det 4, NO57-NO58, (Josephine), 325 Brown Ave., Morristown, TN 37813, no e-mail. John McCullough sent a photo, titled "Our 1958 Gang" with 10 ditty-boppers posing for the camera. Andy Gladson was one of them and I was able to find him on the switchboard web.

GLUBKA, Roger A (Butch) DOB: 1944, E1-E3-E1, 72B, Det 27, FE64-JL65, (Michelle), PSC 303, BX 25 APO AP 96204-0025 (Korea), - [edited] To my ASA Turkey friends and family. Our internet service ( will be disconnected soon, but can be reached at: until the day we fly 19 July and after that our Fort Bliss e-mail will be: The Det 4 patches will be shipped to gH the first week of June. Matching the colors was a minor problem. I just shipped our Honda CR-V to Texas for Michelle to pick up when she gets there on 19 July. As for me - my stateside arrival will be hectic and time consuming. First destination is Dothan, Alabama to pick up my truck - then drive to Iowa to get my 2003 Harley Electra Glide - then to a family reunion in Winona, Minnesota on 26 July - then its drive to Stevens Point, Wisconsin and pick up a trike - then back to Cedar Rapids for a class of 1963 school reunion on 1 August. Finally and before heading south to Fort Bliss, Texas I'm taking my beloved mother to Branson for some country entertainment and back to Cedar Rapids. So you can see the ASA Turkey reunion in Pennsylvania is a bit iffy for me. I'll keep you posted. Elder here's another failed DOOL (STREET, Jack T 991 E3 Det 17, JL63-10JN65, (Edie), 158 Greendale Rd., Johnson City, TN 37601, 423-926-0966, Getting short. Roger and Michelle Glubka

HIGHLAND, Wm H (Bill), E3-E5, 05K Tk Chief, Det 4, MR62-AP62 & 4-2, AU62-NO63, 5742 Wrightsboro Rd., Grovetown, GA 30813, 706-556-0604, - Whats with the Sinop patch? What does it look like? and where can I get one? Wm (bill) Highland, sinop 05k, trick chief trick 4, and Adana Turkey (MR62-AP63).........regards, bill

HILBURN, Herbert Det 27, 61-62, Irving, TX, 972-253-4969,
Re: Fw: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #117 - Thanks again for the letter I find it very interesting and hope to hear from more ex GI's stationed at Manzareli

HOWARD, Joe E3 993 ops rooms 1-3 Det 4, 62-63, 1363 Homestead Dr., Hickory, NC 29601, - I would like one of the Det 4 patches. I will mail you a check for $3.00 + 1.00 s&h. Thank you

KORTELING, Henry W., (Hank), DOB: 1929 RA??, E6, Det 27, MR64-SE65, (Sandra), 31 Arapaho Dr., Pensacola, FL 32507, 850-492-2282, (cable)

As per request of Mr. Green/Subject: Henry Korteling, 31 Arapaho Dr., Pensacola, Fl 32507, 850-492-2282, USASA, Tuslog, Det 57, Site 23, Mar 64 --Sept 65, Manzarali Station, Ankara, Turkey. I also have a patch of the Mazarali Rod & Gun Club. I was one of the charter Members. Hank Korteling

KREUTZFELDT, Fred H., DOB: 1938 E3-E5 058 Tk#4 Det 4, JL58-JN59, (LaDonna), 15444 11th St S. Afton, WI 55001, 651-436-8650, John McCullough gave me Fred's name and I located via Fred was elated by my call was full of laughs during the entire chat. At first he thought I was John McCullough and wanted to know how the old buzzard was. Got to Sinop about the time of the Lebanon Crisis took place.

LAMBETH, Henry (Hank) DOB: 22JL40 RA14750951 E4 283.1 Det 4, JN62-63,1419 Marvin Dr., Vinton, VA 24179, 540-890-4508, (cable) [edited] Please put me down for four (4) Det. 4 patches. I will get a check off, probably on Monday the 26th. I will make the check out to you unless otherwise instructed. Since there may be some question about S&H I'll make the check for say $20. Any difference can just be placed in the "gH Does A Bang-Up Job and some of it comes out of his pocket" fund. I've made reservations for the 2003 ASA Turkey Reunion at Seven Springs. My bride (yeah, the one from 1965, and the only one I've been subjected to---so far!) and I will be there on the 28th and depart whenever the staff can no longer tolerate our presence. We're really looking forward to the reunion (as I will finally be able to prove to my wife that Sinop not only exists, IT LIVES; and that all those tales weren't just "tales")! Thanks, gH., for all you do for us. And a thank-you to Chuck Bergmann for relaying the DOOLS. (Heavens, that sounds like an intestinal infection doesn't it?). Nothing like the T-trotts I had in '63 during my "second tour" in and around Ankara and environs. Was sent on TDY out of Rothwesten to assist in the turnover of "highly sensitive" equipment to the Turkish government. Well, my companion-in-waiting, Ken Ramsey, (we waited for 3 months for the equipment to arrive from the States) and I both, out of boredom, signed on to an antenna erection crew out of Ft. Halbred Md. which was there for more or less the same thing. What a ride that was! Don't ask! Well that was back when I thought beer was one of the four major food groups! We both finally came down with "the trotts". I am a pretty large individual and could sort of afford the loss of 45 pounds in about 10 days, but poor Ken... Sadly I lost all contact with him after that. I'm sure he survived as did I, but there were days laying on my back in that hotel in Ankara that I thought I'd have to die just to get better! You need to bug Arnold Landvoigt about bringing "Hill Climber" to Seven Springs. (I think I remember during our last phone conversation that you mentioned you'd talked to Arnie about that) I'll be getting on his case too-(OK Arnie. I know you're reading this. Get it in gear--pardon the pun--and you and Lois get cracking. Hey, we ain't getting any younger you know! I'm looking forward to seeing "the love-of-your-life---sorry Lois! at Seven Springs.) best regards, Henry (Hank)

