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Subject: DAYS OF OUR LIVES #117
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 07:43:03 -0400


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GREEN, Elder RC (gH), DOB: 23AU36, RA13513638, E7, 982/98C, Det 27, 1-15MY61, Det 120, MY-JL65, Det 27, JN66-OC67 & Det 4-4, OC67-NO68, (Patty), 3094 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701, 724-349-7395,


NELLIS, Kathryn M., Maj, ANC, Det 27, 65-66, born-21JN1916 died-23NO2002, SSN 298-14-7780 iss OH. I talked to Colonel Nellis on 10 February 2002. At that time she lived at 652 Lakeview Cir., SE., Rio Rancho, NM 87124. Said that she was in relative good health for a 85 year old, a native of Crestline, Ohio, but moved to Rio Rancho, New Mexico in 1998. She received the Legion of Merit at Walter Reed Hospital and retired as a Lt Colonel. She was at Walter Reed for 5 years. Kathryn would like to hear from any who knew her. She mentioned that the wife of Dr. Jim Jacobitz had a mental breakdown after they left Turkey and had committed suicide. She couldn't remember the name of the other RN at Det 27, only that her first name was Ivy, and that she died about 1999. She took 6 weeks of leave while at Manzarali and visited many interesting places and countries. She sailed home, 1st class, on the Constitution and last but not least she said that of all the things she remembers, she remembers a good natured Turk who worked in the Motor Pool telling her: "SOME DAY WE MUSLIMS WILL GET YOU ALL!"


Name withheld at request of sender: One of my bygone recollections of my tour at Sinop is jumbled and fuzzy like a dream partly remembered in my growing old days. But hell, I still get a chuckle every time I think about the outhouses at Det 4. Many years have passed and the whole story cannot be remembered, but I'll try. 'Twas the place to sit or squat and ponder with my head bowed down so low, knowing that I wouldn't be there, if I didn't have to go. It was a four-holer, with a size for every one. Everyone left there feeling better after the job was done. I made the trips, whether snow, rain, sleet, or fog, to the little house where I sat and read the Stars and Stripes or Playboy. Oft times in dead of winter the seat was covered with snow and ice. 'Twas then with much reluctance to the little house I'd go. With a swish I'd clear the seat, bend low and, with shivers in mind, I'd blink my eyes and grit my teeth as I sat on my behind. I recall the day that (name witheld-?) made a trip to the shanty which proved to be a bummer. 'Twas the same day I had done some painting and cleaned up the mess I'd made with rags and a lot of diesel fuel. I tossed the rags in the shanty hole and went on my way, not knowing that by doing so I would eventually bewail the day. Now (?) had an urgent call; I never will forget! This trip he made to the little house lingers in my memory yet. He sat down on the shanty seat, with both feet on the floor, then filled his pipe with tobacco and struck a match on the outhouse door. As he took a long puff on his pipe, he slowly raised his behind, tossed the flaming match in the open hole, with not a worry on his mind. The blast that followed, I am sure was heard in Sinop. The blast stunned me for a second. When I opened the hut door, there was poor ol' (?) zigzagging away from the 'had been' outhouse with his britches below his knees and a high-pitched screech and then stumbled and lay sprawed on the ground. When I got to his aid he had his britches up and was surrounded with crap and smudges and he was crossing himself. Also there was Gimp mingling and probably wondering what was going on. As I remember it, Gimp started howling and was about to blow a vocal chord. Needless to say (?) beefy face was red and sweat beaded his brow and flattened the fringe of his hairline and his mood was not congenial even though he said that he had a pain in his ass and it dissipated some of his anger. I felt no joy and had heavy misgivings and a bit of relief that he was not seriously injured! I didn't have to ask what happened - I knew. But asked with a shitty, but suppressed, grin what had happened. Hot damn! I remember that his face displayed the joyless look of someone who was the victim of a stunt gone wrong - BUT (?) didn't usually mince words - but his witty response I'll never forget. He thought it must of been something he had ate or drank! As I walked away I heard the word son-of-a-bitch and suspected that it was directed to me. My only regret is that I never took any pictures of the event and never kept in touch in the decades since. Next day we built a new one and scrawled his name somewhere within the outhouse and placed a sign on the entrance door which read: No smoking, Please! (?) was the subject of good natured jokes and wisecracks until the day he left the 'hill'. Now that's the end of the story, with memories of long ago, of the little house, behind the Jamesway huts where we went cause we had to go.

This is either advice OR philosophy--I haven't figured out which yet.