McCULLOUGH, John T., DOB: 1938, RA15560286, E3-E4, 058, Det 4, DE57-JA59, (Sue),1044 E. Smith Rd., Medina OH 44256 330-722-6490,
Called John McCullough on 22 May 2003 and left message. John returned my called on the 23rd and on the 24th followed it up with six scanned 1958 photo's of the church being built, the dispensary, the EM Club, the threatre, the great mess hall; the 1958 OUR GANG photo of John McCullough and nine of his friends (Fred Kreutzfeldt, Bob Cunningham, Same Head, Lowry McKinnon, Silas Woody from New Berlin, WI., John James from Indiana, Elder Wood, Andrew Gladson & Russell Werbelow) and a photo of John McCullough standing outside his Jamesway hut. To view these photos you will have to order the 2003 Memory Book as a glitch prevents me from attaching them to the DOOL. John enlisted in the Army on the buddy plan and both during basic were interviewed by ASA personnel and both accepted the ASA proposal to be trained as ditty-boppers at Fort Devens. John completed the 058 training on time, but his buddy plan buddy was delayed by a few weeks and was assigned to Germany; whereas John was sent to Vint Hill Farms and then sent to Sinop. John enjoyed the duty and friendship at Sinop, but found the off-duty hours boring as there was no real social life. The Det 4 friends that he remembers are the nine listed above. John was assigned back to Vint Hill Farms. Got married and extended his enlistment for 11 months. Had plans to make the ASA a career, but when got alerted for duty at the US Embassy in Bangkok decided to get out. Has had a life after death experience and was dead for approximately 30 seconds during which time he heard beautiful music and was aware of a masked surgeon standing above his head. John, now FIRMLY believes that there is life after death. John, like most everyone else promised to write his BIO and send Det 4 and recent photo's of his family.

MIDTAUNE, Ted B E4 058 Det 27, 24OC62-64, (Merry), 3859 Santa Clara Way, Livermore, CA 94550, 925-443-3252, - Elder, know that you are busy, but here is my complete phone number: 925/443-3252. Also, my new e-mail address is The old one is at work, and still functional, but is only read around once a month. Thanks again for doing a bang-up job.

MOSER, Alan H DOB 22JL29 RA17275672 E6 98C3LRU Det 4, AU64-AU65, (Mary), 14625 S. Locust St., Olathe, KS 66062, 913-782-6392,, CW2, Ret - Elder, Please save me two Det 4 patches. My check for $8.00 is on the way to you. [2x patches at circa $3.00 ea = $6.00 + $2.00 for circa plus s/h]. If my crazy estimate is off, tell me the damage later on if too low. If higher than expected, Glubka has earned it. Thanks. Alan Moser

PEAK, Wm A (Bill) E4, 058 Tk#1, Det 4, 61-62, 800 lucabaugh Mill Rd., Westminster MD 21157, 410-848-2617 or - I've been checking out the DOOL for those I served with. I have good memories of the people there. I recently got out my old slides I took and scaned some to pictures. I made up a memories book of sorts to give to my kids. Those slides brought up old memories and that prompted me to do the project. It also made me think about the people in those slides, some of whom I have emailed with. I would like to wish all those who served their time and are still with us a peaceful, relaxing Memorial Day. Of those no longer with us, may they rest in peace and love in the hearts of their families.

SCHWARTZ, Fred L., E3, Det 4, NO59-DE60, (Rose), - Elder can you order one Det 4 patch for me? I seem to have misplaced your address so if you will send it to me I will get a check right out in the mail.Thanks, Fred

SPREHE, Alwin H., (AHS), DOB: 1925, RA&RO46040610, & 01938459, 02-03, T/A OIC & CO Ops Co Det 27, 61-63, & 04 Ops O Det 4, MY68-MY69, (Priscilla), 12415 Stafford Ln., Bowie, MD 20715, 301-262-4733, Had a interesting chat with AHS and Priscilla Sprehe on 25 May 2003.
I had Maj Sprehe already on the Det 27 roster but never got around to contacting him until SFC Eldon Screws mentioned Maj Sprehe as being the Operations Officer at Det 4 when he got there and was his Ops Sgt. Maj Sprehe's initials are AHS and because it also was the initials for the ASA Hq's at Arlington Hall Station he was commonly referred to as AHS. AHS enlisted in the Army in 1945 and was trained at the ASA Training Center at Carlisle Barracks. He served 12 years as an EM and had attained the rank of Master Sergeant E7 when he received a direct commission to 1LT while stationed in Berlin. AHS and Priscilla were married 24 January 1953

STEFFEN, Arnold, DOB: 1937, RA16568829, E4, 283, Det 4, JL58-JL59, (Janet), 1043 Old Humboldt Rd., Jackson, TN 38305, 731-664-5058, - I would like to order Three (3) Det 4 patches. Hope I didn't wait to long to get them ordered. Will get payment sent. Plans are on track for my wife and I to attend the 2003 ASA Turkey reunion at 7 Springs, PA. We are looking forward to it.

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