For those of you who watch what you eat...Here's the final word on nutrition and health. It's a relief to know the truth after those conflicting medical studies.
1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans.
2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans.
3. The Japanese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans.
4. The Italians drink excessive amounts of red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans.
5. The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of sausage and fats,and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans.
CONCLUSION: Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English apparently is what kills you.


Suggest that those attending the 2003 ASA Turkey reunion at 7 Springs make plans, either before or after, to visit Mount Washington for what the USA WEEKENDS ANNUAL TRAVEL REPORT lists as the Number 2 most beautiful spot in America. Those flying into Pittsburgh rent a car, then visit Pittsburgh and Mount Washington before getting on the PA turnpike at Monroeville, PA for the short drive to the Donegal exit for the 8 mile drive to the 7 Springs resort. The USA WEEKENDS ANNUAL TRAVEL REPORT lists the 10 most beautiful spots in America. Number 2 on the list: Nighttime view from Mount Washinton in Pittsburgh. "In a nation with a wealth of stunning cities full of compelling stories, ranking Pittsburgh as the No. 2 beauty spot is perhaps our most surprising choice. But the Steel City's aesthetic appeal is undeniable, as is its very American capacity for renewal. Standing atop Mount Washington, the steep hill that rises giddily on the city's south side, sightseers enjoy the unforgettable panorama of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers flowing together to create the mighty Ohio, that waterway so essential in the nation's settlement. The rivers cup downtown's lustrous Golden Triangle, where landmark skyscrapers thrust upward like rockets. At Night, lights twinkle on no fewer than 15 bridges. Almost as breathtaking as the vista itself is the urban renewal that made it possible. A century ago, a pall of smoke lay so thick over town that streetlights burned all day. As Pittsburgh continues an evolutionary course that has taken it from trading post to transportation hub to industrial goliath, we salute its reinvention into one of America's most scenic and livable communities. It a life of a city, there's nothing more beautiful, or inspiring, than a renaissance. For more, go to - type Mount Wahington in the search box for adtnl info. Then try Green Tree in the search box. Green Tree is up the hill from the Fort Pitt Tunnel.


BROWN, Doug E5 05K Det 4, 68-69, Livermore, CA, - I would like to order three (3) Det 4 patches. I will send you a check for $10.00. Please send me an e-mail if you need more $ for S & H. What name do you want on the check? Thanks, Doug Brown

CANTRELL, Alphieus (Al), DOB: 1926 RA SP3-SP2 Det 4, MY55-MY56, (Libby), 4340 Silverado Trl, Calistoga, CA 94515, 707-942-6652, Thank you for sending me the DOOL newsletter. I've enjoyed it greatly.

CARROLL, Michael R., (minature cowboy), E4-E5, 98GRU, Det 4, DE67-DE68, (Linda), 345 Duck St., Front Royal, VA 22630, 540-636-9575, Elder Green, please put me down for 2 Det 4 patches.

COVELLO, Chas (Chuck) DOB: 1936 RA1952.... E3-E4 988RU Det 4, 57, (Carol), 2165 N. 185th Shoreline, WA 98133, 206-362-4054, - Elder: We had a great phone conversation out of the blue on 8 May 2003. I never asked but I assume you contacted me through Norris (Buck) Goss. 1) I enlisted in the Regular Army for 3 years in February 1955 - took basic training at Ft. Lewis, WA where I was selected for duty with the ASA. Then was sent to Ft Devens for ASA processing, etc. Then was sent to Monterey, CA for schooling as a Russian linguist - then to Ft. Meade and training at NSA - then off to the 'hill' called Sinop. 2) I was at Sinop all of 1957. Took a lot of black and white, color prints and slides, but haven't look at them in years. I remember Maj Clark as being the commander and a Capt Allison who was in his 50's. Also remember a NCO at Sinop who I had the greatest respect for as being a leader of men that I would follow anywhere. Further, I have warm feelings for the guys who were there. We were a tight-knit group for the most part - especially those I worked with. I also have good feelings about my duty there. I felt I was doing something important. 3) Unfortunately, so much has happened during these 45+ years that I cannot remember names. 4) After discharge worked for Boeing for 5 years. While there - observed that a person had a photo of Sinop on his desk and upon trying to inform that person that I too was at Sinop - discovered that that person would not talk about Det 4 whatsoever. After Boeing went to Law School at the Univ of Washington and have been a lawyer since 1970. 5) I would like to try to make the reunion with my wife and try to recognize old buddies, recall old times, share stories and photos and reminisce. Unfortunately, I have two trials to prepare for at that time. And I do not think they are going to settle. I'll have to wait and see what happens. Best of Luck. Chuck Covello

EBERLY, Steve DOB: 8AU49 E5 Det 4, SE76-SE77, (Lisa), 1006 Ross St., Aliquippa, PA 15001, 724-378-0966, (cable) - After I saw the posting in the newsletter, I thought I'd get my request in for 3 (three) patches. I will send out the fund Monday morning to you. Sorry I missed your call the other night. My schedule gets a little screwy sometimes. Thanks, and I will stop by for a visit next time I'm out in your neck of the woods.

ETES, Don Det 4, 59-60, (Gloria), 4215 Market St., Crystal Lake, IL 60012, 815-459-0560. Vince Caruso gave me Don Etes name and address. I contacted Etes on 22 May 2003 and he informed me that he was not interested in re-visiting his tour in Turkey.

FUCHS, Russell M., 982 Det 4, FE62-FE63, (Alice), 23 Manor Dr., Princeton, NJ 08540, 609-497-1466, - I would like one of the DET 4 Patches. Please order one for me. I will mail you a check for $3.00 today. Thank you,

GUERIN, Courtland V (Court), DOB: 1936 RA14647417 E3-E4 059 Det 4, 58-59, E6 059 Det 4, 65-66, (Ellen), 12392 Ailanthus Dr., Pensacola, FL 32506, 850-455-4853, Court was one of the lucky ones to serve 2 tours at Det 4. Court retired on 31 August 1987 as a CW4 with 30 years active duty.

KINDERMANN, Chas., DOB: 1939, E3-E5, 059, Det 27, 61-62, (Sue), 13628 Glenhurst Rd., N. Potomac, MD 20878 301-977-2434, &

Our email has been changed to and After Tour at Manzarali Station - Chuck Kindermann went back to school and ended with a PhD from the University of Michigan and worked as a statistician for the US Department of Justice for 34 years.

NEARPASS, Robt D E3-E5 MP Det 27, DE64-DE66, (Lorraine), 111 Hope Crossing Rd., Belvidere, NJ 07823, 908-638-7625, & see - We've made our reservations and Lorraine and I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. See you there.

OLSEN, Ben Oley, DOB: 1931, RA21199098, E4, Det 4, MR57-FE58, (Linda), 3336 Sage Trail, Thatcher, AZ 85552, 928-428-1929, - Dear E.R. Green. I'd love to have a Patch from Det #4. WOW! Thanks

PAUER, Fred DOB: 1946, RA11671022, E3-E4, 05K, Det 27 & Det 4 OC67-DE68, (Connie), 4032 Dainelle Dr., Augusta, GA 30907, 706-860-6547, - Contacted 21 May 2003. Very surprised and glad to discuss his tour of duty at Sinop. Enlisted in September 1966 at Cleveland, Ohio for duty with the ASA. Took basic at Fort Dix, then to Fort Devens where he was in ditty-city for a few months and then to non-morse school. While at Devens he played the big tuba in the ASA Band. Fred was sent to Det 27 for 3 weeks before getting orders for duty at Det 4 with 7 or 8 other 05K's. At Det 4 he did a lot of duck hunting and remembers Sgt Maj Boyette assisting with the duck hunts. Others that he remembers is his roommate, a Russian linguist - Tom Sims who was court martialed, reduced to E4 and dismissed from the ASA for possession and smoking of hash by Col. John O'Conner. Sims was assigned to the Medical Field and was able to make E6 on his first enlistment. Fred also remembers a Charles Drazaba from Boston, MA and a Jim Bones who was a 05K Trick Chief. After Turkey was sent to Phu Bai in Vietnam for one year, then to Pyongtek (sp?), South Korea where he met and fell in love with a Korean girl. They married - he lost his Top Secret Crypto clearance and was assigned to Fort Huachuca, Arizona as a 05C in the SigC. That marriage ended in divorce and three daughters. Later married Constance and they have a son. Fred retired as a 31Z Master Sergeant, E-8. Has a PhD in Counseling and Guidance and works South Carolina Department of Mental Health. Promised to write his BIO and send some recent digital photo's for inclusion in the Memory Book

PEISINGER, Roman J., (Joe), O3-O4, CE, Post Engr., Det 27, JL64-JN66, (Gretchen), 1 Towers Park Ln., San Antonio, TX 78209-6423, You probbly all know this, but if you want to totally trash any e-mail, highlight it, and then hit <shift> <delete> this will by-pass your deleted messages file and totally delete it from your hard drive.

PROBERT, Harold, (Lobe), DOB: 1937, US/ER/RA28764558, E1-E3-E1-E3, 059, Det 27,60-62, (Judy), 660 S Bailey St., Fallon, NV 89406, 775-423-4906, & - Elder: Thanks for the E-mail address of Chas Kindermann, as I could not find it anywhere. None of my friends could give it to me. Maybe I'll make the 2003 reunion, maybe not. A lot depends on how I feel. And if I have enough resources to afford the big east coast. Anyway thank you.

RODRIGUES, Charlie E4 Supply Det 4, 59-60, (Patricia), 210 Benham Ave., Syracuse, NY 13219, 315-487-1195, - Elder....Please order me 2 Det 4 patches. The checks in the mail! Many thanx Charlie R PS See ya soon at 7 Springs! Should be a blast.

SANDS, Ted, E7, 05K, Det 4, 68, 103 Fence Post Rd., PO Box 1452, Stafford, VA 22555, 540-752-0699, - My name is Ted Sands and I was in Sinop in 1968 in Main Ops. I was the NCOIC of the Non-Morse shop. Did some duty out at Hippy on the HF position. I served in ASA from 1960-1975 and INSCOM 1975-1979. I also retired from INSCOM civil service in November 2002 and work at INSCOM, Fort Belvoir, VA. as a Defense Contractor. I helped start the ASA North organization at Fort Devens back in 1980's. I then worked as a GS in the school before it moved to Huachuca.I was a qualified 05H, 05K, 05D with language training in German and Vietnamese. I started in the Infantry went to SOD Special Forces and back to ASA. I served in Germany (Augsburg, Berlin), Viet Nam (5th SF, and MACV Team 75), Thailand (Ubon), Japan (Chitose), England (Menwith Hill), Turkey (Sinop, and JUSMAT), and three trips to Fort Devens Intell School (Signals Analysis Instructor, ECM NCOIC, 05G Chief Instructor, Staff and Facility Development, and New System Training Offices). I now live in Stafford, Va. at 103 Fence Post Rd., P.O. Box 1452, Stafford, Va., 22555. My email is and my home phone number is (540) 752-0699. I got your email from Tom Mathews, who I've served with in numerous assignments.

SIMONS, Bill, E3-E4 058 DE59-DE60, & - Hi Elder, Please reserve 3 Sinop patches for me. Thanks,

SAUKAS, Joe E4-E5 981 Det 4, 60-61, (Diane), 2886 Pebble Beach Dr., Elliott City, MD 21042, 410-418-9399, (cable) I would like a DET 4 patch... I am leaving town in the morning and will send a check in early June, OK Each day is an ADVENTURE, ENJOY IT., joe

TOLBERT, Henry H., (Hank), E6, 98CRU, Det 27 & 4-4, MR65-JL68, (Juanita), 4555 Ashmore Cir NE, Marietta, GA 30066, 770-926-1565, - Elder, I am challenged by DOL #116 to talk a bit more about my days in Turkey. Like many others, I decided that I wanted to learn something about the country. The base library occasionally sponsored trips to cultural and historical sites and I signed up for a trip to Mt. Uludag (Mt. Olympus, an important ski resort today). I was more than a little concerned that our Turkish driver steered the Air Force bus periously close to the edge of the narrow road that wrapped around the mountain. There were no road-side barriers, of course. Worse of all, halfway up we met a vehicle on the way down. Since we couldn't turn around, we had to descend the mountain in reverse! I thought the ascent was frightening enough, but the trip down was so hair-raising, I wasn't alone in thinking we were not going to live through it. Never did get to the top of the mountain that day!. There were later trips to Izmir ("Smyrna"), Bursa, the caves at Goreme, and the Mevlana sect (whirling dervishes) at Konya ("Iconium"). Another means of getting to know the country was to audit a couple of classes at Orta Dogu Teknik Universitese (Middle East Tech), which in 1965-1967 was located outside Ankara, about midway between the city and Site 23. On the way to town, I would get off the Varan bus near the university ("Gelecek durakta gidecek var!") and walk to class. Afterwards I would hail the bus on the way back to base. Most classes were taught in English, so I had an opportunity to get to know a few students. There were Turks, Syrians and other nationalities there. I audited a class on International Politics and was elected moderator at a mock UN meeting. I also took a class on modern government (USA, Britain, France, USSR) with a Dr. Fatma Mansur, a wonderful professor, who was gracious to write a letter of recommendation that helped me get into graduate school in the states. Henry Tolbert

VAN ORDER, Leroy P., PhD, (Roy), DOB: 1936, E4-E5, 283, Det 4, 27SE60-MY61, (Toni), 315-633-0418, and - Hi Elder, I will take two Det 4 patches... This is great,,,, Det 4 lives.... See you at the reunion . I will get a check out today.


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